Deer, Siren… the name of the horse is “7 leguas”, Always®️—Vania, Siete Leguas

Recordando a Palomas, Chihuahua, y a los mormones de Salt Lake.

Andy García guest stars as el cristiano entre los moros 🦇.

Dune follows… it’s Labor They meets The Press:


On Deadline, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-from Hell, Missouri) bastardized Mike Barnicles’ outrage from The Bench. Somehow, asserts Claire, the democrats are going to fuck up the next Supreme Justice nominee and the Republican reptiles will seat another Supreme Court Judge. Watch That Space.


Also on Deadline, Claire McCaskill was caught texting an old boyfriend, across the cheese factory in Wisconsin, a young Amy Klobuchar screams at Claire, “Back Up!” McCass! And pass the cup cakes, said Claire’s ex-boyfried, and a young Amy said, —amen.


On Deadline, if you ever wonder why America sin acento celebrates Labor Day in September, go no further than MAY DAY, Issy, the reason dates back to when “America” started to kill Mother Earth and (aborted) stopped the spread of  Communism.

And who better to carry that “alt” flame than Orange County’s own, Nicole Wallace. Indeed, David Brooks, —FO’sure— to celebrate the CHICAGO labor movement of 1886

BABA64BB-7D9F-4EF6-ABF4-EC22970C8946 —_!_— El primer torero porno (1986).

_CLEVELAND (knot Ohio) the president BASTARDIZED the FO’ist 8-hr WO’ik day in the Galaxie, in the Galaxie, Nicole Wallace, In the Galaxia.

Naturally, Nicolle worked the entire 36 hours instead of taking the fucking day off… like a regular capitalist torero–PIGS do.

What a difference a They makes…

In local news, Belmondo was not a stranger on the set of “El Primer Torero Porno”, he’s right there on the poster… as a TRIBUTE, Manuel Valls (yup, that Manuel Valls… that motherfucker) is going to be taking on the role of “La Invención del Primer Torero Triple X“. For the occasion, Mr. Valls quit his Consigliere post in the imaginary land* of CATALONIA.

*,] Like Baja California Sur, in El Mar de Cortés.

Uno de al-lao… Torero Triple X, the rest of the story, starring Miguel Bose as, “don Diablo”.

Inspired by the “Lightning FAST” approach that the Spanish VOX is taking not only in Méjico, but also en La Copa América, the Valls team put out their Conquista Propaganda.

Annotated bibliography… knot to be confused with Courtney Kube’s biography

Previously on, “El primer torero porno“… El Yunque was re-introducing Francisco Franco to Monterrey, Nuevo León… when all of a sudden “The Conversations” across on VOX just got a new CopyRight en el Estado de Cuernavaca.

J.A.Cedillo | Los nazis en México
This entry is a NAZI WATCH update: La “Carta de Madrid” 2021.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/09/03 /el-plan-de-dios/

THE ALAMO is the Cradle of TEXAS and the hideout of slave traders… 1975, page 438: Les Rolling Stones LA Totale

Over at the Pentagon’s watch, The baby Kube’s childcare costs became out of the Peacock’s military affairs correspondent Pilar Albarracín’s budget.

And, Alex Witt, this is a “Memo for (knot from) Turner »… it’s the rest of the story, where Courtney Kube almost joins a Tupperware®️cult to make ends meet.

Pilar, nombre de pilano pun intended, is Courtney Kube’s real name, but you would be forgiven if you fell for the name change*, after all, it had already been written, staged, shot and wrapped by the time little Ms. Cube was ready for kindergarten, except that instead of a horse’s head, uno de Domecq graced them crisp white sheets of, –el lecho de Kube.

* Anyhow, long story shot… Courtney’s dad trademark greeting was « quiúbole ». The immigration and customs enforcement goon who processed Courtney’s dad immigration papers heard “Quioúbole, señor” immediately after the semi-literate border protection officer asked the former Mr. Albarracín what his name was? And so, just like don Vito’s –Andolini– becameCORLEONE’, Dr. Albarracíns (DVM) « Quiúbole » became Q’vo but the DMV (California) returned a search that mentioned that particular license plate as alreadytaken”, so the “migra” at the window settled for Kube… the fucker was semi-literate so of course that son of a bitch was going to fuck the Immigration Entry papers for the Albarracines-esos.

🎶 Yo te quiero [más ki mis ojos] infinito, and Eye quotes:
Yo te quiero—oh mi corazón.

For those Knot on/in the know:
DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles
DVM = Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

El cuac de la Fontaine y el ¡On on¡ del ganso

I’ve been to “la fontaine” y el WaWa también es bendita… mostly for la sequía of the Inland Empire; if you ever take the wrong turn in Andalucía and end up in Cucamonga you’ll know what Eye is talking about.

… Eye is no stranger to Fontana, it’s right smack on Route 66. Issy, all of a sudden Évry body wants to get on Las Fuentes bandwagon.

https ://cronicaglobal .elespanol .com /cronica-directo /curiosidades /onomatopeyas-animales _207933_102 .html

Over on the fip freq’s… Le Canard Enchaîné is offering carrots and the Sticks are playing right now at Darth Vader’s music hall à Pantin.

Pot dealer… but Évry Ivry knows her as “La Rejoneadora”.

In Hilo, Hawaii… the stars are already out, or rather, visible; and in Paris, France… it’s 11 am, yes— ma’am… and Courtney Kube has just figured out how to obliterate big boobs.

And, FRIDA… breast reduction is no way to fit them suckers in THOSE pots

A los galgos del Galgódromo de Ciudad Juárez…


Mientras tanto, o como dicen los franceses: That’s going to be an interesting BREED (punto y coma) a Chihuahua and a motherfucking Lévrier!!! Then again, Mr. Biden, Le XOLOitzcuintle might just get a HAIR for Dog’s génome from PERSIA. From the PERSIA!!! Yasmin Vassoughian; From PERSIA.

And, doña Andrea… my name is Inigo Montoya and “[Eye] don’t think that word means what that chick think that it means ». And, please! Ewe knows very well that Eye is an anti-dentite but that does not prevent Mí from recommending Mexican odontology, so if Texas wants to start paying people to act like the very French during the nazi occupation* (snitches, bounty hunters, and chismosos) have at it! Texas should be sent back to Mexico.

³.) Or, like N° 5260 of Le Canard Enchaîné

And SUSANA PUVEDA…Check this Squared Circle turn into a TRIANGLE

1 de febrero Día de San Ignacio… [A]nd SERENDIPITY, Eye does KNOT know if it’s mere COINCIDENCE but February the 1st is also the day that “The Situation Room” was inaugurated but in 1954… Y no, Suzy, you do not have to be Orthodoxe to believe Mí, you can just be… you know, —Ewe.

Meanwhile, across la rue Honoré (75001) next to le passage de Lavandières (Sainte-Opportune) Philippe Labró is celebrating Charity at “El Patron’s²” house (same ZIP)… no word if doña Justicia (For All) made a cameo.

Truth be told, Mr. Labró is a closeted Metallica freak and a keen Texas Observer. Take today’s CNEWS Matinée cover. It’s a tribute to The Frayed Ends of Sanity (The FES) the last track on the Album that brought you Lady Justice in full Republican party regalia.

Heck! The kid in The FES is seated in a “hanging man” position. And if you don’t know what the Hanging Man represents on the tarot, then you should stick to UNO cards.

².\ N° 2602C’est Arrive
L’abbé Pierre fonde Emmaüs

At The Movies… Frida Hayek stars in:

In local news, France outlawed brest reductions. Fringe and sketchy methods of booby shrinkage are on the rise.


“Dimé tu nombre”, Freddy Cats, y te haré Reina en un Jardín de Montreuil

And, Rachel Maddow, never mind The Manhattan… here comes September, do Ewe remember?

Co-Optation, coop•Tation—koop tashion.


« Como México no hay Dos »

Whatcha’Talking about, Willis… and where did you bury that Bitch 💋 Anyhow, Nicole Wallace… gonna listen to “Manhattan” on a LOOP! It’s all a bandwagon, and the GAME IS RIGGED in favor of Raytheon.

Our most sincere apologies to the Artist known as “Freddy Kats”… back in 2011, Öüï, —motherfucker— did not KNOT the fact that your talentless ass… was channeling your inner Charlie Hebdo.


Cholos re-loaded meets KOOL AND THE GANG

Y ni modo que El Servicio Exterior Mexicano de lambiscones me lo vaya a negar. BOLA DE putos.

“Do Ewe REM•em•BER? »

Viande Humaine (Merguez a la Fête de l’Hummmm)
https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/10/05 /5-de-octubre-el-performance/
Freddy’s figures and Les PUBLIVORES à l’Ombre de La République:
https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/11/05 /5-de-noviembre-efemeride-excepcional/
– AMLO’s INM Gorilla con basto:
https ://asegovia3 .com /2015/11/23 /23-de-noviembre-argentina-mmmmm/
https ://monoaureo .com /2021/08/31 /acomedidos/


And Claire McCaskil (D-from MissAUri)… 🥧🍎🚽

One of the Last Things before Eye calls it, —Quits:

🚻 We’ll Take Manhattan 🎶🎶🎶

This message WAS made possible by
Raytheon Technologies Corp
84.80 USD −0.60 (0.70%)today
Closed: Aug 30, 17:09 EDT

And, Mayor Pete… [W]ithout counting Joe Scarborough, just exactly how many of them WAR PROFITEERS will get to be part of Mr. Biden’s “Fire💸Stone” Chats?

https ://www .jornada /notas /2021/08/29 /politica /bajo-la-lupa –a-quien-conviene-una-guerra-civil-y-la-balcanizacion-de-afganistan/
After hours 84.80 0.00

The Last Coca ~ Cola in Kabul starring Cerf-pantère

Fuistes ah-Kabul [co] y no me avisatez
¿No me siento¹ a gusto, con quién ([🇮🇷.) te paseaste?

And… Niño Luc, los licántropos de Vilma Fuentes contacted Frankenstein and the Monster Mash was On, —Bitch! 💋

Hoy no hubo Jazz.

Deer, SIRENE: since you didn’t ask, Eye Will tell Will 🏹 what 🍎 is going on in Paname, wait One with Ono.


Got Watts?


And Halie Jackson… oh, hey, They Call IT Stormy Monday, and that’s C.O.D.E. for INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION in Acapulco y Afghanistán.

“Yes, Ma’am!”

Cerf-panthére, saving the planet by ignoring the Hallmark®️industry one postcard from the edge at a time. Still to come, it’s the story of the day that Cerf-panthère learned how papá-Cerf met momma–Big spotted Cat, and the real reason why that hybrid hates postcards. Long story short: Cerf-panTERE’s learns that her parents could not wait to send that creature to boarding school in Bern 🇨🇭, and momma–Big spotted Cat never gave a damn about her silly little postcards from the “KAMP”. The plot thickens when Cerfie-P learns that papá-Cerf disposed of her correspondence by stuffing these in the wrong TRI²


ISSY, Cerf-panthère… i re-named you. You are now a TERE [sa]… por cruel [la]. Ask the people in MataMoros. A la cruel [la] Teresa, Rigo nada le dejo. And Rigo—RIGO es AMOR… aquí y en ROMA.

In local KNOWN News sirene station à Issy-les-Moulineaux, fip . fr (those motherfuckers) forgot once again to paint a littleblack angel“; KNOT EVEN one ÁNGEL NEGRO, fip… ONE Angelino PrietoDENIS SOULA!!! You have THE GALL— THE GALL, and no aches let alone any PROBLEMO  [FRANCE] programming Frankenstein’s for merePLEASURE“.

… and, Ms. Gall — Mr. T can go to hell, Aussie!

Musical Guest: Proud Mary meets Cuando Calienta El Sol
… en la voz de Polo

https ://es .wikipedia .org /wiki /Los_Apson#Polo

Godspeed, President Biden… with that out of the way

It’s the first day of recess at the races… with the most original of the talents at the Tourism Board in Paris, the one and only (hybrid-Hallmark®️) CerfpanThère, 📨 

“Vous n’avez reçu aucune carte postale cet été ⁉️ C’est normale »

IT•Figures… 🚬
In Afghanistan the U.S. of A. just TOOK from the FRENCH playbook in INDOCHINE, and in local news, The Macron administration just summoned the spectre of Nancy Reagan.

But Keep that jeep®️Rubicon under 30k /h… and get off of le jardin des plantes.

The French are back in town
in 20minutes after a cigarette break
PAGE 9, N° 3648.

Let’s hope that through the levee the dike doesn’t have to find out how many holes it takes to fill a BeRM.

Yup, there’s an FM for it
… [A]nd Lindsey Reiser,
Avi Velshi is in it.

If Last Week Today showed U.S. anything is that contrary to popular ARMY lore, there is not a Field Manual for “everything”. The Army is obviously missing the FM that outlines the proper way to end the tactical operations in a Major Theater of WAR, and of course the  Appendix that deals with properly shutting the lights-off.

Witt that in mind… now that all of the Friends* in the ‘Stan are out, don’t forget to turn the lights off.

*.) With the exception of Turkey, who decided to stay. Out of courtesy, Madame Vice-president, ask if the last Byrd ³ out of Afghanistan should hit the lights, O-kee-dokie?

³.( https ://old .reddit .com /r /worldnews /comments /pe1yti /turkey_poised_to_recognize_taliban_as/

SIM[s] Patricio 🕺🏽 Moniqué 👩‍👦Bio[s]

It Was 16 Years Ago To They…
Sergeant Pérez thought Billy how to use them SHEARS!

Just the facts, Rush.

*,) Limbaugh

https ://www .thenation .com /article /archive /messing-mother-nature/

Does anybody remember Jodorowski’s Dune sketches? It’s kind of sort-ish like Lynch’s Oasis but with the imagination that the Tourism Board of La Ville de Paname lacks:


And, Alex Witt, you can check with Charles De Gaulle’s dad (punto y coma) the man was a history teacher (back when the West was Being Won).

And Heidi Przybyla you can check the page, it’s the same one from the other They; anyhow, Alex, the General’s father used to tell his students that History Has a way of sneaking up on Civilization, but seldom in the same manner as it did the first time that it reared it’s ugly Tail:

… [A]nd here’s another thing for y’all — The White Truck was Velshi, knot —Paul!!! And his callsign was La Ojiva Negra.

Blasts rock Kabul as US drone strike hits ISKP bombers

https ://www .aljazeera .com /news /2021/8/29 /kabul-airlift-enters-final-phase-us-warns-of-more-attacks-live

And then History goes… never mind Arbusto en El Alamo, here comes Katrina’s big wet 🌬💨🌊BUSH… with Musical GUSTS in the form of Ring-oh’s in The Sky:

You’re Sixteen—You’re Beautiful… and you’re 40 Miles SSE from the Grand Isle… knot the ⚜️ Île, Louis.

And the French Quarter goes: AVI!!! AVI VELSHI!!! Come In—You magnificat batard.  “Can you hear Mí now?” Velsh!!! This is Eye and Öüï is at la Rue Honoré trying to get a hold of “The Green Machine” at “Crescent City”, while that happens over on the Sunday Show it’s another editon of don’t forget to top-off your “Go — Go Juice“.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /List_of_CB_slang

And The French Quarter responds:

Kathee Drahl grade levees (second hand, fourth generation; solid. Sold “AS-IS” no refunds).

Not so fast, en está IDA Öüï got U.S. a Dutch master’s Zeppelin-Grade levee [from La Ancienne ⚜️ Place ⚜️ des Regrattiersthat which promise not to break 📶↪️… Öüï even had the good taste of adding a ROMA reference in the form of a ∪ƒ⊗ disguised as a SUPERDOME ⚜️ … and knot to rub, IT!, on the American Priest in Paris, but the motherfucking Saints play there… but never when Katrina is on the IDA (visitor) schedule.