Dear, Beto O’Rourke… Ay-tú! Reserve{s} the Right for a Pardon.

You, Sir, of all Chucos Postizos knows that … hold for ✊🏼, vato.

Frenchie: A hamburger with a donut for a bun? There really is no God here… (What’s next, ketchup on a sucker?)

— And, Willie Geist… Beto is what Emmanuel is to Congressman Scarborough, so be it. Ted is Le Pen… by the way is that French Blue you’re wearing? It’s fashion week in PARIS, so your shoes better be in tone.

Ohhh, Donna… please relay to Beto that if he is going to go with sneakers to not make the mistake of that Ross guy on the msnbc’s, you have to wear SOXs with BASKETS, otherwhise your feet are going to get TOE jams and they will smell like cheese.

Mayra, in case the good people in PARIS missed the flip.
https ://www .texastribune .org /2022/06/14 /texas-special-election-tx-34-mayra-flores-dan-sanchez/
that’s only TEN (guey) Theys away, ese…
José Díaz Balart, would say 21³ more than THE UVALDE “incident”.

³~. Enter AS promised


Jack Jordan²: I just ran over a man and two little girls… so that would total 63 g or .74 oz.

²~. According to El Chapo’s capturer and his then main-Squeeze
Kate del Castillo, “we all lose 21¹ grams… at the exact moment of our death”.


¹~. 19 children + 2 adults = 21 (man)


¹~. Salvador the gunman (one little girl)


¹~.The broken-hearted UNDERPAID teacher’s husband who perished Theys later (one little girl)

… And Donna Perino, Cheech is ready for you, Chong is out of the room, and have i got some CHEESE for you—You bring the “Jesus Juice”.

Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle follows

Bola de putos…

… y Juanito Guanabacoa knows que sí son.

Bola de putos 106.3 fm

It’s a REPEAT:

Émissions Américas…
Desde París para BAMAKO

And you know that it is true, bola de putos…

Any how [JÄO], Juanito Guanavacoa

¿a quienes les vas?

Jesus Christ, Virginia!
Going through Ted Cruz’s CANCUN blizzard pictures is no GÜEY to do the knews… by the way, your Great-great, Eye Say Great grand uncle Rudolph says hello.

“¡A todos los que quieren y amán a Marilyn Monroe!!!

Es cosa del otro jueves

³~. Ángel Fernández (Standard Charter²)… Y que chingue a su madre “La Doña”, Félix.

What A Fool on The Hill Believes 🔫 sponsored by Ol’McDonald… Hey, 19th!

²~. Le Parisien N⁰ 24182, page 7, —ed

https ://www .tsfjazz .com /programmes /made-in-china /2022-05-26 /19-00

⚽⚽⚽ Now Öüï knows WHO The Parisians are rootin’ FOUR.

…⚽ “Half-time Show‽… Öüï don’t need noHalf-time SHOW!!!

Come Away With Mí

Texas!!! I can’t fucking “Believes” that Chuck Norris let Norah Jones down.

Ladies in Gemini: the gun lobby

“Let’s invest in our children”.

ketch up on aisle 6… https ://www .newsweek .com /ballistic-blankets-children-shot-maureen-oconnell-fox-news-school-uvalde-texas-1709955

Here’s your duckie, Heilemann. Any other request you might crave?

Now is the time to invest in ballistic blankets four classrooms. And don’t forget to invest also in threat assessment seminars for your INDEPDNDENT  School District.

Forget a budget for the Arts, tell your school board council that there are thousands of ways that our Brand could turn your KINDERGARTEN and/or ELEMENTARY institutions into fortresses.