As the World del mundo de Le Monde Turns on The U.S.A.

Kim Deal[s], “period”

Sonic Mid-Life

Sonic Mid-Life, “period”

LOURDes, Francia_ Insolito. Luc Fregon returns with news from Kilamanjaro, where Pandas are involved in a legal prostitution racket involving Al Bundy’s cloned “pumpKINS”… oh, the humanity ; but most important in this Sketch from the Artist formally Gknown as Sonic, ARE the Donnie Deutsch advertising Euros on the USA TODAY on the Sports page, section B, where else, eh? Section C, not even, these pumpkins have no Almendras in them.


Mattress SALE!!!
Advertising rates available at Gannett USA. Where money talks, “period”

Exhibit: B… for MONARCH

Sección A, for NOW

Sección A, for NOW, which coincidentally, also stands for Monday’s abbreviation of MON ; fucking, Aussies, they do everything up-side dOWN, “period”

Pero, ¿Quiere Más de Luc Fregón???
Semolina’s Eye from N° 10 Downing Street
NutELLA is the leader of them Monarchs.

Faks is on Shortstop

Eye don’t give a FAKS is on Shortstop, “Lifer”.

Just The Facts, Joe ; only the best FAKS in the World of Crow.

Laboratorios Camacho

Laboratorios Camacho, en la calle Stanton de El Paso, Texas. — This Message is approved by El “Carnal de Las Estrellas” en el IHEAL de París (2015) y Alejandro González Ignarri, “PERIOD”

MotherfunKing, Matt Dæmon!!!

Release the Hunt! Matt. You are not fooling anybody. And just what Da’hell have you done with Senator KloUbuchar, eh?

Who said it best

Who is signaling the crowd from FOist: “EXIT THROUGH THE giftshop Door on Cousin’s Joe Background“… who are you going to BEElive, Mike Barnicle’s lying eyes, or Mika’s sobaco de Kilimanjaro? Nice pose you got D.A.R.E. Cousin Joe, what are you like an aristocrat or, a WAR dodger? Which one is it Joe?

My name is Armando Segovia and Camilo Cienfuegos is at the Mound, and there goes Gravity, live from LOURDes en Bayonne, Francia.

TimeStamp: 16h00 32

Fucking, Matt Damon

Fucking Matt Damon and one of them 50% OFF “nains” de FloriBama. It’s a rough sketch, but we [the staff] are hopeful that the authorities will catch up to these two “artists” and, that Senator KloUbuchar is OK. Bostonnians! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

Comadre Lety, was that a Bowie,
or are you just happy that my Heart belongs to La Suzy, sin sus Sepultureros, eh? It would never work between U.S., with you being a chilena, and the best of mí, as you and “La Cia. Resentida” found out, is Mexican. It just wouldn’t work, meteríamos puros goles de chilena, and Eye has a bad back from an old WAR injury with them Eric B., Rakim and of course, his Animals.

DescriptionFrederick George Wilson

“What about this guy?” Guey. Everything that Frederick George Wilson touches turns into one of them Floridians that want it both ways. Either ban Ultra Elastic “Killer Mike” style slingshots or, continue righting the wrong field on FOX Sports TV. And Rick, don’t get mí started on Nicolle Wallace’s “vacation”. Tell the truth “Curly” Heilleman!!! NICOLLE IS ON TIME-OUT for being a potty mouth on MSNBC’s “Sponge Chuck” news block hour. 

Any güey, Rachel Maddow, … perdón, perdón! Any wëy, Anthony Scaraamuchi, to quote Chrissy Haines during the 2006 U.S.General Electorate College election of Donald Trump, “what about this guy?*“.

No insistas, FIP… vete a besar a tu flamenco

Mientras tanto en Biarritz, Ancient disc jockeys testifican que la negatividad de la sangre, característica de ese sector de la población franco-gachupina de extraterrestres, se acopla como uña y mugre, o cómo zona de cuarentena y alambre de Rubén Olivares “el púas” para PODER filtrar, precisamente, los ISO.Topos que el sr. Putin de Rusia le pegó al mr. Macron de la tal Marianne.

The backbone of a taco

The backbone of a taco

El secreto del pulque de El Puas, nos cuenta Quentin Tarantino, radica en que los chingados trocitos de carne de res, y las muy leguminosas cebollas, pimientos ; issy, calabacitas en cubos también tienen que llevar como “castillo” un chingado alambre para poder ensartar todos los ingredientes like a marshmallow shish-kebab. But leave it to chilangolandia to turn the casual dish into una “discada”…

Lo bueno de este blog

Lo bueno de este blog es de que Michelle Chávez no lo lee, because she would probably “skewer” mí así como lo hacen los gringos de Marfa, under their “lights”.

and gNow you gKnow, the rest of the reason of why las quesadillas en la Ciudad de Mexico se privan de llevar “quesito », InGRATos.

En resumen, las “quesadillas » sí llevan queso, y Nunca de los nuncas, “ocupan” ALhambre. Dicho d’Otra manera, el ADN de las quesadillas es por decir, un Taco InVERThebraDO, mientrAS que La Constitución de un “Shish Kebab », needs a motherfucking “backbone”. Las peras con las Esperanzas Spalding, y las manzanas con Los Beatles. Y por eso, antes de preparar una DiscHada, consulte su sección Amarilla ; and never mind the GRECs.


Let the bidding start

Let the bidding start.

OMARA… So nothing Really mattress, eh!?

I Love Paris

Don't make mí, hate it

Don’t make mí, hate it

Bagnolet exige un Commissariat de plein exercice ; y no uno como el ELECTORAL COLLEGE.

Just a riffip

Just a RifFip… with Huey Lewis and the NEWS. “Back to the future”, baby. Wait for it… wait:

En Francia, muchachos sus penes cuestan 30 euros o un pantalón del Tumbador, “Let’s do this” Bear had French for Breakfast.

Don't shoot the Grizzly!!!

The following is a Public Service announcement, exclusively for: Brontis à la préfecture de Cité. And fo the record, “no good deed goes unpunished”, Chris Matthews great-grand dad dix-it.

PSA fou Hu

PSA foHu… Hola David, there is context for this Public Service “announcement”, your récepissé  is at the Bagnolet MAIN post office. Wait for context, wait. P.S. your document was found on Rue de Pont Neuf .