Pg. 55 and 84: devoción on a tight rope

Previously on, Les veines ouverts de Sofia Vergara’s “devotion bag”, Paola Ramos was chasing Fidel who was running with a Dolce & Gabbana®️ [hand] bag in Manhattan.

… But FO’ist!, The Battle for Europe.

The Catalonians were no match for them and on Sunday night the Bavarians will be facing off against the Saint–Germain Front. The calendar called for neutral ground and the Federation sent the battle to Lisbon… there’s gonna be a lot of “coodies” in the air.

Prettiest Veep Eye ever saw.

While D.A.T. happens, let’s check in with COLUMBIA and Mother Mary living on a bus saying a prayer, yada, yada, yada, or something like that, A–men! But the fun does not stop D.A.R.E. because from the Cradle of Democracy, The Veep calls on the Cradle of Civil Rights Mayor to splash the screen with a shout-out to Francis The FO’ist.


Hulero .:. 7E482C2C-2F53-444C-BBE2-42C443622A7E .:. This is a Public Service Message brought to y’all by the Good🥾Year OXO Co. —_•!•— And remember Senator Selina Meyer: la hache es muda. In•deed.

… [N]ow, Ms. Venice, Eye knows that there is a black-sheep in that group about nothing and that postal worker guy that you used to associate with. But, Elaine, Eye is willing to bet the Soul of Jon Meachum that you did not know that öüï don’t select the characters of this already established universe that we [the staff of this most non-consequential blog] connect every once in a Blue ticket. Por ejemplo, doña Louis–Dreyfus, did you know that KRAMER is a key Richard’s at Good🥾Year in Akron, O•HI•O, casi esquina con CLEVELÂNDIA do Norte… which is where all that gawd-damn rubber dope comes from… Yeah Buddy!

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Richard_J._Kramer

TRANSCRIPT FROM PHILLY (echo against trumpism)

It’s for the ages… and if the post master general of The United States of America is not arrested by the Capitol Police [lol] for treating the U.S. Postal Service infrastructure as if it was made with Legos®️, then you’ll begin to understand why THIS TRANSCRIPT is FOR THE AGES!!!

MCMX, now D.A.T.! Was a Good🥾Year

MCMX, now D.A.T.! Was a Good🥾Year .:. 813C3847-E955-48DF-B164-CF45C050EDFC 🇲🇽 To put MC•MX in perspective focus on the waining Comet’s tail which made it’s 76th orbit through our night’s quadrant in April, by the time August 20th arrived, little did Mexican dictator, and French enthusiast, General Porfirio Díaz Mori know that exactly THREE months later, to the tee🏌🏻‍♂️, the handsome Russian fellow, (and dog lover) Lev Davídovich Bronstein of today in history fame would be inspired to Jump inside of a Tank and fight [eight years later during The October Revolution] the very General that would give many moments of SATISFACTION to The Rolling Stones in the form of Royalties, which TROTSKY krushed. PLEASED TO MEET YOU, HOPE YOU’ve GUESSED My Name. The ghost “forced” into the « Underground », Mr. Jagger, says hello… motherfucker.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /JoeBiden /comments /icx9kg /tv_reporter_films_nj_post_office_with_dismantled/

… [E]specially for when it comes time for all of the “helicopter kids” to become grandparents, and their future grandchildren ask them what an ORIGINAL Philly Cheesesteak tasted like.

In future context, the cradle of American Democracy, like many other costal cities submerged under the cool waters that melted in Greenland, a territory that Donald John Trump succeeded to steal from Denmark, just before the ex-reality showman won his fourth election and abolished the U.S. Constitution and established a kingdom, transferring all of his Executive Powers to El INFANTE BARRON, who went on to become BARRON THE MUTE, the first from His Name to occupy the throne.

2011... good times

2011… good year, aussi.

and so FOR THE RECORD Michael Moore:
los cubanos, así como los mexicanos,
nacemos donde nos da la chingada gana… wait for, IT!, wait… smile! And [click].

[Cuban kinder-prophet goes here, but FOist… let’s check-out LA MANO DE OBRA].

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/08/20 /leon-trotsky-ocho-decadas-de-un-crimen-ideologico-y-simbolico-5182 .html


Thursday Funnies:

Madame Atty. Gral.

Madame Atty. Gral. .:. DD114843-5049-4BA6-8B87-3CBEEBE8687D 🏗With All Due Respect… you fool! Ohhhhhhh, The Humanity! It is clear that the Atty. failed to plug her (R/S) ear drum cavity with beeswax. Madame, just because jurisprudence works on the Lego®️snap-as-you-go principles of precedence, it does not mean that the anal retentive mechanical system with which our mail is sorted out does, doña Dana. —_•!•_— Dicho de otra bonita y amable manera, señora fiscal, ONCE THE BIG’ol Pitney Bowes apparatus are sold as SCRAP METAL, it’s GAME OVER, madame, unless Pitney Bowels has sorting machines just sitting inside of its warehouse. Dicho ahora, de otra puta manera, someone at the post office distribution center (where sorting machines are missing) just committed a crime; LEGO a jail cell for the office manager who allowed for the machine breakdow.

Hey, Europa, can you imagine Marianne’s face if M. Macron asked the Frogs to stop buying Michelin tyres?

Or WO’ist! Interjected ISIS, can you imagine the Michelin guide ever giving Ketchup a star.

And in Washington: it’s Day Two of Hoy No Hubo Jazz

Hell froze over, and the Talking Head working at the Laundry Room sent us to FOX NEWS after a request from our favorite Orange County [California] purplest pundit, Nicolle Wallace. Öüï can now confirm what an Italian by the name of Dante pictured in his little book about Circles in the Underground: “Fair and Balanced” tastes like a cold Subway’s®️ sandwich… it’s boring.

Cousin Joe's new book

In a nutshell .:. A6B3A8FB-18CB-4A8E-9B9D-8E14E9E5E6B9 .:. Cousin Joe’s new book; pages from Foreword to Appendix.

And in Washington, former Flori-Bama Congressman and current Blind Alabama Dumb Country Baseball pitcher coach, Joseph Charles Scarborough the Third (off-course) just wrote a book, it binds together 1000 pages and they all echo what this handsome fellow once said on Free Speech Tele Vision: It’s An Eminence Front over at the 45th version of the White House, “it’s a put-on”, or something like that.

And isn’t, IT!, ironic… over at Deadline, Arizona, the F.B.I. Wey is not talking, at least not inside of one of Nicolle’s frames, true to form on this section of the peacocks, Frank Figluzzi just went ahead and phoned, IT!, in over a “tapped” telephone line.

For the record

Page 37 of M, “le supplément au Monde n° 23514/2000 for Saturday, August 15th of 2020 “Screens on the edge” features something about how French cinema is adding pigment to its fabric and updating its codes. 🎬 4E8C417C-FE52-451F-8FA4-F44526107C7B 🎥 A quick search for the word “inclusion” embedded on any given dictionary returns this little pebble from a quarry: a body or particle of distinct composition embedded in a rock or other material.


For the record, öüï would like to relay that it is 2 in the morning in Central Europe Time and, that the devil did not make him do it. On the contrary, and as a matter-of-fact, the files from the Bobigny préfecture won’t let Mí lie, the task is what the Latins used to call, Propter Honorem, as in for the pleasure that the task brings, or something like that.

https ://www .yucatan .com .mx /mexico /cinco-periodistas-de-la-mananera-reciben-doctorado-honoris-causa

La reproduction d’un entre-soi, or as the “Brave New World” citizens of Le Goût [page 57 of M n°465, 15/08/2020] call it: the exclusiveness of a gated community.

Now, before we [the staff] thank Clémentine Goldszal for not reading us, we would like to remind le Directeur de la Création_ at el mundo de Le Monde, that because we happen to agree with the producer at 50/50 Collective, Laurence Lascary, we could not pass on the opportunity to relay to all battle stations that the issue of discrimination in France is not, we repeat:

the issue of discrimination in France is not on account of racism, but rather a reproduction of exclusiveness…

with that in mind, if any of our non-readers should knot-knead to cross-reference the above transliteration with our coverage of “el cinito mexicano en París”, enter the CODE: Rencontres Cinématographiques Viva Mexico.

Happening now at the convention, Sen. John Kerry is delivering one liners from Nantucket… Ketch-up! Get It?

Ándale, ándale – Chínguele, chínguele


“Con su permiso, dijo Monchito,” señor Yorch Ramos en Univision… but the following cutline must be read in Paola’s voice .:. 84312FDD-C95C-4CCD-B1CE-6C903F13DAB4 🌬 So! In Mean Greenwich Time it’s still 11 O’clock, and behind Vero la congresista is a subliminal message from The Justice League (at DC monitos), as you can appreciate from the pose on the littlest Superman (or Supergirl) on her Mommy’s LEFT ARM, it is not the muscle flex pose, but rather a “fist to the shoulder” it’s an ancient Maya body signal which means, and Eye quotes, « ‘inga tu madre Donald John Trump”.

Yada, yada, yada, —Say D.A.R.E. El Paso, is D.A.T. there a REZIZTE* jornalero original flexing muscle behind you (on the wall), but anyhow, let’s pretend that the Parisian nooner has not cleared the Central Europe Front and remind ourselves that in Hilo Hawaii it’s still “Saved by the Bell” time.

Primetime… the poles are talking

Note to editors:

Lucky for u.s.

Lucky for u.s. on the OCONUS* beat .:. 230C0123-EF0E-4AB9-B7A8-C7481C402146 🇺🇸 In Hilo, Hawaii, Day ONE of the show me your necklace Convention Affaire, remains in effect… Eye-Eye, Captain.

Her wish is our “WiFi Signal Loss”, and because she called for, IT!, to be cut, the interwebs gods went ahead and sent a FOX to zapp our eyelids immediately after the invocation at the pre-recorded convention, but not before noticing the “lighting” gremlins when the sacrificial champagne bottle was smashed over Nicolle’s new sailing vessel at the beginning of her political show… in•deed.


En fin, doña Vilma Fuentes, ¡qué tal ese pinche Jeff Koons, eh! Por cualquier medio se cuela ese cabrón, y sabiendo que ese señor le pone las piel de gallina (no pun intended to all of the Mama Poules en el mundo de Loué, 72540) le recordamos que nosotros no seleccionamos el parque para la catapulta.

Previously on, “She liked T–REX”

Green Barney

Extinction, now playing at Prohibition .:. 26D73D0D-4607-4DB3-A4A5-1C892D404872 🦖🦕 Our thoughts and prayers are with the Walt Disney Corporation for the loss of a Snow White fan in Beirut.

… Ladies in gentleman, el staff d’este tan intrascendente blog los invita a escuchar, HOY NO HUBO JAZZ en razón de que “Estamos Trabajando” con los “michigans”,  As a token of our most underrated appreciation,  here’s The Original KING of Mope on Yesterday’s FipSiren Nickel and DI•MEh Radio Flyer Theys Show.

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /club-jazzafip /club- jazzafip- du- lundi-17 -aout -2020