🎶 Don’t rock the jukebox… i wanna hear some Jones

How ´bout it, Leslie, do you two-step? Or, we could Square Dance, but don’t complain when it’s Mr. Bezos turn to spin your towering caboose, considered yourself warned and don’t say that Öüï didn’t warn you about Tennessee.

“Now this is what i want y’all to Do, for Mí »:

IDENTIFY THE BULLSHIT in El País, de México, ok?

Narcos don’t use hunting rifles, narcos, mi Reina, use machine guns capable of downing the fuck out of Helicopters, and i won’t mention nomenclatures NOR the nations who built this flying fortresses, for now 🚁 696F6929-BAFB-4F3C-BABC-A1BD74CAFAAC .:. In other words Rachel Maddow, let Mí explain to Leslie Jones that trivializing commentary, without (how one might say it, how one might say it?) without, digging below the surface to SEE and EXAMINE each layer of the story in question, would be like becoming a superstar entertainer in today’s media platforms without having any idea of what came before said entertainer got (how does one say it, how does one say it?) a passport for “Riding The Gravy Train”, or without figuring out who Floyd was, —you Crazy diamond (quote). ANYHOW, Matteo, i was explaining to you how i first heard of the expression “cuero de rana”… and boy! Was i ignorant thinking thatcuero de ranaapplied only to SEMOLINA PILCHARD cousin’s: a SARDINA’s battle dress garments, which became all the rage in “secundarias y prepas” de México*. The irony is that the “fayuquero” who crossed those uniforms (mostly the pants part of the uniform) had to pay for these at U.S. Army surplus stores with U.S. Dollars, which in Mexico are also synonymous WITT: cueros de rana

https ://elpais .com /mexico /2020-12-23 /mexico-busca-que-estados-unidos-extradite-a-traficantes-de-armas .html

So don’t you go shooting the messenger, or Öüï, for that carbon-based matter if you are caught up with the Ancient Aliens Legendary Magazine editor latest episode about “the watchers”.

Now, Ms. Reiser, you may frame the following statement next to your The NYT crossword puzzle, and boy! That is one sexy Stevie Nicks on your tic-toc favorites… i see what you did there Lord Griffin, —you devil you.

Still to come El Museo de los américanos con acento

… [E]ye is looking at you Number 23, pick it up, pick it up, Michael, pump your Jordans a little MOORE, you look like a VIRGIN (quinto) with that $5 million donation next to Oprah’s $21 million dunk. C’mon, Michael, you lost more when you played Baseball.

And Avi Velshi, please relay to Mr. KenDice that he can’t handle “the” cowbell.

_+_+_+_+_+_+ _________________

Knock, knock…

And Marianne Faithful goes:
— WHO’s there?

Adventures in Transliteration : vi ola, viola, y —Voila!

Deer, Ari Melber, this one is dedicated to Cassandra.

Pretérito perfecto

Pretérito perfecto .::. D7E7837A-D437-4907-BEBD-6866E90C5C53 ⛓ or… SIMPLE PAST: YO VI, Tú vistes, Él vio, Ella vio, Ellos vieron, Ellas vieron, Ustedes vieron, Nosotros vimos… ISSY hasta VOSOTROS/VOSOTRAS visteis

Previously on, “If I was a Nigga”

If Eye was a nigga

If Eye was a nigga .::. DCE2C113-6D80-4488-B599-014DE56C021C 🥇 Eye would go to Mexico City in 1968 y VIOLARÍA los protocolos de la comisión… Viola! Which is a sort of violin, a fiddle of sorts to go with the tragedy. ViOlA on the other hand could be an acronym for Voice Of America (il)  with a little “i” and little “l” a REFERENCE TO: him.


VIOLÀ pour vous:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/05/23 /inolvidable-chaneca-2875.html

Los Ojos de doña Vilma…. una pena que los oídos de esta otra doña no frecuentara al ahora extinto, “Bobar”, igual, a lo mejor habría que contar con una puta boleta del CONACyT o de los fabulosos Amigos de México en Francia; and for those who do not read this most non–consequential blog, you’ll remember that Eye told you (last week) that öüï are going to Cook on Three burners. 

Moving on, según las fuentes de doña Vilma:

París ya no es un fiesta“…

Paris es un Spectacle Culte,
o algo así.


... [y]o tenía Seis perritos

Previously, on “The Greatest Story Never Told”, … [y]o tenía SeiS perritos.

… [Y] de paso don Jacques B., the rest of the story will be told desde la conectividad y la vitrina de un McDo en Montparnasse.

Violà! va de nuez y hasta para La Victoria de Fréquence Paris Plurielle habrá, —para llevar—, con todo y Spéculos®️… y culeras (why not) para sus café–es–eses.


Issy, ese tipo de historias no se pueden escribir a menos de que las apruebe el CoNaCyT, y en recientes días, por la poderosa firma del mismísimo Paco Taibo Junior; en La Casa de don Alain Rouquier, en SOLFERINO.

Y ni modo que “el” ahora efímero BoBar, en La Mutualité del Cardenal Limones, no le vayan a dar la razón a Zlatan, quién en su momento, a lo mejor también se “echó una miada”, —Allí.

Boletín de último minuto:

Las ruteras ecológicas de la RATP ya no marchan por la calle de las tres puertas del barrio latino… Mecano tendrá que escribir, producir, y diseminar otro corrido para Babylon; dis tyme for the Saint–Germain des Press jazz fest, a razón de que ese joven–festival  perió su “des–Press”.

if you’re going to cut the name of “el sexto”, why not go big time and call the musical affair like so:

The Saint–Germain-de-FRANCE jazz festival. Key word D.A.R.E. “de France”, and not “de Paris”… unless the same assholes who drove the IMMO prices up, are also sponsorin’ la tocada, in which case, more power to Ewe.


Anygüey, stop shooting the motherfucking messangers and maybe, just maybe, TIME Magazine wouldn’t have to send their assets to your Grandes Escuela para sonar La Puta Sirena.

Issy, en Technicolor y hasta en exclusiva por BFM TV:
Dear, the water pot on top of the burner is about to boil and the frog (
submerged) remains the same.