¡Ok, napolitano! Tú quieres hacerte el americano …

The return of Fenster the Copy-as-he-speaks_writer:

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Ré-silience en Re-Silenzio… 🎹 📢 ♟️ 🎬

As with Évry thing French ⚜️, all that the ruler-in-Chief has to do is change the name of one racket 🏸for a motherfucking bronze paddle 🏓.

Cognac, one pussy punch at a Thyme.


Earlier on, “Thank’s 🇲🇦 for going ARMY” :

Nice job if you can get it, and Ewe can get it, if Youse All That You Can motherfucking Be, so long Ewe are very French when you do it, just like Jupiter did when he was in charge of placing the “mementos” of young-jews deported to Poland, indeed 🇲🇦, Be all the Napolitano that Ewe can Be.

What’s The Matter With Kids Today? — NOFX [whatso-fucking-ever] 🌉 Heavy Petting Zoo, (1996).

La Marine lance un cours de préparation pour aider les recrues à perdre de la graisse corporelle et à se qualifier pour servir… Oh, les Sacré Fritos de Notre Dame de fip French 🍟 and WHINE, — y’ah fat fucks.

https ://www .stripes .com /branches /navy /2023-04-21 /navy-sailors-recruits-fitness-course -9878715 .html

Rendition? That’s Greek for the Yanks and Chinese for the Frogs, them Rosbifs insist that their ancestors stopped at Caledonia and that there’s no such thing as an “Australia”, arguing that it’s all a Mel Gibson production like the one he produced about la Gran Tlaxcala.


Any how, the fries are always crispier on the crispest high-definition screen, take for instance last week’s numero uno of Le Parisien as Öüï compares apples to apples and chicks for peas:

Pomme de terre

La grande dessertion

One in three young-bloods throws in the napkin before the end of their meal course. This is a phenomenon of unprecedented proportions, [bigger than a Quarter Pounder or one of those faggety Le Royal™Deluxe] a sign of the lack of attractiveness of military chow as compared to The Melle. Pitch Award advertisement sector pretentious mignardise.

Hechos del dia ~ P. 2  y 3
N° 24463 ; vendredi 21 avril 2023

Got Ketchup?

On the next América does Benny Blanco from Belleville, Chi Chi goes to Napoli ⚽… El Niño Luc 🤔 stays in Milan but Saint-Germain-des-Prés don’t care. More Happy™Meals 🍟 at Odéon. That fucker Delacroix is all giddy with Jacob at Saint Sulpice, probably because🎷 Slick Willie’s 🎶 vibes remain at the Orthodox joint below 🧀 from that ol’Wake of the Guy who told his UN guy to just say no.

But FO’ist!

I promised you a Wall for the next Grand Mexican Gig in The Sky, for now i’m-ah—gonna-drop this PAYwall first just for bibliographical purposes and for a semi-fair sort-of use of ALL MEDIA:

https ://www .leparisien .fr /economie /emploi /un-petit-tour-et-puis-sen-vont-ces-soldats-qui-plaquent-larmee21042023

Let’s talk shop, motherfuckers, “Chop-chop, let’s go-go” you are all burning daylight and Marc Conruyt at the French Army recruiting siege of Saint-Mande [Ud., Mí Général] is about to get a re-fresher course in Guerrilla Grills and other assorted value meals out there.

For starters, the French Army (in France, of course) might very well be the largest employer of The Fifth Republic, but I bet you Serge Gainsbourg’s piano 🎹🚭  that I know which CLOWN [who coincidentally has been missing for a good LUSTRO or so] comes in second:


… and not to be outdone by César’s DAUGHTER, Juanito Leguizamo crosses The Poto’MAC, —The Pot’Omac, son! The Poto’MAC.

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