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Well... you've heard of Brown Shugga

Well… you’ve heard of Brown Shugga (Negrita). It’s not one of those —Dan Gamit! .:. 557F91A5-85DA-44B9-8E26-F93405C8D09E 🎰 Azzzzzzúcar Glass follows.

“Poisoned minds!”
“Burrrrrrrner Phones”


Publicidad: Dear, Brian Williams, inconspicuous Airline Industry advertorials are no way to conduct The 11th Hour.

and a “bar with no alcohol” with “hot breads from Chino”… why that is no curriculum for success; not at The White House anygüey, Mr. BriWi, not at The White House.

De cualquier manera, doña Vilma, ¿quién se lo iba a imaginar, quién iba a pensar que Elvis Presley y su “Esposito” serían invocados por John Donald The First?

The emperor's new tie.

The emperor’s new tie. .:. DE2E7270-F4F8-48BB-826F-B07A73BAF3BB ✈️ “Esos vuelos en Coach, ni NIXON los hacía”, dijo el Busto de Don Beno*.

pos’ yo creo que ni–sik’iera Paul McCartney cuando a el ‘guapo’ aún no le daba por andar jugando “chicken” con los taxis de Londres.

Meanwhile in Nantucket, Joe, Mika, and the “Help!” just landed from their re-creation get-away extravaganza trip where the MorJo show re-enacted The Ballad of John and Yoko. Joe, a big fan of the “John”, thought that it would be peachy to head over to ROMA instead of the Amsterdam Hilton. Hilarity ensues when the gang get’s turned away at The Italian Customs Point of Entry.

El Heraldo Piensa Joven

El Heraldo Piensa Joven .:. C1E85E4A-415A-4A14-8B1B-EAB5544E4D7C ✈️💺 Lo bueno es de que el señor Mayordomo de Chapultepec [él] no lee, —Inglés. De ser mentira, don Andrés sabría que IR A La Casa De Trump y no tocar el tema de L o s I n D O c u Menta Dos is like reading: Taxation Without RePresEntation.

Deer, Eddie S. Gloude, Jr., please stand-by for coverage, the producers [by–the–güey] would like to disclose that the Network apologizes for doing it, —yet— again and having to postpone and/or shorten the segment for Jimmy on every show. Furthermore, the Kimmel’s-es-esos wish to disclose that the events portrayed in the following segment in no way resemble the “chamaqueadas” of the Kimmel Network towards Lindus Caldwell at the “wrap” of every Kimmel Show.

Remesas — Impuestos sin representación

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