In Local news, according to RFPP*, CHILE 🇨🇱 ya está valiendo verga

But FO’ist!

Ya encontrarón a JUANITO….
In Radio France news, Denis Soula cut the sick day benefits for the Siren’s, and their voices are a Tale of that Tail.

ELVIS PRESLEY was just blackballed by the meritocracy in CANNES.

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of FIRE!
I hope that this here, humble excercise of screengrabs is BAROQUE enough para tu barco, Susana Puveda.

I’m blacker than Pap.

Did you know, that just like Eisenhower took all of the technology from the Nazis following WWII, De Gaulle trademarked the Vichy Collaborators in the form of an existing French Law, the Frogs call this mechanism, “1901”, and according to Pablo Gleason [Amigos de México en Francia] is the equivalent of an “LLC” in Delaware.

The difference is that the DELAWARE “LLC’s” are French in the sense that these really-really believe in “LAISSERFAIRE“, whereas the Fifth REPUBLIC acts like a “SMALL”  business administration in 1842.

The French Law of June (or July, who gives a fuck) of 1901 is a preCURSOR to SIX DEGREES OF KEVIN COCHON Lardon, knot BACON, in the sense that any person with power can “black ball” any persona non grata in less than six degrees of MASONERIE, especially in PARIS, which the people in CANNES right now, in reel time, can confirm that PARIS, when it comes to being a small world is in fact smaller than a Hollywood square on Broadway.

Which, begs the question, Susana Puveda…

… more specific, señora ministro, Isabelle ROME, what role do cubicle-level bureaucrats (clerks at a service window) play in the so-CALLED: Egalité entre les femmes et les hommes {and} La Igualdad de oportunidades y de la DIVERSIDAD?

https ://www .service-public .fr /associations

Charles Manson,
our blog turns it’s lonely eyes to David Lynch.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of AVIGNON, THINKS that by bringing the son of a Fortunate colonized son, The French Touch is going to be, as the American Embassy says, HIPÖüï, is going to put that to the test … if MINISTER DAVID JAGGARD, and that Irish Cunt, “Emily” at poets square in BELEVILLE, allow. ($ergio Ávalos’ minions go here… In case LA INTERNACIONAL SOCIALISTA is wondering).

Desde París para Chile. Paco Calderón ya localizó a JUANITO GUANABACOA. El muy bombo anda de médico en Tehuantepec-de-La Chingada, Morelos.

“I am a pure product of republican meritocracy, of which the school is the pillar”, said the minister of Education in France, el Señor PAP NDIAYE.

Con El Permiso
de Tu Patrona y, el güey Emmanuel Macron…
ISSY, I, Armando Segovia, a true transnational is calling your “meritocratic🦴” ASS into the ring, just don’t bring the SICARIOS like Manuelito Valls did, from la rue de CADET

If Any fucker in Évry body wants to know why Öüï troll THEE MSNBC’s, it’s very simple to undress… Öüï gets a GO’ill in Évry güey.

En Castellano… eso quiere decir que me pelán, me han pelado y, me seguirán pelando los dientes 😁

*.~ 106.3 FM Îlle-de-France

https ://www .france24 .com /es /am%C3%A9rica-latina /20220520-controversia-estado-excepcion-chile-mapuches

Over at Saint Michel, the Paris Tourism Board is recollecting all pertinent information from the collaborators (de La Colonia DIGNIDAD) there… per Physics Ruhles³, EIGHT seconds latter ⚡ Struck.

³~> Chile para Santiago, desde México.

Banzai!!! ⚾ No insistas, Nathalie Piolé*

Mi corazón es de La GO’ill de Niza

No insistas Nath-a-Lie.

*.~ If that’s your real name… I don’t lay with the suicidal type anymore. Any hoot, youse just the right type for that B-52 feller that Mel Brooks calls King Kong.

Just Burn the place down already… and if the Jan. 6 Community wanted to view these so-called media they’d be fucked. On the upside, the video arcade and the spray aerosol commission just got a green light to make Paris look like a cool 😎 Brooklyn neighborhood.

Goooooo, Dodgers.

And, Katty Kay… how’s the Queen doin’?

Is she going to let that Fucking “Sun King” outlive her Legacy and go the WAY of The Notorious RBG?

En RFPP, hoy hubo repetición…


URGENTE: Boletín de Última Hora

Dear Mel Brooks, Josephus says Hellooooooooo…
TimeStamp, Sunday morning XXIX-I-MMXVII
“If it’s Sunday…” It’s Time to meet the Press.
Siete de La Mañana, desde el patio de Manu Chao.


Los ojos de Netanyahu son Cortesía de Excelsior. Los paralelos con La Oficina del desempleo llegan por el retrato del Gran Mel Brooks. —|— Uso justo de todos los IMDB’s, las agendas políticas,  y por supuesto:  las películas de ficción.

Al Regresar la Emisión Américas*
desde el entronque de Pantín.

* …mientras llega la nueva edición de don Osler y su pandilla aquí les incluimos el esperado segmento de La Victoria, y sus clases de integración. En esta cápsula, Victoria nos presenta [en Francés] al argentino Gabriel Chacón.

… en la entrevista, La Victoria toca el tema de La Pasión, de El Como Hacer Las Cosas, y la importancia  de no cantarle al coro… perdón, perdón; Victoria dirige al guitarrista a que nos explique la importancia de cantarle Al Coro para no quedarse afuera de los toquines. [ !Salud!!! son las Ocho de La Mañana con 45 minutos por debajo del río Sena, y por la frecuencia del 105.1de FM, Richard Galliano nos complementa la ocasión con su Viaggio y una  “Little Muse”. ]