“It is what it is” starring Donald Rumsfeld

Pilot Episode, where Elise Jordan challenges the audience to think of a time when Americans wouldn’t take, IT!, from The White House, and The Air America crew went, “you go to war with the Army you have… it is what it is”.


My fellow Australians, living in the United States of America —off course— please inform your fellow expat convicts from Mutt Island, D.A.T.: Mail-in Voting is not a Crime, putting a Shrimp on a Barbie, is.

Try again, there is a Pandemic out there, and if you are going to rope–a–dope with the 90’s section of the Countdown until Election Day almost gone, you better have a superb hook.

Still to come, it’s the 80’s countdown on 99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall; like the 90’s, them theys are going to disappear magically, like Jesus-es pet dinosaur.

Page 4 / The name of the telenovela is

The Jason Moore you knew

“A bad They in Texas is still better than any good They anywhere else in the world,” 🔫 749B90E8-6F01-4886-AB28-CDFC3C0E67EA 🗽 The Moore you knew and the American Exceptionalism at Ozzy’s piss-stop shop.

The State that brought you, “Two years a slave, longer than necessary!” and the ABC after school special, “Do your chores, don’t be a lazy n i g g e r” by Oswley, Stewart, Chappell, and Lee Atwater. Yup! The same Lee Atwater of Ronnie and Bush 41 fame.

Jump to conclusions

Jump to conclusions .:. D88B9067-DE03-4BF6-B4C5-4DB890D4632B 🕳 D.A.T.’s right, you’re not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway. It’s a bit simple, but for the record and in a factual way, if! You get upset by the “don’t be a lazy n i g g e r” reference in the Last Week Tonight’s mash-up, then B r o t h e r, you have not been paying attention to just how A b s t r a c t  Donald John Trump has become when it comes to L o w  I n c o m e  H o u s i n g  during his Make A * * * * * *  Great Again rallys.

Over in Washington, Avi Velshi had the night off, and Nicolle Wallace is covering TRMS, technically, D.A.T. just made her:

La Señora de La Casa

Naturally, Avi Velshi, actually loves his job and he told Nicolle, “La Señora de La Casa”, that he would have The Last Word on D.A.T.! And so Avi just kept a-rollin’ all night long. And then Avi Velshi brought out The Darkest Side of The White House Thickets. Stuff everybody already knew, but now with I.C.E. live-action “heroes”.

But FO’ist: it’s “Don’t Kill The Messenger”

The Moore you knew

The Moore you knew .:. 3EE35DCE-E0FE-4DB1-A316-04E12BE1B419 📰 En La Jornada del primo lejano de la Chron . com, in other words, el USA Today, El Paso, Texas, conmemoró un año de los asesinatos de odio en un centro comercial.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /mundo /2020/08/03 /el-paso-un-ano-despues -9464 .html

In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s still Monday going on the .22 hundred hours in pineapple time. Over at aisle 1 it’s a Roll-Back Blow-Out on all sporting goods and outdoors equipment.

Told you there was a Moore in the picture

Told y’all D.A.T. D.A.R.E. was a Moore in the picture, Kid .:. 24D087A6-1D0B-4FE6-AE5C-B4F7C647516D 📽 … [A]nd Eye bets that you think that this screen grab is about a Fat Boy… 🛵

Deer, Nicolle Wallace… the name of the Telenovela is

Hey, Purple Pundit, please relay to Garrett Haike that he should quote Matilda’s Favorite son, in other words, they [the Executive Branch] knew exactly was what has been happening, in other words, the cold shrug from the Senate to the working American class, or “pee–ons”, in Trickle Talk, is a classic PANTALION FILMS answer to, “didn’t they see the food lines, in Texas?”.

The answer, off–course to that conundrum is:

Por eso “las patatas bravas” son buenas

Por eso “las patatas bravas” son buenas, but an Earl at tea time is sublime, dice Karime Macías de Duarte.

Yo no soy la señora de la casa

Yo no soy la señora de casa
Weekdays at 4 o’Clock EST
only on Telemundo.


Coming Up in on Ancient Finances:
The Calamari records with abducted reporter and Ancient Aliens host David H. Childress doppelgänger, Tim O’Brian, W.H.O. goes ahead and decodes the German (offcourse it is) codex.

Over at the bossa nova channel, El Black WaPo, Eugene Robinson, is taking a break from the Brazilian sounds and he’s doing a Tango at “The Needles” after the Mexican Elvis set.

To understand The Chron

To understand The Chronicle of Law and Justice in The Lone Star State, one must go back to King Arthur’s court. .:. AE1FEA26-851B-435B-BF33-8FE70F0AB1E4 ⚖️ The Chastity Belt requirement, said Gov. Abbott, “Stays in place”… hanky panky is reserved for the Judges Chambers. —_•!•_— Of interest, in case the FAIR USE OF ALL MEDIA for photojournalism credits at any Educational store gets challenged in court, the DEFENSE submits the proximity of the Feminine Hygiene products on the Chron . com scoop “stock photo” to the trash can to the right of the “Deadhead” employee.

… jump to page 4.

Previously on Extra! Extra!!! — Diligent Incursion

Andy García is in talks with PANTELION Films in Santa Monica, California, to audition for the role of former Mexican president Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, of South Park fame

Oh Sinner-man… [I]n Hilo Hawaii it’s the 11th hour, that’s half a Dime in Eastern Standard Time, and a Nickel in the morning, Joe, at Studio 3-A… [S]orry for the interference… And in the words of Bill Maher, in El Ey, where it is way TWO early to tell if there will still bee an America as we knew it, but better, after Tuesday, noviembre 3.

The HisTory Minute

The HisTory Minute. .:. 5C6BDFB6-9BA6-46A0-A0AE-B3D1D78D8DBA 🌕
The desert never lies
… [A]nd Andy García, being Andy García, off–course, that motherfucker went his own way and instead delivered this line*:
Siempre estaremos en evolución, pero nuestro principio fundamental de OPORTUNISMO económicamente disciplinado, ¡nunca cambiará!.

* The names of the innocent at The Daily Beast have been transliterated to protect the investors of the firm.

Later in the programming, it’s «Let’s go Surfing,” Carolina, there’s a full-moon risin’ and Virginia can’t wait to see what happens (in Three months).

The conditions, according to the Science Guy at Forbes magazine, and Eye quotes:

… [W]ill bee Glorious!

considering fair sky is on your forecast, because The Moon will bee so High, —how high, you ask? So high, that the Moon is going to be creeping up on Mars and they will dance from Dusk ‘Till Dawn, —yeah Buddy.

Come on down

Come on down, the Air is Fine! BE3CC371-94B4-44D0-AA34-FB62D9419A5B —_•!•_— Deer, A.P. LeMire:
Are you stupid enough to believe* that Mike Barnicle’s monocle would bee caught dead anywhere near “the subway”, nigga please! Anne would not let him anywhere near fluffy’s litter-box if he did.

* En contexto:

Your Move, Garry… [B]ecause, Cousin Joe just reminded Texans, what a Liberal Democracy (in the true sense of that Capitalist ideology) is all about, and Sally, Democracy under that tag has a hidden hand. For more on D.A.T., Mars Mom (Kasie Hunt) explains, IT!, for u.s. in the boonies, Bunny.

Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em .:. 0A64100D-E81D-42C9-82C5-D8AC65F4A795

What would Nina do? Answer: She’d Fly High in The Sky

It’s a Knew They.

https ://thehill .com /policy /defense /510158-navys-first-black-female-air-pilot-earns-wings-of-gold

It's like A Table XII for D.A.T.s

It’s like A Table XII for D.A.T.s at Grafenwöhr during a Canadian Army Trophy Cup, period!  .:. 2D5E5B1A-C5C7-410B-8870-111BA0D6ADC7 🧮 Over at the Burlington Coat Factory, Senator Bernie Sanders just told Vice President Biden that if he failed Chemistry in school he is fucked… In•Deed.

And in Washington, Avi Velshi’s Audio just got a taste of what a Hi-Low bandwith tactical jamming pod (at the speed of Sound) can do to airborne or ground communications treaths, In•deed, check the record, Candice.


GrrrrOWL!… .:. DB665F95-2005-4F41-A892-581496A454AD —_•!•_— It’s called Electronic Warfare, and the EA-18 Growler es el sácale puntas del firmamento, “a real means to destruction” say military insiders at The Hill. Lt. Swegle will be the newest addition to the band. She will be trained to perform escort jamming as well as the indispensable “standoff jamming session” way up in the Sky… at Sunset, off-course. How High THE Moon.

Sexier than any Ben Affleck in a vintage debutante flight jacket, yeah buddy!

For historical reference in this historic moment of American might, the framing from an asparagus hater, —and the last— U.S. Attorney General in history (until Highnoon on Jan 20, 2021) is definitely welcomed, especially since we [the staff] are shamelessly screen-grabbing A.M. Joy just to put events in perspective from the outside looking in.

Los Dorados contra Los Pattones

Los Dorados contra Los Pattones .:. 5E238042-7CA1-4F49-AD10-CE63E15CF97F .:. Sincretismo militar, o como mejor lo dibujaría un amigo de Paul en Guernica: Let It Be… “El coronel de Los Dorados” would not sound right, just as referring to Yosemite Sam as a “Kentucky Major,” would sound kind of off-target, doc.

… [C]on el permiso del profesor Pedro Salmerón Sanguinés, Coronel de Los Dorados, eh historiador único y oficial del Consejo de Lucha Libre de los años dorados del pancracio mexicano en El Museo de Chapultepec.

Issy, de-Moulineaux, bien puede ser la matriz de la aviación en Francia; algo así como Lerdo (en Durango, México) es la cuna del aviador más chingón de Chihuahua, neta que sí. Pero antes, mucho antes de que los franceses inventaran la aerodinámica en la gravedad para poder hacer posible la aviación, La Revolución Mexicana inventó la pelea de perros (in the Sky, offCourse)… and D.A.T., general Patton, es la culpa de las chingadas Palomas, —neta que sí… except of course that instead of, IT!, being called “Fast and Furious”, the program was called “Diligent Incursion”.

Note to editors:

Hoy no hubo Jazz

Aerial Warfare between the candidates for Biden’s pick engaged in Air Combat which (off–course) required Basic Fighters Maneuvers from each of the pilotas causing mayor Eddie Currents, Major Major. It was a Classic Catch22 Mêlée. Oh, The Humanity.

Necessary initiation into “los arreglos” de La Lucha Libre and the arcs of how the first “dogfight” on record was a fixed match between opposing sides of the warring front is necessary to draw the irony of how Kentucky Windage is adjusted to an Old Gringo tale.

En contexto, we never thought that we’d make it this far

Issy, Avi Velshi-ing, off the Florida Keys, there’s a place called Kokomo… or something like that, and that’s where a young Cornell West takes over the programming at AM Joy.

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason

Boy! Look At The Time, Jason. 🥅 In the frame(ing) above 🔝 A firemohawk stylin‘ Avi Velshi and the bass player of the trio, “ Machete”, check out the venue before the gig, Chuckes, the drummer is seen in his normal state, which it is fidgeting with his smartphone while wearing a hoodie… fucking Criminals, Eye tell ya!

… Eddy and his motherfucking currents keep dropping the visuals so we are going to take a nap now, Isaias. Bee good now. But FO’ist it’s time fo’Coming up in Future Shock, the Biden Campaign selects a running-mate, on DeadLine… off–course!

It was a Glorious time

It was a Glorious time… and DEM Sirens won’t let Mí Lie.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/08/01 /capital /031n1cap

And then it’s time fo’All D.A.T. Jazz, and our brújula (at capital ⬆️)  is taking us all the way to Nigeria, via Jiménez Chihuahua, where The President of Africa is having a conversation with our Favorite (opinion ⤵️) professor à La Sorbonne: Hello–Hello—Hello, a mulato, an Albino, a Muskito—my libido!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/07/31 /opinion /019a1pol

T’o ba fe lo we omi l’o ma’lo
If you wan’ go wash, na water you go use
T’o ba fe se’be omi l’o ma’lo
If you want cook soup, na water you go use…

En fin, muy buena función que nos brinda el profesor Víctor Quintana S.*, no por el saqueo de agua de pozo en la zona que El Bolsón de Mapimí bautizó como « la puerta a La Laguna: Ciudad Jiménez”, no. Buena [función] más bien por rol antagónico que nos brinda El Ratón Vaquero, patrimonio nacional de Veracruz, y narrador del siguiente evangelio según San José  de Las Panochas, … amen!


¡Aguas! Fray Tormenta y El Profeta vS. Los Come–de–Nuez de Los Filtros… only on pay-per-view, o en la cervecería de la esquina.

… [S]in embargo, SAM STEIN at The Daily Beast, in Hilo, Hawaii, the time now is 8:30 pm and fip (dot] fr just took a hair sample from Avi Velshi’s fiery mohawk to sample the word of the They:


“We will always evolve, but our basic principle of financially-disciplined opportunism will never change…”.

https ://www .iac .com /about /overview

Mission Statement of IAC, “builder of companies” and owner of Sam Stein’s media vessel baptized as “The Daily Beast”.

but speaking of UGLY MEXICANS, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say, LET ME RE-WRITE D.A.T. for all of the non-reading Sirens, one thing that the staff of this most non-consequential blog cannot say is that Professor Víctor M. Quintana S*., does not respect the rules of La Lucha Libre, unlike his off-again/on–again co•rre•li•gion•ario, John Mill Ackerman (entre otros) Ph.D.

So, Avi Velshi, before Eye continues to put on the line that fiery mane of yours (the mohawk in flames in case the good people at the IHEAL ibid missed it) against El Vic’s mask, please be advised that Luck^, favors a well-rounded an informed mind.

What would Nina do?

What would Nina do?… Find out after a nap!

^ Full disclosure, we [the staff] don’t believe in Luck, Charms, or other Artifacts, but öüï digs, IT!, as a literary crutch.


Note to editors monitoring: öüï is going to switch it over to Aug. 2 in CET, after a break. So if you are taggin’ along for the ride on the other side of the little black mirror, enjoy the inter•mission.

TimeStamp in Hilo, Hawaii: 10 p.m.

Deer, Ari Melver… stop putting the Bald man Down! (motherfucker)

In•Deed, Ari Melber, indeed. You think öüï don’t know why you picked this clip… you cotton picker you! And mannnnnn! That Louis fellow is a quick one, for a minute D.A.R.E., Ari Melver, Eye thought that Mr. Gossett’s sweatshirt was spelling “gracias”, but oh, my sunflower garden! That’s the problem with dyslexia.

… and since öüï were attacked by the go-to-sleep monster just as Avi Velshi finished the week for Kent Clarkson (aka TRMS at night and Cousin Joe on the a.m. time dial) that is all that we [the staff] are going to say as the msnbc’s do Cop’s for suburbanites, —on DateLine.

“Crack of My Ass*”, it’s the End of August in Hilo, Hawaii as the 11th hour croaks (in Paris) with John The Conqueror’s Roots, yeah buddy!

Deer, Texas District Atty.

Deer, Texas District Atty., the time-stamped registered letter to your minions in SanAnto is being held up, by EXECUTIVE orders, in the New York City International Postal Depot. The letter was sent on the 4th of July, and we reckon that the pony express is going to take another month to deliver the letter to Texas, considering that it is, Sir, the height of Tornado season .:. 54DA178A-86BF-4038-94CF-D7E9F77AF481 🌪🌪🌪 Hey baby qué paso!

And in Washington… Stephanie Ruhle hijacked CSPAN

Capitol Records Hill.

It's Twue!

It’s Twue! .:. 0F094346-E06C-47CC-AB69-46739F11BD89 🦠 The COVID-19 pandemic is about to pass self-inflicted accidents and become the #3 killer this year in the u.s., next to Heartbreak and Cancer. —_•!•_— Gracing the mapa mundi, Frida Kahlo makes a cameo appearance as Stephanie’s entrelazado de estahmbre and as all the non-readers of this most non-consequential plot noticed, the unibrow at Bustos height gave the Mexican diva away.

If you ever wanted to know how the audio buttons and chat option of internal communications during a House committee meeting function, or work, just tune in to La Pundita Live, on Weekend Edition, —off-course.

Meanwhile en el país de Ana Anabitarte

Meanwhile en el país de Ana Anabitarte .:. DAF5EB85-7FEE-47C0-ACC3-6B1E143F2975 🧶 Extra!!! Extra!!! Andy García is in talks with PANTELION Films in Santa Monica, California, to audition for the role of former Mexican president Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa, of South Park fame.

… 40 minutes later, Dr. Fauci finally gets to enumerate the 4 points that delineate the properties of propaganda (good propaganda) about the fundamentals of the fucking virus in question.

Know, EvryBody knows… D.A.T. the hot word in the headline of today’s post, Hijacked, can only mean one thing, SIRENE/SIRET:

Oh happy theys

🎶 Oh happy theys .:. 740FAC05-55CC-439D-9696-73BCDA2698DE ⚖️ Context from the SOURCE on that day of Florence’s and Israel’s re-transmission of a staged capture, follows; just for you, Monsieur le président de La Court à Paris.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/07/31 /va-la-fiscalia-de-ny-por-dos-ex-allegados-de-garcia-luna -1653 .html

Indeed, Pundita, In•Deed. The hot word of the They can only mean one thing, and D.A.T. is; that if Florence Cassez can walk free and happy (why knot‽) so should the other half of that Zodiaco duo, Israel. Independientemente de los cargos que Televisa (Bernardo Gómez) les imputó… a los dos! y no na’más al mexicano que por ser mexicano, encarcelado SIN SER SENTENCIADO, —se queda.

Still to come after the Jazz intermezzo on Sunset Blvd: The Club.


FreeLance .::. 79642D48-EBF7-4A81-891E-6EA1D2A2DFE2 🌻 En Jiménez, Chihuahua, el profesor Víctor M. Quintana Silveyra lo llama “atando cabos”, y en Torreón, Coahuila, son una red.

Honestly, Avi Velshi… you sewage diver you!

Yes, it’s true, Avi Velshi, Eye did not think that you’d make it without The Steph, but D.A.R.E you are, translating neurological gobbledygook, in Greek! No Less.

Happy B-Day, Dj .:. AAA664EF-B7FD-4025-AFDE-D66E123BCE50 .::. What a time to be alive.

https ://sciencebusiness .net /covid-19 /news /sewage-could-be-early-warning-system-covid-19

Anyhow, Avi Velshi, it was a beautiful Sunset last night, right now it’s the top of the 21 hundred hours in Hilo, Hawaii which means that the 11th hour re-run at 10h in CET is about to give the final farewell to a walker that is already in another dimension… Herman Cain on the other hand has been put on latrine detail; he will be monitoring the health of the crew by sampling stool and urine samples.

And, oh my PJ Harveys! Stephanie Rhule is not only phoning them in, La Pundita is now ranting about the historic Drop in one of those graphs that measure a nation’s ability to produce outputs, or something like that, in Chemise de Nuit and a blurry background! The way things are going Steph is going to grow a beard and sing “give peas a chance” from the New Amsterdam Hilton… wear a Bra! You hippie!

The Exception to the Ruhle

The Exception to the Ruhle .:. CCF88275-0EFA-4C40-8B46-A2D6EEC9295C 🚀 Let’s not forget that the last time that a pundit (two-each) wore pajamas to the set, a man in sheets (David Duke) got a warm fuzzy after the Election of 2016. Just sayin’.

Anyway, Mika Brzezinski, the most frustrating thing in the world, among others right now, off-course, is being 17 years of age in an election year that is going to determine the future of future elections, in the future.


The Comic Con Send-off — “Oh Shucky Ducky”

This blog is not associated, triangulated or incorporated in any Guey, Shape or Form to the Comic con franchise…

_ but öüï dig some of their work

Oh, sweet Irony, there’s a Stow-Away on the vessel… Captain! Oh Captain my Captain.

Messrs. K and H. assure the public
Their production will be second to none
And of course HERMAN The Horse dances the waltz

Hello, Sir

Hello, Sir… [D]o you hear them Saints Marching In? .:. AF900187-C07A-49BC-A052-4DB5940743BE 🦠 That’s the sound of Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma, welcoming you on this Trip to the Red Planet.

… [Squint your jeepers and then say this Spaghetti entry and repeat the following cliché]

— Well, Eye did warned you Punks that there would be an MVPS. Didn’t cha’Eye? I mean, what did you expect was going to develop after an Old Gringo in a plastic cowboy hat explained to you how it will be‽ It’s 2020, and there are 98 days left… if you want.


Meanwhile with the mayordomo to the South, well let’s just blame, IT!, on Estambul porque se nombró Cónsul en a Isabel Arvide, “periodista” sin méritos para el servicio exterior que pidió trabajo en una mañanera… y se lo dieron! Dijo el monoaureo.