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2023… 🐪


Attention, les opinions exprimées par Osler  Amaro sur rfpp.net ne sont pas rediffusées, et ne relèvent pas de la responsabilité de la soi-disant “voix du peuple” sur rfpp.net, il vous faudra donc vérifier ce que l’émission “sans droit”, au Pérou , a dit à Paris, en France, aujourd’hui.

You’ve come a long way, Perrine. Ewe know Miss STORME there was a time when Jane Curtin was nothing more than an “ignorant slut”, kind of like today in 🎉 2023 🌬️ with the Very French in charge of things who think that they are ‘pre-destined’, much like The British, for excellence and every one that makes The Very French uncomfortable or, puts them in check is ‘such a child’… And YOU KNOW what the VERY FRENCH do to their children, right

~. Jump to “The Thing That Eye Cannot Show You On This Segment,” on account that in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s 2022, and the VFF (Very Fucked French) have KNOT yet received their €100 payout for their troubles; DEPECHE VOUS! It’s The Policy Of Truth.

Note to editors, please be advised that this blog is not compatible with online translators or, artificial intelligence interpreters of any kind, unless these can identify artifacts such as, false friends, calcos, and off-course, la grilla. So, with that in mind, we now return, to our regular program:

“Just the Phacts,ma’am”

Beldar Waz Here.

Advertencia, las opiniones expresadas por 🇵🇪 Osler Amaro 🇵🇪 no son reproducidas por 📻 rfpp . net 📻 ni tampoco son la responsabilidad de la llamada “voz del pueblo”, en la ya mencionada 📻 rfpp . net 📻. Por eso tendrán que verificar ustedes mismos lo que se dijo hoy, desde El Perú, en la re transmisión de “¡No hay derecho!” aquí en París, Francia, el día de hoy.

In other words gremlins are hitting our site in real time, maintenant please stand-by for maintenence!!!


Hypocrite RATZINGER, legionario de Pedófilos… right this Güey, your Em#inence, mister BARBOSA will direct you to BOTZARIS.

HOLA, 🇪🇦 PEPE MEJÍA 🇪🇦, ¿te habrás preguntado por qué, el hijo de Juanito Guanavacoa (F.Belmont.), vive en el 🇨🇦 Canadá 🇨🇦; un país, como usted afirma (en repetición de Fin de Año), ‘extraccionista’?

Al parecer, Osler 🇵🇪 Amaro, al filo de las 14h en Botzaris, re-transmite la Hipocresía en tiempo real… y como dice la perucha (LAURA) en trasmisión y, que se queja de lo que La  Emisión Americas incitó desde BOTZARIS, abajo del CÎRCO de Puebla, hoy desde otros micrófonos a ULTRAMAR, don OSLER 🇵🇪 AMARO, se lava sus putas manos andando con la cara como si La Risa 🤣 🇵🇪 anduviese en Vacaciones 🇫🇷 , y por eso, O COMO DICEN LOS GRINGOS DE 🇲🇽 MONTERREY, N.L. 🇲🇽 : EYE fucking joins the conversation.

25 28 30 Muertos… Ketchup don Osler…
Hay DOS Muertos por Día, en la prensa oficial… el la calle (usted) hay más.

Juan 🇵🇪 Lázaro, el reportero estrella de RFPP . net, il mismo que habla con la música de Wagner 🤠 🏄🏾 y los recortes de las imágenes de Wolf Blitzer en febrero del 1991 en Kuwait, calla como el cobarde que ese 🇵🇪 perucho 🇵🇪 es, y con Foie Grass en EL BUCHE,  —en Buttes-Chaumont.

La Espada de Bolívar es una pinche TORTA DE JAMÓN, ad infinitum, ♾️ … El Chavo del 🎱, joins the conversation.

🐳 Quasi Modos Moon 🎒

La Foca de Quasimodo en Allegretto de Notre Dame deNiza.



Meanwhile, “A CROSS, The Universe” Pelé just got his boarding pass to the next stage in the Recycling of Pizza Boxes in Romania 🌬️🥷🏻 🍕… la Quatre SAZÓN n’est pas qu’un Cunt-Auch on the influencing “kind”.

Copy Left…
Don’t be like Juanito Guanavacoa
Happy N.Y. 2023!

🏎️ Say Cheese 🧀 🍕 madafaka! La Regina Pizza has been Dubbed as La Greta.

1 de octubre, 2022 — Yes, Öüï Khan, break da’ Rhules.

Previously on, “Pare de Surfear”, God continues to reign as the most important sponsor of war 🪖, in this edition of The Church of Pare de Sufrir (🇧🇷), The Russian Orthodox’s Church (🇷🇺) Patriarch Kirill the First, just promised Russian conscripts 72 virgins to rape, upon arriving to Russian heaven when they become Dead as Stalin, in Ukraine.

Jihad in Cyrillic… “Russian soldiers who die in the Ukraine war are committing a ‘sacrifice’ that ‘washes away all the sins’”, said the Patriarch of Saint-Sulpice, Paris 6éme.

En fin, God and Country… over at RFPP 106.3 fm, Osler (🇵🇪) anda revisando “La Carta de Madrid” en Segovia, España, con Toussaint y un tal 🇪🇸 Pepé Mejía 🇪🇸. It’s a repeat 🔁 from last week’s show.

Our coverage at ASEGOVIA3 is not a repeat, but an UPDATE for the “good people at Media Part », coincidentally, last week’s Edition of the Juanito Guanavacoa Show touched on something along this alley, context on the cutline of the frame below:

https ://www .youtube .com /watch?v=R5u5Iyafk-k 


No Habrá Final Feliz… long story short a jailed Mexican solider explains to the BBC (yes, that BBC) why he could not reveal the corruption surrounding him in the years when FLORENCE CASSEZ was the Mexican President’s guest of honor in a Chilango Jail. Synopsis: the main fish, Genaro García Luna, and other high-ranking Mexican Officials had not been apprehended yet³. Hilarity ENSUES when a JUANITO GUANABACOA recorded laughter track is backmasked to the interview of former Infantry Captain Vladimir Ilich Malagón.

³~. Context follows, but it is right up the alley of the Stephanie Menous’s files at the Préfecture de Police, in the sense that in 2013, when Bruno, her boss, asked of me to give him an organigram, or a chart of what I was supposed to find out, my response, I am not a fortune teller, I don’t have a crystal ball, I am a reporter and I have certain leads which I cannot furnish you with. And this is when mister Bruno dropped the name of PABLO GLEASON in the docket.

Juanito’s Mexique Big Ranch, don’t drink the Kool-Aid™️, and don’t eat the Tacos, Juanito makes Em# from Sheltered Dogs and rescues.

At the HdV en Paris Centre el colectivo CUBO just recreated the scene en Las Canarias. La escenografía se pinta Zola, Emilio.

La Pundita appears courtesy of Greenwich Mean Time and the River Thames, the passing of the Queen is another reminder before September 2022 ‘Bites The Dust‘ that Las Malvinas 🇬🇧 no es América 🇦🇷.

ToMorrEAU never knEaus.

Emisiôn Américas en repetición – Desde Paris para Raymundo

Répétition in advance ( in Spanish for the faggety French)

Well… I’ve never been to Spain.

3 semanas la misma programación… Si No

Pueden, a chingar a su madre, Osler.

Desde la Ciudad Imperial de Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

money for nothing with The IZQierda. What??? Pinches cholos! de Qué sirve tu política cultural—no hay Derecho con tus putas repeticiones.

— la cultura mata la identidad ( en Paris Siglo XXI) y los peruanos 🇵🇪 son su puta NaVe.