Dear, Marianne: meet Mr. Noah Noah; he’a a Rhoads enabler

It’s FINALS week at asegovia3

It takes a Cute Önë:

It takes a Cute Önë:C8F38880-5C54-4179-BC62-CBE7A0B8B8E1 •|• … and Mr. Wi Tang Clan, it does not, öüï repeat, it does not take a dumb Alabama Country esquire to know what EVE this is ; Will the R.E.A.L. Paul please Stand Up.

Oh, we’re half-güey D.A.R.E.

Them Fucking Jons at the Jovi’s, —casí esquina con them j’HOYsís!!!

HUMPing FENCES follows, stick around because all of France, and it’s its FOUR coins is form a mother—F.U.N.K.—ing full–circle et pas d’un HEXaGONE, ni tampoco un pinche cubículo.

Langues qui piquent...!

Langues qui piquent…! •¦• Por ejemplo, Nicolas Rauline* AMLO is not, we repeat, AMLO is not a most unusual political animal, he [the president of The United Mexican States] seems to bee the XXI Century iteriation of an existing data set from the 1970’s PRI.

… but fO’ist, the following is a Public Enemy Service Announcement, with your Hostess:
Lady June Bug,
la madre de todos
los aniVERSarios que Philippe Labró.

… “y ya todo el Sgt. Peppers Lonely Cours Club Band sabe que el sargento mayor era una suffragette promocionando una campaña de las llamadas “esbeltas de Virginia”, a choir ensamble that provided support for the Red Rocker, or something like that”, comenta Ed Barnays, the great-great grandfather of Donnie Deutsch, on the Rockefeller beat.

la Sociéte pour l’instruction élémentaíre

la Société pour l’instruction élémentaire [en asociación con Televisa] presenta: los 4 Pragmáticos. Starring: Alfonso ROMO (Monsanto), Carlos Slim (TELMEX), BERNARDO GÓMEZ (IBID), Carlos Hank González (BANKster).

« Clair comme de l’eau de roche », p. 28… o [MILMO] una noche despejada con Luna Llena.

Nicolas Rauline*, “Celui que Trump veut faire plier”. LES ECHOSWEEK-END N° 173, 14/15 JUIN 2019.

See here  Monsieur Nicolas, del gran Estado mexicano de Morelos, mister Rauline, del gran estado de Sciences PO en Saint-Germaine de los Presses, pensaría que “la frappante” comparasión entre los contra pesos legales en los Estados Unidos de la maestra SOLEDAD LOAEZA (de los López por pillos)  y aquellos de Los Estados Unidos de Donald Trump funcionarían, pero a partir de las noticias de este pinche fin de SEMANA en el negociazo de la esposa del líder de los WASP Republicans in the motherfucking U.S. Senate, the NEWS now show that there is no difference in the for-profit WELFARE inside the White House’s nepotism,  y/o “el amiguismo” corporativo de los Amigos de John Mill Ackerman, en “las mañaneras” de Andrés Manuel López Obrador, por decir.

It’s another no–News day… stayed tuned for All Quiet on The West Wing

… but first here’s Mike Barnicle with the Old Farmer’s Almanac:

An anonymous source at wether central reveals in an Op–Ed column of a New York’s newspaper that there are ONLY 16 days left in the 2018  calendar to enjoy the Ozarks… The  Fall is coming.

TimeStamp: 12h43 in Central Europe Time

Do not try to adjust your settings. •-_!_-• How many subliminal messages can Ewe spot, besides Rudy “the red nose” Lawyer… sorry about that… besides, RUDOLPH “the red nose” Raindeer on Felon’s… on Fallon’s desk?

Later Tonite at 11 o’Clock

You’ve heard about the Children of The Sun, The Children of The Corn… but have Ewe heard of Los Children of Pepper? Flip it over to channel Three (the blue channel) to find out all about em’… Sir Paul and the shimmy felon dancers, guest star. Don’t miss a beat lest you want the staff to call ewe a Death Uber* for cutie.
*… or a “cab” if it suits Ewe’all best.

TimeStamp: Station2Station and “Wild is The Wind” at 16 hundred Pennsylvania Ave      hours… in Central Siren Time.

Later on Channel Three… the Blue Channel: ¡una serie bien Cabrona!


“Paul’s broken-a-glass… a-glass, he’s broken today”

The good thing about this most inconsequential blog/
is that i’ll never know
What it’s Like to be Read

One-two-three, one-two-three …

(guitars strumming)

Hold on, hold on!

Ah, I was out …

No, I’m just gonna raise this so’s it’s nearer the bass strings than the top string …

(a glass shatters)

Ladies in Gemeni… con ustedes: Sir Paul.

Paul’s broken-a-glass, broken-a-glass, Paul’s broken-a-glass, a-glass-a-glass, he’s broken today!

(fiddling with guitar strings)


(guitar strum)

One- … oh, are you ready? Macca? One-two-three, one-two-three!

PickAMoonDog… “well EWE can Syndicate any Boat you Row”.

La fiesta nacional en Francia no para, porque los paros siguen

Y en honor de la reforma educativa, cocteles Molotov para todos… ¡Champagne para todos, perdón! me confundí ¡Champagne para todos y todas! es con lo que se están preparando los estudiantes para festejar.

South Texas Queen… with a Big Bang! •—_¡_—• This is a time delayed Molotov Entry, and the following blog is best experienced with headphones and the Tuesday “Contestataire” edition of MagniFip… or something like that—LINK FOLLOWS… wait for it, wait. USO JUSTO DE PEARL.


+  31
💯 días

Checked, [✔] thank you Sirens, we [the staff] never thought we’d make it this far…

Al regresar, la segunda parte de los Seis Grados de Kevin Bacon, con Cursi y Rudo, o algo así.

TimeStamp: 10h in fip central time

Are you not Entertained???

The Spaniard playing the role of Russell Crowe

Post N° 28, Right Bank… With the Beatles, Mr. Marcel, and some stinky teenagers. }-–—~~~\*> foto por segoviaspixes 2018… CopyLeft y que Viva LULA em Brasil!

It appears that on a day like today, but of 1970, the Apostole Paul got his knickerbockers all up in a bunch and decided to announce that he was just going to “Let it be” and venture onto the Record Industry wilderness under the Wings of Ram Records

Now, in an effort to erradicate fake facts, we [the staff] are running around town to confirm that the Siren nugget (of a fact) is worth it’s weight in quids… right now, Fenster the copy editor and The Walrus are searching for Semolina Pilchard, they’ve just climbed down from the Eiffel Tower where an Elementary Penguin told’em that the Brit Five–O was heading towards Saint-Germain-des-Pres to have some soup with a bunch of Wino Kurwas at La Soupe Populaire… or something like that.

TimeStamp… A jumpin’ jive TimeShift update with Diana Krall at 16h20:

Go as You are… It turns out that “the one and only,” Dead Paul’s replacement, Mr. Billy Shears, who BTW, was on his way to Pigalle to visit the Fool on the Hill at Chez Amelie  casi esquina con Montmartre,  confirmed that yes, John buried Paul and The Beatles called it quits on a day like today. Siren fact checks out… no Fake News here, none whatsoever. Carry on!

… in the mean time, The Texas Tornados are hitting the Left Bank waves…

TimeStamp: 11h30 in CET just before La Cumbia made a cross talk interference à La rue de Mabillon, la gente adentro del “Crous” no me van a dejar mentir que en Nanterre los del equipo “CRS” bailaron al son de la macana con los estudiantes que en este restaurante vienen a comer.

— we now shift to the other frequency on the streams

Raids, government waste, and thank god for Syria to make us forget about that Porn Star affair, eh?… it’s no wonder Cousin Joe looks today as if he mixed Moonshine and Rhum on a half empty Pabst Blue (Collar) Ribbon beer can… context continues to develop: is the dream over, yet? Walrus is asking, Cousin Joe, the Walrus and The Egg-men want to know.

The good thing about this station…

… lo bueno d’esta estación es de que mi Amiga Pera, de vez en cuando se acomoda a un lado de mí…

LADIES IN GEMENI, STEP RIGHT IN—STEP RIGHT IN and as Groucho Marx —probably Would— had intonated Lennon:

… a splendid time is guaranteed for All!

Just punch the automated purple nose on the clown ABOVE to get your Ticket!


Act one under this Three Ring Circus will bring:

The Frogs are Going To Invent « LA REVOLUTION » Because they know that YOUR QUEEN IS A LIZARD!!!

… and here’s to You! With a warm cup cake delivered by Joaquin Phoenix, ‘cause you know that Joltin Joe has gone away.

And this, is what [Le Staff] is motherfucking talking about,  so Let us take this Jacques Dutronc oportunity to remind you that a DICTATORIAL REPRESSION was brewing at the Dawn of the 1968 Olympics… in México, entonces pues, Sirena, “Apriétame, Apriétame Más”… ¡a ver cuándo te bajas a Avandaro, eh!

screengrab follows right now The Staff just came in each of our Singular Pants… “aaaaaahhhhh, ALL RIGHT, all right—LEFT!

Royalty leading The EMPIRES. •—_¡_—•  No Human Being Is Illegal In This Place Called EARTH… Sincerely, [the staff].


You, Me, and The Fifth Beatle…

If you’re gonna do Wrong Buddy, do Wrong—Right!
The Devil Makes Three
… right back at Ya’ Santa Cruz!

Fuck the Age of Aquarius and the Orange hair monkey president that the 2016 U.S. General Election delivered to the World…

The LasT SkeptiX… Fuck you, and the Age that You rode in… and of Course Ewe know that i [armando segovia] can say this because I Am A motherfucking ACUARIO… from the Age of Piscis, ¡Viva El Anibal!

Can’t we all just get along, said The Lizard King… TimeStamp 21h50 on the Easy Rider (Hendrix) Time in Siren Central Time.

So… Cousin Joe, it was A Hard’s Day Night, eh?

One Whiskey One Scotch… one Pabst Blue (COLLAR) Ribbon, eh! — Looking rough there, Private Joe, you do no justice to Mika à ton Côte d’Azur, eh!

TimeStamp: 22h in CET

“I like Cereal”… dj Yoda and Biz Markie!

Ladies in Gemeni… con ustedes, un pedacito de “Three Souls in My Mind”:

Tell me what Ewe, see? — Eye see where John buried a Blackbird

Samedi, 17 mars 2018

“Christ, you know it ain’t easy”...

“Christ, you know it ain’t easy”…

Interesting night—last night as we [the staff] went on the prowl for “Les Jupes de FIP”, an epic cris-cross around the 4th district in an attempt to reach the Sirens ensued… anygüey, long promenade short we ended up at “the” Historical Library of the City of Paris, instead of “the” Paris City Hall’s Library, and, necessary to mention, as opposed to the worn out “needles to say”, the Historical Biblithèque es uno d’esos lugares insolitos en la ciudad… The staff was fortunate enough to arrive for the second part of a Senegalese Kora player +1… the kora handler’s name is Lamine Cissokho; we [the staff] are on the hunt for the name of the +1… stay tuned for details; we are still trying to decipher the brochure official 3rd edition  of “the” Paris Music Festival on the 105.1 en frecuencia bien modulada.

So that’s where the Blackbird eternal nest is at! eh. }—-~~~\*> Foto y diseño por armando segovia / segoviaspixes… Keep on CopyingLefting on the Creative Commons trip.

Blackbird sources follow, gotta find the Walrus first…

Coming up: La Pausa de los Dos Minutos

Earlier today CET:

If there was ever, a fair use of media, el cuadro de arriba lo es.

If there was ever a fair use of media, el cuadro de arriba lo es.

Y  bueno,  pasó lo que tenía que pasar:  Elizabeth  Warren  se sube al carro de Hillary Clinton… ‘amo a ver cómo se pone la cosa para Sanders…

Up Next:
Weekend After-hours With Chris Hayes.

If you see an extra set of eyes [creeping up] it's just the Brian Epstein era Paul.

If you see an extra set of eyes [creeping up] make nothing of it,  it’s just the Brian Epstein era Paul. You know, the one that looks just like Buddy Holly… and “Grizzly Adams did have a beard,” according to IMdB.   |  Uso justo de  los Vivos   de los Vevo’s… y de los medios por youtube también.

… and if you are in Oklahoma: it’s time to go to jail, “according” to the Arianna crowd.

… and now:

Weekend Edition:
Viernes, 10 de junio 2016
La semana que Phillipe labró:
El guante de Ali.
La oferta para Les Immobiliers en Le Parisien
Una sobre los impuestos, en La Edition Seine-Saint Denis

Knock-out Goals and how to profit on the Parisian Real Estate Market. | Foto capturada por armando segovia enfrente de un McDo en el ayuntamiento de Seine-Saint-Denis… CopyLeft (2016).

Watch out now!!! Knock-out Goals and how to profit on the Parisian Real Estate Market. | Foto capturada por armando segovia enfrente de un McDo en el ayuntamiento de Seine-Saint-Denis… CopyLeft (2016).

TimeStamp: 1300 [time-now]
Note to the Syndicated Crowd: this space is not down with either OPP or TPP [let alone Donald Trump’s PPP], but we are down with Stevie Wonder covers of Gershwin Prize Popular Song Winners as opening acts to The Jonas Brothers.

Note to self: It’s a good thing no one at MSNBC monitors this rag…
Any… güey’s, this entry is running a parallel edition with yesterday’s symphony.
Follow this rope.

[Rope follows]

Let me roll it
let me roll
 [toke] it to you

Lo mejor de poder ocupar un espacio [en un país] donde el sufragio evoluciona con cada vuelta electoral es quizá la oportunidad de poder coger el sistema que a cada quien mejor le convenga —y de volverlo a hacer, como el amor— con la siguiente revolución electoral.

Dicho eso:
No porque te guste Mamunia tienes que ser Mamonia

Elizabeth Warren tiene todo el derecho de ser la carga-antorcha en contra del dueño de la torre Trump… but you can’t go against the Big Banks and then support the path for an economic partnership that is filled with clauses which benefit —efectivamente, Corazónthe mother-funking TPP. [Where’s my music?]

Uso justo de Joe Scarborogh

Uso justo de Joe Scarborogh.

… Stick around, the DIY section will review the latest in lightbulb technologies.

It’s all the rage at Rue de HSBC, and expat’s from ‘el chuco” are calling it “the frankie’.

[image follows]


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