Intermezzo with Verbatim I (French articles)

Chapter 3 Basics:
The French Articles… LA, Le, and of course good’Ol LES, dear Paul.

In the Romance languages, the word « police » is a feminine word; with that as a place holder, please note that across the Pond de La Mancha (or ‘stain’) the Rosbifs place no distinction on that bitch (i am talking about police canines, of course, not THE law enforcement elements as a team) focusing instead on the gender-neutral DA (written as THE) .:. EAADE968-46A7-4C9C-BC1F-ADAAD7B20829 .:. Perhaps, this is why the fellow with the docket on his left arm walking next to Jupiter I (uno) was careful not to place the English “LA” in front of Gordon Sullivan. WITT this in M.I.N.D., i can’t tell you what Euskara article is used in front of the word « police », but given that the Basque language has no known roots, i am just going to leave it at that.

Deer, Katty Kay… who the heck is Prince Harry? Asked Chuck, his dad.

Judging from the musical introduction « Surplomb » of Mr. Attali’s 2011 Verbatim trilogy, “Evidemment” he must be referring to the lute playing (Police) STING in the ensamble completed by Copeland 🥁 and Summers 🎸(for the sake of Synchronicity), but still, or alas—MTV didn’t reveal Gordon Sullivan’s love for the lute until Yo MTV ωraps was becoming a thing of the past, and Rodney King was about to make the news; but yes, i must agree, back when Pierre-Michael Littbraski and Michel Platini were a thing in Andalucía (España, FIFA World Cup 1982) it was all just onε big “LE paradis blanc” and all the wars were cold .:. 7E7C696F-CEE3-41F8-846B-0A2FE360D44E 📻 You know what else was not on the scene, Mr. Attali? Ronald Reagan’s crack cocaine in El Ey, baby, that’s Watt(s) knot in Panam(e).

With that out of Cousin Joe’s system, we switch it over to some Frog named, Attali, —Jack! Who clearly has a complete disregard for English articles. And hear me out, Katty Kay, because i’m-ah-gonna put John Paul II (the Pope) on the back-burner to catch up with Gordon Sullivan (Police, according to Mr. Attali) because you didn’t think that i was going to unearth DUNE and knot explain why Gordon Sullivan, —killed Jodoroωski’s dream.

Verbatim I « surplomb » .:. 305A2293-DF19-4B5B-8DE9-D8B62A16B94E .:. Thirty years ago. It was another world. We were listening to Michel Berger and POLICE… We had no rap, no slam, no Alzheimer’s, no Internet, no cell phone, no AIDS, no disease of defeat in Vietnam and had just been humiliated in Iraq. Etcetera, etcetera, etc,…

And in Washington, Walter Isaacson is editing children, and code-breaking Nightmares with Hitler, true edit. Step by step like Toy Soldiers… [A]nd Claire McCass, are you being ironic on International Women’s They? Or are you a Dodger fan now?

But seriously, to all the women being trafficked for sex, or  tortured for their beliefs, or subjected to menial jobs, not to mention kidnapped and rendered to ShitHole countries (without mentioning any Flags), HAPPY women’s Day. You can be assured that in today’s First World and fully developed countries elitist cunts are thinking of you… especially if they happen to take advantage of their “essential worker” status.

“What she said,” said the child, your Honor (président de la Court).


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