Oh, the Irony —Chad

Alicia Menendez reports from Jacob’s St.

Angel Eyes

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Vaya, vaya, Bhaaa–íah, Eye does not want to spoil, IT!, to El Paso County Judge, Ricardo Samaniego… but did you sir, really think that Bill Sanders, and the Consejo  Empresarial de Santa Teresa Hotel and Casino would allow the KLAQ Crowd to stop selling “tamales” to La Migra (emigrantes if youse a “humble” Tigres del Norte fan) all Along The Watchtowers of Mesa Blvd. and Paisano Drive?… hasta parece que usted, señor, haven’t had your Chicos Tacos since you were voted into the Gavel Swinging Bigotones club de Barnett–Harley Davidson on I-10 East… casi esquina con Geronimo, Jérôme. Gooooo, Miners!


En•Spirit, pues… Alicia Menendez, just so them D.A.R.E. dang-on Seminoles en La Florida, pues, entiendan la puta nota .:. 7C201BB0-D70B-4F34-92CB-784F4F6237E5 🛶


Good morning, Riser… STOP THE PRESSES!!!

Avi Velshi is bringing back the ERIC CANTONA look… oh, the balls on The Velshi to start his Sunday show with a lifted sports blazer collar. This can only mean that the next time that the powers “that be” shoot non-lethal bullets to the feet of Avi Velshi, our international spy master will proceed with the appropriate response, which of course itis Flying-TACOS (cleats) to the face.

Now, Alicia Menendez, don’t go throwing actual Tacos to belligerent assholes, “Tacos” in this particular exercise are protrusions on the S.O.U.L. of a shoe… is IT!, any wonder that a synonym for cleats, is S.T.U.D… only if you are a fan of 1950’s pulp fiction D.C. Comix-es-es. ¡Ese!


L’engagement ⚽️ BA913DEB-54A7-4D31-860F-508851109A42 🗣 Histoire. Géographie. Enseignement moral civique, page 174: Should famous athletes or, celebrities from show business engage on societal debates?


Las Fuentes de doña Popoff*:

Solitario Charles de Gaulle

*pronounced with a Cuban accent.

Hey, Lenard… what’s up nigga!

So, A.M. Joy suits you all up an makes you look all dapper looking and all of a sudden you got a point to motherfucking make!

If Eye was a Pimp

If Eye was a nigga … wait for it, WAIT.

Nigga, it better be a recollection. Eye is going to take a nap now, wake up–then masturbate (to clear the pipes) and Eye Will Be Listening to your rap, nigga. So, sleep tight (motherfucker), because it’s just Nine o’Clock in New York, New York… at the Paris underground (Sir) it’s 3 in Tha Mow’r–ning.

It’s Two o’Clock, in Central Europe Time.

First, the News.

As the United States quickly approaches another milestone, the 100,000 deaths from the COVID–19 pandemic, Donald John Trump, the 45th President of The United States spent part of Saturday playing golf in Virginia, while the “merchants of doubt*” begin to cue the MAGA cult about fake Coronavirus deaths… or something like that.

In-house Advertorial.

Oh, hey Jack Dorsey, you French bobo-looking sonofavitch! Happy Memorial Day Weekend. You know what the good thing about this most non–consequential blog is? Of course you don’t, —motherfucker— because the fip Sirens don’t read this blog,

[hey Suzy, my heart still belongs to you even if you went ahead and cut MONTY Alexander on the third copla of Bob Marley’s “Stir it up” last night before the start of Club Jazzàfip… way to Scratch D.A.T. Up! mi negra]

anygüey, Mr. Dorsey (Sir, S.V.P.) Eye was thinking that a most excellent way to spend the Spare Change that Twitter™️ makes from every motherfucking Donald John Trump it, would be by purchasing THE ENTIRE SECTION “A” of the national newspaper of your choice and print THE Entire “First 100,000” victims of the COVID–19 pandemic and dedicate it to The Entire STAFF (not the workers, but the sycophantic Staff) at The White House.

COME ON, nigga! Think About, IT!… it will be like an “indelible tattoo” for the Administration’s worst FAILURE.

We now return to our regular programming…

Dear, A.M. Velshi… A-Men, nigga!

Deer, Charla Magda “daGad”, pease wait one (motherfucker) while we [the staff, of this here motherfucking blog, which The Breakfast Club is never going to read] give my Nigga Avi Velshi a Bullworth Shoutout: WhoofWHOOF!

Oh, Hey A.M. Joy... there's a dead hooker in Rick Wilson's armoire

Oh, Hey A.M. Joy… there’s a dead hooker in Rick Wilson’s armoire .::. 2B3E926B-BC28-496D-97A7-DE06F044419E 🦵🏻… but seriously, “that question [about] what makes Black people black,” dice mi negro Larry Lenard, —you know— “that’s a discussion for Black people to have [you know] and a White man is not « qualified » to have D.A.T. [d.a.r.e] discussion,” according to The Breakfast Club co-host, Charlamagne tha God. Hey, Lenard, The Brat Pack called: They Want Their “detention” record BACK!

Indeed sir, ain’t no motherfucker worried about no motherfucking ‘dog fight’ between an SR–71/72 and a MiG–25 Rs when motherfucking Mike Pompeo is trying to have The GodDamned STATE DEPARTMENT do the work of the World Health Organization and motherfucking Donald Trump is musing about restarting the Bikini Atoll program.

Any how, Charla (that D.a.R.e break down of your artistic callsign is an OUTFRONT translation to the CHAT that you had with Erin Burnett on “the” CNN’s; for the The French Urban dictionary record a ‘chat’ is also a pussy… CAT), you can’t have it both GüEyS, mi negro.

Let’s Play Some Motherfucking Jazz
WISDOM (1933) a re-interpretation

WISDOM (1933) by Lee LAW•Rie; Art Deco ICON… a re-interpretation .::. 9F5BB8DA-0D85-4E2B-9D45-EFBAC34AE866 🗣 For additional information visit the “cool kids” table at 30 Rock in Manhattan.

… In-house  advertisement:

Deer, Joshua Johnson… “do you mind, not being a Mowtor?”

p. 426: Il faut aller à Dieu par l’Eglise?
PENSÉES de Pascal

Now, Mr. Tha God, before Eye spend the remaing part of the night (here in Central NATO Times) deconstructing your post-Biden interview, be advised that this, motherfucker, is your second strike. What Eye means to say is that you, Sir, are the same sonofavitch that questioned Senator Harris (D–CA) about being black enough to listen to the Digital Underground, or Tupac, or even Diddy… ‘member D.A.T. Lenard?

Biden's Bottom Bitch

Tha God .::. 93CAB4B3-C4E8-44AF-B2FE-3FF2600DA1BA 🐝 Biden’s Bottom Bitch.

And, before my Nigga, Eddie Gloude Jr., professor [one–each] gets his boxers up in a bunch, and by boxers Eye means his canine companions, not the motherfucking speedos that he wears, don’t you pull no Cotton-Picking-Picker angle on Mí, because contrary to all the motherfuckers at South Central (in El Lay) Eye actually knows what it’s like to pick cotton under the burning sun; granted, Eye was not a slave, but Eye was a Junior High student  in Durango (MX) in an E.T.A. school turned E.S.T., and Eye did not get paid for every KILO pizcado, but Eye did get an “A” for a final grade in Agricultura, so unless you know what bending your back to fill a bale feels like, don’t you go pulling your Cultural Luggage on Mí. TO PUT IT IN MORE CONTEMPORARY TERMS, Lenard, Eye am not a Bracero, and you, Sir, are not a Slave, and, because Eye is most certain that the REVEREND Al Sharpton does not read this most non-consequential blog, you probably can’t begin to comprehend why EVEN though i, armando segovia, was BORN in California (U.S. of A.), Eye am not a Chicano, my Brother, no Sir, —not with Bracero and “wet-back*” blood running through my veins.

* Even though “Aztlán” is ours… do–you–know what Eye’m saying Brother-Man?



Must show Rick Wilson’s “dead hooker” section of this most non–consequential section of The Motherfucking TEST:


One of u.s.

One of u.s. .::. 1A08D1F1-F432-4276-B616-CD7A1D27580B 🛐 What if 💲 Was One Of u.s.