And, Eddie Gloude Junior… Bob WouldWard is Knot what Ewe think {it is}

Ladies in Gemini and viewers on CNN… earlier in the transmission, Jonathan Lemire, quoted a “Why Are Ewe Up” to from his predecessor, MARS MOM, which is fine and dandy, but non-reader beware, Jonathan Lemire showed no proof that “The Mighty Kase” filed a tweet.

Ladies in Gemini, Mika’s big feral pussy, JaCaRaNda.

Anyhow, y’all HO’id about Wynnona’s Big Brown Beaver… it’s not one of those… {MIAU}

Oh, the humanity {hosting Alebrijes} at 30 ROCK. And Willie Geist, the World according to El Mundo de Le Monde might have missed the barricade installation on the very spot where the Coca Caca Camión was spotted {pardon the redundancía} lollygaging around with the Lizzard and El WaPo’s Bobs on Mika’s Desk, but knot Mí, knot Mí, —Ewe son of a bitch!

And, Willie Geist, “[D]on’t believe anything that {SAM STEIN} reads… you get a parking violation and yada, yada, yada,…” because his Tú y’Ear Old works for Mark “facebook” Zuckerberg.

Anyhow, EdGJ… “the horrors” of them vapors on the MorJo Show… gonna take a nap now, catch at the end of the Morning Mika Show. But FO’ist… Kurtis Sliwa, TEXAS hid my son so that I would PAY CHILD SUPPORT!!! It’s called CHILD ALIENATION and it is the biggest money maker for activist judges in TEXAS, that fucken hypocrite STATE, called PARIS³, —EWE’ Know.

³._ Tejas.

Dear, *Jon {without the aitch} tan Lemire… all X-wives are dog {lover} s. You silly Puss!

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Mercredi (Jackson) Octo {pussy} 27, MMXXI
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