Baby Crack Formula — Hamburgers in paradise

It’s Reaganomics, Mika.

Et je jure que je n’ai pas d’arme 👻 🍔

But, FO’ist! It’s LA Nocturne de las tres de la tarde in Central Siesta Naps, with musical guest, Diablotin Makes Three.

Forgive the F.D.A., Dr. Murthy… It’s America, we can figure out how to bring joy to the World with just baking soda and Coke®️, but try to feed the post-embryo babies of Children’s Hospitals, and the first thing that The Biden Administration does is SATIATE the Bentley’s need of doctor Saldmann {and} his quasi-oligarch peers at The European Hospital of the Rich at Citronella Heights 🪁 in the 15éme Arrt. of Parigi, home of the GENERALLI BALOON.

If only president Biden would supply The Georges Pompidou doctors with waiters in their Brasseries. Coq Suckers de mierda.

And, Willie Geist, fuck you! Da’fuck you mean is the “SAUCE”!!! That Wisconsin burger-eatin’ fool is in on the Time-share stratégie for HoBo’s and of course, them motherfuckers that Dean Martin called, Kings of The Road.

I Know Where Ronald McDonald was buried 🤡… John Wayne Gracie

And Mika, when youse down and out, {knot} that you’d ever know what that is, what with your royalty PIN like the one that little Cunt at La Jornada [Poniatowska] sports on her lapel at Wimmenn’s Fairs, the price of a happy meal gets you an 85 cm x 175 cm table with cushioned loveseat.

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