Previously on R O M A: ¡SEÑORA!!!

The following news dose must be taken with an indivisable spoon of Sarah’s humor.

La Panacea

… but first,
a word from our sponsors:

TimeStamp: Veinte para las 11 de la mañana in CET

Client: Time–Life Collections
Product: Music
Market: C&W Ballads and Bad (as in not good)
Rock and Roll
Artist: Raquel Dowmad and The Alabama Charmins
Label: Aquí los Molineros en CET

¡Señora! que No le Digan, que No LE Cuenten:
La hache es muda and perhaps—perhaps falta Un Cuarto para Las Doce.

Thursday, November 8th 2018… edición vespertina

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours
Siren Central Den

… Context follows.

Anuncio… jabón R O M A
Three Billboards (Text Draft)

1. Jabón R O M A; for the Southern States and as compared to Copenhagen®.

Jabón Roma es un cura todo, Toby Keith guarantees it…

[The following must be
balladeer’d in a Chris Ledoux twang.

Well it’s a cure-all too
Cures fits, warts, freckles, coughs, colds,
ah—runny nose.
Guaranteed not rip, run or snag”

2. Jabón R O M A; for the Greeks in Chicago, as compared to a window detergent.

When the gods discover Jabón R O M A,

Windex®️ will just be for streaking glass.

[The following must be
danced in an
Absolutely Fabulous Anthony Quinn
Made for Hollywood Lip-synched
Syrtaki’d track.

3. Sin Embargo, Jabón R O M A