Wait, what? When did Guadacanal became “Guad”?

¡Julieta!!! ¡Julieta! Con una chingada… see what happens when the LatinEx get creative with their names! C’mon MANnnnnn! What ever happened to ‘LUPE’, Guad? You make Guadaloupe sound like Armand, without the, Oh—my goodness.

Actually, Gov. Newsom (D-CA), the “Honorable” Roger T. Benitez has a point, the “Assault Rifle 15” is kind of like a Swiss Army Bank, yeah buddy, that tool is neutral and only cares about filling its $AFES. —_*•!•*_— Judge Benitez: MY MIDDLE FINGER SALUTES YOU… pronounced like this: 🖕🏼 Goooooooo, Shoe-Leatherman™️

Hay te MANDO un saludo, Guad… from The Empty Stands at this Baseball Memorial Field at the HHC and Headquarters of The Île–de–France, Knot “La France,” but “de—France ».

Take it from Mí (that motherfucker) “When You’re a French Director”, Evry body is a Weed, man! —•!•— Take, Luke, for example, unlike his brother he refused to drop the “ke” and [thus] turning his first name into a “Luc” (punto y coma) Owen on the other hand, didn’t have a problem going to bed with “Woody” and changing his nomenclature to OUEN… pronounced: Oh-When! With an exclamatory point blank in Paris.

— ¡Julieta!, Come quick, June (wife of Jupiter) is being a dick at The Golden Corral, and if you are in on the Joke, “you get a massage, you get a massage, you get a massage, etc, etc, etc,…” Aux J.J. Arms.

Hola, Guapa, i bet you think this Post is about you, eh? But in the paraphrased words of Gael García Bernal on an interview with the guy from The Faber Book of Cinema, “the closest that this post is going to get to Hollywood is Tijuana,” no⁉️ La verdad, Julieta, es de que nos colgamos de tu visita a Francia en el 2011, only to remind our non-readers that Öüï is not jumping on any “band wagon” when it comes to covering the visit of Vice-President Harris to Chapultepec.

“Genial” mis huevos rancheros de Fauci… What’s next don Calderón… pots and pans translations for those en La Vereda Tropical, because if IT! is, then my favorite black musician is “Toña La Negra”, just don’t tell the good Rev. Al Sharpton or that motherfucker is going to want Mí, to paint him Angelitos Negros.

ESPECIALLY, Julieta, if Eli Guerra considers that “the guy” who paid your trip to la rue de Saint Germain-des-Prés”, and “not Andrés Manuel López Obrador,” [Jorge Harmodio dix it] turned out to have the same sort of spine that is required to make it in the Swiss Army Knife industry.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Julieta, and before i switch IT! over to the good people of Aguascalientes (France24) TV, please be advised that Fenster the copy editor is going to narrate the Bottom of the Second, next at bat is the fip . fr programming director… but just who in the Monty Python Flying-fucking Circus is this fucking “programming director?”, well, here’s a picture of the actor who is going to interpret that SumBitch:

Ladies in Gemini, the one and only, Ed Harris.

Yada yada Yada and Amnesty International [place-holder follows.]

… [A]nd ALICE Meléndez… thanks for going with Alicia, now jump to June the 7th.

Previously on Robert Zimmerman is an old-fuck

FYI and context aside, Susana Poveda, your programming director was in the process of stepping up to the plate, and La Petrolera de PEMEX en France is on First…

And in the role of Sue Foley (the answer to the Lennon/McCartney’s “D.A.T’s What Eye Wants »), the one and only, Stephanie Ruhle, off-course!

Hilarity ensues when Donovan (of recent kissing David Lynch’s-es–eses ass fame) orders a Pabst Blue Ribbon at the DUNE drop-inn and sings a cover version of the Lennon-McCartney, “Yes it is true, he’s old as dirt”.

But FO’ist!!! Richard Lui walks into The Hôtel California, Captain Trips pulls out an Opinel™️, while “the beast” pulls out a Swiss Army AR-15.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /nation /2021/06/05 /california-assault-weapons-ban-overturned/

Meanwhile at the Churubusco Studios en La Colonia Roma, la hermana República de El CaNaDa and the NARCOS are having a 🔫 Free Mid-TERM election 🔪 As that unravels, the Great State Of COAHUILA (home of The MEXICAN JUNETEENTH Celebración) is busy digging ♟’s (pronounced «pee-ons») from a Coal Mine, and Sixteen Tons of dirt later—the Song Remains The Same.

… [L]orem Ip Sumbitch, “and as a matter of fact,” says a Continental gentleman (El Topo) having a pair of Huevos Rancheros à la mode del Tostón d’Or, at the Sacred Mountain Lounge, “Robert Zimmerman está más viejo que los huevos del Doctor Fauci on the RACHEL BROADWAY Show.”

1942 this week World War II: The Battle of Midway begins. The Japanese Admiral Chūichi Nagumo orders a strike on Midway Island by much of the Imperial Japanese Navy… Dr. Fauci is sent back in time to remedy the Ninja Warriors.

As the A.I.D.S. si da situation developed in WaWa Land, Nancy Reagan and her actor president did everything in their power to delay the RACE for The Cure… Ask Rungis, France, also featured on this pasquín de moi. THE MORE THEY KNEW.

And Pablo, honey:

For this reason, The Republican Party must be turned into a political Relic, and the diaspora that left that fucking Tent in disgrace should start the Eye Am A Creep party 🎼📻

Yada Yada Yada … Aux Armes! etc.

Because you sure can’t live.

It’s just a Pi in the Bush — The Conjuring


Parisians flock to the economy and on the flanks of the RATP Buses, the popcorn industry is re-hashing “The Conjuring”, a song written by Lennon and McCartney but here’s the Twist ~ 不urned into a hit on the Billboards charts by the guy that Metallica could not handle and so those faggots brought in The Exodus fellow. Trou Story.

As Americans get ready to celebrate the Longest Day, and the French await June 21st, it is important to remember just how cruel The Great State of Florida can be at times, take June the 5th of 1939 when a ship (The Saint Louis) carrying Jewish refugees, was denied permission to land in Florida, in the United States, after already being turned away from Cuba.
The Saint Louis was Forced to return to Europe, some of its passengers were later REdrum in Nazi concentration camps… (Wikipedia it!)


The Angel of Verdun walks into The J Squad bar and grill; hilarity ensues when Bill Murray orders a “Sweet vermouth with a twist,” please!

🛰 It’s the bottom of the second and Lorànt Deutsch is at the plate, John McCain is next to Third Base and “The Maverick” is trolling President George H.W. Bush, the Philly Phanatic is edging the Senator to do a Shimmy Dance in front of Barbara and Nancy… President Reagan is knot amused. Louise Michel sends a Screwball to The Plate, Deutsch’s slugger connects and it’s a fly-ball to Right Field where, Phil? Fill? is that you PHIL, Pétain?… and it’s an easy out for The Communards All Stars… Barbara’s pale cheeks turn purple after the good Senator ripped his wet tee-shirt and wrapped it bandana-like around his noggin.

And true to form The Philly Phanatic starts messing with The Empire and Senator McCain’s shenanigans have triggered President Reagan and a fight broke-out on top of the visiting team’s dugout, forcing AX-iOS to take a siesta.

And just to top Mika’s coffee cup up, the motherfucking Hindenburg just dropped in the middle of desk. Over on the big board The New York Times, Michael Schmidt, broadcasts a hostage message from the belly-of-the beast.

And in New Jersey… Stephanie Ruhle became homeless and moved her operations to the Local Mall, stay strong Steph!!! — Pay no attention to the muzzled guard dogs, if you don’t look’em in the eye you will be alright.

And in Babylon Two… The Reverend Al Sharpton is Stringing kids on a conductors car… or something like that. The RATP à la Île-de-France is not am•used. The Mayor there (at Babylon 2) got an “F” but he’s got Mr. Yang’s back. Gooooooo, Brooklyn Dodgers!

Political cycles aside, Babylon’s favorite daughters (all cities are Female) Panamæ and New Amsterdam, are holding elections and wouldn’t Eye, of all Bums Be on the Plate. Eye guess the FO’ist thing to say is “good looking-out” followed by a nominal Check Please, and Pundit—here is Y… (pronounced WHY)  Garret Haike? Why? Why would you use a green screen? Why?

https ://www .npr .org /2021/06/04 /1002834498 /mexico-midterm-elections-2021-violence-recordraces?t =1622844750548

You are not Groot, Garret. But Eye appreciates your effort, but consulting fees for uninspired MSNBC producers are not free, freedom is, but consulting fees are Knot. “Only pay for what you need” is going to make of Jack a dull boy, and Eye knows you’ve seen that movie too… and Eye didn’t select the angle, your camera person did.

June 5th, 1944 – World War II: The United States Fifth Army captures Rome… and so unless you are into polygoty or German Studies in France, you can thank an American for keeping your beautiful language from going the way of Carthage’s dead tounge… i digress: Camus was a fag.

And, Pundit, Why would Donna Edwards hang an Abstract AK-47 on her green-screen, Why, Congresswoman Y?

And Sam Stein… nice tie, man. Carry on, but don’t fuck it up. Those damn progressives are going to be hanging at the levee and if IT! Breaks it’s your fault (motherfucker).

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Screwball

What!? You Too! C’mon Elise Jordan do you really think that you can just cut you hair and get away with the   election? Na-ah,

Jump to page 2, Dearie.

“So you’re an American?” — No Ma’am, I’m from Kentucky!*

Let’s do this

… and Loss of Signal, youse the best, but Eye will be back, believe Mí.

* Groundhog Day via Edge of Tomorrow.

This is the sound of Hands Clapping 👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿👏

For context, i don’t know if there’s such a thing as a reincarnation THEY, but what i do Know, is that the marinating time for a good idea to be Etched in Stone again is 4 years. Ask Simone at La Mairie de Paris, Madame Anne Hidalgo—she’ll Show You.

Now then, for all you Monkees up in Heaven, a couple of years ago I, armando segovia, showed you the Sound of Woody Wood Pecker on the Seine… and Pierre, i can assure you that this is Knot one of Those. This here Madame PrietaGala is the sound of Memo Picapiedra (and I swear to goD that that is his name, but in French) doing what he does best, and if you catch Memo at The House of Detention he’ll Tell’ya that like Mí, he is a Paris im’plant not in-plant. Ask him! G’Ahead—He’ll tell Y’all.

… offline, please note that a Clear Sign of the A Poco Lips Sis is the fact that Paris invented a Ukelele Club and a Young Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) was caught between The Man from La Mancha and Victoria being all giddy and jolly.

A “P” in the Bush is usually sponsored by Tyranny or The 3rd Reich Bank of America… this is why you can’t have NICE things Paris, Texas.

Eye swears, Ewe ca’Int make this shit up.


Stranger mis huevos.

Excuse Mí, Pablo Gleason… gonna borrow you illegitimate Cousin


“De mi vida, doy lo bueno Yo no tengo vanidad… », arrogancia, eso es otro pedo… en la voz de Georges Brassens.

YES, YES, Yes, y Sí! —NETANYAHU’s Tenure is over. The headline out of all kinds of retirement homes in Florida reads:

IT’s A Festevus Miracle!!!

After a brief Shimmy Dance, asegovia3 returns with a Review of “Y tu mamá también” on NICOTINE, “a black comedy of coincidence”. And in WaWa land, Erin Haynes earrings are battling IT out with the hands-free mic. In Reel-Time, the 19th Arrondissement lines itself with Erin’s right-earlobe arracada while The Root, pledges ITS support for the dangling wire.  For those on Deadline, Erin lost an “erre” in a surprise chingazo from the funky earring on Erin’s left—earlobe. —_~!•_— By the 11th Hour, Eugene Robinson of WaPo Phame will not let Mí lie: Erin’s Right-side earring obliterated the Dangling Wire and no surprise from the ReidOut, Joy was all over that damn wire like a Motherfucker on “the Jim Crow iLaws” at a Quiznos Sub.

But FO’ist… Öüï now returns to Las porquerías de Tomás—¡qué FEO estàs! And Oliver Benkemoun (page 4 N° 2591 CNews) agrees, bola de Can[n]es.

Previously on The Faber Book of Mexican Cinéma: Öüï were about to take a Road Trip [movie] along the south of France from Cagnes to Montpellier, up to to the French West Coast to Nantes-Le Mans and then off-course to La Rue Borrégo in The Twenty —knot minutes, but the “arrondissement” y’all, and then the second  curfew hit and all public libraries closed, depriving us from going back to 2011, and a most-unfortunate song (Si No Te Hubieras Ido) played at a wedding, in [La] France; SIN EMBARGO, Rachel Maddow, you are not silly when you said (earlier this morning in Paris, France, via the Streams) that this is not a normal follow-up to the Memorial They Weekend. And SO! DIEGO LUNA: you like baseball? — Let’s play Hardball.

… We begin in the middle of the Sixth (page 134, footnote number 5), dear Jason Wood, Caserola does not, Eye repeat (motherfucker) Ca•Se•Ro•LA does KNOT TRANSLATES TO “pots and pans” what are you? Argentinian? Tres Tristes Trastes agree That by that standard the Nico•tina in “the melting pot” would translate to la bañera del pozolero, wey.

Anyhow, chap. 6 introduces the reader to JAPÓN, but ask Father Amaro* from the Philippines Diesis, Asian American month is now in the books, so for the time being until the next Wave, Tsunami or the Olympics makes the wires Martín Salinas, (no relation to California, Esse) a screenwriter, will clear the way on the road to figuring out El Misterio de La Trinidad.

* Father Amaro was sent to that archipelago because he got caught fucking with the faithful (Marianne).

Following her demise and fall from grace from Teen Cosmo (those little motherfuckers) Alexi McCammond rejected a Multi-Zillion Dollar contract with AXIOS TV on account that, AUStralia is the EneMy.


Entonces pues, dice el susodicho, or as Brian often beats to death on his side of The 11th Hour the aforementioned Salinas, Said That Someone From His Street Told Him That S/He Has A Friend WHO Told Him That S/He Knows ‘un tipo’ That is an enthusiastic pessimist. Eye Means, and he knows that the following paragraph is going to be colossally misread, misinterpreted, and misunderstood by the ASSHOLE(s) who ripped our little dangling wire with EarBuds on each of its splitting ends:

… [D]igging twenty diamonds in a dead Russian’s guts if they had the chance [eh!!!… IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE] over here [🇦🇷/🇲🇽/🇫🇷] you THINK TWICE before calling Gordon Sullivan if you are in trouble [with a lutte].

[Note to The Rachel Maddow re-run: the underline part must be sung in Joan Manuel Serrat’s voice].

And in New Mexico, Île–de–France:

You are not fooling anybody with that hair-doo, Adrianne… what’are–you, from Mississippi? Or just a Missi from Issy?

Uno de junio… and the weed report

How Eye learned to Save The WO’id and Burn The Beatles 💋 This are my credentials… And Chicano Batman (you motherfucker)… Freedom is Knot free, you French Son of a B….etter World. Dreyfus sends his regards, you fuck!

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s the 11th Hour and … we remind McCarthy that Öüï began our journey on the first Saturday of 1991 in Kentucky, crossed The Atlantic to Heidelberg (Krautland) to get an Eight Up (pronounced Ate Up) Pathfinder patch, yada yada yada, and left Camp Casey (pronounced with a Capital K) with the John Lennon “Indian Patch”… That Is You’ve Got Ewe KNOW, Tune in but IT’s All right from Hope to Eternity… “It doesn’t matter much to Mí ».

No, no, No, Know!!!


“50 over Fiddy???»… Vice President Harris ca’int be a THEY over Thirty!

And Amb. Kennedy, don’t you forget that Australia is the Enemy… and Öüï is glad that you are no longer feeling Japanese.

And Katty Kay, June bug is the put a smile in your smack’er Month. And loss of signal, as usual is in full-effect…

Listen up Rolo Lemire, spit her out! Spit Kasie OUT!!! (you motherfucker)… and Willie Geist? Need Eye, refer you to all OF THE CRAP YOU LEARNED IN HIGH SCHOOL? Issy, Willie Geist, Eye did catch  you throwing them beads across the round table at the Mention of Mardi Grass, and it’s OK… say is Claire on the roster to they? If she show U.S. her carrot cake Öüï will show y’all of the boobs, starting with Netanyahu.

Witt D.A.T. in mind:

There he goes A Gain, Senator John McCaine is taunting Chuck de Gaulle, in this Stanza, The Maverick is dressed like the Original Nutty Professor.

Ladies in Gemini, THE ONE AND ONLY: JERRY Lewis… i swear this fucker came back as a Prefecture de Police (Cité) police officer on Metal detector duty… (Trenet knot Lewis) if time permits Eye will show you a picture of that SumBitch on account that very, very, very early on in the Process that gentleman got a kick of our Cinema (pronounced Kyrsten Sinema) at Cité.

Records and archives from March the First will show that the “hosto” houskeeping and other assorted front-line workers at the aforementioned Cochin are the backbone of the Georges Pompidou European Medical Mall.

MAKE IT ONE FOR MY BABY… and one for the good folks from the Medical Lab at Cochin who start the month in full NATIONAL SPORTS mode at the Rencontre Point á Châtelet (A B D coming from 4 14) the white coats demand that their medical instructions don’t be ignored at CITÉ (punto y coma AKA: Hôpital Dieu)

… And Katty Kay: it turnout that KNOW! Öüï cant just get along — they cut my headphones… gonna have to Ride a Buck, and fuck–Eye is Knot fond of the Rejoneador, but if you insist all that Eye asks (you motherfuckers) is to see me Face-to-face not that faggety shit you are good at… being punks.


Let’find out, FUCK IT!!! PABST BLUE RIBBON IS IN FULL EFFECT! And Ben Harper, Fuck your mr. iq.

And Alicia Menendez… did you party all knight with Pettypiece or do you two just wanna be French

Look at you two, Red-Blue… you two are just asking for La Ficha Blanca.

Now I know what youse thinking, Red/White/Blue? That’s not French, and you’d be right, but it would also mean that you are following Cerf-panthére’s command [on N° 3631] to stop the Reflex, and Eye quotes « si vous voulez arrêter de réfléchir enlevez tous vous miroirs », and there lies the issue, everything on the streams is reviewed through a mirror and this particular one se le conoce como el retrovisor.

… And [ ] Eddie Gloude Junior: the problem with the police is that they are there to represent the State (capital Ese), por ejemplo LOOK AT FRANCE, take Paris, Texas… really; take Paris but never on a Sunday Morning, the Frogs consider that a Sacrilege.

With this in mind, Roland Garros walks into a bar, hilarity ensues when BFM’er TV walks in and demands from Mr. Garros the federation’s daily quota of interviews from the talent.

But FO’ist, Knot to be outdone by the the month of May in the United States, who by the-wey just libraron (cleared) the ups and downs of the Asian American And, might Eye add, Pacific Islanders* (sans fili-pinos) in the United States, the very French (those motherfuckers…🛰) just invented anxiety and introversion.


* See the Loué (pronounced Lú) Diamond Philipps post on this blog.

Anyhow, fuck Texas… with a Capital “F”, because that is their fucking grade in Civics (with a lower Kase See).

But like Öüï said… our biggest worry right now is saving the weed from the Centrifugal switch. As Eye reflects on the After Action Review [all caps] Öüï noticed that Aix-en-Provance (lavender) just gave our unmentionables a Juanita Sativa aroma.

And John Meachum (you son of a bitch) don’t give Mí know Indian-French Wars shit! Because Öüï is finally figuring out what an Existential Moment feels like. On the One hand, after two hours the weed has knot JET! Dried and the preliminary (puff) test confirms the following Algebraic test:

[This part will take all They, so skip to the breakdown] 🚶🏽‍♂️ or the countdown on Deadline.

And Cousin Joe, the people you used to respect are calling for a Chile 🇨🇱 moment…

and my weed is wet!!! If Eye could, he’d help, but Öüï put that SumBitch on time-out, —on account of his fuck-up, forgetting the Weed in the Dirty Laundry load.

Kendis… stop being a dick—LEAVE LINDSEY ALONE!

Pathfinder, eh?

Tell Mí, Moore, what says Ewe? Ha!

And, Lindsey:

Guess Watt?

It’s morning in America, which means that nothing out of the ordinary happened last night, Space X is getting ready to launch another payload into space and another governor is going to give his condolences to another batch of “well-armed militia” victims.

While that develops, former Representative (With a Capital Erre) and fiend* of this blog, Beto O’Rourke is trying to tell The Nation that what happens in the Texas LegisCature  is usually the result of “the other” Texans (punto y coma), Ewe know, the ones on the side of the Florida Man family tree.

* Know algebraic formula is needed for this Whattaburger meal: an “Erre” was simply Subtracted (with a Capital Ese) to add that little extra roar in the post involved.

Right now, after Child support (witt a Kapital Ch.) and other assorted taxes Öüï could care less about a trajectory of tejas that Eye kind of been telling y’all about on this Tangent (whit a capital Tee) on account that it is Laundry They and that stupid SumBitch (Eye) left our Weed Rations (with a Qapitol Wrrrrr) inside of the dirty little pocket of Mí’s raggedy-ass blue jeans… THE FUCKING HUMANITY, of IT!!!

And in Paris… Good news from the Cecily Strong camp, because Knot-to-be-Out Matched by our editorial outrage of Strong losing her job at SNL, the Parisien went ahead and found another gig for Strong. Starting yesterday, Catherine Deneuve stars as our favorite down-and-out mistress of the skids and resident dingleberry vamp, the one and only: Cathy Anne… hilarity ensues when an Alien joins the set.

And Sonny Boy, the answer is Know.

Know, it is not getting better for Fucks Sake!

https ://www .independent .co .uk /climate-change /news /greta-thunberg-twitter-video-b1853263 .html

NO INSISTAS SUSANA!.. pass the Salt.

After the break, Öüï liberates a El Fulanito pasando por ave… o algo así (punto y coma) in the mean time Eye goes by-the-numbers in a segment called, “Now you’ve seen how a Bill is killed on P S–it’s KNOT ONE OF THOSE–this here is how the best WaWa in the world is born”.

And but for the fact, aussi… [T]hat Brian Williams was sent to Paraguay

Oh, the HuManEeety!!!

Knot to be outshined by The MSNBC in The Tulsa Masacre in Oklahoma, La France actually goes to Rwanda and  does the same zouave routine, which is a good routine so don’t you let me be misunderstood… here’s a mnemonic: it’s Rwanda, not kurwa… for f.a.q.’s sake.

Upon hearing the news, the Mexican envoy to the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris walks out of the Sherman MEMORIAL Baseball Compound at Vincennes in the middle of a Pitch. At the moment it remains a mystery to u.s. if the Mexican envoy still holds a grudge por aquellos pasteles que nunca se pagaron.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/05/27 /africa/rwanda-france-genocide-macron-forgiveness-intl/index .html

It’s Memorial They Weakend, y’all .:. 18684BC2-500E-42F9-8FB9-9B06630AC690 .:. Across La Mancha the Aussies refer to Them as “The Others »… o algo así.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Zouave

🎱 🗺 ⏳

[Cutline placeholder: Knot hyperbole, Mr. Mehdi, —but hypotenuse (punto y coma) ask your 6 year-old what’s on the opposite side of a RIGHT ANGLE, de Un CODO, or a plain ol’90° Engle.]

Let Mí transliterate that to Chinese… y dice así:

Es qué? es que… es que: Total, “si te va a tocar, aunque te quites; si no te va a tocar, aunque te pongas ». Alarcón en El Heraldo, via el monoaureo . com

TOTAL, speak of a CHARismatic leader, the following afore placed frame is a humble acknowledgement that i can see your point, because i’ve wrestled with d.a.t., and other assorted “particular theories” and of course, mas que nada on account D.A.T.  Eye told you so

Phil warned about, It!, but The BriWi was out and the bridges down, “think twice” that chippy Brit said, adding “’cus it’s another They for Ewe and Mí, [and Mí] Chris Haynes, —in Paradise.”

Previously on layers cake…

Risotto recipe for “the girl who told Mí how the World Ends” and, Little Nicole Club pitch-person Nicole Perlorth, —•!•— follows… bring Claire McCaskill recipe for Carrot Cake. 🐭