Previously on, The Face of Ohio and The Game of Chairs

… [A]nd in the role of Super “Doc’ta” Grover, Öüï has the honor of introducing aspiring Ohio Book Club Player: Jason Johnson (Ph.D.)

Quick programming note to the pessimist East of Ellis Island, “enjoy your moment of Zen”, and Mr. Thurston (Sonic Youth) please remind the “futurist” comedians at The Daily Show that 1990 called and he instructed the Ohio Players to get up and get-get Get Down 911 is a joke in yo’… (Music Stop).


“And when at last the work is done,

don’t sit down it’s time to Dig another one…”

… [O]ver on the Dark Side of The League, Roger Bennett is a happy “quaint” sentimentalist today as European soccer had its “putsch” moment right on time for pubs to open back for business.

The echo from Eddie Gloude Jr., on today’s edition of the Mika Show kind of, sort of… reflected a wishful thinking reminder of what it would be like to have an Officer Chauvin moment with a Reagan era “war on drugs/just say no” conversation.

Of course that would be analogous to comparing Nicole’s homeboys known as Raider Nation to a bunch of rowdy rosbifs… and by rosbifs of course Öüï means the ‘hinchas‘ de los hooligans, who like the Raider Nation consumer like to think that they (the fans) own the team for which they cheer [just rewind the streams and look how pale Roger Bennet looked just two days ago] when in reality like the link below relays, “they are status symbols for their billionaire owners” (punto y coma) but at least the Premier League consumers are willing to bring down the club if the club is taken away from them, as opposed to the Raider Nation who simply need an excuse to tailgate together and cause havoc wherever they go… i mean, The “Las Vegas” Raiders, give me a fucking slot, —MONEY:

“New car, caviar, four star daydream
Think I’ll buy me a football team

https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /sports /columnist /nancy-armour /2021/04/20 /european-super-league-us-owners-find-greed-doesnt-work-europe /7310165002/

Selma, Selma, Selma… Ewe Two

Of course,… the Irish think that this song is about them.

Moments ago after Joe broke a glass, Francis Uno landed in the area that had NOTHING to with the downing of a jet airliner on the same WALL of then Secretary of WAR, Donald Rumsfeld, at the Pentagone (punto y coma) the Pope’s visit to Iraq comes after President Joseph R. Biden [U.S.A.] full-filled the God-given destiny in the Manifest of the first 100 days in office, which of course is the “testing” of the Boom-Bang. It’s the CHRIST and IAN thing to DEW!!!🎷🎷🎺🎷🥁

And, The Edge shreds: if you look at the record, our (European) potatoes are analogous to your (Southern) watermelons.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Sunday_Bloody_Sunday [please scroll-down to THE RECEPTION section for non-sectarian glorification].

Dear, Chivo Lubezki… unforeseen, yet expected circum-navigations will prevent me from covering the photography of Gabriel Figueroa’s opening shot for Anthony Quinn’s rendition of Jesús Sánchez in Oscar Lewis-es “AVOCADO” opinion, delivered WAY-Guey–Way before the Super Bowl Half-Time Show was a thing on abc’s World Wide of Sports.

Based on the screen version of “Los hijos de Sánchez” opening shot and transition to the mass rite .:. D6214EF4-7464-4BF8-975E-0C4A3A9FBA2A 🎚 Paper trail is part of the Editoral board at the « revue » STYLIST . fr (N° 296) on the SITE of the statue of some guy named Haussmann Boulevard, or something like that.

https ://mozzoviewer .publishingcenter .net /dist/ [link to Stylist]

…Still to come, Ayn Rand, Oscar Lewis, and Joseph Gobbles walk into bar, hilarity ensues when Mel Brooks orders a Tequiza®️

… Context for another They goes here.

When in ROMA… diles que “no hay”.


Breaking the Witt — Maybe Eye is just like Price’s mother

Even when she Wins, she’s still a sore Winner… “To The MOON, Alicia!!!—To The Moon!!!”

I thought the major was a lady Suffragette.

And in Michigan, it appears that Sirens have a very peculiar sound. This can only mean that Cuban balsero, and documentarian Michael Moore lives in the ghetto. Eye swear, man, it’s like them 🚑 are sounding like euphemisms. Eye promise that if Phil Griffin (that basterd!) allows that particular segment of the 20h block in Philippe Labró’s time to upload, öüï will bring, IT! to your speakers.

Check It Out, Jason Johnson

Check It Out, Jason Johnson… watch how Eye is going to land this frame on the other side of your display 🎠 But FO’ist, it’s the most boring TIE on msnbc… yeah Buddy*, Evry body is a fucking comedian on the Michael Nutter’s illegitimate son show. Some 1st Generation Tamaulipeca con ojos de chiapaneca just called your human a pet.

* For those WHO are not on in the loop, Buddy is the chocolate labrador who moonlighted with some Cat named Socks in the burlesque comedy show called This American Life.

After the most boring tie on the msnbc’s, it’s FUTURAMA with “A Head in The Polls”.

The Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nestlé®️, is already looking the other way, a Jazz aficionado, she kind of digs the wails described, but just to make sure that Donald Trump’s personal Four Seasons Landscaping mayordomo is not meddling in with the election count, the district attorney is sending in Wonder Woman to see about them funky sounding sirens.

And as promised, who the hell are you, —and what the hell did you do with Vassoughian?

Hey, Georgia! Got peach spread for D.A.T. D.A.R.E. Pain Perdu[e]

THREE DAYS! October 31st… coincidence? Knot if you know that when TUESDAY IS GONED.A.R.E. CAN BEE ONLY ONE!

To Live and Let Die

Musical guest: to live and let die 🎶 65425FB7-12D3-4E9E-BE18-BD4CD44AE3EB 🔫
Reading is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. Learn how readers integrate these facets to make meaning from print. Reading is making meaning from print. It requires that we: Identify the words in print – a process called word recognition.

https ://www .readingrockets .org /article /what-reading

In ancient Times, Avi Velshi, JASON chased “the golden fleece” with the help of a Georgian peached-bottom blues niece of Circe,  and they succeeded! However, this plot is Knot one of those, on account that in modern times the “colcha dorada” de Colchis, —look it up— was replaced por la máscara plateada de Santo… it’s TWUE!!!

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Golden_Fleece

https ://www .foxnews .com /politics /georgia-sen-perdue-pulls-out-of-final-debate-after-bitter-clash-at-previous-face-off

Courtesy of Chuck Biscuits

Crimson Ghost is superimposed with the permission of Chuck Biscuits and Count Chocula, yeah Buddy!!!

But FO’ist!

It’s Last Week right fucking now y, como decía Lino Quintana: 🎶 esto tenía que pasar…

“You expect me to talk?”

No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

…after the Break, it’s the continuing attenuation of Bjork, from TROY[e], it’s TWUE!!! Look, IT!, up.

Right now:

Eye see what you did there, Siren

Eye see what you did there, Siren… The Prodigy with “SMACK* my bitch up” follows.

We pick up the evening portion of tonight’s Man on The Moon, in Athens, off–course, where Andy Kaufmann is Alive and reporting from The Sky doG Tavern. It appears that Shinny Happy Scottish accenteded People all agree:

If you believe DAY put a WaWa on the Moon, it’s probably because you think that it is always Sunny in Philadelphia.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /ciencias /2020/10/27 /confirman-la-presencia-de-agua-en-la-luna– 3296 .html

Later in the programming, you want Change? You can’t handle Change, but if you insist, don’t forget to fall back when the Marfa Lights get Sync’d with the Aurora Borolas now shining just NORTH of PRESIDIO and SOUTH of ALPINE, Texas, and in the Snaefellsnes peninsula in over Iceland.

But speaking of Iceland, where the legend of JOHN BRONCO never dies, real men in that island (not the TESLA driving fags) weep for the loss of the manliest man that ever wore a fucking SKIRT!!!

In San Diego, Ron Burgundy and his more manlier doppelgänger, don Armando Álvarez can’t begin to be consoled, and them two are living it up with George Clooney and his gay brother Ritchie inside the comforts of The Titty Twister just outside of that West Texas Town of Socorro, New Mexico… just beyond the BadLands of Horizon, Texas.

And in Paris, Matt Bradley (Cooper) is recycling our VERY own SEGOVIASPIXES-es-ese from the underground… get your own weirdos, Mr. Bradley. And stay away from my yellow dragons.


A tale of two Fuentes — Foreward to the Root (Magazine)

24 Horas con Jacobo Sable d’oquis:


Rockit .:. 9CCF5C7A-B42B-4EFE-B60B-5E57C14C4E88 ✈️ “Corre y se Va!” meets “¿En dónde quedó la BOLITA‽” —_•!•_— Empty “American” fact Nº 4; in 2014/2016, at the {IHEAL} professor John Mill Ackerman invented the « Circle The Wagons » strategies whenever he was asked about the [then] upcoming election of 2018 in México; the Santa Barbara native turned to the “tlatoaniinthe making” youth of Morena-Francia and the neo–zapatista “artists” del Frente Amplio mexicano, or worst, hid Sous Les Jupes de su mujer/esposa/colega. “Nuevo pensamiento Crítico”, my ass! More like a ’join us, y pare de sufrir’… ¿de que sabor va usted a querer su TAnG, Mr. Jim Jones‽

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/02/10/opinion/016a1pol

Deer, Jason Johnson, we [the staff] have noticed that in recent weeks, which are like dog years in Trumpian times, you have been a sort of designated hitter for the Peacock team on things related to Andrés López, the president of the United States of Mexico. It figures, that of all of the anchors and “Mel Gibson’s*” on the programming bar, o la barra de programación, it would be a black dude who would take on the challenge. My Nigga, but… or rather, howEva, it is mandatory to post the French Pledge of Allegiance when using Municipal Networks in France, especially in Paname, so before we get started, please stand at attention when you, Sir, don’t read this most non consequential blog:

Nous (o sea, Francia) sommes un pays qui respecte encore la primauté de la penseé et de l’intelligence. (Nº 2526, Pg. 4)

(subtitles for John Heilemann)

Ellos (o sea, Francia) son un país que respeta …

The one thing that France doesn't know

The one thing that France doesn’t know .:. 4BF55665-16C2-4209-B95A-7B0E5564DC2F —_•!•_— Godwin’s Law, the exception to a Talents and Skills Go To Jail Card.

Donc, dicho eso, we [the staff] begin our soliloquy, which is French for a « man » who “entertains himself”, or « with himself », (SOL, pg. 866) with your observation a couple of Dog Day Afternoons ago when you paralleled “Bernie’s” possible election to the White House in 2020 to AMLO’s arrival to Los Pinos in 2018. That is to say, by gaining the majority of the Mexican vote due to the disillusionment of the Mexican electorate with their elected officials since the installment of the Mexican Constitution of 1917.

For the record, Jason Johnson, Los Hilos de Sasha^  should not be a {set} on the Venn diagram of Hilo, Hawaii, because as “Lagrimas de Perro” would say: no es lo mismo, ni es igual.


* Road Warrior, as in “Apocalypto” for Mad MAXimilian’s way before the Rosbif convicts from the British Empire set encroached the Kiwi neighborhood.

Nº 2526:; 02/07/2020

SOL: Petit LaRousse en couleurs. Librairie Larousse, 1972.

^ Los Hilos de Sasha: The soft porn actress widow of Mexican President, José “Memo” Abel López Portillo y Pacheco.