Tuesday the 9th — Intermission…

Sabbatical Day Nº 8th

Ladies and gentlemen, The Color of Cross–Media Tangents is:

TEAL… The Color of CROSS–MEDIA Tangents is AZUL VERDE, and it’s primary tone es el color de la Esmeralda. }–~–~~\•>  Calendar date is courtesy of FOX Searchlight Pictures, y don Guillermo del Toro.

[Man’s voice
Jeff Goldblum]

I tell you what, the staff hasn’t even consider reviewing my latest project with the Marvel Comics Thor franchise, but for this movie about the water’s shape… or something like that, the staff put on the filter glasses and sat down to review “for research purposes,” don Guillermo del Toro latest Opus; and to be fair, we haven’t seen the staff so captivated with a thematic train —from Engine to the Caboose— since they first experienced The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulin; as a matter of fact, the staff thought that Mr. del Toro’s latest flick was a tribute to Amélie, and while it’s true that many parallels can be drawn from elements like, the Color and Lighting effects for the background, the Musical soundtrack, the Destiny of the Heroine, and many other props in the movie that call for a repeat viewing, one can only say that The Shape of Water can hold for itself as an original script and a fantastic story.

[Woman’s voice: Sarah Silverman] — The Money Shot… every movie, at least the memorable ones have one of these, the shot that pulls ‘ya right the fuck-in, and for the members of the staff this take was it, the Triumphant Return of “The Story of Ruth” and “Mardi Gras”. }-~–~~\•> Uso justo del 7º Arte; ibid.

The staff remains out of the scene, but let’s just say that they have given me full authority to give The Shape of Water five stars out of Five, and call the Music score for this film as the favorite for that other Celebrated Awards show.

Jeff Goldblum es: La Mosca… Wait for it, wait… on the next intermission I am going to show you the process of The Metamorphosis and how to go from Yellowish Chrome to Verde Azulado, or as the French like to catalogue it: Chrome Jauni }-~–~~\•> In the mean time, enjoy an Ink Sausage.

[Female voice
Sarah Silverman]

Stay tuned for more, because the staff is going to watch this movie again and figure out how why this work of fiction left them so fucking mesmerized.

TimeStamp: 23:45 CET

The color of Cross–Media Tangents — Segunda entrada

Sabbatical Day Nº 8
Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Because, Baby, as the whole Wide World Knows: it was the French who invented the In-and-Out; and_You–know—that! Y_es–por–eso—que, “that’s what a hamburger, —is all about.”  Nevermind, about that double whopper

and please,
Don’t forget —The Onion.

[Voz de hombre:
Jeff Goldblum, or whoever dubs his voice in the Spanish versions of his movies].

We know return to:

Hamburgers in paradise

[Woman’s voice: Sarah Silverman]   — El staff de asegovia3 les estaba comentando en la entrada de ayer de que, “lo bueno de este blog” es de que don Guillermo del Toro no lo visita… o algo así. }-~–~\•>  Californian Burger joint menu (invented by the French, of course) is brought to you by John 3:16; source: the bottom of the disposableHoly Grails” at chez In–N–Out, the best cheeseburgers West of The Rockies, and apparently now even in some parts of Texas.

[Man’s Voice

… because if “Memo” would drop by, then it’s safe to say that the next time that the Award Winning réalisateur visits Paris, in the Winter time, it would be a given that he would be standing in line à la côte deAu Pied du Cochon“; 75001, if only to confirm the exceptional taste of the daily food servings at chez La Soupe Saint–Estauche. Check it out, the staff already mentioned it before on another post, but here it goes one more: the benevolent at Saint–Estauche offer a three piece meal, with dessert included, which BTW features some of the best tasting [and generous] portions of food for anyone who shows up for supper, the street feast starts at around 19h30ish CET on the West End Façade Columns of the church that meet with la Rue du Jour. Their logistics permit for a nightly accomodation of around 250/300 meals, and in addition, the good folks volunteering there are nice enough to send every Eater off into the night with a bag of goodies for when, you know, the munchies strike; no questions asked. In France, ladies and gentlemen this is one of the Original, “come as you are” joints.

Next on France 24 “Southern California Edition”, live from Calabazas, California, it’s another episode of: Did You Know That It Was The French… in this segment, The French invent the In–N–Out. Guest Starring: Guillermo del Toro. }–~—~\•> Fair use of all travel critique guides.

Last night’s menu included: SOPA DE CALABAZA DE INVIERNO (butternut squash) con trocitos de Tofú; ESTOFADO DE FÍLETE DE PESCADO con laurel y otras especias; ENSALADA; panecillos y pastelitos; café, and I SHIT–YOU–NOT Willy Boy, una rebanadita de queso que al principio pensé que era Reblochon, pero no, el pedacito resulto ser de otra variedad; y ya ve áste marchantito que aquí, De–Variedad, hay de sobra… anygüey, la rebanada era algo asi como un queso tipo Asadero, del que se vende en barras allá en los supermercados del Sur de California, no como los queso Asadero de Villa Ahumada, allá en la ruta de asfalto que conecta a Ciudad Juárez con la ciudad de Chihuahuita… y en dónde por orden del sindicato de queseros y asociados, los queso asadero solamente se pueden montar —única y exclusivamente— en tortilla de harina, y por eso, don Memo, pues, por eso a lo mejor esos queso Asadero son otra cosa. Sin embargo, la rajita del queso de anoche, pues, esa don Memo, esa iría mejor con tortilla de maíz; que anoche, como a muchos mexicanos viera áste como se me antojarón… anygüey, don Memo; no me haga usted caso porque como todo /r/Mexico ya lo sabe, LAS QUESADILLAS SÍ LLEVAN QUESO. Aunque eso, pues, eso es algo que los chilangos nunca comprenderán: que las quesadillas, mi cuate, pues sí llevan queso… en las salchichas, don Memo, el queso es opcional.

… but speaking of gold related blooms, you know, like the Winter Butternut Squash, did you know that it was the French who invented Calabazas and the In–N–Out? –•—!—•– Fair use of some Aussi guy, and Jeff Goldblum’s gut-truck.

Now [the staff] are not saying that he, —don del Toro— does*, but according to an alleged Twit sent out from his account after a celebrated awards show, Sr. del Toro had to munch–out his cravings for the staff’s California version of Les Madeleines de Madame Bovary… or something like that at a Celebrated burger joint; now, the staff ain’t saying that he does*, but Mr. del Toro’s alledged twit sure–as–fuck  reververates like an Echo Chamber, from a previous post, from this non–consequential blog through “them” drive-thrus, —literally.

*  … the staff ain’t saying that he visits this most non–consequential blog.

… I’m doing a project that I have to be secretive about but there is some thematic tie-in to this.

“Chef” Goldblum,
via: EATER dot COM https://www.eater.com/2017/4/26/15433864/jeff-goldblum-food-truck

1. Morabito, G., “Oh Hey, Why Is Jeff Goldblum Working at an Australian Sausage Truck?”, c. April 2017: https://www.eater.com/2017/4/26/15433864/jeff-goldblum-food-truck

2. FernandoMol; vía La página de arranque del Internet: https://www.reddit.com/r/mexico/comments/7oyegd/as%C3%AD_celebra_guillermo_su_globo_de_oro_provechito/

3. Florentin, B., “Comme Chez In–N–Out”, via, some << trip company >>, or something like that: https://www.tripadvisor.fr/ShowUserReviews-g187147-d7257518-r314983942-Burger_and_Fries-Paris_Ile_de_France.html

4. Snopes dot Com; In–N–Out “Holy Grail” reference: https://www.snopes.com/business/alliance/inandout.asp

[Woman’s voice
Sarah Silverman].

When asegovia3 returns:

[Man’s voice: Jeff Goldblum] — Just what in the world is a Cross–Media Tangent, anyway?… take out your Baldor Bible, and turn to the gospel of Differential Calculus… fair use of all wikis.

TimeStamp: High–noon in Central Europe Time.

The color of CROSS-MEDIA Tangents — Hamburgers in Paradise

“La gente siempre me anda preguntando: Sr. Goldblum, ¿cómo pronuncía usted su nombre…? y yo siempre les respondo, ¿cómo te atreves a dirigirme la palabra?.”


today is
Sabbatical Day Nº 7,
it’s a Monday in January, the 8th of 2018
and the good thing about this blog:
is that Mr. del Toro, no lo lee.

Gold Related Context Follows… so stick around

Sources follow as well.

Indeed — Ronnie, part ii

Sabbatical Day Nº3
5 de enero, 2018

… and now, “Unnecessary Censorship” with Sarah’s ex… }-–~~\•> Screen capture courtesy of Adipsys | DNS. Uso Justo de Todos los Vetos.

Dear, Ronnie McDo:

First and foremost, we [the] staff would like to let our second favorite Jewish person —Sarah Silverman know, that “the” Double Tailed Mermaid” is not, We Repeat, is not the only American Based transnational outlet that allows ‘clochards‘ like us [the staff] to use their Water Closets, far from it, Ronnie, the frog version of your “Mickey Dee’s”, also opens their bathrooms, —for us indigents— at La Rue de L’Arc En Ciel —catty-corner— with “La Guichet de Marianne Nº 3*“… and that’s a really-really—ReaLLY good thing, “i’m loving it”. Really.

* Context follows

Fair use of all surveys.

However, Ronnie, despite your “Venez comme vous êtes” slogan, we’ve noticed that for the past week or so, your interwebs guard-dog (2) has been blocking LEFT-of–Center and PROGRESSIVE news sites at your eateries; yet, the Figaro_dot_FR (1) content is fair game for “Adipsys | Private DNS“… there’s something “fishy” about that config_dot_sys setup.

Signature composition, by: armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018.

What gives, Ronnie? What’s up with your ipsec? On the other hand, your “Double Cheese Burgers” remain my second favorite in the business, but since “In-n-Out®” remains a West-of-The Rockies phenomenon, your value meal (avec bacon) bumps you to Number One here in France, none the less, Ronnie, we must warn you that Quick® (one of your French competitors) has on its menu a pretty good-god-damn delicious clone to the Double-Double; it’s about half the size, but it satisfies “la madeleine de Madame Bovary“… or some shit like that, anygüey, Sarah, since the Quick’s “Loo” privileges are a bit more, –a bit more; A Bit More: Exclusive, we [the staff] stick to the open door courtesy of the Golden Arches Clown… Momo, by-the-way, Ronnie, approves and we’ve been told that you have a special franchise in his heaven once your earthly empire decides to replace your specter; or, when the Company goes bankrupt… whichever arrives first, if you catch our drift.

Uso justo de todas las encuestas en Francés.

In any case, Ronnie, much like Starbucks®, your dinning room is a perfect den where hobos and tourists can take a rejuvenating nap, or just sit around… we [the staff], however, try not to snooze or sleep in your quads (four person capacity dinning tables) because if you see us [the staff] inside your joint, it’s because we are there to eat, to take a dump, and/or to use Your WiFi as a resource to write, —and not to fuck around.

Wordy McWordy gets censored…

Without anything further to add, thank you, Ronnie, for bringing us ex–pats, “Le Morning Brunch” and thank you also for that welcoming spirit that you cultivate in your staff; in the 7 years (Jan, 28th) that we’ve been here we [the staff] have most certainly seen it catch up with “Le Savoir Faire” française; it’s no wonder that on the recent cover of  l’Express, the French President is portrayed as ‘kicking it’ on a  Cheeseburger, Because As You Know: it was the French, who invented The Hamburger Joints. Anygüey, Ronnie, your “associates” are right up there in the courtesy department with the good folks at La Soupe Saint–Eustache, and that is a good thing; NOW, if you UP YOUR Latin American in-country purchasing Standards like those of the Hexagone, That Would be Awesome!**

** Context follows

You are welcome!

Yours truly,
armando segovia

Hey there, Muse… “Here’s looking at You.


Exhibits and merits for this Response-to-Survey Claim, include the following:


context follows…


Meade context follows.


Silverman, S.I love you, America“. Season One; Episode 10, Starbucks segment. Via: https ://youtube .com/watch?v=MeVw27v-Jdg

Hey, Sarah.

4. Censored Material involves una Meada perdón, Un Tal Meado; uta!!! It involves El Candidato del PRI a la presidencia de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Pepe MEADE. •—_!_—• Screen Grab vía Google/redirecting to a data farm called facebook.

pissed-on Mea-de context follows.

5. Proust, M. “La Madeleine de Proust”, via: https://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madeleine_de_Prousthttps

“Time For Change” — indeed

3 de enero, 2017

We [the staff]
are taking a mini sabbatical…

… ““Venez comme vous êtes”,”
just don’t read lefty sites at Ronnie’s house.

but before we sign–off
we’d like to leave you
with some images without context.

We [the staff] hope,
that during our pause
—and with every turning hour—
Context by osmosis will clear
The Tale Of The Tape
for each entry.

48 hrs… segoviaspixes 2018.

Happy Epiphany Day,
and a peaceful observance of
Martin Luther King’s Day
please don’t cheapen
this Federal Holiday
with a mattress observance day.

… just, whatever you do, please Don’t Stare Directly at the Blue Blood Moon, it will suck the soul right out of your eye sockets. So be sure to wear some Blood Moon approved Spectacles®.

Clear Starry Skies
for your
—Once In A Full Moon—
Magenta Moon Viewing
Blue Moon Gazing…

… Uso justo de todos los kioskos. •—_!_~• Cuadro en acero inoxidable, por: staff.

And if we don’t make it back
before the
President’s Day
—Mattress Sale Day Event—
Have A Very Happy

48 hrs. Part 2… some 30 minutes into the New Year and it was lights out… nothing to see here—everybody go home.

Source for “Tonight’s Sky” follows:

in the mean time, stay tuned and don’t forget your Spectacles®.

Extra–extra! FAIR USE OF ALL Blue–Blood Racks… Extra–extra! —_¡_— Composition by armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018—CopyRed.


Magenta Moon

1 de enero 2018

Once in a Blue Moon a Full Moon turns Red, and the last time that this happened was 150 years ago.

Luna Llena para comenzar el año y Luna Azul para despedir a enero —¡y hasta con Eclipse, Corazón!— para recibir a el mes de febrero; ambas son Super Lunas, fenómeno celestial que sucede cuando un satélite (en este caso: Selene) se arrejunta en el transcurso de su órbita al Cuerpo que orbita (en este escenario: La Tierra). •—_¡_—• Uso justo de todos los almanaques y las Lunas Azules Rojas.