Over at the SCHOOL of RATS, Marco Antonio Solís told y’all about it

Eye don’t see Kurt Anderson like a cartoon, Eye sees that motherfucker like an ALEBRIJE en el Concejo de Seguridad Nacional de la ONU.

TimeStamp: 15h35
The very best of kiss (1974)

Note to Elise Jordan, nevermind Kurt Anderson and his feature presentation promo for “Dueling Banjos”, his trip through West Virginia is like Miguel Bose visiting “PUEBLO BLANCO”. And Kurt, if you need a reference on SERRAT ask Robert Costa at the Washington Post, he is the one that likes to quote lines out of a bottle, or something like that.

https ://gen .medium .com /doing-our-bit-to-avoid-a-civil-war– 2b971261b781

https ://lasillarota .com /nacion /juan-ramon-de-la-fuente-recibe-a-alebrije-en-la-plaza-de-la-onu-en-nueva-york /578741

Bola de ratas

Previoulsy on, “Sam Stein y tu mamá también », el ‘Buki Mayor³‘ was telling you about how in 1983, when Ronald Reagan was using latin America like a fucking CRACK laboratory:

Previously on Lo que Rungis se llevó : Olivier Benkemoun receives a letter from Sgt. Pepper. And over on Page Eight, “Do you want it darker?” —_!_— Imagine that, not to be outdone by la efeméride de hoy “Something” about how Buffon and Lamark where some sort of kind ah—BEATLE archeologists. Oliver Benkemoun jumps on the « Eye, Mí, Mine » bandwagon. In the screengrab of today’s CNEWS matinéé Mr. Benkemoun is seen BREAKING A GLASS.

http ://www .clg-pompidou-orgerus .ac-versailles .fr /spip .php?article 1845

³ Usted no lo va a creer
Pero hay escuelas de perros
Que les dan educación


Elise Jordan on The Morning Joe payroll can’t be for certain if THE DOGS give out the education to Le Grand Palais élus/élues/éluiels or viceversa.

And Elise, this is why EYE told you pay attention at the CASINO on “The Ozark Shores“, but worry knot, you second-hand store advertising guru… I, armando segovia / armando serrano prieto has the perfect KETCH-up in print form from an ANDY WARHOL joint (a fucking gallery),

Published on the occasion of the research project and group EXHIBITION:
Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography 
May 2016 — May 2017


25  Screening
61   Controlling
103  Scanning
147  Tagging
179  Exposing

218  Disguised Faces, Illuminated Suspects, and the Great Spectacle of Surveillance
226  Photography and the Administration of Data
244  The Machinic Sendorium
250  Living Up To The Surveillance Algorithm
258  The Changing Gaze:


276  Exposure Without Intelligibility:

On Some of The Requirements of Addressing Surveillance as a Visual Practice

282  Viewing Ecologies

All Rights Reserved
© 2016 The artists
Bpi N°: 3 7504  10133999  0

The Hangar section of the planks, is right before THE GIFT SHOP’s entrance, the Bleu arrow points to the Five minutes of French history in the grand scheme of that biplane.

* In real-time happening right now in Paris, Real PERFORMANCE ART of ITALIAN TELENOVELAS outside of the Pinault-Collection in front of Au Pied du Cochon starting at 03h in CET…
ASK SALMA HAYEK TO SHOW You the surveillance feed from earlier this morning, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, IHESS dramatic art center.

Synopsis of Last Night’s Italian Telenovela

La Hache en aitch es muda.

and Elise, as the DAVID ALLEN COE fan club secretary that you used to be, before securing a spot on the Morjo Show in Floribama, you know that Öüï don’t think that the rain over BIDONVILLE is, as Marco Antonio sings, and Eye Quotes: “so sad,” it’s rather, —just as OPUS sings:

https ://www .francebleu .fr /emissions /fresh-pop-saison-2 /opus-live-life

And Kier Simmons, visit our Twitter crutch to KETCHup with INTERPOL news, USTED NO LO VA A CREER, but The Mexican Institute of SOUND and ELECTIONS² at the School of RATS at the Versailles CAMPUS of Le Grand Palais is in charge of the SELECTION for the NEXT INTERNATIONAL COP, a position that is almost, ALMOST EYE TELLS EWE!!! As the position of PREFECT of THE PREFECTURE de PERFECTOS PREFECTOS de POLICIA en PARIS but only in the sense of being the Most Informed Cop on the phase of Staten Island.

Note to readers, THE SCHOOL of RATS at LE GRAND PALAIS is a clear infringement on EL PULPO PAUL’S FIFA World Cup predictions at the PMU.

².~ https ://lasillarota .com /nacion /juan-ramon-de-la-fuente-recibe-a-alebrije-en-la-plaza-de-la-onu-en-nueva-york /578741

And Cousin Joe, those voters who wanted a smoother ride with the 46th President of Potus Land need to review the REAGAN years; those 16 years are the follow-up of WHY I HATE THE SIXTIES: MIAMI VICE.

Eight days a week—Javier Duarte anda en ESPAñA

TimeStamp: las 18 horas “En Algún Lugar del Mundo
Segmento musical de media tarde le corresponde a:

Los Hijos del Pueblo
… y la Negra Flor de Toña.

Adios Guayabera Mia — ACTO III
y los CIEN Años DEL Pato Encabronado!!!

¿A ver, a ver Javier recuérdame cómo estuvo aquello de "la coperacha involuntaria" de los libros de texto gratuito? | Uso justo del Año De Mexico en el Grand Palais de PARíS. Arriba el Con-Oculta.

¿A ver, a ver Javier recuérdame cómo estuvo aquello de “la coperacha involuntaria” de los libros de texto gratuito? | Uso justo del Año De Mexico en el Grand Palais de PARíS. Arriba el Con-Oculta.

TimeStamp: 1100 1200 1300 1600 hrs. CET
—Right now, there’s still No word [yet]
on whether or not –Sean Penn– is in
Venezuelan time, o si el actor se encuentra en algún Castillo?
—Today i found out -from the BBC- that
The Beatles became “Most Excellent” in 1965.

♪♪♪ “…and I’m Glad to Be An American
where at least i know i’m
Heck“, “What a Heck!”

This is not an NBC commercial, advertorial —and definitely not— a teaser. | Uso justo de la BBC; and political affairs. | Screen-Grabs are for educational purposes… just ask Mr. Qonde.

This is not an NBC commercial, a peacock advertorial —and definitely not— a Corporate-and_or-State_Media-teaser. | Uso justo de la BBC; and of political affairs. | Screen-Grabs are for educational purposes… just ask Mr. Qonde. || TimeStamp: the 18:00 hour; Sacramento, California —Time— 10/26/2016… en París, ahorita son las 3 de la madrugada del 27 de octubre —2016.

Dear, Luis Burgdorfston:
Right Now… i am “shell shocked“.
TEXAS can spend 65 million [USD]
on a High School stadium
and CALIFORNIA has the Fiscal Responsibility
to give legal amnesty to Bankers;
and then Demand and Collect
enlistment bonuses back from war veterans.

♪ “i had a brother at Khe Sahn
…They’re still there, He’s all gone.”


Los Bukis con BanjoDeliverance al Estilo Michoacán… Issy, tenemos de muy buenas fuentes [desde Yale… en los Ivy-Leagues] de que los primeros que caen en una guerra [sean estas entre naciones; o en contra de “sus” ciudadanos] siempre son los más económicamente JoDiDos, sin importar el color de la piel —menos el de los ojos…

0845 hours CET
Earlier, the BBC was re-running the TimeStamps
on the Mosul offensive.

[  Screen-appropriations  for educational purposes follow  ]

Good Morning Hoy es el 26 de octubre —2016
…and in the USA, today is Trumpet Tabernacle Awareness week:
Utah —of all cults— is up for grabs.

Blacks for Trump is not a HOAX!!! It's a Cult.

Blacks for Trump is not a HOAX!!! It’s a Cult. The motivation behind that casino-owner’s effort is apocalyptic rhetoric at it’s its worst… Next on the History Channel is a re-run of Ancient Aliens….”Is it possible?”

Hoy en El Camerino arrancamos
con la NOVEDAD de que un Gobernador
[Ahora —el Hijo de la Chingada de VERACRUZ]
se FUGÓ de México luego de que se supó
[Solamente las ELITES no lo sabían]
de que aparte de ASESINO, El Hijo de su chingada Madre
también es un Ladrón Acomodado.
¡Arriba El PRI y la Casa de América Latina en Paris!!! Yuppi!

Las ultimas noticas en la Bola de Cristal del staff
son de que JAVIER DUARTE anda en ESPAñA…
La Novedad es de que los fiscales Madrileños
van a tener UNA VEZ más la OPORTUNIDAD
de Rendirle tributo al OSO de su Blasón.
Mission Accomplished” News to follow.

En Las Filipinas, Duterte anda aprendiendo Japones, y en La República Bolivariana de Venezuela el señor Presidente regreso más Maduro de su visita al VATICANO, —otro culto que con Cenizas, se quiere actualizar.