Isabel Allende, Tatiana Clouthier and, Agnès Callamard walk into a BAR

Musical guest: Los Beneméritos de España
[La Guardia Nacional] aka: The G-Men

Note to the good people at a place where Evry body knows your name:
I have been covering the inverse relation between ROMA and Mexico through the lens of Alfonso Cuarón’s Academy Award Film of the same name. So please, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU… it’s about context 🇮🇹1791BB33-D5E4-481E-8554-EC91D3062AA7 🇲🇽
Io sono il capone della mafia
Io sono il figlio della mia mamma
Tu sei uno stronzo di merda
E un figlio di troia… Venezia (quiero Spaghetti)

*To the memory of Víctor Jara and Jamal Khashoggi who suffered the same faith (a Wave of mutilation) in a Public Building.

Hilarity ensues when U.S. Secretary of Commerce Katherine Tai orders a bucket of chicken… ISSY, this Inter-mission is made possible by the co-opt operations of “Los Pollos Hermanos” and by…


PAGE 71///Manière de Voir///
Par La Bande Une question de style

“Je n’utilise PAS de Story-board, je construis les histoires scène après scene. Je prends [un chingo de tiempo] pour me documenter… », etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And Claire McCass, you'll think you're in the moo-bees .:.

And Claire McCass, you’ll think you’re in the moo-bees .:. B2466D86-77D7-4B0B-BE2D-29D4FE1C5F43 .:. yada, yada, yada, i did tell you that Those damn “long-haulers” participating in the Wacky Races where crazy. 🕶 una Questione di Stile¹.

^ Pronounced Mechanics… and please, don’t try to make sense of it in one sitting (punto y coma) and i am not about to scroll back to the time when all of the NEWS CYCLE (race) hanged loose outside of the Big Pharma warehouses in Kentucky to bring a captive audience the image of what a *Long-Haul* 18-Wheeler loading dock looked like, but because i have to deal with all kinds of different shades… get it, ShAdEs [?] of Czechs and other assorted Eastern Europeans on the daily bases, PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT I AM putting a little context into the Time-Frame of what was airing on the TV screen as Pablo Neruda and Augusto Pinochet were about to make a name for themselves in the files of the Wacky Intelligence Files of the Washington Papers. AS A BONUS, the Anthill MOB pays a little homage to a SOFTBALL Game THAT IS BEING HELD UP… get it? Held Up! By a Roman General who won’t THROW THE FIRST BALL PITCH until THE SHORTSTOP,  Vincingetorix accepts defeat; check it out:


* This Inter-mission must be read in a Governor Ronald Reagan’s (R-CA) voice… [B]ut read by Congressman Joseph Charles Scarborough (R-FL) and if you are into Orthodoxy worshiping don’t forget that March used to be the first month of the ROMAN calendar, way back when San José “EARNED” his place in the current Gregorian They counter.

1. Barou, G., Une question du style. Creation originale de Lorena Canottiere pour MANIÉRE DE VOIR du Le Monde Diplomatique, Nº 176 Avril-MAI:


Adventures in Translation: false friends… sponsored by Vania®️

Deer, Mika: your daddy says to remember the old adage:

That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below…

with this on the rearview mirror, that just makes you “the current (i) one,” in the power formula. Por ejemplo, Willie Geist, i am going to put you in Yogi Berra’s playing position (fat lady optional) and i am going to play the role of Camilo Cienfuegos on the mound, and never mind the signals. So with that in mind, let’s crossover The Hill(s) and the Atlantic to the first time that “God Damn” was used in comparative analysis.

So, yeah—dig this: en Español del bueno, ese mismo que se habla en México, un « tampón » es eso, a RED collector. En anglais, c’est la même CHOZA, raza = un Tampax ®️ para todas aquellas que no usan montura durante esos malditos días del mes; en francés*, Mare, un tampon es muchas cosas más, y sin ir muy lejos un tampon higiénico se puede usar para COTEJAR documentos ‘en rojo’ en La Préfectura de Cité (Paris, Centre). HOW? You may never care or wonder, but Eye is going to tell you why on the next  set of pitches—bitches.

https ://www .discogs .com /Les-McCann-Eddie-Harris-Compared-To-What /master /328070

And in Washington, in Washington ya no pasa nada, and i am going to leave it at that since today is Little Wednesday’s Addams turn, and Tuesday’s Gone.

This gives us time to answer one Happy caller three from the 13éme in Paris, poor guy, his girlfriend just got ran over by a parked snowmobile, or something like that, poor Happy, he really-really loved that Chinese woman, but Happy found love at a hypnotist show at Le Cirque Electric in the same arrondissement. Good for that hypnotist, Happy, whomever she might be.

… and then she was hit by a lightning bolt ⚡️ Lucky for Happy, Vice-President Harris knew that Chinese woman.


Deer, Matt Bradley — Executive Criminal negligence is no way to run a country (AMLOVE)

So, according to peacock Bradley, Joe Biden was blowing facts out of his ass when he told Bernard Sanders that THE ITALIAN medicaid for all was not efficient [before] the Curse of “the bat soup” struck with a vengeance, the Lombardi section of that boot.


ROMA es AMOR .::. C0F56E17-E0CB-4210-9132-3954DD136848 🦠⚱️🗺🧮 Don’t shoot tomatoes at mí. Öüï did projected CARMEN (for those with Eyes to see).. What MORE do you want from Mí? To draw you a picture? C’mon, Willie Geist!


This, little piece of information tells us one thing, and it reveals another; the first is that AMERICANS don’t know what they are voting for, because as Matt Bradley mentioned, the medical sector in ITALY was very robust, heck Cousin Joe, ITALY HAD MORE BEDS FOR INTENSIVE CARE UNITS than the “greatest country” of Donald Trump; and two… [W]ith all of the factories shutting down, karaoke lofts will be a good INVESTMENT for VoBo’s¹ in New York City, at $125 U.S. per hour and millennials stuck between a Tri-State entertainment industry shutdown and their expendable income it’s a Win–Win situation.

Trump cannot Lie a Tale

Trump cannot Lie a Tale .::. 859CD51F-4286-4710-86A1-87E5AD8A4FFA 👺🦠☣️ OUR little president’s nose grows with every death in our GREAT country.

¹ Vistos Buenos

Now, monsieur Philippe Labro, CNEWS might have Defendente Génolini to go ahead and « cross words » on the next–to-last page of them Direct matinees that Canal Plus provides to u.s. SDF’s as multi-purpose magic tissue, and insulator, and floor matting, etc., etc,. ETC, period… but mr. Labro, can you match amlove’s wallet?

What's in your wallet, guey? .::.

What’s in your wallet, guey? .::. 8A5F0AAF-DB65-48D1-BF4A-8ACA3ED3EC24 🌊🗺🔊 In apocalyptic times beware of SCAMS. —_•!•_— Drink té de Tila.

♒️ N° 2542 (lundi 16 MARS 2020)
AMOUR: Ça va vous étonner, mais on pense souvent à vous, mais en silence.

Thursday, November 8th 2018… edición vespertina

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours
Siren Central Den

… Context follows.

Anuncio… jabón R O M A
Three Billboards (Text Draft)

1. Jabón R O M A; for the Southern States and as compared to Copenhagen®.

Jabón Roma es un cura todo, Toby Keith guarantees it…

[The following must be
balladeer’d in a Chris Ledoux twang.

Well it’s a cure-all too
Cures fits, warts, freckles, coughs, colds,
ah—runny nose.
Guaranteed not rip, run or snag”

2. Jabón R O M A; for the Greeks in Chicago, as compared to a window detergent.

When the gods discover Jabón R O M A,

Windex®️ will just be for streaking glass.

[The following must be
danced in an
Absolutely Fabulous Anthony Quinn
Made for Hollywood Lip-synched
Syrtaki’d track.

3. Sin Embargo, Jabón R O M A