Oh, hey there Brian Williams — Live from Babylon III: It’s Saturday Night (today)

How’bout them Lights staying on and the Kornacki cam at 22% at the 04:11 in Seattle, eh!? And, oh boy! That is to say —You know— you will not be forgiven for changing the TIMESTAMP template and Quality feed of the Sanders campaign stop “in that Old West Texas town in El Paso,” because as you know, the Devil, —motherfucker— is in The Dentils, and James Carvill in the details.

Dear, A.M. Joy

Dear, A.M. Joy .:. D9549049-6F74-4A49-A14F-25129BF8111E 🧗🏼‍♀️ Yow cannot —you cannot— eat popcorn and do journalism at the same time, PUNDITRY, —on the other hand— requires truck loads of Palomitas en El Chuco.

But never mind the purple pundits, our focus right now on is the little mixed martial media things that can make or break a candidate, like say that midwest MINER daughter in the last demo-debate when Telemundo tried to take her down on a momentary lapse of reason, but as the entire Mexican nation (except those in the Tlatoani cult) know, AMLO’s name went into the same Venn diagram of CSdG, and —motherfucker— the so–called Latino X’ers from NevaDA could be forgiven if they don’t know who “los innombrables” that sent their parental units out of their hometowns south of the Bravo are, and if you call that river “grande” then you will know why the template on that El Paso timestamp matters.

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