And in Mexico, it’s Phase Two of Six

In WaWa Land, Nicolle Wallace is ” Well Rested”, while the rankiest member of the judicial committee, Republican Senator, Dougie Collins, from Georgia, complaints that the room is cold, that his seat is cold, that his ass is cold, let’s hope that the Georgia politician never falls from grace, because it’s Cold Outside.

Año II

Año II.:.B5538C91-F98C-40E0-A701-FB493152EF5C •_¥_• Context on each “numerito” follows… Nº 1: “And like a bad freshmen student, AMLO undercuts the ability for autonomous state agencies from delegating their expertise and authority for the good of the country, in favor of the Executive branch’s political whims. N° 2: En mitin me dicen—que todo lo que hago—que todo lo que hago está B.I.E.N., ¥ yo sé B.I.E.N. por que! •_¥_• Rally, Pan y Circo, 🎼 Mejor me agarro el pajarito, ¥ juego con él! 🎶 N° 3: Cristo Rey EQUALS fascism. Cristo Rey in México is a Cult. Cristo Rey in México is the Child Molester — Legionarios de Maciel, El ¥unque*/Opus Dei.

* https ://en .wikipedia .org/wiki/El_Yunque_(organization)

Dear, Purple Pundit, why do you hate snow? And woman, nevermind the Chimes, our ears ring all—motherfunking— Day Long. Por ejemplo, girl: Trudeau was late to meet the boys, and Princesse Anne; Donald Trump, (on the other side of the hall) dropped his own staff’s jaws for nearly 3/4 of an hour.


Feldman, a show about substance.

Circumstantial Evidence would suggest, then, that the Canuck was late to meet the Frog, the Rosbif, —some other suit— and a Reptilian dame, because of a spectacle that the King of the United States America was putting on; can anyone hold it against him? Against the Prime Minister, not Russia’s proxi in Them United States? Fuck no! —Of course, not. With that in mind, why does Nicolle Wallace hate snow outside of her window? Could it BEE, because it is cold? Because snow is cold?


Come on over

Come on over.:.D2490744-6657-4D4C-BCB3-27335D5DF410 •_¥_• L’eau is F.I.N.E.

Sponsored by Pôle–Emploi (Pas de Calais, satellite)… oh, the inverted parallels, —nevermind the humanity.

https ://rss .cnews .fr/pdf/NEP/20191204

Ladies in Gemini…Fuck The Circus

“The Soft Parade has now begun.”

When Eye was back in seminary school

When Eye was back in seminary school.:.0CF570A4-6F45-4ADD-B545-D2D4AABB6E66 •_€£€¥_• (EL EY… para aficionados).

…”This is the best part of the TRIP!”

"¥€$ he did, he bought some"

“¥€$ he did, he bought some”

— This is the trip,
the best part
Eye really like[s]…


Do not try to adjust your settings

Do not try to adjust your settings.:.ABDE1539-47B2-4999-B37F-00D29660BEE6 •|• The Song Remains The S.A.M.E. —_•!•_— The 45th President of the United States of America committed crimes that the disappeared union leader Jimmy Hoffa would approve of, —by way of contributing one Million U.S. dollars, disguised as a dinner plate ADDITION —with tip included— in exchange for a diplomatic post, in Europe, of course.

“If left unanswered,”… it’s a Dictator’s TRIfecta

Wednesday, December 4, 2019.

https ://www .reddit .com /r/ HongKong/

Candidate Michael Bloomberg asserts that China’s authoritarian “constitutional” president Xi Jinping is not a dictator… and in Washington:


Chains.:.0BF68EC2-2613-4315-AE2D-66BE732EDBF4 •_¥_• 🎼 My baby’s got MÍ locked up in CHAINSand they ain’t the KIND, that the Attorney General of the U.S., mr. Richard Barr can break.

And still to come… CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE, with a guy who wishes he could wear a badass chain as a necklace, “Oh, the humanity!”


Giving Tuesday… Eight days a week

I’d like to give Nicolle some ink, and that’s muy RICO, rico, –indeed.

On tonight's menu

On tonight’s menu
–Ensalada de Zanahoria.
–Albondigas de borrego en arroz.
– Frutas.
– Yogur.
– Queso (of course).
– Café/Té.

And Mr. “commander–in–Capo”, that is only in ONE of Twenty City Halls in Paname.

Hello, Heidi…

An old adage DICTATES:
Don’t cheat on TAXES, and don’t meddle in ELECTIONS, and for “Once in a lifetime” the talking heads need to D.RI.V.E. this “wiki leak” Home.

The White House hates competition

The White House hates competition.:.CA499227-D0A4-44F6-99AA-4CC787168387 •_¥_• Especially Putin’s whore house on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In other news, this is an Inter•mission, but before we switch it over to the sheeple counters, Donnie Deutsch was going to VOTE for Kamela, from the closet, —of course.

Not your color, Nicolle

Not your color, Nicolle.:.4D382451-56C0-42C4-A72C-0764E4774474 •_¥_• Even Your backdrop is going Purple and you wear Blanco… not your color.

Deer, Eddie Gloude, Jr… nice key you got D.A.R.E.

Have you seen the latest Tomb of the “Unknown writer”, it came with a forced-entry and a broken DOOR… oh, the parallels, for that fucking “Mémoire”.

Access Berger

Eye gots the key

Eye gots the key.:.DFB87BAE-6E79-4D2A-AAA6-4D80F2B198F7 •|• 🎼 To the hallway 🎶

Please wait for context, in the mean time, consider the following: Cousin Joe, Eye knew Abouthot*, and that dandy feller at Les Halles underground is no Abouthot*.

Once again, nice key you got D.A.R.E. professor.

No insistas, Comadre Letty…

Por las noches yo sólo juego con Suzi.

Eye wants it painted...

Eye wants it painted Ultra Violet, and Trump, ÖÜÏ want that motherfucker in an Orange Jump•SUIT.

… Coming Up on Popcorn with iPads®️ an Old Bobby diNero tells asks an Old Martin Scorsese, “¿ya la viste, bajo una Lupa?”, and besides, a young « Raging Bull » in the form of  « Joselito Huracanado » adds:

¡no seas mamón! Martin; and besides, have you seen the eyes that are « painted* » on the « black mirror » of the phone screen at the end of the « stream » right after the nurse walks out of the nursing home suite and the screens « cuts » to BLACK?

* reflected back,
para los improvisados

AMLO pide un año más

AMLO y su Morena pide un año más para « una NUEVA patria »… y “El Tipo Este y Al Quetz” responde: sin protocolo; « …[¥]o no sé que’s lo que piensas tú, la disyuntiva para MÍ, ~es el TEma’ ». 

Motifs Technologiques
clash with
Bouleversements Mythologiques

Las fuentes en 20 minutos de una Jornada:

“Martin Scorsese pleads not to watch El Irlandés on a phone screen, but on “a big iPad, at a minimum”.
https ://www .jornada

Cueli, J.: “El huracán de Joselito“. Sección de la toreria en la opinión de La Jornada. « Para matar toros hay que dar el pecho, no el hombro »…et ceux qui n’aiment pas ça, ne vous engloutissez pas de foie–gras, ce NoelVía:
https ://www .jornada .com .mx/2019/12/02/opinion

Vié, C.: “Ya pasamos la edad para seguir contando lo mismo”, 20 minutes; mercredi 27 novembre 2019; p.16/28.
https ://pdf.20mn .fr/2019/quotidien/PAR