But speaking of a weekly Sunday Bloody Sunday

From The Hill, and for some, perhaps a sentimental  journey home.

What would Tony Bennet do?

“…[W]hat we need in this country is a foreign policy that not  only protects Israel but deals with the suffering of the Palestinian people as well.”

Sen. Bernie sanders
responding to the Las Vegas, Nevada
Israeli lobby, or AIPAC
American Israeli
(P)yada, (A)yada, (C)yada!

Meanwhile, al otro lado del Grande (allá) no pasa nada.


Dear, Kasie Hunt

Dear, Kasie Hunt .:. 11BBE953-24DD-419E-B17E-B85DC60ECB3F 🕵🏻‍♀️ Please relay to the Morning Mika crew, if Bernie’s response is acceptable to the Establishment at Studio 3A and 8A of the Rainbow Room at 30 Rockeffeller Plaza? Or, and it is a Big or, if Cousin Joe is down for surgically dropping Drone Bombs on fútbol playing kids with a love for Messi and Ronaldo on the wrong side of Bibi Netanyahu’s “strip”? Aussi, Sheldon is the Enemy, not the indians* of Abraham, eh! Que quede Claro, Eugene Roberts, que–quede–Claro.

Sheldon Adelson…
probably not part of this Tribe:

Larry David is a suspect

Larry David is a suspect .:. A18E64A0-8067-429E-9B64-70277E72E3E5 🇮🇱  And, “this sounds positively Solomonic until you read,” the ‘Dirt on Tech’ just below Victoria and her Solitude Hearts Club Band. 

TimeStamp 02h46 in CET / 20h44 w/two minute delay in South Bend, Indiana, times, former mayor Peter Buttigeig (él) CEDE el paso en su carril de la carrera por el arrendamiento de La Casa Blanca.

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