Easy like Sunday mo’rning, on a Mandarin’s Cobra trail

Royal Flushing Viper Bros.

in colaboration with,

HACHÉ MENU productions and,

Lonely Aura in the Sky.

Zopilotes con futuro pelo.
Rated « R » for all of the Familia in France.

It’s 19.23 in Central Siren Times

Zopilotes con futuro pelo is a Special Double Feature presentation with:

YES!!! It’s Him!

Yes!!! It’s Him!
Starring Jeff Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum reprises his rôle of The Fly, if…

Alimentation mi Génerale… not under this motherfuking ReGIME!!! Fo’ DAT you got’s to head to the Big Easy… just don’t head over on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon. That’s SIESTA TIME, Lolita.

__ if Jeff Goldblum was a Taco STAND vendor in Uzbekistan and he called his PUESTO el nopal de Little Joe… because there’s no such thing as a little Pepe in the Old Soviet Block, only little « Joe’s ».

And for all of those who prefer to Live Life by the Drop, visit the Street is My Gallery, Oscar Wilde is doing time There right Now… that dude is learning Ka•Ra•Te… or something like that, it’s got somethingbto do with The Social Sciences being a Martial Arts curriculum à La Sorbona.

Ladies in Gemeni:

The Mandarin Cobra’s Touch

You’ve Been Touched.

You’ve got the Look, Socorro… pero de Stan, coquito.

Issy, doña Lola, at the Uscita di emergenza son las 3 de la tarde…

’Amo a ver qué puso la gallina, pues.

all the cool in that old bag is nothing but the Staff, The Whole STAFF, and nothing but the mutherfucking staff.

Welcome to the Hotel California
… faltan Veinte para las Cuatro.

Needing a little something to make you feel better?
Read the Bible, the Hotel California a Pâris offers you a Beatles Bible, and if that didn’t quite feel Dat Dere elusive spot, then how’bout heading over to The Pink Martini Lounge where you can get your,

Tun–tun Tacos de Atún——tun—en tortillas
Eye want tacos de Atún on tortillas
Tun–tun Tacos de Atún en tortillas
Eye want TACOS made from un Atún.

Tacos de Atún, estilo Sinaloa
En Concordia les dicen tacos de Pescado,
y el pescado, a diferencía del Pez, como todos los Fry’s de (Cantab) lo sabén muy bien, esa criatura sí existe, heck, a usted misma, ¡Señora!!! A poco no l’an pesca’o bailando in The Boys Room to the re-mix of a groovy Marvin’s song——yEAH, you and all of the (cough—cough) staff know what Chuy is talkin’ about. It’s fine, girl, you just didn’t need to put all of them big–fish stories of the “good girl”  into the beat of yo’Growing Pains; but that’s not what we [the staff] are promoting.

Let’s get into the Thicke of it, shall we? With some Tacos De Pescado estilo Sinaloense, just in case the bible doesn’t necessarily hit that spot!

So, necessarily so and without further a do about nuttin’ here’s a Swan Song reflection with Fry (cantab) without the True Semolinas. And just in case, Ladies in Gemeni you begin to wonder, it’s True. Semolina Pilchard is climbing up the Eiffel Tower, The Late of Pablo’s Fucking Fair is there. Tru Stori.

TimeStamp: 16.43 in Proverbs 3 times.

Directions in Present Tense‽ — hillarity ensues when Bumbblebee tells the guy at Lilas that Oui don’t need no stinking directions in Present Tense, OUï—motherfucker have RadioHead frequency.

Directions‽ Oui don’t Need no Stinking Directions, Oui are the Purple line, —bitches. 

Coming up aftrer the break in the Making of Boludo, Astor se va con un Re–Mix “Al Sur”.

Mercury News desde Chile is there at that train’s terminal station for the latest.

Step Three en el manual de uso con la COP de los Pôles: Don’t open ‘till Doom ´ s Day. Right now, it’s Veinte después de la quinta hora de la tarde en las avenidas subterraneas de Pâris.

Watchout Georges, piedras follow, it’s not Ewe, it’s the cheating adultress in front of BFM. TimeStamp: 17.43 pm at Issy–les… HOLLY MOLLIES… ma’mà—ma mà en la parada de Télègraphê una vecina con peluca está arrullando a mi negrito. Futuro Pelo featuring Natalia Lafourcade y los mocoritos re—mix is at Sanborns con una tal Anna, cuenta La Comadre Letty à Les Moulineaux.

18.00 hours Y’all

23 hundred hours with R.I.C.

Mon ami…
Avec quoi chingados se embona un Referendum d’Iniciativa Ciudadana?

u‘pos, ora vera,
aquí le va el modo de empleo. Según los BFMers en McDonalds®️.
Basicamente los mortales le exigen a Jupiter que en menos de lo que marca un año en el próximo calendario del 2019 exista la posibilidad para que cualquier ley pueda ser incentivada y/o revocada con un voto ciudadano, o algo así.

Marine Le Pen, dice que ella (o sea los extra–muy_muy francece-ses) como ella, inventarón los llamados R.I.C. ce–ces.

“Leapin’ Lizards”, Annie:
It’s A Hard Knock–es–es–eses Life.

Ladies in Gemeni:
La Srita. KOMETA

Coming up: My Niggas in Pâris.
Veinte para La Una.

19 hundred hours — por La Quinta de Pâris

Breaking the News:
The Pôles keep Talking
Horas Extra. Ya’all!!!

Mercury News… vía Chile.

But First in the Food Chain:

No es lo mismo, querido Pablo, ser punta de Lanza, que Pásarse de Lanza.

Cool, cool arrowheads;
en el estado de Cuernavaca
son tan • pero TAN Cool Arrows;
que aquí en Paname,
los sinaloenses que allí vivierón,
dicen que SON bien Cul•Er•Eau—S.

La peregrinación por Ntra. ‘Ñora de Hayek

3.20 at Mandela’s Garden in Pâris…

This is a frame in Progress… in Central Europe it’s 4 o’Clock and at Katy Kay’s HHQ’s it’s 3 p.m.

I (heart) Serge…
sans oublier

There is no such thing as an
but if there was, an aquaman,
that fucker would wear green & yellow
and he’d be a Sea Horse,
not from Hawaii, Bro.

[Sea horse goes here]

There is no such thing as a fish… big fish, meet Orca. Orca is on the brink of extinción. Enjoy your TUNA bumblebee.

Later in the programming:
How to fold your own,
Le Sous–Marin de papel.
Starring: El Mundo de Le Monde.

[paper sub, Courtesy of Møtus para el moto, goes here]

Issy, Ringo, — dice Doc Holiday:
I also like to Bee under the sea.

La tira— LA Tira… a las 17.15 horas, tiempo del Centro, los granaderos y los chalecos bailan un vals afuera de la Biblioteca.

Veinte para las Cuatro
en Face à
Ntra. ‘Ñora de Hayek *

Next on COPS. The French edition, expliquée par Le Paint… ISSY, la pintura, bien puede ser fémina en ROMA pero al igual que La Sphinx, the very French changed the Gender and called it l’enigme du Sphinx. Page 169, La Mythologie de Gerard DenizEAU… from Larousse (2017).

Veinte para las seis à Luc des Lombards, catch Ewe at the top of the Hour for a Jazzcapade.

But first: how’bout some Satanic Cocks?

… to which Jack replies:
are there any other kind of Cocks?

Coming up at Siren Central:

ABOUT LAST NIGHT… a la mode de La Moinnaie don’t let Money fool you.

It’s High Noonan, Katy Kay

… and now Ladies in Gemeni:

It’s time for our Flagship edition of Lloyd and Mitchinson:
There is no such thing as a Fish
and other MISSquoted IGnoranCE,
with your host,
Fry (Cantab) and the True Pilchards
in a CAN.

But first
The Poles have spoken and
a fact is a fact, and a curveball is a Kurwa:

it’s 13 hundred hours in MEAN Greenwich green-house Time…

anybody up for Pastrami?
It’s just three past One o’Clock
at the U.K. Subs.

After midnight with some Ye Ye guy

After midnite
You can Keep your palomitas.
Right now, right now, —Serge…
right now it’s time for some
Cacahuates Japoneses y la música
Los MotoKaKa’s

La almeja en La Perla is Missing in Action. Time Now: 10.00 hours in Central Siren Times

La Quinta Avenida en París, follows from La Rue de Four en la Coccinelle de Christofle—chocando con La Perla; contra esquina con una tal Canadienne… Invalides is a straight shot up Grenelle.

Coming IP…MAN (Baby you’re so Square) I DON T Car [my DRIVE] and Eye just wanna BEE yo’GUILLERMO DEL TORO__ Teddy Bear.

Heidi meet Remi. Remi, hide that fucking monkee… it’s 11 o’Clock y’all.

i’m ah–Gonna need a Bigger Piano.
This red motherfucker (fip)
remains the same:
This piano remains Ivre.

Oh, Baby… on a Coney Island
Lou sends his regards
Penelope, this intimissimi
is for you.
almost 10.20 in Central Siren Time
on ah—British Box timeline, of course.

La Esperanza en El Dorado… esto, Sweet Siren es una ofrenda para tu Pescado de Oyuki. Love: [The Staff] wishing to eat from your imaginary Bento Box…