Last month to They: exit through the Registry*


Hola, if you are reading this and you are one of the artists that i, armando segovia, have spoken to in the previous month of MARCH, please make a mental note to remind yourself that the VLF³ screen grab from EL HERALDO de México [vía El Monoaureo] is not about you, it is however, about a developing concept that i personally learned in grade school, and it goes a little something like this:

Yeah, Buddy!

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/04/01 /el-interes/

Monkey see, monkey do.

³ Very Low Frequency

* https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Bridal _registry

Previously on “cuero de rana”… no confundas a las ranas con los sapos.

Indeed, Thomas Liard, indeed, Eye couldn’t agree more with the WaWa Bearer on Nº 2385 of last Friday’s edition of your CNEWS matin.

Anyhow, CANAL Plus Brand Solutions, thank you for referencing 2 of my musings on your “Bon a savoir² and “C’est arrive¹” sections in the same Friday on Nº 2584 edition of MY favorite PILLOW filling^, ISSY, i also feel sorry for Ronaldo’s hairstyle on Les Clés du Jour of 2002… Eye blames the fucking “nain de jardin” on that page for Ronaldo’s coiffure misadventures.


https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/03/24 /isabel-allende-tatiana-clouthier-and-agnes-callamard-walk-into-a-bar/

La TNT est lancée en France (2005).
¹https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/03/29

^ I’m telling you Mr. Jean-Christophe Thierry, it’s a damn shame that your Direct matines don’t get the credit that they deserve for the pillow stuffing that they can become (punto y coma) there’s technique and know-how to properly paper fill any given bag with your CNEWS matines, but once you get the hang of it there’s really nothing to it.

Senator Sanders, this is an inter•mission

Dear, Mr. Sanders, please stand-by while Chuck, zaca la Rocha… [W]hile that happens, please be aware that in local Known News, Gael García Bernal brings me, Armando Segovia /Armando Serrano Prieto, back to square one, or 360° with the already established context of this picture (*) below ⬇️

Señor Gael García Bernal, meet International Super Spymaster Avi Velshi, because, señor García, The Velshi has a point, and I am going to break IT!, down to the neo-Zapatistas living la Vida en Rosa ➿ 5B03F977-5B5C-4CE8-8055-B391AF72152A 🔊 VOTE VELSHI before TUESDAY’s Gone in HILO HAWAII!!!

with your recent effort to sand-down (no pun intended) Capitalism for the consumers that created yet another generation of multi-billionaires. Spoiler Alert, you are fighting MONGO from Blazing Saddles (sponsored by Vania®️) the wrong way.

* De las Lunas, Diego, the ones from the month of October are these:

2010 -2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2020, 2020–202?

478F4E62-F865-401A-94C6-5EB020A080F0… Ahora cuéntame una de Flamenco’s Alley à Buzneval (M-9)

So chew on that, mi querido Padre Amargo, while i do the Rounds with The Failed DUNE files.

And George Harrison tells Brontis Jodorowski:

—He’s given Mí, Wa-Wah.

Brontis responds:

— But of course, he HASS, silly Wabbit, HE’s the Water Bearer that follows a G.O.A.T. on L.S.D., D.A.T.’s what HE Do!

—_φ 不 φ_— Breaking El Tres de Enero —_φ ㄓφ_—

With that in mind, Senator Sanders, across La Mancha, the Rosbifs are mixin’–and–matching CORONAshots with their Beefeathers… Ahhhhh!!! The nerve on them dogs, Lindsey Reiser, and you are Knot there to report on IT!, Lindsey.

https ://www .irishtimes .com /news /world /uk /uk-allows-for-mix-and-match-covid-19-vaccines-in-rare-circumstances-1.4449014? mode=amp

And Lindsey, Eye does Knot want to hear a “well, no one told Mí, about her” because off-course you know what this means, eh?

Off-course you do, Senator Sanders, this is how Canucks got mutated into the mix. Eye warns that if the Queen’s health ministry continues to be so doGDamn cavalier the world is going to see another batch of Australians, and you can Forget about new Kiwis for Easter with this new RAVE mix.

“How can you have any [Kiwis] if you’re going to Mix’em‽”


El Comandante Pink,
O.N.C.A. Special Services

Witt moore on D.A.T., Senator Sanders, Melissa Villaseñor’s evil cousin “the SotoMajor” from the SotoMajors of the Marianne Clan reports from the thorny side of the Senate.

Over on the Tennessee scene, the long-lost illegitimate grand-son of Nakatomi Tower failed base jumper Hans Gruber just had a “Sheer Heart Attack” after the Coffin showed a Clip of how the Brave Melissa extracted Dolly Parton from the FOX PLAZA Nashville (Hours) before The Big Christmas Boom Blast.


Sanding-down Capitalism with Sanders: https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021 /01 /02 /politica /imposible-domesticar-el-capitalismo-hay-que-darle-fin-ezln/

Cueros de rana $ 931 Billion stronger: https ://eu .usatoday .com /story /money /2020 /12 /01 /american-billionaires-that-got-richer-during-covid /43205617/

🎶 Don’t rock the jukebox… i wanna hear some Jones

How ´bout it, Leslie, do you two-step? Or, we could Square Dance, but don’t complain when it’s Mr. Bezos turn to spin your towering caboose, considered yourself warned and don’t say that Öüï didn’t warn you about Tennessee.

“Now this is what i want y’all to Do, for Mí »:

IDENTIFY THE BULLSHIT in El País, de México, ok?

Narcos don’t use hunting rifles, narcos, mi Reina, use machine guns capable of downing the fuck out of Helicopters, and i won’t mention nomenclatures NOR the nations who built this flying fortresses, for now 🚁 696F6929-BAFB-4F3C-BABC-A1BD74CAFAAC .:. In other words Rachel Maddow, let Mí explain to Leslie Jones that trivializing commentary, without (how one might say it, how one might say it?) without, digging below the surface to SEE and EXAMINE each layer of the story in question, would be like becoming a superstar entertainer in today’s media platforms without having any idea of what came before said entertainer got (how does one say it, how does one say it?) a passport for “Riding The Gravy Train”, or without figuring out who Floyd was, —you Crazy diamond (quote). ANYHOW, Matteo, i was explaining to you how i first heard of the expression “cuero de rana”… and boy! Was i ignorant thinking thatcuero de ranaapplied only to SEMOLINA PILCHARD cousin’s: a SARDINA’s battle dress garments, which became all the rage in “secundarias y prepas” de México*. The irony is that the “fayuquero” who crossed those uniforms (mostly the pants part of the uniform) had to pay for these at U.S. Army surplus stores with U.S. Dollars, which in Mexico are also synonymous WITT: cueros de rana

https ://elpais .com /mexico /2020-12-23 /mexico-busca-que-estados-unidos-extradite-a-traficantes-de-armas .html

So don’t you go shooting the messenger, or Öüï, for that carbon-based matter if you are caught up with the Ancient Aliens Legendary Magazine editor latest episode about “the watchers”.

Now, Ms. Reiser, you may frame the following statement next to your The NYT crossword puzzle, and boy! That is one sexy Stevie Nicks on your tic-toc favorites… i see what you did there Lord Griffin, —you devil you.

Still to come El Museo de los américanos con acento

… [E]ye is looking at you Number 23, pick it up, pick it up, Michael, pump your Jordans a little MOORE, you look like a VIRGIN (quinto) with that $5 million donation next to Oprah’s $21 million dunk. C’mon, Michael, you lost more when you played Baseball.

And Avi Velshi, please relay to Mr. KenDice that he can’t handle “the” cowbell.

_+_+_+_+_+_+ _________________

Knock, knock…

And Marianne Faithful goes:
— WHO’s there?