Somewhere over the Rainbow… En Chihuahua

Warning ⚠️ Slippery 🩸 When 🩸 Wet 🩸…
Musiques des films qu’il faut avoir vu avant après 14 ans, in Allegretto en Las Alturas, Municipio de Cerocahui en La Sierra Tarahumara.

Trou 🕳️ story, ask Musicopolice… the only france musique disc jock who can play rock and roll:


For the record ⏺️
Víctor Quintana Silveyra (2013–2014 IHEAL / morena-francias godfather, —literally, not philosophical, despite his PhD*) once asked of his Sorbonne Annex students what all of the information that they (Masters-level courses, o algo así) compiled from social media was for? What good, the professor asked, was scrolling and scrolling through the internet in the end?

Cat Soup… Get it?


If the good Profe could see U.S. now, and if Eye could recreate that sticky early-evening class setting, Öüï would tell him that all that scrolling is the Harmony in la pianola, après Le MIDI®️

Full disclosure:
… at the time, I only scrolled the interwebs for porn, on CSPN, of course, and occasionally on the Buzzfeed.

Living on a prayer now with Mariachis and Low Riders, verda’ d’Dios Que Sí. A Huevo Que Sí³.

³~. A huevo que sí 🇲🇽 = 🇫🇷 bien Sur 

Behold! Yo soy del mero Chihuahua y Yo Quiero Taco Bell.

Sources close to Las Dunas de Samalayuca y El Rancho “Los Dos Cachorros” relay that over at Taco Bell Central (The Great Sovereign State of Chihuahua en Las Galaxias) the body count for the month of June just topped 60 souls, and in the following section, our Brad Pitt puerto riqueño, FENSTER the Copy Editor, will figure out just how many GRAMS, collectively they weight.

Ladies in Gímenez… JESUSITA en Chihuahua no es JESUITA, and she fucking hates YODA!

Mientras tanto, allá en la Diocèses de Molière, Colbert was breaking the rules of The Temple. Trou 🕳️ to form, Colbert sent his sicarios to pound on the doors. May God help us all and bay bee 🐝 Jesús keep U.S. on his baby 🐥 prayers.

Living on a prayer and Taco Bell.
🎶🎸 We’ll Give It A Shot!

Correlate: Intermedio + Anchor Song

Frequency hop.
This is a time–delayed apunte.
Las tres de la madrugada
Location: Montreuil, vía Azincourt.

Henry the Fift and Nº3.
22 hundred hours
por el Nº2.
Navidad 2018.

Fift Spoke (Shifty Henry) and N°3 (as himself) are a pair of jail birds. They make a break for it after Fift Spoke notices that the warden was preoccupied with “sad sack”, a blue–balled square who’d been weeping all night at The Cell. Hilarity ensues when the Super Star ain’t even 24 hours of age [on this Universe and the Next] Ladies in Gemeni, and the Seasons Greetings (Christmas Tree) float like jetsam por arriba de “les paves “.

Apunte para los editores:
The following is made possible by Muebles Troncoso®️, and it must be read in the voice of Chabelo™️.

Nº 4 is a square until 20 comes around.

Shifty Henry, never outgrew the thrill of Christmas day, and so when he got word that the warden was putting together a band for a Christmas party, his pedals knew that it would soon be time make a break for the Pas at Calais.

… le decía una muda ciega a un sordo mudo: ‘pos si Valentín cantaba sin acentos, por qué yo no he—de ‘Scribir.

Shifty Henry and “las hijas de La Chica del Coro” used to cross every Christmas Day into France to play “war” with Charles and the Quickly Misstresses–es–es of Orleans, a Roller Derby gang of feminas who answered only to SaraH–thoustra who, as a leader, was usually a nice cunt so long as no one mentioned the “charolastras”, a two–bit gang who_in_this —D R A F T— play_the_role of a_rival_gang from R_O_M_A who rode around in “avalanchas”. The charolastras wore a patch on their backs that depicted a Mowgli bust… if Mowgli was an Apache Indian, and not the Indian that Columbus was tryng to reach [in A_N_O_T_H_E_R   u-n-i-v-e-r-s-e] from la retaguardia.

[SaraH–thoustra mugshot goes smacked right below these brackets]

wait for it, wait… in the meantime enjoy the musical break sin acentos.

Ladies in Gemini:
Valentin Elizalde
… y los arboles.

“Submitted for Ewer Approval” — American bad asses

Staff Photo at the « tianquiztli » de Poésie á Saint Sulpice (75006) follows… wait for it, Wait!

In the mean time, PENELOPE, here’s a prospect for the project that we [the staff] will be announcing for our “short” Shortly, eh! Con el permiso de Javier, we think that he is perfect for the Role.

Fenster the copy–editor.

… while, You, Penelope, think about it—we [the staff] switch it over to Steph, whose trying to take over the “purple pundit” role, and Private—what’s his name— qué nos van a traer los pormenores desde Des Moines, Iowa.

Say there, Private “what’s your face”, have Ewe seen the little piggies at the International Porky Pig Fair?

In Calexico, it’s 08:45 in PST.

… pero aquí en París ya son las 18 con uno y lo que sigue es una Tangente Interesante colgada de las anécdotas de MARCUS MILLER y su trayectoria con MILES DAVIS, and it revolves around that time that he (Miller) was told: come on over, and get your lesson… or something like that.

Sin animo de ofender…
esa oportunidad que Marcus Miller recibió no nos fue [al Staff] posible de recibir, NI DE PEDO, pinche BROZO!!! Ni-De-Pedo, porque para nuestra buena suerte el encargado (o uno de los putos –encargados– del escritorio “de los paises que hablan Español en La « bendita » Agence France Presse resultó ser el conyugue de una de las activistas “lideadas” en la llamada protesta mexicana en París, por nuestro “AMIGO” Pablo Gleason; contraproducente resultó también –por si faltará menos– de que dicha familia compartía edificio –eran vecinos, pues– de nuestro espion neo Zapatista: Mr. Gleason… Viva México—Vive La France!!! 

… dear, Brontis á La Prefecture, because we [the Staff] have another dance with Marianne, the following snapshot is dedicated [from the bottom of SEGOVIASPIXES heart] to EWE’All at the 6émé dépôt.

Anygüey, Brontis; before we [the staff] submit for Ewer approval that most unfortunate snapshot, we [the staff] insist that said photograph is posted Sin animo de ofender…

Right now, however… we are going to take a break and a bottle of some kind of Alcohol, so wait for it, Wait…

Dr. Gonzo, in the role of Fenster “the copy editor“:
As your attorney, I advise you to take a hit out of the little brown bottle in my shaving kit… [before you post that most unfortnate snapshot] you won’t need much, just a tiny taste.

TimeStamp: The Saxophones and, Mysteries Revealed.