La négritude de los chicanos, episode Tú

And, Nikole Hanna-Jones, it’s 19h in Hilo, Hawaii and 7 am at Orly, and pay no attention to the Allies tanto en la popa como en la proa del perimetro “PRATTICO” del Grand Palais.

Paisano oriundo de Roma, colonia, casi esquina con Sanborns

… Think i’m lying? I mentioned “prattico” no porque la forma arquitectónica of the Big Palace is shaped like a FIXED-WING{s} aircraft, after all the fuckn’ place first Expo was of airplanes. No big surprise there. Anyhow, we last left La Place de La République with the Vision of a Big ol’V behind Marianne. Chuck De Gaulle was about to give his big ol’Speech proclaiming the end of a series of Spaghetti Republics that had plagued France with Banana Republic hopes which only benefited the Opus Dei and the future uncomfortable friends of this guy called Zammour in 2021.

desfile3… 111 {years} and Eye quotes: One and One and One is Three; Come Together now, do the maths. —_!_— Needs banana for size.

Naturally, this being France “El Fondo también es Forma” y viceversa, como el horario entre Paris y Hawaii. Think of George C. Scott asking Kentuckians what it was that they were going to tell thier Chinese overlords in 2026 when they asked of them, where were you when LEADER McCONNEL secured for you a future in the shit shoveling trade industry? Or something like that.

CENTO giorni (1966)… after the break how UNA CALLE DE PARIS invented LAS TELENOVELAS in Churubusco… and all because of the fuckn’ Grand Palais and this Malraux guy and his “wing man” Reynold Arnould. PERRO EN “EL PÉRIPH” follows.

En fin, the resolution/denouement of the Mexican version of Blazing Saddles, titled “LAS FUERZAS VIVAS” (Ora Agora Mandas Tu… in Portugal) arrives to the same predicament/opportunity that André Malraux had when Chuckles asked of him to take care of EL FONDO for him at la muy mentada Plaza de La República.

Niezniszczalne sily in POLAND… Can you spot the “V” shape beween the prolétariat and das kapital? For the record, Susana Puveda, ARMANDO SILVESTRE is just a redundant outdoors complement. Screen Grab is courtesy of the interwebs and the creators of the cartelera en cuestión.

… https ://www .filmaffinity .com /es /film 765812 .html

Coming attractions:

Que pase el desgraciado — What Ewe see is what Ewe get

El Tigre de Santa Julia starring the President of Mexico as Mi-Nino Roto.


La négritude de los chicanos en El Grand Palais… starring Jean Paul Gaultier

La négritude de los chicanos en El Grand Palais, a film by Robert Rodriguez, directed by Emilio Maillé. Coming to théâtres this X-Más 2021.

Note to non-readers from the recently added Department of Corrections at

And starring as Louise Michel, Sixto Rdgz.

Deer, non-reader, whomever you might be… don’t think that Öüï did not notice the addition of a punk version stencil in sticker form of LOUISE MICHEL on the ECO-Jardin de La Nouvelle France horario sign. Please be adviced that Eye personally wants to thank you for linking the First 150 Anniversay Softball Tournament of La Commune de Paris à Vincennes, with the hour and a half story (in planks) at Le Grand Palais. You Rock.

With that out of the way, let the record show that on, or about 18 november of 2021, Öüï made the CONSCIENTIOUS Command Objection to “fly-over” or « fly-by » la AVE. FDR in the vicinity of the 9~11 front, which happens to be situated next to the Berlin Embassy, however, it must be noted that Öüï caught one of them Military Malraux Wings flights out of the Spanish Civil War… Malraux and Hemingway: The Myth of Tragic Humanism so don’t worry about, IT!, —period— Öüï is covered by the correnct correct side of the story, not on the one from THE PRODUCERS and that MEL BROOKS fellow in French.

https ://link .springer .com /chapter /10.1007/978-1-349-19787-3_12

Malraux had dashed back to Paris to write his novel in the hope that the war might be won.”

and AVI VELSHI, you baldhead promotional agent Ewe, this is where you get to put your seatbelt on. Eye insists, buckle up bucko /s/.

And here is why, Lola³… because, silly, the quickest way to get from la AVE. FDR —to— Winston Churchill’s Avenue in Paris, France {next to the Carmela Soprano Bridge} is through a ‘worm hole’ just like Bugs Bunny does when he takes the wrong turn in Albuquerque and ends up next to the Barber (chop~Shop) in Sevilla… or Le Havre in 1944.


Any how, who, where, when, and most importantly, Avi Velshi: WHAT*??? If you had the formula to cross that path, you magnificent motherfucker, then EWE would see the SAME PERNO that caused the fall of METRO LINE 12 in MEXICO CITY, but in French, which looks a little something like a FULL NELSON et une compagnie de PERNOS norvégienne or Something like that on the SEWING ORGANIZER of Jean Paul Gaultier [TROU believable fact] :

L12: los pernos Nelson, otra vez

³.~ Starring as Lola at The Copa in Little Havana, wait for it, wait… ah, yes, the former Rep. Rep. from FLA, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

{And Jonathan Capehart, please relay to Rev. Al, that Öüï is going to take an ALE break, only one ale, not many many Ale.} TimeStamp: 16:30 in Hawaii Standard Time, and at Orly aussi.

And, Lindsey Reiser… Dart this

Knot a fuckING, ing—Gerund, no. Impact is imminent. But FO’ist!!! Lindsey is such a spoiler. Planet Earth has a better chance mitigating impact with a giant My Pillow Guy asteroid defense system, HECK, we already got them CLOUDS up there, LET’s USE these as filling for them pillows /s/. And Avi Velshi… stop hoarding them pillows… do your part in the defense of Planet Earth. Ration your pillows, you bald headed sexy motherfucker… Let U.S. build back better almohadas, that’s 3 bees plus 1 Ey, ese… and call the motherfucking doctor in the morning.

Jesus died for Dick Cheney’s sins, but Knot Mine*.

* CArbon Footprint

https ://apnews .com /article /climate-joe-biden-science-business-environment-and-nature- cc0deca6a28aab21cd4e0aa35ea7b6af

Companies bid $192 million in 1st Gulf oil sale under Biden and in case Ewe is wondering why horses are loaded on the barrel, ask La Fiesta de La Humanidad del año de La COP 21, en La Courneuve.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/01/12 /there-you-go-again-cousin-joe/

Previously on the PABST BLEU SCEAU… Fable CLXXXII* 2e Planche

You Dry SOCIETY³, pronounced Oudry, as in:

Les Années FIP
Are you serious (2016)

https ://www .grimmstories .com /language .php?grimm =020&l=es&r=fr
Le vaillant petit tailleur (Sept d’un coup) on Page 8 below, of course.

El Último Sastrecillo Valiente De Fontana near LA… A See Plus Canal Más Production in colaboration with RUST in Arizona and the Rittenhouse “Fusil de Cha{s}se” in Oregon.

Jupiter Et Le Passager
page 33 of FABLES
of don Juan de La Fuente
Illustrees par:
J & B OuDry… as in Canada Dry~Oudry ese.
Diane de Selliers, Éditeur, 1992

And did Öüï happen to mention that Sophia Loren sang the Mexican National Anthem to the beat of “El Respeto al Derecho Ajeno es la Paz, Baja California Sur, o La Paz, Bolivia, o La Pas de Calais… if you want »

So gather along the previously identified Eco-Jardin de La Nouvelle France (PLANK #12) and meet Mr. Flip-flop, REYNOLD ARNOULD, who in 1938 got the second place in the “go to ROME” painting contest with his most depressing and Eye quotes:

GAGNARAS TU PAIN con el sudor de tu frente. A frame that depicted the Garden of Eden right at the time when Jim Morrison was telling EVE to eat from the Flame of Prometheus, or some mythical son of a Titan like that.

As Öüï {probably had} mentioned {before}, the prize for winning the “Go to Rome” paint prize was a RESIDENCY to Rome; in artistic terms this is like a sabbatical for an academician from Mexico in Paris. Room and Board and all the chicks for free. For Free, Eye tell Ewe!!!.

Since Arnoud could only obtain the second stand at that gig, Arnoud did not go To ROMA, instead he ate cock in France.

Unlike Marcelo Ebrard², who thought that he could change the mood for the original THEME of REYNOLD ARNOUD painting for a happy one, Arnould took the first prize to Rome in 1939…

The Gall of France to deny REYNOLD a trip to the SEVEN HILLS and the Irony that it was with the framing of the Fall of Humanity on oil and canvas, not on a wall. But hey, Reynold was, like most artists a fickle fuck, and so he changed the THEME and the mood for a HAPPIER one, like the ONE that CARLOS SLIM just pulled on the Mexican front, with Mika’s Big Hairy Pussycat.

In 1939, REYNOLD returned to the Trip to ROME Residency prize and, did Öüï mentioned that the former Culture Minister Arnoud was a fickle fuck?
His winning obra in 1939 was a version of THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, but with Super Bowl Stadium-Grade lighting. Es decir, Susana Sirena Puveda:

LA PAIX, QUI RAPPROCHE LES PEUPLES. Un cuadro that was inspired by The Horn of Abundance or Cor{azó}NuCopia.

And ISSYn’t, It! IRONIC — Alanis Morri…seth, motherfucking Germans lost the first WWI so, says one plank along La AVE. FDR right in front of the Berlin Embassy, and so the Krouts went ahead and started a new ONE via POLAND. But Öüï has nothing to do with that.

Sin Embargo, the world and its CURRENT EVENTS [at the time] liked the first painting that Mr. “I rebuilt LE HAVRE” {} after the Brits bombarded that port following the liberation of Omaha Beach, why? Ask Vonnegut… “So It Goes.”

Can you say BREXIT, wait for IT!, wait.

The thing is, because THE WORLD was at WAR and ITALY occupied by Charlie Chaplin, REYMOND didn’t go TO ROMA, instead, Mr. Arnoud went to NICE, Côte d’Azure near Ventimiglia, not Ventimille , where the Culture Minister probably ate French cock throughout his RESIDENCY near La Promenade des Anglais.


Mean, while at the Pablo Picasso exposition at the Grand Palais…

{What’s the Story} Track X

In Local news, let the non-reader know that not to be outdone by the planking of LE GRAND PALAIS, la llamada Plaza de La Concordía is wrapping THE OBELISK there with galvanized sheets. Unconfirmed reports relay that President Prime McCron is sending back the monolith to its place of origin in MEMPHIS for X-MAS. TROU Story.

The Isle of Wight… silly Wabbits.

Breaking News… Roland Martin didn’t Golf Today, Öüï repeat, Roland Martin is boycotting White (like yatching and golf and polo and of course THE WWF) Sports for Mexican Revolution Day… the reason, The Mexican Government and Carlos Slim are taxing all of the golf courses in TEXAS.

AND in U.S. FRANCE relations, Eye has to relay to Errin Haines that VP Kamala Harris has not contacted staff… ISSY, Öüï, understands that “She’s Electric”, AUSSI, Mí knows that she’s in an administration full of eccentrics… y por si sobrara menos… « She’s done things I’ve never expected », just like ELECTRICITY, which off of its course, is INVISIBLE.

Bpi Nouveautés à remettre au bureau Presse. —_!_— Actual induction into the SERVICE des PERIODIQUES, 19 NOV. 2021, because the 20th of November is el cumpleagnos del Patrón, antés era la antesala a la REVOLUCIÓN, which COINciDENTally celebrated the on-going Birthday celebrations of General Porfirio Díaz’ which he, COINcidentally, charged to the ACCOUNT of the first Centennial of Mexico’s INDEPENDENCE… from Spain. NOW, in 2011, the Current MINISTER of Foreign Relations for the President of Mexico, MARCELO EBRARD, wanted to do the same. It failed the first time it failed the second time; EL VIEJO RÉGIMEN is BACK.

Morning Glory

— A CAMPAGNE supernova, silly, that’s what.

[A young Robert Di Nero intejects]

Wadda ya’think was gonna’ happen when Ewe forgets to bring the baby carrots and to SEND the INVITATION to Guernica.

And, Tiffany Cross… never mind https ://www .society-magazine .fr /matthew-mcconaughey/… and That is All that Eye is Going to Say!!! INSTEAD, Mr. Roland Martin, I am going to GET BACK and review the ANTESALA to the JEFF KOONS tulips in THE GARDEN of Julieta Venegas and Natalia LaFourCade (Paris 2011) AT the TIME, Marcelo Ebrard was letting CARLOS SLIM group take 3 rebars  for every ten laid, and 100 Kilos of CEMENTOS CRUZ AZUL for every ton spread on LA RUTA 12 que se derrumbó. And now, well now it doesn’t matter because AMLO is presidente and don Carlos ya no es parte de la MAFIA del PODER, don Carlos is now the official sponsor of PAN y CIRCO en el BOX y LA FIA en París.

https ://www .espn .com .mx /video /clip /_ /id /9538462

‘Canelo’ Álvarez logra unir al Senado de México

« El boxeador mexicano desató la locura y los senadores se juntaron oara* [sic] buscar una fotografía ».

*.~ para

For contrast, the only other CELEBRITY who’s had that effect at San Lorenzo was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Beiber… no Wait WAIT Wait!!! Justin Trudeau, not Beiber,

https ://www .quien .com /espectaculos /2017/10/13 /pese-a-criticas-periodista-consigue-su-foto-con-justin-trudeau

https ://elpais .com /internacional /2017/10/13 /mexico /1507915584_282517.html

Over at the Grand Palais de-Construction review:

Now you’ve probably already HO’id about how, “The grand old painter died last night… and about how Dave Dee is no longer with us. But Mickey and Tich and I would just like to carry on the good work that’s always gone down in [studio] number two.”

And, fip à Sirène j  i zz… wait scratch that latin EYE!
{Change to}
And, fip à Sirène jazz

Eye told you that I was going to bury Paul in the next segment, lo and behold, and NOT TO BE UNDONE by the DE-Construction of Le Grand Palais, the Bpi is featuring at its “bureau Presse”:

I Me Mine

YET ANOTHER Mythique portrait With The Beatles
page 38, When The Royal Family Adopted Beatlemania for Thé{e}.
Numéro 01, “Mythique”, France Quotidien and some fellow named ÉDITO, or Something like that.

LEARN WHAT LENNON THOUGHT ABOUT LIVERPOOL [page XV]… Please, Please, Please, la locura!

« J’ai grandi à Hambourg, pas à Liverpool »

Those Fucking immigrants!!!

And still to COME, One fo’My Baby and ONO for the Road.
https ://www .beatlesbible .com /1960/11/20 /live-kaiserkeller-hamburg -48/

Over in ROMA, Sophia Loren sang the Mexican National Anthem {version Pérez Prado} and so NEVER mind Amarillo BY Morning… Gotta Go Now Baby if I Hurry I can Still Make Cheyenne.

Previously on, “abiertamente blindado” on PBS (Pabst Bleu Sceau)

Seaux = Knot hallmark… and Lindsey Reiser, that’s a lot of Ewe’s with Debbie Wasser{iel*} from your co-host… sniff — sniff… i smell baby carrots.

https ://www .liberation .fr /politique /presidentielle-la-chasse-sur-les-chemins-de-la-campagne -20211119 _VXJHYHOPPVEV5PF4ZX4J5WVMHQ/

— “Ehhhhhh, what’s up Doc? »

Check your barrels at the door.

Breaking the news, In KEnoSha, Wisconsin, Ellison Barber froze to ice, The McLaughlin Blonde is putting on the gloves. The events outside of the Rittenhouse Memorial Courthouse, in KEnoSha, Wisconsin, have triggered Parisians to move out to the so-called “CAMPAGNE” to join HUNTING CLUBS… Adrianne “Elmer” Elrod Fudd reports.


Baby Carrots In American Politics

https ://www .theguardian .com /world /2021 /nov /15 /sacre-bleu-french-flag-changes-colour-but-no-one-notices THE FIRST WOMAN OF COLOR taking over the FREE WORLD for 85 New York minutes.

Coma frutas y verduras and “consult your urologist if you wonder what your manhood should look Likeuse small carrot for size comparison with Senator Kevin McCarthy.

I took the wrong turn at Saint Malo but don’t look back {when} in Angers… she’s in a family full of excentrics 

*.~ per Le Robert new standard on Sociétal Reconnaissance in the French flag.

“No one i think is in my Three »

TimeStamp 18:53… and Eye quotes living is easy WITT EYES closed and Monica Alva… please stand-by. Eye will bury Paul in the next selfie with them Mexicans at the White House, but right now, Julieta Venegas is going to transliterate the former “AP” politico guy, Jonathan LeMire’s « London calling » with some TIJUANA NO! version of the Doors of Perception in TKT and some “Spanish Bombs… yo te quiero infinito »… vía LE HAVRE, and Jonathan Le Mire, here’s why, you son-of-a-bitch!!! Pleybol!!!

Öüï begins off-course with the Mexican National Anthem {in the Spirit of Pérez Prado}…

But FO’ist, BREAKING THE NEWS for Alanis Morrisette: YOU DID IT BITCH!!!

The United States of America is the FO’ist to seat a Black Woman as president of the América*

* It’s only temporary while Mr. Biden has his unmentionables checked… or something like that portería that LA Jornada is talking about.

¡KARAMBA, Kamela!!! Hallie Jackson is going to have a Field They!

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/11/19 /mundo /biden-se-sometera-a-colonoscopia-traspasara-el-poder-a-kamala-harris/

O como dijo Malcolm X: by any MEANS necessary… sorry Eye mispelled your name, Öüï is going by AMLO standards… ‘member now, Jonathan LeMire
unlike the Three Amigos, Eye speaks with a Mexican accent.

And, Politico LEmire… Victoria De Francesco Soto is delivering them bombs in the role of “Entrecôte” Venegas, which happens to be French for Julieta Venegas in San Diego, California… right before The Road To Escondido and that ARROGANT BASTARD ale headquarters… that’s where them PADRES play.

Witt D.A.T. in mind, Mal{a}raux{ment} it is time to roost the chickens into El Patron’s coop.


Brothers and sisters, don’t believe the HYPE !!! Ewe is going to need more than a mere « hour and a half » to transliterate the story along the perimeter of the Grand Palace in Paris, France. The “Little Palace” on the other side of the tracks, that Öüï can do in the flick of an EYE. Like that Victoria that Georges Brassens just had in Oklahoma, and Victoria, them Okies don’t even know who Le Gorille is.

https ://edition .cnn .com /2021/11/18 /us /julius-jones-oklahoma-execution-decision /index .html

And fip Siren, thanks for the Songs for ELeNa, not to be confused with the ELiTes de France, and if YOU ara in on the JOKE {then} you know that that is my source.


And, Kier Simmons, guess what? — It’s WeekEnd Edition

And Ellison Barber… you are out of uniform, it’s casual Jackson THEY, like whatever! C’mon, Ellison, take off them gloves… it can’t be less than -3° Celsius Clay. 

And Hallie Jackson, lemme jump in… ‘member when “tumbler” had a different whiff in the news?

ISSY, “whiff” is the proper noun… and it’s part of a Social Order, Monica Alva {33:3 EST same spot where the Turkeys Guajolotes yesterday were taking selfies}.

A young William Barr {RACINE,WI ; 13:58 UTC –6} is doing the after party at the rittenhouse Scot free trial… go home, Mike Richards. That’s the law… sorry if Eye mispelled your name.

And in local news, it’s last week to they and 300 pastors {Ministers, pues}… all of them honorary Mexicans on REVOLUTION rememberence day… in Canada, why Cànàda, Ambassador RICE? Mauricio Garcés will explain, IT!, for you.

But FO’ist, the Bobs {knot the boobs} are neck deep on in The Oval Office and Öüï is not even talking about WaWa Gate. In the ART world this is called ART DECO. Art Deco, like Mexican pre-columbian art is Tax Free at CDG, ORLY and NICE… and you know that can’t be bad.

Courtesy of LA JORNADA in PROCESS{o}…
2021-11-18 Reunión de el presidente de México- Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador y el primer ministro de Cànada  Justin Trudeau.


In Paris, it’s incest rememberence day, and Mika, i {armando segovia} knows what Charlie Sykes is thinking of in Oh-hi-hO… his grandchildren in France had a better future in West Virginia [Banjo{s} duel goes here] and that’s a catch phrase for Carmela Soprano’s new and improved Au Pied du Cochon in Saint Eustache.

And Susan Page, does Eye really need to smack Cousin Joe in that big noggin of his to make him spit the Philippe Labró source? You got it leather Queen…

The heart of Rock and Roll is in D.C..

Page Eight, baby, EL OCHO… of N°2625 of Le Matin Cnews Direct…

But FO’ist, it begs to be a beggar to ask the question: WHY? Why in the FIRST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED, expresso-drinking, croissant-dipping, truffle diggin’ Puériculture world at Le Jardin des Plantes would France need a plan against fucking children? Why?

And then the International Infant Day was invented at Le Grand Palais… note to non-readers at the Morning ‘comrade’ Joe Show: The Big Palace at Place Clemenceau is under de-Construction and so the Infant Day rememberence ceremony is hereby moved to Le Parvis de La Mairie de Paname en Paris.

And, Susan Page {knot the RICE} New Jersey called, La Pundita wants her look back… and Heilemann, of course you know that this must be read in an Andrew Dice Clay “london calling” leather jacket look.

Note to non-sponsors at MONOPRIX®… let’s roll, Eye will bring the Rock.

TimeStamp: 3 minutes ’till Bpi Shutdown… Fuck The Police… by Joey Starr, or some Frog like that.

And then there was that time when AMLO set foot en la casa del Patrón {of the backyard}

Breaking News, Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson! Eye sees that you demoslished Mika’s turtle neck. You are like Big Foot with a news hour. That turle neck didn’t stand a chance. Watch that jumping magic pen, it’s loaded.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2021/11/16 /cartones /hernandez .jpg

Viejas mañas die hard… viva méxico!!! Pinches amigos de méxico en WaWa land… vía Au Pied du Cochon (Paris, Centre). Don’t forget to load your FACEBOOK with your selfies and your “mexicanidad

And, hey Hallie Jackson, let the record show that The White House is hosting a quasi “little Nicaragua” in the making. Hasta mañana, but knot before Öüï let the record show that DEMOCRACY in MéXICO has a price at Au Pied du Cochon, tip is already included (15% of the tab).

Democracia a la CARTA de Rocha en La Jornada de Vilma Fuentes

And Hallie Jackson… los monitos de La Jornada es un uso justo de msnbc.

And, Kier Simmons… never mind the cheeto-dust on the Montreuil-sous-Bois UIT’ites

And, Jason Sudeikis… a year ago, while you were filming that Walmart® parking lot, little ol’Eye thought that Öüï was having his last avocado in France and then this happened:

BREAKING NEWS: In New York, New York, Mika Brzeziński just ran out of Sugar… now Eye is all sticky.

Previously on Mika’s big hairy feline… on the fip “radar phone”…

And in Washington, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough just came-out as a full anti-UIT³ {pronounced ANTI—EWE-Ay’T} and that soon-to-be out of an office at Gotham’s City Hall, {Governor} Bill De Blasio, is in on the TAKE {out}… with prejudice* and in Public Service for Life, fo’Life, Willie Geist, fo’LIFE!!! He’s like the Gringo version of Le Mélenchon… but with a lot of money.

*;~ In the criminal justice system this transliterates as Mayor De Blasio not being liable for the charges of the aforementioned “take” {out}, sticking poWillie Geist with the charges.


Can you spot the “fakeness” in this 20minutes . fr snapshot?

SuperSize Montreuil-sous-BOIS… and IF YOU are familiar with the “MISSING PERSONS” nobody « DRIVES » in Montreuil, just like nobody walks in El Ey…….. _—!—_ Page 3 of N° 3677 of 20minutes . fr; is courtesy of el jueves 18 de noviembre, 2021.

³;~ Instituto de Tecnología Universitaria or Something like that, but super-sized.

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /1746 /reader /reader .html# !preferred /0 /package /1746 /pub /1633 /page /3

But FO’ist, wanna know what the French are really, really, REALLY good at? Killing trees of course², but TAUNTING is like their tartar sauce and a bag of chips… ask the Black Knight, that Rosbif is like the poster-Child of ThunderGONG… and EYE quotes:

  • Black Knight: None shall pass.
  • Arthur: What?
  • Black Knight: None shall pass.
  • Arthur: I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Knight, but I must cross this bridge.
  • Black Knight: Then you shall die.
  • Arthur: I command you as King of the Britons to stand aside!
  • Black Knight: I move for no man.

².~ Don’t believe Mí??? WALK three steps from plank #15 along General Eisenhower’s Avenue next to les ChampsÉlysées, go ahead, taunt THE PARIS TOURISM BOARD with a trip to Paris and see fo’YourSelf how Alfred Picard (Yesterday’s Big Palace superintendent) turned a bunch of oak trees into really-really-REALLY big sharpened pencils {SANS PLOMB} just to lay the foundations of a big Ol’Hall for the Glory of French toilettes at Metro line ONE and THIRTEEN next to Clemenceau’s place.