The Misfits — I Turn Into A Martian

Meanwhile en CATALUNYA, Manuel Valls shoots his COOL~ARROWS:


Number ONE, Cul Héros: What has undermined the left in recent years?

Manuel Valls: “The laziness“… pinches SIN DIENTES! – a lo mejor diría su antíguo patrón.

La Saeta, de J.M. Serrat inspired by the Ponce Pilatus Barcelona Fútbol Chambers in Évry, France.


Now before Eye gets to the Month of May and the scrolls that would shift from the berrinche ensangrentado del Año de México en Francia, que según la Profe. Christine Brookes, nunca fue, and over to the long and winding roadthat leads to the Occitan gardens de “Tu mamá también” en Cannes, no less, Öüï has to touch base with a Mexican State that exists only in the outer limits of El Puerto de Guaymas and Sammy Hagar’s joint in B.C.S.

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Pg. 33
Paul in the sky without diamonds… via Lac Tica and La Jornada universitaria Michigan Daily in 1966³.


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“And some even go on and say, that morena has all of the MAR_kings of a cult”

PEDRO from Baja California Sur.

March 25th, 2012³

³~. Context follows, suffice to say, 4 days earlier, a cyber-security contractor for the then governor of the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, was in town. He was my guest, turned out his then girlfriend was a campaign officer for morena in Chihuahua. How fitting, that the first of a STRING of Judas Iscariots on this passion, just took his life jumping off from a BRIDGE 🌉🧱🧱🧱🌉.

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