El error de Karol Józef Wojtyła — Part 2

Tell you what, before you get your Rosary all up in a bunch, consider what would have happened to the order of Legionnaires (✝️) if Ioannes Paulus did not have to compromise the SOUL of Karol Józef just to save the good name of (politics within) the Catholic Church.

The Church = Syndicate for the soul… not saying that it is bad, just saying that the FO’ist order of business is the politics of the clan, and then, if you pay your membership dues (with Cash or with in-kind services) you get a PASS.

From the Faber Book of Mexican Cinema, by Jason Wood 🎥 2E5B3980-9139-4CBB-9AF3-E34CCAB8E879 📽 À cette époque, la réalité du cinéma mexicain était complètement différente de ce qu’elle est aujourd’hui. La production était dominée par les producteurs de la vieille école et les syndicats cinématographiques. Pour pouvoir montrer un film, il fallait avoir une licence de cinéma, et cette licence était accordée par un syndicat à condition d’avoir travaillé selon ses règles, et d’avoir utilisé ses affiliés et son personnel nombreux. Les films produits étaient essentiellement des films de Gringo – nous fournissions des services de production – et de très mauvaise qualité, tant sur le plan de l’histoire que sur le plan technique ; à l’exception honorable des films produits par l’État pour des réalisateurs tels que Felipe Cazals, Arturo Ripstein, Jorge Fons et quelques autres.

Quick programming note on the ⬆️ DEEPL®️ translated cutline above: it's a damn shame that during this trip, i did not get a chance to run into Mr. Alejandro JodoroWski on account that he and little ol'Eye have at least two circles that form a Venn Diagram related to the context in the snapshot from segoviaspixes on the 6th. The FO'ist is of course the place where don JODO filmed “The Sacred Mountain... or was it EL TOPO?” and his run-in's with the above mentioned Mexican Film Unions at San José de Las Panochas, Durango, and the second being the way in which DAVID LYNCH fucked up the JODOROwSKI VERSION OF DUNE, period! GORDON SULLIVAN...You Suck!

Now, don’t you go forgetting that one of the requirements of this blog before i go and dig up the skeletons of Las Momias de Guanajuato involves a news cycle, an equivalent (or analogous) subject/theme, and of course the connection to a place called Mexico [where there is no such thing as God].

The News Cycle:

White Phosphorus in Irak (rules of engagement)… stay with me, Reverend Capehart, context follows.


Crímenes de lesa humanidad as punishment or torture (in times of peace or in times of war)…

And of course: Acapulco

🎶 It could happen to you, fairy tales.

Ain’t no god in Mexico, but at least the president there is laying the tracks for a train.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/03/06 /estados /hallan-viva-en-nl-a-mujer-de-texas-reportada-como-desaparecida-en-1993/


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