Is it possible, that Roch de Montpellier was a cross-dressing judge?

Previously on, “If youse out of Schlitz, y’er Schiltz out of luck », it’s just another adaptation track. So without further a’Do, here are the Phacts, Phat Basterd’:

This Machina divides Sex in Twelve Parts, or something like that…

Exhibitionist One. Now, la Xica at FIP . fr is knot going to believe just How High is the Sky, on good weed indeed, — Chi-Chi… but that’s only because somewhere beyond the SEE, Ewe sí? Ay’ ain’t never going back to the ocean, much less the deep.


J’ai toujours détesté Saint-Roch avec sa toge relevée au-dessus de son bubon.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip /carte-blanche-a-la-chica

Note to Schiltz… Fenster The Copy Writer got a close-up look at that fucking cyst and, oh boy! Check it out.


Page 182, ¶ 3 in Schiltz, « Quotidien, sans domicile fixe (SDF), avec domicile fixe ADF).

In local news, Netanyahu’s IDF are pulling a nº 6 in Gaza, that’s a Roman nº VI and not a Standard Rockridge “ol’ Number 6”, which is where the West Bank Racist Settlers rape the cattle, twice.

It’s from the Alésia playbook, but in a fucking ghetto, and isn’t that, ironic. Imagine, that.

Any how, Baby-Roo Alexander, Eye don’t know about those glam-portraits at France Musique, I mean, Emmanuelle Lacaze, where does one even find Phat sports coats in France, Évry one is so mince, like Marjo and of course, my love Natalie Piolé, not to be confused with Titi, because that’s just a canary in an open-door bird cage.


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