Young African Americans… and that’s all Eye is going to RoAR

Hoy no hubo noticias, puras chicanadas.

Hoy no hubo Gospel

Hoy no hubo Gospel

It’s A.M. Joy, and this is an early edition of an InterMission, SILENZIO!

Hoy no hubo fip

Hoy no hubo fip… Goodbye to you too, Siren.

Fuck that other anniversary, it’s Billie’s Centennial and John Denver’s Birthday… y cómo dijo Pavarotti: yo soy El Que Pone Las Caguamas, en Venezia, –Of course:

12 de octubre
Un día como, Oye

in MY Rear view mirror

in MY Rear view mirror, photo courtesy of El 1er Ayuntamiento (de Veinte) en París, Francia… en Venezia.

– note to EDitors, this week’s PIN is The New Domino’s Pizza special for TAKE–OUT:

That's a Wrap!!!

That’s a wrap.
Louvre street gallery.
Frame is courtesy of Nicolas Henry et Whitecolor Productions… Oye Negrita, one cannot, öüï repeat, one cannot make this scenario up.

The Kurdish burrito, some call it a wrap, others (like el IS o Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) say it’s an actual platter.

Fuck your Stanglehold

Fuck your Stanglehold, sincerely, Kurdish Burritos à La Porte de Saint-Denis… Oh, hey there Black Spy, nice to C you. Long Time No C.

El General Envuelto* follows, here mí out, A.M.Joy… it’s made for a SDNY movie, or something like that.


… and of course everybody Gknows that it was the VERY FRENCH, who invented: LOVE

Check the ethimolegia, Asterix had to put a HEX in that HasteRISK in order to “Latinize” the Syriza’s with “Grease” in Greece.

Etymology 101 Cegüera en PANAMEvision

At the moo-vies:
Etymology 101, Cegüera en PANAMEvision

From La Jornada afuera de la U.N.A.M.:

El FMI publicó ayer el resultado de la primer evaluación que hace de la economía mexicana en el gobierno de López Obrador. Es una práctica que rige para todos los países miembros del organismo, al amparo del artículo IV del convenio constitutivo del fondo, y que se realiza anualmente.

De la misma FUENTE pero desde La LOMA de un estadio de Béisbol en Sinaloa,
el presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos (no chicanos) lanzó una vieja bola, favorita del montón; la afamada linea extensa y sinuosa, mejor conocida por Cousin Joe y Vicente Fox como la chingada, “BASEBALL DIPLOMACY”.:

…[E]l presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador insistió en que el artículo 4 de la Constitución, que garantiza el derecho a la salud, es letra muerta porque en realidad está mal todo el sistema de salud pública de nuestro país.

Las Fuentes de doña Vilma en Nueva York… próximamente en CARTELera.

“How many times must we [the staff] tell the Tell”

Whatch out, Steph… there’s a « chicano » in that Esquat

HisPanic studies fall semester

Reference dossier follows

Reference dossier follows…  Breaking the News, Fox fires Sheppard, Cristina Aristegui reports.

There’s a Cookie Monster in that fork’s background.

Everybody gknows

Hey everybody, EVRY respectable bum gknows that one kneads a Spoon to eat a Soup Sandwich. Fucking, forks… son puros CUATROS.

… congratulations to the Washington Metropolitan Sector.

this segment is brought to you by:
Pence is a Tree landscaping services

In other news,
Oh, Hey Hallie Jackson:
Sam Stein would look swell in a Donnie Deutsch costume, period

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife:

…,”with Sugar on top”, NO.
If it’s good for Chile,
(the “underacheiver” 9–11)
then, –it SHOULD BE good for dumb fucking redneck values, SO:

Trump’s crime is not “meddlin'”, it is treason. Under U.S. Law he should be either:

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of "LA Pecsi Cº"

This frame is being planted for you courtesy of “LA Pecsi Cº”

… anyone? Anyone?

Coming up on NBC:

Lana Sube....

Lana Sube… lana baja‽

Bollywood para andinos… according to Fatima Bhutto on Mika’s show.

  Guillotine Island
… wait for it, wait… Catch!

Dear, cousin Joe’s wife guest:

BOLLYWOOD... presents

Bollywood presents: Midnight Melanomia… in a Turkish prison. Starring Bud Spencer without “Nobody”. And in the role of Donnie Deutsh: Adolf Hitler.

Fuck You, Eye saved Campbell’s Soup, via La Soupe Populaire. So–Up e POPulaire, get it?

— And Uma goes, Catch-Up‽ Get it?

Muerte súbita à Chavez Ravine vía Ebb[ETS]s field

Gooooooo, Dodgers.

Republican dad jokes

Republican dad jokes:
ISIS. ISIS. ISIS… anyone seen ISIS?
– and Ferris Buller replies:
The 45th president of them United States of America send sent them fuckers to Europa.

3 — 1 (Gnats go home)

TimeStamp: The half of the Rachel Maddow set, bring the Cardenales over, “the WaWa is Fine”, former Senator Claire McCass, bring’em over. BLUE has got the perfect pipe organ for your byrds, as öüï head over to the Fourth.

Previously on las maracas del tractor:

No le disparen al mensajero.

“No success without effort or error”… or something like that, said this former DODGER, putain!!! After sending the Washington Nationals to the play ball con Los Cardenales de la ex senadora Claire McCass de Missouri.

Congratulations to the Nats

Congratulations to the Nationals, blood well sucked… ¡Pley Bol!!! •|• …[A]nd little Rocket Man says, “and I guess that’s why THEY call it The Blues,” punto y aparte.

Congratulations to The Washington Nationals.

Final score (as seen from a ghost couch on third base):

Dear, Susana Sepulveda;
Eye knows that you don’t read us,
Might you or any of the Sepultureros
have the date of “transmission”
of the Ry Cooder, Certains l’aiment
… or was that a “sur les jupes de fip

from 2016?

08 11 2016

The date coincides, or rather,
is as you French people say:
s’accordent con el chingado episodio
on The Rachel Maddow Show
titled: Hamburgers in Paradise.

Nationals 7 — 3 Dodgers

Normandy and the Kurds

Normandy and the Kurds, eh? For the record, Raquelito, remember that time when you “thanked” the god of gold for granting you a space from where to work on your current book, “Blowout”? Remember how you were grateful because you didn’t have to bother (by waking up) your significant other at 3 a.m. en la mañana?… them were the days, eh! Lemme’ tell you, ever since crossing roads with the Good People at Buzzfeed at the Unesco Headquarters in Paris, it feels as though you (or your significant other) read this most inconsequential BLOG, pero… déjame que te cuente Morena (Francia) you, Madam, are just about to become an INTEGRAL part of a Mémoire for the Tribunal de Paris. And of course, by “YOU”, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto means the entire Evil Empire of them Rockefeller Center Yanks. Y como de costumbre, USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MEDIOS.


Dodgers stay home… monitos follow.