Inter-mission… Sobre Las Olas de ROSAS 🥀

Context follows.

Continuing with our IMER coverage… Ciudad Juárez’, Órbita 106.7 fm sound over the webs continues to experience gremlins, today’s NIGER coverage is coming out muffled out of the North so, we switched the freq’s to La Hermana Républica del Yucatán y la hija de Emilio Varela y otro doctor del Colegio de México (que es de España, but you get the point) on 92.9 fm… ­¡Mare!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2023/07/31 /politica /le-leader-des-zetas-en-europe-est-arrete-a-madrid

Los eruditos, la hija de Emilio Varela y el otro doctor del Colmex, explicarón como afecta el rollo en El Sahel a la romántica luz de París, o algo así…

France24 limousine driver:
— They say that it is because of the Uranium⁹² in Niger, that Paris has such beautiful Candilejas.

Bueno, al filo de las de ¡Ya! and after mentioning the poor-grounding on the Órbita soundbytes, Julio Guereka se puso las pilas, but not without revealing that there is no such thing as an Alberto Nájar en “La Mañanera” but rather, a collection of recorded tracks that are then structured in a Time-Delayed fashion over the collection or repeater-stations en el espectro de las historias del más allá, just like Mexico’s president speaks. Right now, Yucatán just finished thanking MagaRepublican Senator, Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) while Julio Guereka is still listening to AMLO talk about nuclear plants and Benito Juárez…

Eye don’t drink coffee I drink Tequila my deer.

Fenster the copywriter, in the role of RCQ³:

— I’m from Durango-fuckin’-Romance and you wanna show me the Uranium, huh? And what about the sun, does it ever shine around here?

³~. Rafael Caro Quintero

And, OHHHHHH Damn! Fray Tormenta turned into a Chubasco y dice el presidente que el reporte del tiempo climatológico se va a EMBARCAR en un buque de vapor… en una isla de El Senegal, “the point of no-return” or something out of Richeleau’s “code noir” en Nantes, —does anybody remember NANTES, Nancy?


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