Deer, Lindsey Reiser, never mind Guatemala

Indeed, Lindsey, WHO cares about what Guatemala has to say right NOW when you’ve got a charismatic Nayib Armando Bukele in El Salvador snubbing The Veep! Send Ayman Mohyeldin down to San Salvador to see what’s brewing on that spot of La Nueva República.

… https ://thehill .com /policy /international /americas/547176- el-salvador-president-refuses-to-meet-senior-us-diplomat-report

ENArds en francés, ENAnits en catalán… SPORTS!

Frédéric Thiriez, ideó el instituto desde su oficina en la federación de fútbol francesa (fff).

Por mi raza hablará “el piporro”.

* Emmanuel Macron,
How do you say:
<< …our nation turns its prestigious eyes to you, >>
in Grand École French?

For BACKGROUND ON THE above quote AND CONTEXT from THE SCENE please follow this rabbit hole:

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/03/03/requiem-appendix-cher-em*

24 de septiembre (Suburbio de la eterna primavera III)

Al parecer las jerarquías francesas en la administración de lo que se conoce como “el hexágono” ​van a llevar el mismo patrón (intelectual y estratégico) que el de las ligas de fútbol profesional en Europa.

En fin, ¿qué tienen que ver los tres diferentes Hôtel de Rambouillet anteriormente identificados, el servicio de lavandería de la Cruz Roja en la Plaza de las victorias, El Instituto Cervantes, Tumbona Ediciones y, los amigos de Javier Sicilia en París?

Pepe Garduño no me puede dejar mentir, his quick recap for the known news of April 9, 2013… it was about lobby firms selling “fear” to the Mexican government, fear of AK-47’s and “military style” rifles and other assorted truffles (punto y coma) the difference is that NOW, in 2021, la rue Vivianne is paying closer attention to Ancient Aliens, or the X-files, or some Alternative views from los cerros.

https ://www .lanuevarepublica .org /2021/04/09 /lo-mejor-de-el-alternativo-con-saldanajorge -9-abril-2021/

Find out from la rue Vivienne (75009)

[Place holder] The facelift that la préciosité needed

Previously on “The element of style”…

Normally, when mere “leaders” die on to better pastures those mortals get a 21-Gun Salute; leave it to the Royals to add an extra 20 boom-bangs just because.

La préciosité

Por las “ruelles” de los muelles .:. 7E0A6692-2AC1-42E7-AB8D-EA7A84A8E886 🔄 segoviaspixes 2021; CopyLeft — Creative Commons and all that Jazz.

En Yucatán les llaman, “lindo hermoso”, ¡bomba!

Yada, yada, yada follows…

Zoomed angle on Callamard’s bunt… the ball met Louise Michel midway to First* base where the specter of Nicolas Fouquet made the easy tag on Team XXI Century. Up next is President Macron.

* First base, as well as the right and left fields are aleatory positions. The phenomena is a result of Julius César’s Centerfield siege during the opening show, a treaty was reached and the rest, as they say, “is history”. Nicolas Fouquet is by-the-way the official ghost of the entire Bois de Vincennes and if you’ve read the Mount The Count of Monte Caprio, then you might recognize that the Nicolas Fouquet’s arc is also the original idea behind Quiet Riot’s “Bang your head” record cover.

https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Nicolas_Fouquet

… [i]l dut être transformée 1689 pour s’intégrer a l’ordonnance de la nouvelle Place des Victoires, President Macron fait rhabiller la façade selon les dessins de l’architect de la Ville: Le Vau/ Le Notre/ Le Brun et Colbert S.A. de C.V. L.L.C.

Now in order to begin to unravel the reason why Öüï arrived at N°3 rue d’Aboukir you would have to go back to 2011 when Ediciones Tumbona was lounging at El Instituto de la “ñ” with Los Ciudadanos por la paz con justicia y dignidad. At the time, Mexico was giving Freddy Cats in Montreuil-sous-bois all of the inspiration needed for his sicario-looking action figurines for Bobo’s at the 9éme Arrondissement.

“Estámos hasta la madre”, decían los guerkos en París.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /mexico /comments /mnsc4g/y_hay_quien_todav%C3%ADa_cree_que_lopez_es_de_izquierda/

Aussi, the first thing that you should know about le Hôtel de Ramboulliet (Paris, Centre) is that in a three-block radius there have been at least three buildings with that same name; por ejemplo, Yasmin Vassoughian, the HdR that stood near the Louvre (the one with the “précieux” in the tag) has nothing to do with the HdR on rue Saint-Honoré, which a certain Cardinal Richelieu purchased to build his own shack in the mid-1620’s, and that one has certainly nothing to do with the Parisian Paddle sign that advertises the site of yet another HdR that was built in the late ’80’s of Moliere’s century, and which now graces the façade of one of Henri Dunant’s greatest contribution to world, The Red Cross (laundry service).

[Place holder] the marinade went sour

Ladies in Gemini, it takes a lot of MUONS to bring back Florence Cassez on the eve of the special section from “the gift shop” at La Villette, but the song remains the same: if the court decision was good enough for the French government, why is Israel behind bars right now?

Anyhow… Öüï now returns to, “La cómoda de Tulum”

Yup, that’s the playbook!

And for anyone wondering how many Muons are in one coincidence, the answer is a whole lot of’#Em.

https ://www .bbc .com /news /56643677/Strong evidence found for a new force of nature

[Place holder] this post is currently marinating

O como dice Keith Jarret:

Now, if you know Squat about this blog then youse in/on the right track, because nothing, Secretary Callamard, on this blog is uploaded by Mí on a mere whim… just ask FRANCISCA at the front desk of your Paris (Villette) Division Headquarters, after the customary confessionesque round-robin she sent me over to Rue Vivienne, casi esquina con la AFP; just in front of former U.S. Senator (R-MS) Claire McCaskill’s “cloak room” connection at La Bourse. Anyhow, Secretary General Agnès Callamard, i don’t have your predecessor’s “ANNUAL REPORT”, yet. I do however, have the OBSERVATORIE DE L’ACCÈS AUX DROITS ET AUX SOINS DANS LES PROGRAMMES DE MÉDECINS DU MONDE EN FRANCE in my possession, for now anyhow… hold that thought.

C’mon mama don’t be common… Indeed, Secretary General Agnès Callamard, came out swinGing in this first week at her post.

First on the list: The gift shop.

Instant replay:

In comes the changeup from Michel
the spin of that throw may be reviewed on Pg. 3 of N° 3620* transliteration of the Olympic Rules for Fast-pitched softball, “La parole est libre mais à condition qu’elle soit conforme au bien de la justice », Callamard (Team XXI Century) bunts and Michel (Team La Commune) picks up, throws to 1st, and it’s one out.

Julius César’s shenanigans allowed Team XXI Century the opportunity to evaluate the possibility of pairing Hidalgo with a “designated hitter”. The concerns from last month’s street poll on the teasers of Marianne suggested to-a-captive audience that Le Pen would have a field day with Hidalgo if the first round of elections were conducted just weeks ago in the month of March.

… technical difficulties prevented the swift delivery of the rest of the reports.

Page 6 from La Croix… on the Twilight Zone

Over at a random avenue… Groot’s cousin was helping the elephant get through a screening process.

Page 6, Nº 41972* Enjoy the macarons and file that Occupational Illness claim under, “your cancer illness must be on its terminal stage in order to qualify at a 100% of benefits”. For context, The French Version of a President Biden jingle (for the Vatican), La Croix, alleges that the greatest healthcare system in the Hexagone is playing CATCH-22 with its heros.

And if you read this link, well then never mind the dates because page 6 of N° 41972* is only an update from a previous daisy-chain of archives where the Vatican’s editorial lobby [yes, it’s a thing] whisper news articles to Le Élysée (punto y coma) por ejemplo, Rachel Maddow, the September 2020 date on the above mentioned Emmanuelle Réju news article is just a bead on the Rosary to remind Mr. Macron, that he had made a promised to streamline the ridiculously “absurd gravity criteria” of decrees set by the French government before someone even qualifies to make a claim, let alone receive benefits.

To put it in LAYMANS (literally) like lay on the fucking ground terms, here in France, if someone (like say, a base-head) ATTEMPTS to burn a 100% synthetic pop-up tent, with say, a camping enthusiast wrapped up in a cozy 100 % synthetic fart sac and sleeping inside of said abode, the police report will TRY AT ALL COSTS to file the report as “Damage to property” without ever mentioning on that particular police report header about the possibility of some “mec” burning, asphyxiating, or just being “aggravated” by some kind of 3rd degree burn.

https ://www .la-croix .com /Economie /difficile-reconnaissance-Covid-19-maladie-professionnelle-2020-09-10-1201113219

… and in Washington, puff! There is no such thing as a color purple, and if you see purple your brain is lying to you, and never mind that French nurse “left behind” on the rearview mirror because that’s « professional illness », or something like that without a prescribed oxygen tank.

https ://www .grantsonnex .com /why-purple-doesnt-exist/

French Ice Skaters are going the way of les nippones-es-ese. Aunque usted, no lo crea.

Purple is a kind of ungreen


PepsiCo’s Donald Kendall scores another one for Randolph Scott

🗣 Extra! Extra!

• Ingenuity helicopters a Red section of Helios territory

Bobby Beasley takes pole at The 150th R.A.T.P.* Wacky Poetry Race á la Île-de-France.

— To celebrate the occasion el restaurant-bar “El Olimpo“ de La Colonia ROMA was awarded the contract to slice the carpaccio out of the elephants and other assorted exotic beasts from the Municipal Zoo à Vincennes. Celebrity A-list for this gala includes Mario Vargas Llosa,  Enrique Peña  Nieto, a Su Majestad El Rey [de España] y, por supuesto al papá de Luís Miguel.

[Illustration of thinly sliced Elephant from the Vincennes Municipal Zoo]

🗣 Extras! Extras in Paris!!! Get your Extras before they go the way of le pain perdu.

The choice of the new generation… Coke is for wetbacks, y la budWAYser pa’braceros. .:. A quick programming note: NON-readers of this blog are reminded that the month of April 2021 will allot a portion of its space to Last Month’s news To They as part of Spring clean-up and maintenance.

• Not to be outmoxied by NIKE, La Pecsi (a PepsiCo subsidiary in the Golden Triangle in México) lands deal on Red Hot Issue involving aliens.

🗣 Extra, extraaaaterrexistential news. Get your extraaaaterrexistential news before they switch it over to Jupiter.

Bianca se Salvó, because Inka ran out of tinta, and so Nic, Nic had to drop a letter from his jolly good name.

In the mean time, in Hilo, Hawaii, it’s 10 pm — at the Police Commissariat near Alesia (75014) the time there is already Tuesday (punto y coma) meet us over at Page 6 of last month’s La Crise de La Croix du Covid–19 of N° 41972 de LA CROIX.

Jump to page 6 of LA ✝️.



April 4, 1968… To They in History

To They in History U2 will sing a song, and it goes a little something like this:

The Hilltop (1971) .:. D1A056DF-B83C-46CB-86C0-7970867BBDA6 🌬 “Quisiera al mundo darle hogar y llenarlo de amor (en perfecta armonía)”

… To celebrate the START of a “New Generation” around the Hill, this message of course is being brought to you by the spirits of G. Gordon Liddy, Vice-President Richard Mulhouse Nixon, and of course the King of Pop, with the taste of “Pecsi*”…

En fin, what would be of this blog if Öüï, y tu mamá también, forget to explain where that there see in between the Pe and the si wearing a Crown comes from, sin embargo, no me es necesario porque el diccionario de mexicanismos define una finca como un conjunto grupero en donde el compadre del llanero solitario se avienta una rola bien perrona al final de un documental de música popular dominguera pero así como quien dice—sin un Raul Velasco.


*_ and, Jonathan Capehart, if NBC “Latino” knows what the sound of “Pecsi” denotes in the Mexican vernacular < then and only then > can the good people at VOTO LATINO may perhaps begin to understand why a “Colombia” approach to the Mexican backyard is not a plug-n-play solution to our Legacy problems, but go ahead don’t let Mí warn you. Go ahead and drop another Mérida Plan in the pockets of leaders like this handsome fellow:

CONSTANTINO KANTER (morena, candidate)

[Bucket of Chicken image goes here]


Victoria and George where having a conversation. It went like this:
— But, but, but…
— C’mon!
—Isn’t the knee on your neck sufficient enough to see how fucked up that entire situation was?
— I tell you what?
— What?
—Let me pray with you!

And so, with that in mind let’s check with our friend Jonah and see what that sumbitch is up to, eh? And if you are in a RUSH to go to church this morning, relax, “They” have taken care of everything while the pandemic rages on and besides, Jesus hit the snooze button to the Resurrection.

The thing to remember here is that even if that there Constantino Kanter is real, i mean, ask any Frenchi hippie who’s been to Chiapas, the only one who hunts the original peoples from that jungle  is the State (and associates).

https ://www .chiapasparalelo .com /noticias /2021/03 /constantino-kanter-de-cazador-de-indigenas-y-campesinos-a-candidato-de-morena/

And no para-lelo me v’andar diciendo that a Syndic or it’s equivalent in Guatemalan stolen territory is going to act all Ancien Regime allá por los parajes del Peje… pos’ que La Chingada.



Saturday’s morning car-tunes

Must be read in a Lee Treviño voice:

In Washington, violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders continues in rampant mode and, Lindsey Reiser is pulling a double header (covering the bases for the Vassoughian) and brandishing a new name for her morning show, the  guy next to her is still the same, though… not sure if her contract covers overtime, but maybe the honchos over at peacock central should hire some Extras.

Something, something, something, “en la feria de Cepillín”, 🏌🏻‍♂️ Who’s a sexy motherfucker? — Medhi is, yes he is.

“Medhi Hasan does get paid overtime… and Rachel Maddow can keep her ‘sleep number®️’ cupons in her portfolio”*

* For context on The Rachel Maddow’s Sleep Voucher number you must be tuned in to the peacock scene (punto y coma) in other words, it is meant only as a referential timestamp of a Very Low Frequency communication exchange with the Squelch in the ON position.


Page 3 Sports

You are going to need a bigger stadium.

Öüï last touched base with the situation developing at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field at Vincennes during Julius César’s hasty attack on objective Centerfield, where Serge Gainsbourg was trying to figure out how to properly fit a glove, and not to be outdone by her dad, Charlotte turned into a fluffy gray cat and CLAIMED that she too, —aussi— can play Centerfield, and so there was only one thing to do, and so Charlotte got High (Rocky Mountain High) and she took the field, one thing that can be said about Charlotte is that at least she knows what color scheme to wear as part of the visiting team.

But WAIT!!! There’s more Lindsey in 14 hours as soon as the clock strikes High Noon at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, where Anne Hidalgo is first at the plate and Louise Michel is at the mound… [I]t’s the bottom of the FO’ist!