Hear me out Franck… nevermind el Botafumeiro

 Contra la indecisión del concurso del Gallo de la Flecha de Notre Dame. Segunda parte.

Datos Claves.

La flor de Narcissus Indicus better known as Jimmy “santiago” from the Bronx.

– Antecedentes:

Prototipo de C.O.N.C.H.A. de vieira

Prototipo de C.O.N.C.H.A. de vieira para colocar por encima del G.A.L.L.O. de Nuestra Dama de Paris. Please bee aware that the cock in this template is undercover.


Fo’ ONE HUNdread Da’LARS: with your host Ol’Diety Bastard

Anybody and anyone can PAR•Ti•Ci•Pate on this activity, except the Trump Family, —all of them— includind the retard.

Los pies de Judas Priest

Säbado de G•L•O•R•I•EY!: 37F7CBD1-91F3-4E20-A9A3-3E23256AD9BC •|• LAS PATAS DE JUDAS. —_!_— C. MMXiX

… [B]ut first a word from our sponsors in the voice of Alex Trebek:

To all of our non–readers, includind the retard at the Ol’Dirty White House in WA–Wa Land. The vessel entre las olas — above —includes both an upside down Mexican drapeau and, for the sake of this most inconsequential draft, which started with the optics of [Eye shit you not]  “Robin Hood Men in Tights* » , a French flag, because… 

como dice la gente de Banderilla, Veracruz [ domicilio conocido ]

La Moral es un arbol (sin acento)
que da moras a los moros
de Guanajuato (Ciudad de momias del PAN nuestro de todas nuestras dictadurias)

. —– more —–

La concha de Cecily Strong

Dear, Lorne Michaels, please stand–by for La C.O.N.C.H.A. specs and dimensions.:1BF4BFD2-C628-47BF-8FBF-0E9EC7392902 •|• Cecily Strong… “six minutes, six minutes,” Ceci Strong your C.L.A.M. is on!

and still to come:

L’Adieu a la Nuit, or something like that.

Contra la indecisión del concurso del Gallo de la Flecha de Notre Dame

Öüï propose the following C.O.N.C.E.P.T.:

Siendo que “el” T.E.M.A. de la Catedral de Nuestra Señora de París gira alrededor de la mujer que nos da vida, proponemos que para el tercer milenio el pinche gallo vaya abajo de la concha de Compostella… o de plano [mejor] pongan una puta gallina.

Why we [the staff] believe that this Optic is important:

tercer milenio
del Cero al Novenario = 1
del Mil más–caras al PARTY LIKE PRINCE = 2
del Dos Caras [janus] al 2099 = tercer milenio

Live fron the BBc: it’s High Noon, Morgana.

C’mon S.i.r.e.n,

y’all snaring for a new cookoo?

Night and Day

Méjico — mhéjico: Ra Ra RA! •|• Jour et Nuit.
Night and Day.

per’Yer request,
the above TimeStamp was brought to you by

“Bulls on Parade” — a new season:
On La Pamplonada filipina de Iztapalapa;
con Paco I. Taibo Jr., en el rol de
Poncho Pilatus.

and still to come: Öüï could Bee H.E.R.O.S. with whomever you want, except Sam Bee on account that she is saving herself for the Next White House Correspondents bachannal. Dress c.o.d.e. is full–black rubber suit (Cowboy H.A.T. optional).

TimeStamp: 17h45 CET

Mean, while the world spined around its own Axis on Monday night, the bee’s at Notre Dee spent the burning hours “gorging on Honey”… so fucking Virgin–ian of them.

Monsegnor Arno Levieux, a Salisiano monk assigned to permanent janitorial duties at the Caballeros de Colón oratorium bluntly and quickly stomped on the spread of fake miracle narratives.


“It was not a miracle, Padre. It was fucking thermodynamics and physics, and maybee a little bit of luck,” dijo Levieux.



El concurso de La Concha abajo del Gallo — Chemin de La Iglesia Hôspital

De Judas à Manuel Valls… d’après:
Guillemin “pengüin” Piel–de–Lucas y Julián Servos de La Cava del Colegio de Minas, en Saint–Michel… and the rest is Euphoria, or Hysteria.

La confesión de Saint–Mark asegún, Zuckénbërg.

… y ya sabeis como es de mochilero el hijo del Director de Radio France en la Agence Internationale de France Presse, comenta Eunice Chao, shutterbug de la Embajada de México en la rue de Temple:

Old man got no dough?

“Mi tesorito”… Jean-Jacques Aillagón

Happening right now on C–SPAN 75

Never, Ever, Bee… Ewr’ beast of Bureau.

La Ceremonia del Bendaje de los notorios
Trois Mauvais Compagnons
En Direct from The northern Rosecrucian Circle at Notre Dame de Paris.


… [M]eanwhile at le Parvis del Hôtel de Ville en París:


Los bomberos del 75.
With your host: doña Anne
Musical guest: Los Sotanudos de la Cava Maltesiana.

It’s 11 p.m. CET

Jean-Jacques Aillagon is a F.R.E.N.C.H. national treaS.U.R.E.

For the R.E.c.O.R.D.:

The good people at Emmaüs Agora will not let Mí misconstrue Y’all.


I, armando segovia, checked with the nice folks at the domiciliation services and FOR THE RECORD, “you Know The Day destroys the Night », knight divides the They!!!!

Y no, S.I.R.E.N.A., let the RECORD show that Brontis correspondance, from The Director’s motherfucking D.E.S.K. —no•less— has not yet been delivered by La Poste de la esquina, to the Mighty–mighty rue des Bourdonnais.


El Tesoro de Los Hayek

Mi tesorito: LA jornada de Juan Molino Campos–hombre.

* Surge polémica por donaciones para reconstruir la catedral de Notre Dame


From the Galloping Mercury • —– more —– •

With musical guest:

“You take my life, but I’ll take yours too”

… [O]r, you can just “clap along if you feel like a room without a roof”.

Pinche Donald Trump goes:

Signifying monkee

—Drop water from a Boing Helicopter on that D.A.R.E. roof!

… [Y] ya todo el mundo sabe cómo son de contestatarios estos chingados franceses, y cómo suelen ser:

My Niggas at les Pompiers—de–Pompidou went:

—No, thank you Mr. president, “Let the motherfucker burn”.