Page 50, “Comment devient–on « diplo » chez les autres?

Interpretation before the RACE
incurs a professional fee.

But first, a message to Marinelarena Gallego à La Compagnie de LIMA: Hola, señor representante, I trust that you can cuss en Castellano and not just in the FRANCO language of the maricones en Santa Cruz, La Paz and of course, what used to be 2nd District…. anyhow mister Rep., this CUTLINE is not big enough to relay an appropriate ping-back to your, “stop being the little ATM Machine” for yada yada yada and, doing the political beat por LA LIBRE, so I am going to request of you to jump to the next screen frame capture to respond in Trou Prog. fashion.

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /speciales-fip /la-chaleur-de-cuba-avec-eliades-ochoa-legende-vivante-du-son– 970521

Affaires étrangères

Butch met Cassidy in The Hutchinson.Meadows


Previously on the Phat Basterd with a funny Jazz hour hat showRicardo Montalbán was putting on the skin of Jean-François Kahn (Légion de Honfleur) for the 25th anniversary interview of the other ‘regards’ on Le Point.


No more than anyone else, no more perhaps than Marine Le Pen herself, I had not seen the National Rally coming, its success reveals the unthinking of the Republic in regal ways (immigration, insecurity). It’s necessary to give the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen this justice that she did not vary throughout the electoral sequence that we (sic) have just lived…

Jacques Julliard
page 4, Marianne 1319
CMI Publishing
23-29 juin, 2022


_contra todo pronóstico, contra Zemmour, contra el propio Macron, ha perseguido (Le Pen) sin descanso la operación de “desprestigiar” que se había propuesto llevar a cabo.

Énfasis Añadido para manterner el lenguaje local de los movimientos profesionales de mexicanos en les Alliances françaises.

page 49, N° 1319

Anyhow, mister JULLIARD, my little un-documented and un-paid self, could have told you that! If you* just weren’t such a fucking SNOB like REPRESENTATIVE GALLEGO dans le 7e.

*~. When i refer to “you”, i am not talking aboutyou“, but the Ideas thatyou“, and your fans say that y’all espouse, like say the GOOD Pueblo Bueno en Francia, o sea, los amigos de Mélenchon en la Casa de latino America en Saint-Germain-des-Près.

Por eso bien dice el profesor Alain Rouquie en el IHEAL y SciencesPo: EL PRI SI SABE como mandar a gobernar en FRANCE.

After the HUELGA —✊🏼, Jane de La Villette tells a Social Club Boy, que ya deje de JODER con “La Cachucha”… AHZuk—Ahhhh!

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