The Testing Roulette — on Deadline, with Dr. Lippy Roy

Full Disclaimer:
Eye is no doctor, but he did sleep with one at a Holiday Inn. With that in mind, this is, Adventures in Paraphrasing.

Testing is a diagnostic tool (🌡) not a preventive recourse (💉💊🧼) to treat COVID-19, with D.A.T. in mind…

A Closer Look

A Closer Look .:. 28D07618-1F5E-4FC5-AE00-63CEB388F4A3 ⚒🛠🔨🛠⚒🔧⚒🛠⛏⚒🛠🔎

if, you are the leader of an organization that employs and/or contract at least one person in addition to your immediate family members and…

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal

Re encuentros Cinematográficos Viva Gael García Bernal en la casa de Cuarón en Montmartre 🎥 27D4D8E0-14E5-4DAD-9780-6D2261E022BA 📽 Never mind the financial times, John Mill Ackerman, because you know that on the VERY DAY that you started your 2014 Fall/Spring 2015 semester at the Higher Learning Institute of Latin American Studies at Saint Germain-des-Prés and SciencesPo, Mister Jean-Luc Berjon was complementing your classrooms with doña Barbara Carol de Obeso’s volunteers for her Mexican Foreign Service film outreach in France.

Caveat emptor: the source is a paywall… https ://www .ft .com /content /ae1f61d8-d421-4b70-97a1-891a5e9d34b1

if, you are depending on the most recent Coronavirus test as a strategy for next week’s work week, then…

you might be playing Russian Roulette with your payroll.

“I put a bullet in the Chamber, six-to-one I’m gonna Make It, one-in-six I’m gonna die.”

The VE–Day After… it’s the 11h in CET

The Chaos Doctrine

Beyond Klein’sShock Doctrine” .::. F1CE40F9-3A1F-49D5-8419-CA71CDF985D6 🎞 SILENZIO… 🎥 Action!!!

Alármala de tos…

Framing of the news travels faster than a supersonic bird in the sky, especially on an election year threatening to split the results in a three-güey race (punto y coma) case in point and not to be outdone by Axios TV’s,  Alexi Mccamond, a “Business Insider” with ties to the “Underground Railroad” took the viewer all in with a very bold, and very bronze classic frame D.A.T. is heavy enough to say to the soccer moms*: “Look At Me! I am woman, hear my claim.”

https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /news /politics /onpolitics /2019/05/22 /harriet-tubman-20-bill-delayed-2028-mnuchin-says /3769291002/

Where is my TWENTY?

Where is my TWENTY? .::. 0FE20456-CD5F-4B50-9FFC-798BD17ED7D6 💸 If you think that the 2028 postponement of the Harriet Tubman note was an “unintended” consequence of the 2016 General Election, watch out for the third equine in the democratic race because along with the Reverend Al Sharpton’s Donkey a little pony waited until AFTER the dust settled to show his true colors…

* The Karen demographics.

Uno, dos, tres,…

“I’m Orvis Goodnight, record producer… I spent $3.5 million for that stucco castle over there and I don’t get the same (police) protection that Dave Whiteman gets”

Twenty Minutes:

Little Richard, CRÉATEUR DU ROCK’N’ROLL, est mort à 87 ans

Botellita de Jerez,
en la voz de
Barack H. Obama

Deer, rédacteur–en-chef à Rennes…

Corrigez-nous si Öüï, —the staff of this most non-consequential blog— estamos en un ERROR, but whatever killed BARBARA was a French inspired thing and/or feeling… are we wrong?

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Hoy no hubo Jazz

… et TOI, Siren, do you feel like listening to a Crying Song, or are you just happy to see me wear Pink on the Dark Side of The Moon?

FYI Radio France, your Real Time song listings are not working in REAL TIME, in order to find out what “jinggle” played before “the current track”, Önë has to refresh the player. Now then, because Öüï know that them Sirens don’t read us, this entry therefore Wont Mean A Thing, because if the Blessed in their Hearts French don’t “bestow you with Swing” then it’s nothing more than una pinche MANUELA. Ask a Mexican.

And Siren, nevermind the Keys, öüï know The Combo.

“Live and let die”… but first, “Flores y Tamales” para Teeny Tiny Cat

… ISSY, Barbara, sí—la photo est bonne— Corazón.

TimeStamp: diez para las Cinco; diez para las Cinco es una manera más, pero mucho más optimista de leer el reloj que restándole minutos al futuro; o como dicen los franceses dix moins cinq.

Not just yet , Apostle Paul—Not just yet, “if it’s Sunday”: It is still Weekend Edition and there’s still a bucket-load of activities listed on Ms. Dior’s dressage and on the award ceremony in honor of Teenie Tiny Cat for properly standing his post until properly being relieved.