Tennessee — The hotdog bun state

Don’t believe Mí… stand–by for picture, but FO’ist, Philippe Labró is now monitoring “The Show”, but as former Republican “capo de tutti” and Digital Underground MC, Michael Steele, says, it’s gratuitous because the Friday edition of C-News Matinée is already out.

Arrested development

Arrested development… Eye does not know where the parallel irony comes from, but [how do black people say, IT!?] —D.A.R.E. it is. 🌬💨 D8AA1D95-5EE5-4646-8BE1-DC4EFC8EA709 📣 Take me to another place, take me to another land

Witt D.A.T. in Mind, it’s time for the Kristen Walken dead, a show about a whiner and a guy screaming “get off my lawn”.

In Sumerian, and D.A.T.’s no pun —y’all know that Eye is loco for “algo de rhythms, and all-that-Jazz », Öüï is happy to relate that the staff of this most non–consequential blog SURVIVED the “KRISTEN WALKEN dead » only to wake–up to a low-down dirty trick played by Mitch McConnell on Chuck Todd’s Florida (and the rest of the Republic).

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/10/22 /ciencias /a02n1cie

… [B]ut can it match [mostly Mayan] kids to their parents?
And just like he did with Clorox

And just like he did with Clorox… Donald was hit with a smack of inspiration.

After the break of Matt Bradley’s unwinded timepieces, it’s a pre–Halloween Edition Show, ISSY, ISSA… Eye know’s what Mitch did last Summer.

Bee Veöüí Vewi Quiet… Philippe Labró is napping for tonight’s debate


Naiden lo niega

“Naiden” lo niega .:. 0E72AE47-D2DA-4299-B3EB-E0601F93B3B0 .:. En contexto, la última vez que la Santa Inquisición se disculpó ante las cámaras de gas fue cuando los muy Católicos acusaron a los judíos of nailing Chuy to the Cross… y en México, su Santidad, naiden (that means nobody in Michoacán) negates that the public trusts/grants for a plethora of intangible goods and services in Mexico were rotten to the core, NOT FOR NOTHING, professor John Mill Ackerman, we have an entire chapter on a thing called PROMEXICO, you might have heard of them, these lovely group of technocrats financed the Events of Enrique Peña Nieto in Paris while you where secluded in a little movie theater that like PROMEXICO ceased to exist… RUMOR HAS IT, that a young Víctor Manuel Quintana Silveyra, [now an Emeritus Professor at a university in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua] lost his virginity there. The place was called Cinéma Clef, or some keyword like D.A.T…. aunque asté, su Santida’—no lo crea.

Ahora regresamos con Paola Ramos en Latino USA*

de los amigos de México
en Francia]

Now, Purple Pundit, YOU, —of all inquisitors— KNOW that ONE must show his/her WO’ik for full-credit and, YOU, —of all Scarlet Letter Republicans^— also KNOW D.A.T. extra credit is awarded if the student refrains from selecting the SCREENGRABS and just goes WITT the flow… or as many-many WHO were burned at The Stake: just go WITT the INERTIA.

COIN•sí•dence... you betcha!

COIN•sí•dence… you betcha! .:. F4BF20F2-46B5-4064-A6E0-16E318CB77B7 .:. Get in LINE, AMLO! Don Pancho just blessed Gay unions; “and you know you should be glad”.

Shhhh… Silenzio!!! Mr. Labró is in the middle of “El Quinto Sueño”.

Still to come, “Las Tres Muertes de Marisela Escobedo”, narrated by professor Emeritus Víctor Quintana Silveyra:
https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/10/22 /opinion /032a1soc

D.A.R.E. are two things missing in this frame

D.A.R.E. are two things missing in this frame .:. 367588E3-7E4C-4699-8FDB-B86CC7CECF3B ⚰️ The first ONE is God, because as Evrybody knows, “There’s no God in Mexico”; and off-course, Tommy Lee Jones, because he prefers the Pampa than from La Pradera.

And in Washington, in Washington you can be as loud as you Wanna Bee, but don’t you, step on Nicolle’s blue suede shoes.


* With all due respect, to Mª Hinojosa on the National Public Radios.

Dear, Matt Bradley
Fast-forwarding D.A.T. clock on the wall is no way to go through life on the XVéme.

That clock is wrong

D.A.T. Clock on the wall D.A.R.E. is Wrong, mr. Cooper, and as a matter of fact, as the clock strikes Midnight in Paris, in Lagos, Nigerians are just entering the 11th hour on the Rachel Vampire side of the meridian. SO, this tells u.s. two things, find out about’em on the next segment which Personne is going to read, période!

^ Previously regarded as CARD CARRYING REPUBLICANS.

It’s The Rachel Vampire Show — followed by the Morning Vampire panel

Érase que s’era
The Wobblies on peacock

The Wobblies on peacock 🧟‍♀️ B4C3C32F-BBCC-46B2-ABD5-17EAB311587D 🧟‍♂️ Election night on an already saturated Spectrum.

Now for those of you WHO have not been keeping up the 2020’s programming might recall, totally, that Halloween was announced early during BLACK HISTORY MONTH by the BBC and by March’s madness, DRACULA was already looking to stow-away a few of the “undead” on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line… yeah, Buddy! Öüï even selected a few dentils to show how the VIRUS, spreads through the AIR. (Look, IT!, up, Little Nicole, because it’s probably going to come up during tonight’s feature of:

The Kristen Walken Dead

🧛🏻‍♂️                   🌚           🌞                 🧛🏻‍♀️

When Öüï returns, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] don’t know what’s going to develop, and D.A.T. is the Way Eye Likes, IT!.

And in Washington, under The 45th president of them united states of amËrica

It’s time for another milestone on them headstones, knot to bee confused Cousin Joe, with the stone heads from Miles tones, because that’s a different TRUMPet, right now it’s Tú–tú-tú, tú–tú, and that One.


COIN•sí•dence? .:. 6477BF1E-ACD8-455E-8449-7D8FDABC262A ⚰️ “You betcha,” Purple Pundit, and you are not fooling anyONE, Cousin Joe, the Pact between Rachel Maddow and Phil Griffin is that you –motherfucker– shall remain an active Vampire in the a.m. section of the afternoon and Rachel shall be the Lorde of Darkness on the PM side of the Markets. THAT’s the LAW.

If it’s Eerie, it’s probably because it’s Pennsylvania, a close relative of Transylvania… indeed, Mika just ask them POLES over D.A.R.E.

Meanwhile, at The Washington Post, Joyce Vance and some other broad are musing about the charges that could be brought against Donald John Trump if, he should cede The White‘s House comes January of 2021, but that’s not the NEWS with DEM teasers, nope! The REEL NEWS Willie Geist, is that El WaPo seems to have learned from the mistakes of the Democratic Latino outreach program from 2016 and those motherfuckers are now using “monitos” or political cartoons to deliver the punch-line as soon as eyes meet the Front Page.

https ://www .washingtonpost .com /outlook /rap-sheet-trump-crimes /2020/10/16 /c6a539da-0e61-11eb-8a35-237ef1eb2ef7 _story .html

Courtesy of Joyce Vance White

Courtesy of Joyce Vance White 🎙862A21E9-BA21-4713-8C88-C99EF660F9D5 📻 Meanwhile in Paris, fip.siren is transmitting in MONO, get it? Mono.

Finally, DEM motherfuckers understand that Americans can’t fucking read unless you draw a motherfucking picture for DEM.

You know what, Beto O’Rourke, fuck it. I hope Donald Trump Wins. I voted for Biden, because the other option was Kanye West, as Vice-president, so yes, I prefer Kamala instead of Pence, or Mr. Kardashian, but to tell you the truth, maybe it’s time for America to «implode».

It’s 13 THEYS out until the start of a new Prologue, regardless of WHO wins, cheats, or dictates sentence on the next General Election of The United States. Maybe in the short span of what’s left of the political campaign of 2020 Paola Ramos can draw u.s. a sketch of what the face of Latino USA in America will look like, come Black History month in 2021.

If anyone should be blamed for SPLITTING America, it should be the good people of the USA Today… Gannet—yeah, buddy. And now they want to be all high and mighty with an “endorsement”, let Mí draw, IT!, for you Paola, in letters para que tu papá me entienda mejor:


(full-disclosure… the Interwebs gods are being dicks right now and Eddy Currents are at an all time high, with this in mind it’s best to take a nap and wait it out until Curfew time when Traffic comes to a stand still and the the WiFi quarters have a longer lasting bang.)

Catch you at 7 pm… but only if THEY let u.s., Paola, only si nos dejan… while Öüï waits, Mr. Ramos, why Knot flip the Front Page on that adorable Rosbif (madafaka) on the HoBO TV screen, eh‽ Check, IT!, out John Oliver this here is what Öüï calls:

Tomorrow’s Week Today…

Jeudi, 22 Octobre 2020

O como dicen los franceses

O como dicen los franceses: La Mairie.

Jueves, 22 de octubre, 2020

Americans once again put Philippe Labró through another madrugada de reality tv desde el CURB side Recycling Center in Nashville, Tennessee, en donde el presidente de los estados unidos americanos entretuvo con su peculiar estilo de luchador rudo del pancracio estadounidense al afamado cronista de los direct news matines, o algo así.

https ://fr .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pancrace

And in Washington, Donnie Deutsch goes as Velma for Halloween

Issy, Issa… Donnie sure looks like “el glande” in purple drab, Puerto Ricans on Donnie’s payroll are stipulated to call that prick “El Grande”, but that’s like asking the president of Mexico to stop eating “eses”.

… [A]unque sea como tomarse un tafil, me van a estar escuchando a mi, que no hablo de corrido y me como las “s” y ofrezco disculpa”.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

After the break on the black mirror on the other side, or something like that, Issa Rae reveals her Halloween costume, which she is already wearing, and Eye betts that you won’t guess WATT it is*, here’s a hint Michael Che, D.A.R.E. is a formula for that.

* Answer: The UniCycler


Still Wawa, o como dicen los franceses

Current or not, do we really–really need another presidential debate?

“Hydro-sonic” technology

Tele-transporter, now with “Hydro-sonic” technology 🚰 5E7C2EFC-30A3-49C3-AD82-8F43A6AA4180 🗣 All water dispensers are benchmarked to mil-specs with our patented Spectrum Oscillators from Iceland.

… Dear, God,

We [the staff of this here most non–consequential blog] ask of Ewe to please pot put a hold on D.A.T. D.A.R.E. work order to sink that worthless wart on the Continent called La Florida until the El Ey Dodgers finish the series that starts tonight.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Ladies in Gemini the following is a special presentation of:

Manual Oportunista López Android

Manual de Oportunistas López Android, Change 2.1 ⚾️ A0AD1BAC-577B-45C4-B90B-F9ACA2D73803

SAVING MEXICO re-loaded, oportunismo obrerista

Issy, John Mill Ackerman, ahora regresamos a la época cuando Los Franchutes de La Sierra inventaron a los Mayas y luego, dej’pué, a los Olmecas.

En re cuento, and this is no hyperbole en la parabólica, Chata, para el mero día cuando El Patrón, Emmaüs convocó a una cuadrilla de los llamados “sin techo”, [PAOLA Reymos] para asistir a la inauguración de Los Olmecas en el museo de Jacques Chirac, yo, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto ya había husmeado al “representante” de la Embajada de Mexico en Francia que el Servicio Exterior Mexicano en Europa envió, o más bien, destacó en la callejuela Jean Lantier del 01 en el 75… if Ewe know what Eye means, Siren.

The team at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (same quadrant of the Châtelet Constelación), know what Öüï means so in case that any [Matt Bradley] would want to verify the facts, since there is a trail [and a trial] left behind in that hall.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, [Irma Eréndira SanD•oval] rogamos que el resto de sus emparentados [en la lista del pre•supuesto, por•supuesto] no se vayan a empapar… ¡Aguas! Porque este nuevo agente (destacado en la rue Jean Lantier) nos llega directamente desde la Ciudad Eterna, ROMA, y pues como Johnny Depp [en el rol de Cantinflas] diría: Allí Está El Detalle.

De cualquier manera, esperemos, Sr. Don Andrés, que sus esfuerzos de recolección de datos e inteligencia en el Exterior de su República logren obtener lo que andan husmeando.

In other words, Paola Ramos… please relay to Don Señor Marcelo Ebrard (your old colaborador en El Paso, Texas… when y’all used to sell HAMBURGERS IN PARADISE), D.A.T. he knows My NAME, pick up the Number; motherfucker!

Intermedio… with Donovan Piggot

Cigarros Faros

… [A]fter the break, Cousin Joe interviews former Vice Lady Lynne, from the Dakota pole line Happy Whore House Union.

Indeed, upon learning that the great Avi Velshi had liberated the Stetson on Sunday morning cable television, Lynne Cheney, wife of former DARk LORDe and vice-president of The United States of George W. Bush, kicked ol’Dick in the ass and sent his ass to Hollywood to audition for the Role of Lee Iacocca in the sequel to the smash biopic tale of John Bronco.

Sources close to REUTERS on the way to La Madeleine reveal that upon hearing the news, BJÖRK threw-up in disgust… yeah, BUDDY!

The Icelandic diva was heard screaming and howling to a pitch never heard before, the spectrum oscillator (which interprets Björk’s gobbledygook) rendered an apocalyptic negative that was translated as:

Dick Cheney has done more to kill Iceland than any other oil baron from the Arbusto years in Houston.

And in the role of Björk, Olivia Troye, off-Course!


Check all that apply

El estuche

El estuche ⚰️ E368FD80-C9C6-4597-964B-7510791E7565 ⚱️ Remember, John Heilemann:
A casket is like a “quema cocos” because the lid is detachable, while the coffin has a hinged capote… 🧢 with that in mind, a casquette is a hat without the wings.

In God, Öüï trusts — Yeah, fuck it*

Now playing, at the American Baseball Championship, on planet Earth:

Verde aguacate

Verde aguacate .:. F7985F53-80F0-45AF-A005-4310C0D74ED0

Goooooo, Farmer John!

Meanwhile at the French Open, Bradley Cooper is on the loose, —d.A.t. motherfucker!!!

So, Mr. Bradley, hanging around with little “flics” at the Place Goldoni right next to the DEER PASSAGE, eh‽ Eye could see d.a.t. allegiance forge before you left les Champs-Élysées… 🎶 What now, what’s next, where to? », c’mon Mr. Bradley, if that is your real name, —ketch-up!

… must show WO’ik:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/04/07 /peut-etre-nest-quun-simple-hasard-its-the-11th-hour

In La France, no farce intended

In La France, no farce intended… the police syndicate controls the narrative, but then again, Bradley Cooper, Öüï has seen d.a.t. movie too.