Dear, Tony Palma at the Bagageries of La Ville de Paris

³~. Ask the nice BAPSA officer in front of Jorge Saldaña’s old studio 🎙️ at HdV, today that broadcasting room is a McDonald’s 🍔.

Sand dunes native here. Sandnigger means “Perspicacity. Also a horseman or knight », period!

An in-kind reminder that I, Armando Segovia,
Do knot select the rotation of Héctor Belascoaran Shayne, César Duarte’s régional banks in the State of Chihuahua, nor the playlists at fip . fr 🛩️

For the record, i stopped believing in Coincidences when you sir, gifted me a copy of Pedro Páramo from Comala, c’est a dire, the events of The Early morning of February 1st, 2021, with the fellow who looks like Hermann Dune were recreated this morning on the steps of La Bourse de Paris… but with a different client of Emmaus Agora.

And, madame la porte-parole de la Préfecture de Police à Paris, Loubna Atta, it is futile to file a complaint at the 4éme Arrondissement, as the nice BAPSA officer suggested for me to do, needless to say, the very next time that one of his “coffee” customers from la rue des Bourdonnais feels like “pinching my toe as I sleep,” again, then somebody is going to have a piece of rebar traversing his fucking heart.

You, madam, can fill-in-the blanks from the narrative that I recounted to the following personnel with ties to la Mairie de Paris:

— Mr. Raphaël Parenti
— The psychiatre at 32 rue des Bourdonnais 75001
—The nice police officer on duty at the police commissariat at Le Grand Palais, on February 2021… or just ask the American Consulate legal section, they have a copy of the Document, and Mika Brzezinski at MSNBC is aware of the existence of said document.

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