“I wish I knew what I know now…” — What a difference a Day Makes, part III

… It’s a very Special Weekend Edition, ISSY, we [the staff] promise Ewe’all that Ayotzinapa para Espontaneos follows, right now, Cougars and Narcos are on the–powers–that-be agenda.

French Cougar nEws… “Just One Fix”… please be adviced that this is a Time–Delayed “screen grab” from the Military and Defense “BusinessInsider” web page. Right Now, in C.E.T. it’s 02h33. and in Ciudad Juárez, the weekend promises at least 30 killings before AMLO’s arrival to La Avenida de Las Américas, casi esquina con La Jilotepec y “El Puente al Revés”.

We thinks that they, those same powers–that–be, knew where to look for the French Cougar fuckers from the get–go.

Anyguey, Marianne, right now on the Freq Hop the Sirens are telling me that “You have to Change Your Evil Ways”… Baby! May i have this dance?

TimeStamp: 01h33

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