Previously on Hola Guapa… Julieta Venegas probably thought this trip was about her

It was about Manu Chao, silly rabbit.

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Issy, Missy, “My window faces South”, towards Perros Bravos, N.L. and before Öüï continues with the on-going trip, please be advised that $180K lobby-funded funds for a Two-minute load is kind of Nöüs specialty, so with that in mind, Eye reminds our non-reading audience that the following post is being brought to you by Laboratorios Camacho y “El jabón del perro agradecido” en la Calle Stanton del Segundo Sagrado Corazón del Paso del Norte.

Over on the fip's, the Sirens are doing their weekly “National They” promotional spot for the current Ruhler of the International Space Station. Öüï catches Major Thomas Pesquet en el quinto sueño, right D.A.R.E. at the threshold of R.E.M..

Hello, Mr. Pesquet… so, when time comes to hang the astronaut suit for La Jornada up there in the ISS, right before you get your Zzzzz rations, do sheep float? Or do those silly motherfuckers bounce like they do at The Poquelin Lounge bar and grill? —And Major Thom, after Denis Soula you are the Monkee at the plate.And you know Cousin Joe, i sincerely thought that you were going to skip the Darkest of the thicket d’embarquement , but instead chose to have had the time to feature an Encore of Ike and “the boys”, Eye means, it was after the breach that things got really interesting, por ejemplo the Episode with some REAL REPUBLICANS got a real boost from Chuck de Gaulle, who’s on Third BASE and it’s taking some flack from Churchill who is celebrating the arrival of a Mestiza baby girl to the East India Company.

If like BriWi, Ewe are one of dos who does not Reid this blog then perhaps you might have noticed that our favorite moment in History is the Fall of Rome and the Rise of The Industrial Military Complex and here is why:

witty zingers aside, the first is best explained by the song Young Americans, another Lennon-McCartney gem interpreted first by Mott The Hopple and then a very talented opportunist named Ziggy Stardust.

… and here’s thing Two

Now you might think i’m Crazy, because instead of “moments” Eye went with the Singular mode but as The Last Thing Before Öüï go on The 11th Hour, “you have the rest of your life,” to figure out that it took an entire Mel Brooks movie (look it up) to fill the gap between the fall of Constantinople (Rome’s capital) and the Liberation of Paris and Gladys, everything in between [there] is peanuts, including the Renaissance and the less popular Industrial boom because if Western Style Democracy goes then the world is back to the Dark Ages, illuminated this time around however, with L.E.D. lights, and of course killer A.I. robots.

AI drone may have ‘hunted down’ and killed soldiers in Libya with no human input

by: Charles Q. Choi ⬇️

https ://www .livescience .com /ai-drone-attack-libya .htm

La  ColoNNe DroNNe link goes here

Antonio Banderas stars as “El Ojo de Vidrio”, featuring La Lupa de Lupe, and some guy named “Guad”… And Luc Frelon, Eye knows that you are the illegitimate son The Fabulosos Cadillacs lead singer, Öüï also knows that your complete name is LucAS, but yo’Sorry ass decided to drop the AS.

And Niño Luc, “Here’s another thing you don’t know”, Antonio Banderas is a fag.

And Alicia Melendez… Weed for Victory, it beats ANXIETY!!!

Deer, Alicia Melendez, please relay to the good Reverend (that motherfucker) that if he needs a song list, all that he has to do is send a contribution to the Sacred Church of the Underground Mall of New Jersey in Paris, France, 75001 … PARIS CENTRE–CEDEX

Bienvenida Tijuana

Previously on R O M A: ¡SEÑORA!!!

The following news dose must be taken with an indivisable spoon of Sarah’s humor.

La Panacea

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TimeStamp: Veinte para las 11 de la mañana in CET

Client: Time–Life Collections
Product: Music
Market: C&W Ballads and Bad (as in not good)
Rock and Roll
Artist: Raquel Dowmad and The Alabama Charmins
Label: Aquí los Molineros en CET

¡Señora! que No le Digan, que No LE Cuenten:
La hache es muda and perhaps—perhaps falta Un Cuarto para Las Doce.

Thursday, November 8th 2018… edición vespertina

TimeStamp: 19 hundred hours
Siren Central Den

… Context follows.

Anuncio… jabón R O M A
Three Billboards (Text Draft)

1. Jabón R O M A; for the Southern States and as compared to Copenhagen®.

Jabón Roma es un cura todo, Toby Keith guarantees it…

[The following must be
balladeer’d in a Chris Ledoux twang.

Well it’s a cure-all too
Cures fits, warts, freckles, coughs, colds,
ah—runny nose.
Guaranteed not rip, run or snag”

2. Jabón R O M A; for the Greeks in Chicago, as compared to a window detergent.

When the gods discover Jabón R O M A,

Windex®️ will just be for streaking glass.

[The following must be
danced in an
Absolutely Fabulous Anthony Quinn
Made for Hollywood Lip-synched
Syrtaki’d track.

3. Sin Embargo, Jabón R O M A