“Kangaroo lady with her bourbon in a pouch,,,\* »

Hey–Hey ÖÜÏr’d da SIMIANS
as re-hashed by:
Rebarb McEntire and remain Human.

Here’s your Önë chance fancy:9DC62AE6-2D72-4361-A55F-78EDDEAD8148

When a talking monkee loses its phantasmagoric tail, Chaango is allowed to jam in the big Great Gig in the Sky.

However, if that talking monkee, sang for the “700 Club” and/or the Bakers or worst,
the Stewarts, then s/he goes to the big Walmart in the electronics aisle.

And Sebastian Bach responds:
Wanna see what Eye see on a Saturday Night?

Go Ahead, Lorne: Take it Down and bury SKID ROW in Chris Matthews NBC vault.

Let’s do the “math”:
7 + 7; 14
1 + 4; 5

AND FRANK 🖤 dot, dot, dot:

And 🖤 goes:
— If man is DAVID LETTERMAN’s favorite number; then that number must be?

And Armando Álvarez, goes:
—What is: Nhumero Zink.o.

TimeStamp: Telegram Sam, how d’ya LIKE MY TWANG now, Said Django Bass Jake.

Le début de el beguine, starring Rosanne Barr

Sam Stein is so ugly that?

MOS (Def):66BCB689-410F-409A-9645-1161688F3D09 }-~-~\,,,\*>  Staff Sergeant Wallace; military occupational speciality 66B, Public Health nurse. SSG Wallace is co-funder of “the” Know–Your–Hot_Lips~Value sorority house.

dot, dot, dot:
his shadow wears a mask.

YUP. (Ewe are being programmed by the cute “little” aqua blue that you are seeing everywhere!!!)

Let’s play Rage Hardball:9474609E-D0CA-45EF-86F5-1AC775F3B743

SAM stein is so ugly?

—Yes sir, mr. Mason. InddeD, Sam Stein is very ugly; why that motherfucking Beast is so ugly, that:

The Mask:EEFD6826-6819-49EB-99AE-9B8D46EF645F… this is his mask! Good god, Sam Stein! You are one ugly pundit.

Sam Stein está tan, pero TAN feo, que TIN?

—Tan (river) dice que ni en Vietnam lo quieren ver.

… now (girl) push that barn door real good.

[And Brï-Güaï goes]:

—”Push it real good.” And do it like when you cook for the staff, at the office, barefooted.

Dear, Cousin Joe: Eye knew your NEWS line-up, since like Yestour_day

Febrero 21, 2019 a.o. (after obama… in Young Americans years).

Whose on Vest?:12CCF9CF-FCE1-4D5C-B00D-8F8B403D5C5B… Costello called it Quits!… and Marie Claire à Babylon ii goes: KARL and that’s all that Eye am allowed to say. —•_!_•— This draft is brought to you by Wall St. English: Chop for words at Wall St. English, or visit our Call-in center front in Tijuana, just ask the barfly for INGLÉS SIN barreras.


Phenomenological Semiotics
Design 101 to the power of Three.

Actual Time Stamp for Ms. Jordan:F9E97D9A-FCA9-433A-81DE-70F638CA6A70 •_!_• Actual Time Stamp for the avove THE PLAN snapshot, for the bleeding of the first responders fund (of 9-11) was captured in the middle of a Damas Chinas duel between manazO and Beetlejuice; actual address is  33 ve. George V, 75 Hundred Paris.

—Three, Two!!! Come on motherfucker, “get Ready,” said Sinatra.

Flat Broke in the Key of C Sharp:1B7F98E1-2AD0-45C9-B6AA-2282E0D98CD4 — Dear, John Oliver… Eye ain’t a military wife, for either your staff, nor Stephen’s Elf Krew.

Source for “J’allais vous dire…”:
Journal apocryphe d’un Président.
Philippe Barret.
Editions de “les lattès”, o algo así.

Gracias por su preferencía, y que Chingue a su madre Paco I. Taibo Jr.

Estimada, “Rayuela”:

D.A.T. Vouch:8A94B96B-0F15-419D-A38E-0ACEBBB4DB41

Gracias por su preferencía. Por favor pase a nuestro forum [en horas de oficina] para aceitar, ajustar y, afinar sin costo extra, los “jappy endings” en su androidette.

Y muchas gracias por su rayuela, o cómo dicen en Culiacán: Crack of my Ass, Welcome to The 700 Club, “Jale—Lu_Ya! ».

Our “Electrician” from l’ecole superior de Thomas Alva Edison is standing by:695A1400-5F20-465E-A7F6-9D4672850DAD

Feliz día del Planeta de los Simios… Sabía usted de que fuerón los condenados franceses, quienes descubrieron el Planeta de Charleston Heston, and of course, Markie Mark? Also, the same Frog built the Bridge on the River KIWI.

Eye heard the News [today’Sterday] Oh Boy!

When the music is over.

When the music is over:8105796A-000E-4FA0-BA2C-63CD7758F243 •—_!_—• BLOW Me. 

And thought though the News were in Cyrillic, all Eye had to do was Think like Mika’s cat, a Sweede called: MeatBalls.

Golden Parachutes and Networking 101:358F3455-2EFE-4F9F-A3C3-16A31A5CE164

Dear, Susan del Percio, i hope that you don’t mind that our Staff compresses la verguiza —anteriormente prometida— into yet, another nugget that we bet that is going to merge WALL ST., right into The Fleecing of U.S., by the big companies PRIVATE HELICOPTER POOL LANES in the Sky.


BOSTONIANS… they will ruin a Generation.

Just look at this pretty baby in SPECTACLES… EYE know where you went to KinderGarten, Matt Damon. And EYE am going to paint your Big–ol’Glasses into:


Agente Secreto RSA_ONE IN one-million-ONE-HUNDRED-THOUSAND:9B3CAB93-B0CF-4589-B52E-D100F15D2B2E… INFILTRADO.