Ladies from Gemini: Bernie has left the Strip

and men plunder…
You better RUN—You better take

Now, now, settle down

“Now, now, settle down,” .:. E665E558-3E41-4A78-90FC-544191412A09  🕥  and hold your questions until the end of the Session, ya’Bums!

Meanwhile on Mesa Dr., Gremlins and Gknomes were caught messing with our Trademarked TimeStamps, aussi, The Paris Hotel in Vegas can’t get enough of them peacocks.

For the record

For the record .:. 1059EF35-CB09-4D55-9056-353780710ED0 🕕 Previously we [the staff] brought up the issue with the digital minute hand “jumping a click” at the 12, 20, and 40 minute mark. Earlier in the transmission, the clock dragged an entire hour behind Central Europe Time. And please, Alex Witt, don’t gives us that “ Yikes”, because öüï know that you can see the parallels here, even though Mr. Sorkin does not read us.


Time Life and Oblong* records present:
An introduction to Carville Records.
The Las Vegas Sessions.

You are nothing without The Ruhle

You are nothing without The Ruhle .:. 84F3A793-A025-4D36-B971-7095F2D3C0F6 ⌛️Sincerely, David Gura at the 14h00 timeslot.

Men at work

Dear, Avi Velshi; Eye “wonders what is going through your head,” you sir are probably Mexican, why with the way you dish out las indirectas like that time when Dorian hugged the U.S. Eastern Coastline and you, Sir, reminded “that guy from the neck of the woods” about his family past. Now, mr. Velshi, Eye would not pull this out of thin air, no Sir, it’s Black History month and you would not shot the messenger like them pussy-cats at Buzzfeed and the Morning Joe crew from the days when Louis Burgdorff was covering the Way-2-Early crowd… but speaking of absent minded talking heads, what ever happened to Mr. David G.?

Now, mr. Velshi, before öüï [the staff] ask that you please relay to them Stanford University diplomats and National Security Advisers that the culture of “shot the messenger” was started way before Adrianne Elrod was pitching the Hamburgers in Paradise [to Sir Paul McCartney, no less] and previous to a certain Congresswoman from the state of Florida performing, “Debbie does Brazile” on the nomination count of 2016.

Business as Usual

Business as Usual .:. E1300D82-3701-4F12-B576-8FB280019717 🚒

So please, mr. Velshi, if that is your real name… as much as Eye hates seeing the American Dream siphon through the gutter of American democracy (and by American, Eye means the entire continent, not only the part where Them Vikings set foot before that Wop, Columbo, landed in the Bahamas) Eye must point out that Washington should be grateful that no “Junta Style” Kissinger student (Pinochet) or a Sandinista turned Pare de Sufrir Evangelical Christian modified them “white picket fences”, no mr. Velshi you should be thankful that the fear of Vlad the Russian stealing the Electoral College election of 2020 is in great part because all them “Young Americans / Baby Boomers”, as predicted by Lazarus and some Cat from Japan, turned into Fat Mickey Mouse Cows, or something like D.A.T., in other words: KEEP ON Tweeting and Facebooking in the Free World!!!

And remember, mr. Velshi, —motherfucker—  Don’t Shot The Messenger. And Mr. Buttieieg nevermind the count, it’s the Electoral college that will get you in the End.

Eye come from a Land Down Under

Eye come from a Land Down Under .:. 0DBAD4F5-0C15-49DC-BB18-F02570951E47 ➰🃏

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