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Monday, 18 de septiembre del 2023:

Eye’m PopEye the sailor,  man;  and Eye’m an Antichrist 🇬🇧

The 🧷 Safety 🧷 Pins 🧷


For the benefit of King Rey Charles III.

Painted Black 🖤.


Famous Veteran: George Carlin… happy 76th Birthday U.S. Air Force, —you fags! https://www.military.com/veteran-jobs

“BULLSHIT, Cornhole!”
Air Marshall George Carlin

Here’s the CATCH from ROME:

Notre volonté, c’est d’accueillir ceux qui doivent l’être, les persécutés politiques. But we absolutely must send home those who have nothing to do in Europe³.

Gérald Darmanin, Ministro del Interior en Europe 1Cnews, earlier To They, Monday, September 18th

Chips… she used to be called COLETTE.


Note to Mika Brezesinski… Mika, you don’t look a They over 40. Just sayin’. For a Polish vampire going-on her Third century youse looking Absolutely Fabulous, Dhag’ling.

In local news, French President, Emmanual Macron will not be bothering with the U.N. and it’s their silly little General Assembly summit, instead, Mister Macron will instead be kissing the ass of an irrelevant king, not sure if Camilla played a motivation on the president’s… como se dice, como se dice? Geriatric love for pomp and circoncision.

¶ 4, page 181:

Oh, boy!


Peut-être y retrouverai-je Liêm, frêle vietnamien, récemment rencontré dans une supérette du côté de la rue du Louvre. Les nouvelles sont ternes. Il n’a pas bougé de l’hébergement social dans le quartier. Mine du vaincu, un peu comme toujours déprimé, Liêm ne rêve plus d’un retour à une vie ordinaire, un boulot, un logement individuel, une famille, il fait aller en poussant les jours les uns après les autres. Liêm est un bouliste passionné, je ne l’ai jamais vu aussi heureux que lorsqu’il organise, au nom de la Bagagerie, dans l’ancien jardin des Halles, les concours de pétanque. J’espère le retrouver souriant, le jour où j’irai errer du côté des boulistes.

Marie-Ange Schiltz
WFA (whoof’Ah) — W/OFA (güo’FA)

On the menu, estofado 🍲 de Socle y Olive’s 🫒 Oil en su tinta con chile 🌶️ capeado al estilo Beaugrenelle con Citroën Squeeze.

Previously on, The unity of the Abbé d’Aubignac’s time of Homer’s place and the culture of the action on the Streets in Seventeenth-Century Paris*.

Page 79…
FRANCE 1632, reports reach Paris that Ursuline nuns were being possessed by demons in Loudun. Richelieu sent JEAN MARTIN, baron de Laubardemont, to oversee the trials that lead to the 1634 buning of

Page 80…
[P]riest Urbain Grandier for witchcraft. In 1637, Richelieu’s niece Marie Madeleine de Vignero, the dutches of Augillon, decamped from Paris to observe the spectacle of the possession for herself, She brought d’Aubignac along and commissioned from him a short manuscript report on the possessions… YADA, YADA, YADA, La NONNE Tú was re-hashed in REEL TIME.

Is Horror Back? ‘The Nun II’ and ‘A Haunting in Venice’ Exorcise the Box Office

*~.The Journal of the History of Ideas,
Volume 84, Number 1 (January 2023)

… submitted for your approval, you are entering the Bagagerie through Dr. Johanna’s fire exit door, and if the hook-up bracket of the fire extinguisher🧯on the first floor is any indication that something “fishy” went on last night after La Bagagerie was closed, just know that Le Socle may wrap up Pandora’s Box in with the tarp, but the love-flow is visible with a purple 💎 light and oh-boy 💜… please stand-by for a “shamanistic intervention” on-the-go.

¹~. Over on channel YOUNG, it’s bright Women:

Word of the They for 09/18/2023:
eggcorn, it’s like a word salad when you sing the misheard lyrics to Purple Haze, Medival Woman, or the Miami Sound Machina, “Dr. Fish”. Up next is the Talking Chimeras and their number Won Hit, “Psycho Thriller”.

https ://www .dictionary .com /e /word-of-the-day /eggcorn -2023-09-18/

Charm guarantees a visa in FRANCE, which is why the preferred method for securing, first the visa, then social security and finally the keys to you very own studio (or apartment if you are not a radio D.J.) is to book a European Vacation, the n° One Trick (and this is 180° from a Catch-22) is to arrive through Barajas in Spain, or from Fiumicino in Rome; spend a week or two in either of the two capitals and then make your way to Paris. The rest is up to the Associations that are in place since 1901 in France for you.

En revanche, as the French like to say; being a bona fidēs cantankerous observer of modern culture, such as the late FIELD MARSHALL George Carlin, well then that will only get you a locker room without a door and if you are a good-boy (or girl) two meal cards for the Restos de Marianne.

Not that I would ever repeat this experience again, ever, but IF I HAD KNOWN that I could have come to mister DARMANIN’s EUROPE as a mala fidēs charming boot-licking, eyes wide-shut and, willing ‘colabo’, and have access to all of the pussy that is willing to fuck, well then that would have been a different trip, but I am a journalist (string reporter) and if mister Interior Minister thinks that “CRITICAL Contestataire THINKING” is anti-French Republic, well then send me on another trip. I can go dark, and 180° on a bona fidē “talents et compétences” promise. 

Las cadenas de don Canard… say it ain’t so Perrine

Más claro que el edificio en Technicolor®️… The Edges of “Y tu Mamá Tambien”. [É] videmment “Aux 3 Présidents”, qui est situé au rez-de-chaussée du groupe Altice, just around THE CORNER of an already mentioned rue called JEANNIN–Elaine–GARREAU.

Note to ALL non-readers of Page 17 of 20minutes (dot) fr/ In Hilo, Hawaii (punto y coma) the NEWS broke at the end of Thursday's edition of The MorJo Show. Long story short, MIKA BRZEZINSKI ACCEPTED AN invitation to grace the CHAMP de MARS in none other month THAN that of “EL GENERAL PORFIRIO DÍAZ” [September] in order to host la llamada “Global Citoyennes” awards... or something like that. César on page one WAN was not ammused.

… PAGE 4, The Hospital Cadre and the Sultans of Media at the so-called “corridor of Information”, courtesy of N° 5234 and 5235 of « Le Canard Enchaîné », printed on March 10, 2021, for none to read! WITT that in mind: DePeche Vous! Because previous to one of the most hypocritical after-hour feasts in the annals of “do as I say, KNOT WHAT Eye Do”, an angry French Duck (bet you thought the Hexagone was frog Exclusive, eh!) triangulated the HYPOTENUSE between the BFM’er TV Studio and Teeny Tiny CAT’s litter box.

But FO’ist, a message from Melle. Pitch(er): the following is a plug for our continuing smoking section, ADVENTURES IN TRANSLITERATION featuring a meal among FALSE FRIENDS y unos cuantos CALCOS.

En descontexto contextualizado:

🎵🎵🎵 Doctor, doctor—Gimme the News! .:. [number and coded tag goes here] .:. Now you might recall that our brief early morning visits to the BFR’ers crew came to a screeching halt for reasons that cannot be explained right now (punto y coma) but eventually i will, for now just remember that previous to our hasty exit from the TV Room at El Patron’s House, the BFM’ers (god bless their Mercedes) featured an investigative report on “Speakeasy” joints for the elitist class, and Mika, if by the time September arrives the pandemic is only applicable to those without the Covid-19 vaccine just hook-up with the good doctor at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital for a list of “Michelin rated underground dives” for the “Beautiful Ones”.

Una “restauration” francesa is Knot, i repeat, is not a FIX for una “bamboche – à la MODE” (punto y coma) ISSY, Willie Geist, i know that that dumb blind Alabama country host is going to pander-in with his Flori-Bama Spanglish and arrive to the SODEXO ran Resto “A View To A Kill”, on the way up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, dressed in his creased Amish overals thinking that the Global Citizens show is about the “restauración” de Paris, (following the Commune commemoration)…

Note to Willie Geist: ‘member now Mr. Geist, “garçon means boy”, pass that on to Hunie Bunny… The Queen B.rzezinsk.i

Note to Evry body: in Paris it's Friday but in Hilo, Hawaii Thursday is just welcoming in the Prime Time awards.

Right now… It’s a lovely They!!!!!!!’ ‘member Siren, Mars is also Sait Joseph’s Day, indeed, can’t do nothing about it (punto y coma) it is written in pierre, Mrs. Stone.

Hors–Série — Breaking el intermedio entre las news

TimeStamp: 21h00 in Central NATO Time

Paris, France _ AS3nEwes. Tens of millions of domestic species marched in different cities around The Globe to protest against unwanted groping and fondle.

Boston, Massachusetts__ Mean while over at The Boston Globe, the Mighty–Mighty Bostonnes learned an important lesson about wraslin’ with PIGS. John Cena, on the WWF is about to learn the same lesson when he oil wrestles for the Saudi Despot du Jour.

The global march was sparked following the revelation of an Instagram®️ account of what appears to be an MK—Ultra bleached blonde groping different pot–bellied pigs. On one of the posted videos, the female can be heard bragging that she is “about to make a gif” and immediately gropes and lifts a piglet by the belly with one hand. On the frame, a room that is set up to look like a “kitchen” can be seen in Plain Sight, even with Eyes Wide  Shut.

… naturally, Willie would not approve.

Gidget, the lesbian bitch who cemented her fame via the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” commercials, and her long time squeeze, Tea Cup (Paris Hilton’s glamourous Chihuahua breed) joined in on the manifestation to show support for the #KEEPYOURHANDSOFMYBELLY and #LEAVEMYPOTALONE.


Dear, Mike Barnicle: please stop fucking Anne Finucane.

Artificial Red meets The Spaghetti Incident
Central Siren Den.

September 1st, 2018
FAUX* Labor Day Weekend in the U.S. of A.
America’s fake workers day celebration

*The real Labor Day
is on May the 1st…
just ask Chicago.

Dear, Mike... may we [the staff] call you Mike? Of course we can!

Anygüey, Mike, here’s an urgent request:

Please STOP, —we repeat— PLEASE stop fucking your wife, the vice–Chairperson of BANK OF AMERICA, Anne Finucane.

Mrs. Finucane, dear Mike, can go fuck herself and in the company of all of the sitting members of Bank of America.

Here’s the thing, Barnicle, you sir cannot go on the Morjo Show and rant about the Treasonous Asshole–in–Chief, Donald J. Trump, for making life a living nightmare for foreigners (documented or not) in the land of Bruce Springsteen and Bobby McGee, and then share the Executive Outhouse with a decision maker like YOUR WIFE, who might we [the staff] add that out of a financial institution like Bank of America is conveniently confiscating —or freezing— money from non–U.S. citizens… NOW that, Barnicle, that’s a very NAZI gesture of her and the rest of the board.

We [the staff] wonder if those foreign frozen assets that Bank of America seized are also barred from generating COMPOUND INTEREST for the institution that your wife co–chairs, —because if the banking institution that pays the bills in your household is also BANKING on the confiscated money of their customers, then that is a pretty shitty thing to bank on… don’t ya Think?

On the rebound, and just for shits & giggles, please tell Mika Brezezinski that she cannot be outraged about Harvey Weinstein without calling out her employer NBC for being assholes with the guy who dropped the dime on Winestein in the first place.

🎵🎵🎵 Oh, Say — can EWE SEE?… }-—-\*> En show business, diría don Jesús Reyes Heroles: MK ULTRA and “the” L’Oréal files, —are background.

Sin más, mr. Barnicle,
Do say hello to Willie Gueist and the rest of the gang.

[the staff]

Bottom-feeding sources for the msnbc’s and all of the Daily Beasts in between.

  1. Haymarket and May Day in ChiCago:
  2. Gacy Bunch Disinformation

    TimeStamp: 15 o’Three in CET

  3. Mad Season on an Echo Chamber

Ginger vS. Blondie; ROUND Three

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to punditttttt.

As promised last Friday, Rockefeller/Peacock Productions, brings you the long awaited argument on the Democratic Party debacle on the Sen. Stewart Little grab-ass affair.

Wait for it; wait…

Meanwhile on the stands, as we [the staff] get ready to see two pundits go at it, a fight breaks out:

Context on this one, continues to develop…

Espíritu Arrasador y sus fuentes

Fodongeando La Noticia, con Cousin Joe y Ondina “Mika” Brezezinski  •—_—• The new norm in the way that sports journalists are going to be predicting who the next World Series Champions are, is going to be by using the Brad Pitt’s algorithm movie method. It’s as boring as an old fashion waiting room with no Playboy issues available, and it also kills the wonder right out of the park just like e-cigarettes kill the toxic mystic right out of a cigarette, but since multi-flavor vapor seems to Curb “Cancer’s” Enthusiasm and, after seeing the Astros take the pennant, then boring has definetly got an edge over big tobacco and algorithms over  the old way in which, Willie Guist buys peanuts and Cracker Jacks® . •—_—•.

Virginia has become the first rough-Draft of  Trump’s impeachment, “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”, but there’s still some rolling hills to cross over; in the mean time,  let’s take a pause and head over to Brazile… La Xica mais linda.

Political pundits, however, are still fixed on using the esoteric AnAgRam in all of the wrong fucking ways to try and predict the next political leaders. Take for instance a recent Commentary made by the elements “digging” over at the control room of Studio A3, at the mines of “the” msnbc’s, during the Oct. 27th edition of the MoreJo show:
Hey, you guys! Jack just crunched the Lt. Governor’s name and it’s just two-letters away from being a perfect match to that Commentary Magazine guy.
>> Is that a fact, Alex? Or are you just trying to get out of extra duty for coming in to work without shaving?
Of course not, Ma’am. I swear by this autographed KC DC “laser-rock” t-shirt that the hex is legit.
(Cousin Joe, analyzes the internal-mic conversation between the Gnomes and the Gold hair Undine to his right, and he goes for the Swing).
Hey, Noah! Alex and the rest of the fella’s over at the control room just informed us that Ralph Northam is ‘only’ 2 letters away from being a perfect AnAgRam for Noah Rothman, but of Course they need to “Curb Their Enthusiasm” because “it’s all Fake News”, because the Sylph that’s double-timing thru the Jupiter quadrant, he just got wind that not only are those fucking Gnomes Full of Shit, they should know by the missing letters N + O, that if you subtract the Noah Rotham from Ralph Northam, the remaining three letters add up to Republicans Lose Priority… at least in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sources follow…in the mean time:


Blue colored cuff of a White Collar Capitol cop… 
 “Let’s Play Hardball“. Earlier during this Robert F. Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, book advertising review, we [the staff] relayed to all of the good people that don’t bother knocking on this portal, that the tale of Mr. Matthews begins to unfold as soon as the potential reader sets his or her eyes on the “Dust Jacket”, or —DJ— for short. •—_—• We [the staff] have also already commented on the elements of the Front Cover, and… “an interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum,” midway between La Rue d’Oculus and La rue de l’Arc de Ciel, we [the staff] stumbled upon the limitations of what Konstantine, the author of the template that asegovia3 chose to use way-back-when, as an aspiring reporter, fired up this rather non-consequential blog. It turns out that for a long-winded entry such as this advertisement book review, that we [the staff] found ourselves struggling with “PUBLISH,” which is what Konstantine chose as a name for this theme (or template), the issue boils down to a frozen screen every time that our graphics capture team tries to load an image at the very bottom of long pentry; that is why you, as a reader that never visits this blog, gets those annoying part i, part ii, part iii, etcétera… anygüey, Colonel Matthews, il dorso context of the “DJ” of your take on  the, once upon a time young and galant hero of The New Camelot clan, follows below, and then we “promaïs” to insert the sources, after that… even if we have to PUBLISH a part iv on this theme about your in-house advertisement book promotional tour, Mr. Matthews.

It’s Spirits Day today… y mañana Día de los Muertos

1 de noviembre, 2017

El Espectro… foto de archivo. Originally published on Oct. 31st, 2015 under the headlîe: Tigerlilly y la ley anti-Armando. —_~ Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand

Did you know that it was the French… who invented “El Pan de Muerto” and the “Day of The Dead” [1]. And that it was the British who perfected that celebration by “shaking it” with Craig, —Daniel Craig.

Hold that thought, Colonel Matthews… because when we return: Let’s Play Hardball!… but first, “with all due respect” it’s time for Breaking The News. —_—.  John Heilemann, a long-time sticker fanatic of an urban colective who call themselves “The Wu-Tang Clan,” suffered a heart attack late Friday night (last week) after learning that his ‘wingman’ Mark Halperin, let Mika and Cousin Joe down… Hold That Thought, we’ll be right back with let’s play hardball with Colonel Chris Matthews…. GOOOOOO, DODGERS!

The good thing about this nonconsequential blog is that los Espíritus nunca vienen a visitar este espectro protocolario de los Interwebs.


Motivation vs. Hate… [3]
Let’s play hardball
with Col. Chris Matthews

Legacy politics and opposing viewpoints: an American Original Story.  •—_—•  Hey there, Cousin Joe, please relay to Colonel Matthews that the next segment is nothing personal, as a matter of fact, there was a time that we,[the staff] would leave the Internet Streaming Machine on during his show. Our favorite part of his schtick would of course be the opening line, the fast interrogation style that he uses when addressing his guests, and the final thought. I will never forget that time during the first presidential debate of 2016, when he said: it’s too late, they are already in—they have stormed the castle!… or something like that, if i had access to Mr. Peacock’s archives, that would be the first “talking meme” that i would upload on this unconsecuential blog… ANYGÜEY, Cousin Joe, the Carmen Aristegui segment regarding a Salvatore “Mooney” “Sam” “Capo de Tutti” Giancana files with RFK, —follows.

1968… to put the following analysis into context let me first tell you, Colonel Matthews, how i feel about the loss of Robert F. Kennedy by a guy with a redundant name like say, José José, Polo Polo,  Django Django, or Los Dug Dug (all of ’em artistic names) except for the one that made of the Bonaventure’s kitchen a landmark name: Sirhan Sirhan.

Anygüey, Colonel Matthews, i shead a tear; and i wasn’t even born yet! Just like that time that i shead another tear —a few weeks later on October the 2nd, three months later (give or take) after “Bobby” Kennedy’s hit… and again, Colonel Matthews, i wasn’t even born yet but still, i shead a tear.

MINUTO 3, con 54 SEGUNDOS: “El interés de matar a Fidel, contra el odio de Robert F. Kennedy hacía la mafia…” palabras más o palabras menos, Cousin Joe, RFK, might have been in your own words, “a though Son of a Bitch”, but in his dealings with the mob to get rid of Castro, he was a bit of hypocritical bitch too! Don’t you think? Think about it, Cousin Joe, a historical parallel to that Machiavellian recourse of the means in an equation is the same algorithm that gave US the Taliban and ISIS… intel on that last statement follows.


Coincidentemente, cuentán los que llorarón aquél día allí, de que uno de los primeros McDonald’s que abrieron sus puertas en Francia fue precisamente en frente del sitio de Cluny… La próxima vez que divisemos a doña Vilma confirmaremmos esa Fuente … Por mientras sólo hay que apuntar de que así, pues, son los sincretismos culturales, o mismo los “Clunilnarios“.

1. “En Cluny tenía que ser“. Dato sobre los orígenes del Dia de Los Muertos llega por cortesía del Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Historia; VÍA /r/mexico.  http://www.inah.gob.mx/es/boletines/1485-origenes-profundamente-catolicos-y-no-prehispanicos-la-fiesta-de-dia-de-muertos-2

Las tres etapas… foto de archivo originalmente publicada el 1 de noviembre del 2015, en “Efeméride Actualizada”. —_—. Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand. Foto capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2015 (CreativeCommons Intl. Lic. 4.0 /By/NC/SA).

2. …

3. Aristegui, C.Esto revelán los archivos de JFK sobre políticos mexicanos“. Entrevista con Raymundo Riva Palacio; 27/10/2017. Vía: youtube; https ://youtube .com /watch?v=jZ9t92jGdPk


Narco de narcos

http ://excelsior .com .mx /nacional /2017 /10/31/1198216

Just–In–Time coincidental tangent

…Context follows. TimeStamp: the Bottom of the First on the Cousin Joe morning show… In French that means that it is 11h00 CET.

Tras las huellas de Diderot* 4ª entrada

9 de octubre de 1967
La Higuera en Valle Grande
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Bolivia, (sin código postal).

Captura cortesía de Canal plus… en France. Context for Lorne Michaels at SNL  follows, in the mean time: let Pete do his Sketch! And oh-by-the way: nice touch with last Saturday’s opener, “I won’t back down“, which Cousin Joe could might perhaps maybe agree to argue that the song is nothing more than saying: “Hasta La Victoria Siemprepero en Inglés.

los higos bolivianos por eso son amargos

regresamos… TimeStamp: 1100h CET

I came to Paris to write

Dear, Cousin Joe, might you have sent that dang’on iphone to Bolivia? Please do remember that they are not into the whole “zip code” theme, so go ahead and resend that gadget to the 75001 country code. We [the staff] have a feeling that we are going to stay here at least until the start of “the” Guadalupe season. Cheers to Mika, good for cancelling with the “W” company. Besos!

ISSY, with-all-due-respect and with regards to a particular set of shipping containers with a “REVOLUTIONARY” theme for the Nuit Blanche —at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris… fue algo así como con las tortillas recién volteadas por una banda transportadora de procesos, o mismo, para que los Sciences Politas en Saint-Germain-des-Prés se puedan dar una idea: un carrousel de maletas cuya cinta o banda, “es arrastrada por la fricción de dos tambores y un motor” [2], así precisamente se distribuyeron los folletos con la lista de actividades artísticas para la 17ª entrega de la Noche Blanca… en París, IMAGINE, that.

Advertising segment

Echonex, now available in six different vaporizer aromas. Echonex is the leading CONFIRMATION BIAS disorder relief supplement approved by the FDA. If you find yourself in the middle of an intelligent fact-based (A ⇔ B) conversation and suddenly one of the facts from the other party veers away from your political comfort zone, don’t panic, just take a long drag from any of the 6 flavors of Echonex, available of course at Walmart® or at your local favorite mega pharmacy.  Although classified as a “supplement”, Echonex still requires a prescription. Talk to your doctor if the only two choices for President of The United States was either Hillary or Donald… Echonex is not for everyone; if you fit the profile of say a Donna Brazile, or a Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or even a “grown-ass” Chachi from Happy Days (Scott Baio) perhaps your best bet is to try an Orthodox style exorcism… Available at any Russian consulate.  —!-  Image capture is from the October 6th 2017 edition on Real Time with Bill (fucken) Maher… Bill is going to have to take next week off because he suffered two-each CONFIRMATION BIAS attacks; one was for being set straight by Mika Brzezinski’s momentary lapse of sexual misjudgment, comedian Russell Brand [3] while the second CONFIRMATION BIAS ATTACK was due because of the bombshell news relase about that Hollywood mogul guy (Harvey Weinstein) who for over a decade donated millions of dollars to politicians and Super PAC’s in the Washington Beltway.  —_—.  For additional information on CONFIRMATION BIAS attacks please do a BING search for New York Times op-ed columnist Peter Wehner’s rendition: Seeing Trump Through a GLASS ONION Glass Darkly… It must be read in a Mika Brzezinski voice.

ISSY… CHE, allí estaban ahora si en todo su esplendor como una serie de aparadores en cualquier centro comercial, “los motifs” de algunas —no todas— las Revoluciones políticas del Siglo 20… Allí te tenían tendido con los Ojos Abiertamente Sin Vida, en un contenedor… al fin hartistas (la “hache” es muda).

Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes a la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Y’asta-parece hecho de adrede, o con la mala intención de joder porque —¡mis huevos!— si resultase una coincidencia el hecho de que LA BANDA SONORA de los fragmentos de la proyección del Comandante Ernesto Guevara estuvieran con el más mínimo de volumen (o sea mis queridos CHTO’s rusos: en la calle Bolivia casi esquina con Insurgentes eso se traduciría a que “el discurso” MUY A GÜEVO SE PODÍA ESCUCHAR y la melodía de Silvio para el Che, se ahogó entre un mar de conversaciones.

Photo-Clip Teaser… Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes a la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Sin embargo queridos CHTO’s rusos, su “expo” fue todo un éxito, eso no se los puede nadie quitar de su Currículo Vitæ; y qué bueno que fue expo, porque sin ofender a el lado laico de la exposición: En Todo Estarán Menos En La Misa de Masas… yo les busqué por casí dos horas y a ninguno de ustedes marchantitos, pude encontrar… igual, “camaradas”, andaban con Los Zapatistas de París inaugurando el ciclo de cine mexicano con Films d’Altérité… o algo así.

… TimeStamp 2300h CET

Las fuentes procesadas:

Context follows, as soon as we find Denis Diderot… in the mean time, context was just flipped on Mika’s work-in-progress: Know Your Value. —!~ Uso justo de Cousin Joe, on “the” msnbc’s —y’all… Happy Birthday, John.

<<Être Mis À L’Index>>

El CHE“… Y su memoria se aparece por  cortesía de “las llaves del día” en uno de los medios de “difusión” de Canal Plus en Francia… AUSSI… A ne pas manquer sur CNEWS Matin.fr // SEGÚN UN REPORTE, un soldado de cada TRES no desearía re alistarse dentro del ejercito francés; la razón, “L’Esprit des Corps” está por los “rez-de-chaussées”, o como decía un viejo francófilo de Banderilla, Veracruz, El-Nivel-de-Vida para ese o esa militar Está-Por-Los-Pavimentos… por no decir: por los Suelos. Page 4: http ://kiosque .cnewsmatin .fr /Kiosque .aspx?edition =NEP&date =2017100


Fair use of all the Schmidttys, in Real Time, and on “the” msnbc’s… Few people know this, except of course Billy Crystal, but all jokes aside, Steve Schmidt, along with our favorite covert national affairs spy reporter Olivia Nuzzi and former Congressman Harold Ford, are part of a very exclusive Beltway club known only as the three horsemen of the Apocalypse. Source: Billy Crystal on Real Time.

3. Maher, W., “Real Time with Bill Maher; Season 15, episode #15.30, Oct/06/2017; via: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt7090430/?ref_=m_ttep_ep_ep30

The Army Song as background for a General Strike

Paris, France #87mars… on arrête tout.
26 de mayo, de 2016
No news for todayplease refer to Yesterday’s news bulletin about the most recent inductees to National Order de la  Légion d’Honnour [if you want].

… if only Prof. Melissa Harris-Perry would have started a Union [on MSNBC] she would have not been 'dropped' from Formation. | Uso Justo de la AFP y MSN [without the NBC part]… Context follows [if you want… all you've gotta'do is ASK].

if only Prof. Melissa Harris-Perry would have started a Union [on MSNBC] perhaps she would have not been ‘dropped’ from Formation. | Uso Justo de la AFP y MSN [without the NBC part]… Context follows [if you want… all you’ve gotta’do is ASK]. || TimeStamp:  0900h [time now]. ||| Via: http ://www .msn .com /fr-fr /actualite /france /aucun-quotidien-national-jeudi-les-%C3%A9diteurs-se-sentent-pris-en-otages /ar-BBtuc73?li=BBoJDO5

Here’s some sauce from your not too long-ago: Russell Brand makes fun of a little man wearing a green tie. It’s Thursday in Paris and that means it is also time to hit the streets. The staff from this rag—will be right back.

Y lo que son las cosas de la carretera

[TimeStamp: 11h CET, time now]… context follows about my encounter with this weekend’s 20 liter [roughly 5.5 gallons] fuel restrictions on the A-11. It kind of reminded me of the USAEUR’s ration card that as a regular joe, while stationed in Mannheim Germany I got accustomed to. That was back in the early 90’s. Nirvana had just announced that Heavy Metal Music, was going to be a thing of the past. “Here we are now, Entertain us.”

PSA* | National decree captured from a pump on a Total gas station on the A11 autoroute to Le Mans. ||Foto por Armando Segovia. CreativeCommons —CopyLeft.

PSA* | National decree captured from a pump while purchasing gas at a Total gas station on the A11 autoroute —to Le Mans; Sunday drive, May 22, 2016 . ||Foto por Armando Segovia. CreativeCommons —CopyLeft.

[TimeStamp on Mika’s stopwatch 12h CET]… tornados follow.

* PSA = Public Service Announcement.