And in the role of Gatsby le magnifique: El Niño Luc

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You could spot, IT!, all the way from Mars (with the proper optics) but our hero Luc Fregón knew that it was part of the toll that had to be paid, Hector Belascoran Shayne, was the trollies of the Ciudad Juárez Trolls. Another laundry Tab# for the expenditure and incidentals report. He could already hear the bean counter back at payroll, “Three Fiddy!!! Buy a dark suit big spender ».

Aguas con La Curva

Aguas con La Curva .:. 65298819-4CFD-4CD9-ABFC-9CFEB169B508 📰

Shayne knew the way to Rocky Point from Ciudad Juarez and most important knew all of the right rough riders south of Las Cruces. Of course, taking the Eye–10 route to Tucson and cutting through Sonoyta would have been a heck of a lot easier, the 1917 Spanish Flu was killing all of the Future Tankers of America of General Patton, so it was safer to first ride south to El Sueco and traverse Chihuahua and Sonora even with La Bola killing all of The Current Tankers of America under General Pershing.

But as mentioned before, Shayne was a prankster and right about La Curva de San Lorenzo, Shayne squeezed the little red “Colona” vacuum sealed baggie.

— It’s fake gold, Gatsby!


Deer, Mª Tere Kumar, please relay to Mr. Schmitty that the cure for a Constitutional Arsonist, —Mme— is a cachondo mental.

Por ejemplo, doña Mari… at 16h45 (EST), the Negrita-in-Charge just sent a message to the world, it consisted with of the “ritual de la limpia”. In•deed, Ladies in Gemini, Karine Jean–Pierre just sent a Third degree apprentice to wipe down the podium at the gym. The significance of D.A.T. particular timing, is that it’s a 1/4 ’till Five. Esto no es un “Ritual de lo habitual”, señora (Jane)… this is Juana’s Adicción:

Whoof, whoof—Whoof, whoof—Whoof, whoof, whoof.

🎶 Eye been caught stealing, once—when Eye was five…

Over on the HisTory Channel, at the 11th Hour in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s the president’s approved revision of Betsy DeVos 5th grade history textbook.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 .:. 3A96A610-52DA-4163-8F64-588AE0E1C034 ⚖️ How the Spanish Flu Bankrupted World War 2.

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