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Man on l’Olyday… Eye don’t practice Santeria and, “no animals were harmed in the making of this blog,” furthermore, « All characters and events in this blog—even those based on real people, living or dead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know or knew them — however, to borrow from The Book of Mormon, all characters, including my friend Moroni en San José de Las Panochas are entirely fictional, » … except of course for Patas de Catre and Alejandro Jodorowski.

Of course, if you are just joining the programming you are probably going to wonder what vela* does Luther have in this entierro, and for that you not only need to unfold the scroll back to the dark ages of 2021 and switch it over to the Willie GEIST when America (sin acento) Ketches-up with the Katty Kay flying circus-es.

*~. Not that one 🕯️

vela², del latín vela, pl. velum
f. En un barco, it’s the piece of canvas or other material that is tied to the spars to receive the wind and propel the vessel.


… Any how, de las velas, “la bastarda” es la mayor de los buques latinos.

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Father James is hurling from the mound, the count is 1 strike and it’s the top of the Ninth Inning with no runner on base. Here comes the pitch.

“Oh, ok then. Tell me, where does the U.S. start*?”, said Father James (fm).

*~. On account of me bringing up Mexico’s territorial limits in the second decade of the 1800’s under the Umpire of Iturbide “el pirulí”.

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PAH Nah Mah!!! … y al regresar: Faros a La Distancia

TimeStamp: Blue Angels, at 14 hundred hours in Central Halen Time… right Now.

“The death of Manuel Noriega closes a chapter in our history; his daughters and his relatives deserve to bury him in peace.”

30 de mayo 2017,
Juan Carlos Varela
former panameñista president
and current Presidente de Panama

Hold it Now.
It’s 16h20 in CET
à La Santé 75014

Yes, David…
“Model citizen zero discipline.”
And the Blue Angels definitely don’t “Get Higher and Higher” with The Bossa Nova, — David.

Falta media for the 19 hundred hours of Central Siren Jazz.
Today’s events are sponsored by The Color Yellow…
Les Deux Amis
en direct from the LAND of DO WHAT YOU’RE TOLD,
Casi esquina con El Pais donde no Pasa Más que una Chingada.