Intermedio — You can go to New Orleans but

don’t play me no Frenchman St. Blues.

[Laughter track]… and then the 40th President of The United States of America continues with Friday morning’s opening Zinger track on MORNING JOE… “Does anybody remember Laughter? ¿Does anybody remember when the MorJo Show would open with a Zeppelin song? Gee–Whizz, Willie Geist! How’bout bringing back those dancing days  again!

… [“The Great Communicator” continues with his speech]

— Ronald W. Reagan:

It was stated best in a letter I received not long ago. A man wrote me and said: “You can go to live in France, but you cannot become a Frenchman. You can go to live in Germany or Turkey or Japan, but you cannot become a German, a Turk, or a Japanese. But anyone, from any corner of the Earth, can come to live in America and become an American.

[Sounds of White Noise ###]

… and then, Hurricane Katrina happened
and The White House forgot about Louisiana,
Fast–forward to Puerto Rico 2017.

Culture Club! Eye reckon that Reagan never met a French Foreign Legionnaire… hey, Cousin Joe, this is part iv of a Tiki Lamp Weekend Edition

[Booker T and The Mig’s play the opening Beat:
Green Onions]

The following must be read in a Sam Rockwell voice.

Toc–toc… — Who’s there … Radio head: STILL To Come, the Ultimate Lumière in our Solar System: Sunlight. « Here Comes The Sun » — the best disinfectant!

The Gipper never met an African wall–climbing immigrant in France… Dear, Cousin, Joe (Scarborough), part iii

Zero Hour
with “The Man of Constant Sorrow”
in Central Europe Time

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Let’s play Hard Ball!

Hey, Cousin Joe, Eye really love seeing you get all warm and fuzzy about the man whose very economic policies of the 1980’s made it a possibility for assholes like Donald J. Trump to thrive in a dog–eat–dog world, sure he made Amnesty for millions happen, but then again, it was in tandem with an illegal war that armed the Vice-president’s enemy (Saddam Hussein) to the teeth, made of crack cocaine (an American Original) all the RAGE in South Central L. A., and actually planted the seeds that rooted into what would become “La Mara Salvatrucha” (opposite to the 18th Street gang in Los Ángeles).

Dear, Cousin Joe ( Scarborough)… Say hello to The Reverend

The Gipper never met a Legionnaire, part ii

The good thing about this blog is that the Reverend Al Sharpton never reads this most inconsequential blog… we [the staff] wonder if The Reverend likes Jazz, or Jamaican Rock Steady, or if the music of his Soul only makes the stop on Gospel road?

Album cover courtesy of Siren Central, in Europe Currency, —of course—; quote in Red and Blue is courtesy of Ronald Reagan’s last official remarks at the Presentation Ceremony for the Presidential Medal of Freedom on January 19, 1989… the scribbles are all from the staff.

… actually, Cousin Joe, that opening quote for today’s Morjo Show was not from “The Gipper’s” Farewell Address in 1989, according to this source:

no Biggie–Smalls.

TimeStamp: 19h56in Central Nato Time—time to play chess… tell us Mika, Who do You Love

It seems that the Sirens are picking up a thing or two from The American Experience because they are throwing “curve balls” in between “innings”, let me tell’ya: A fanny thing happened on the Way to The Forum, a SeaGull put a lifesaving jacket on a Schnitzel dog… Oh, The Humanity.

Coming up in the programming:
“Sirens, tell me something that Chris Matthews doesn’t know?

… in the Mean Time at 21 hundred hours on 103.9 FM, —over the waves of La Seine : Words, don’t Come Easy… it isn’t Easy— Words don’t come Easy!

Ladies in Gemeni, Synchronicity: the Front Page of The interWebs.

Come on and Join the Band/Smoke on the Water follows on the same Freq… while Paul Simon plays the role of a motherfucking Puerto Rican Vampire, —or something like that, while Edie Brickell “Mete MANO”… ¡AL MAMBO!!!

Dear, Cousin Joe (Scarborough)… The Gipper never met a Legionnaire

Full Disclosure: and Brontis á La Préfecture de Paris wont let us [the staff] lie, we did not come to France to become French… having stated that, if a foreigner is willing to put his or her life on the line for a Frog, or for France, Marianne will not let him or her down, unlike Columbia and her “manifest destiny” who betrays her foreign soldiers, especially the Hispanic troops.

Still ahead in the programming: The French Connection

With that in mind: FUCK Laura Ingraham and the WHITE SUPREMACIST MOVEMENT in Minnesota, and other assorted States in OUR American Union.

America (sin acento) I love You, but sometimes  you make your better Angels feel like a motherless child.  The “Gipper’s” re-quote is courtesy of Cousin Joe, and in the Grand Scheme of Things, the time line is from January 19, 1989. For more on Reagan’s quotes go to or follow the link at at the source section of this most inconsequential blog.


Dear, Melania Trump,

Congratulations on your parents, naturalization; Hurray for Chain Migration, eh!

TimeStamp: 13 hundred hours in Central NATO Time.