Hoy por ser día de tu santo… Hoy no hubo Jazz, Lupe.

BEHOLD! Latin ex~ers… the one name that does not need to be put into any SEXO category: GUADALUPE³

https ://www .fip .fr /emissions /certains-l-aiment-fip/les-musiques-de-leonard-bernstein


Vocal Score: América (West Side Story)
Page 72, 73, 74, 75 (Tempo de Huapango, fast) 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81,82, 83… 88 (7a, America to Drugstore; Change of Scene; Instrumental, tempo de Huapango —fast.), 89.
Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins

Au Mexique, la mort de Vicente Fernandez, idole de la chanson populaire, bouleverse le pays (lemonde.fr)

7. America (Anita, Rosalia and Girls)
Cue: ROSALIA: That’s a very pretty name: Etcetera
Moderato; Tempo de “Seis” (repeat, ad lib; under dialogue until cue.)

Boosey -n- Hawkes 2000
Bpi: 3 7504 00242333 1

Eye See CHANO, Lupe.

And, أيمن محيى الدين²… Youse Knot foolin’ any PINTOs, baby, Oh-là-la, vato

³.~ Unless you happen to be “GUAD” Venegas on at msnbc public relations GUAD; Guad what, motherfucker? GUAD~alajara, WAD~ALA_Xara?


².~ Égypto-américain Radical, and former BFM’er TV intern, Ayman Mohyeldin, want proof °? What’s your poison?

Adventures in TRANSLATION {false friends} INTERN in SPANISH is the equivalent of a prisoner, or what Charlie Sheen calls, THE CALIFORNIA RAISINS PINTOS

I see Chano, —CHANO POZO.
Chano de América con acento.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /The_California_Raisins

It’s the French thing to do… del árbol caído todos sacan leche

Previously on the Magnum_Media Part_LC-BFM’er-I experience on the Agencia de Noticias EFE…

TimeStamp{s}: 11h50 in CET outside of the Brancusi… 08°C, many ales followed; it’s the “Basse” de la bière … ale, manymany ale.

Check the Times Please.

19h27 in fip Central Time
Sweet Sixteen… by, JR Wells (1995).
Évry body is gettin’ some
it’s what the Gestapo would do.
And it was the Very French who invented La GESTAPO…
would you like Mí, to show you the plaque, Sirènes?

Which brings me, armando segovia, to the following, Mr. Patrick Zachmann, if that is even your reel-name!

Never mind the French Intelligence Services, Paris is a city of spies and snitches… would you like Mí to direct you to the Magazine at the Kiosko that sourced that comment?, because here Comes Xi Jinping China’s and their WEATHER ALTERING TECHNOLOGY; they just fucked the Quad-state area of John Cougar Mellencamp’s R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A… and ain’t that { the truth} America sin acento?

At the Place Saint-Opportune the big Elephant in the room is Melody Gardot and that is all that I am going to tell Kyle Eastwood.