Mama Fiera 🇪🇸 y la paja voladora 🇲🇽 presenta:

Hey, Greece!!! Stop pandering. Fuck LOVE!


Never mind Turkey because relatively speaking, Ankara is what EL PARTIDO REVOLUCIONARIO INSTITUCIONAL in Mexico is to these handsome fellows³ in FRANCE.

³~. https ://www .internationalesocialiste .org/

Hey, Mika… this is what Frida Kahlo looked like before she turned into a puta*

*~. Frida, has, become a commercial INVESTMENT, right? Or, am I threading on MADISON Ave., and should tell Maria Hinojosa to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Una producción de Machete Amellado y El Piolín por La Magnana de La  Culture Rapide à Belleville

Orages en Orange.


Now before, Denisa Kerschova départs for ROMA, Öüï (that motherfucker) asks for a little Axl 🌹and a lot of ammo 🥃 because in Sonora one can’t really trust the WaWa.

Roman jokes:

Support your SHARIFF… Eye guarantee that SHARIFF will like it.

Ombres seulement… The musical.

La paciencia is nuttin’ but a cold Alesian pizza 🍕

… Metro 🚇 XIV, then take The NATIONAL route to Bretagne… TALIA OLVERA y los amigos de Gilberto Bosques en la ciudad universitaria de Paris will direct you to the Consul.

“Two minutes Turkish”… In the mean time Bugger-Off!

David Jaggard walks into La Bellevilloise all Lit Up and swallows a diamond, hilarity ensues when he… wait for it, wait…


Jump to page t­ú

… Sponsored by “El Jabón del Perro Agradecido de la Calle Stanton,” del Segundo Barrio en El Chuco… and if you silifag®️ users knew what that Pancho Villa frame on your silly little stage meant then, maybe—just maybe, María Sabina would not mind gracing your MErCeDes en La Renault.


After the break it’s, “In Search of panochas” in the House of Pain (kM. cero)

Backward difference

Îlle de LA Cité, Europa_ House of “pain”, vicinity Notre Dame de Paris. Pinche Esmeralda is nowhere to be found.

After an exhaustive search, Öüï regrets to inform the panocha lovin’ crowd, that ICI:

So basically, nuttin’ knew under the son.

Rien de panochas, entre les biscochos.

The Sisters at The Houses of The Holies, just up Lagrange —goD bless their sol{e}s— however, stand behind the infectious buds behind that yeast, but still no conchas en el aparador… puro baguette y sepa-la-verga cuálTraDiTion“… the “3” in them wingspans sure is reminiscent of that Greek fucker and his “challenge”, take for instance page xiii of that Emotional Goleman in his Intelligence book, or something like that, the thing is Öüï is tryin’ to figure out what in the Wild World of Sirens would drive a fellow to RIP the references out of a tome and Öüï runs into this little narration:


mind you that this is from like the Nickelback era or something like that in, 2006.


If I tell you that BEFORE the next morning edition at BFMTV another Shooting will have been consumed you’d say that I have a problem.


Perhaps the most disturbing single piece of data in [this] book comes from massive survey of parents and teachers and shows a WORLDWIDE {} trend for the more lonely and depressed, more angry and UNRULY, more nervous and prone to worry, more impulsive and agressive.

Öüï now knows that This SO-CALLED,
more lonely and depressed, more angry and UNRULY, more nervous and prone to worry, more impulsive and agressive” trend is EXCLUSIVE to a BRAND of EXEPITIONALISM where guns and PATRON… lots and lots of PATRON, which the world just learned means “ammo” in FRENCH, and where “STAND YOUR GROUND” is the law of the land.

— Patrón, ya llegó el patron de LVIV… ¿’Onde lo pongo?

Cuestión de enfoque — WaWa Buffalo

“El Heraldo »…
by: Catalonio Barcelonnette de Peralvillo

Eye call this one

Eye call this one WaDr. Fuck Bob Marley! I Shot the sheriff, slapped the deputy and, found the leak.

At least the Library gods had the common sense to accentuate the “little boys room” in the uniform color of your Los Angeles Dodgers playing at-home.

Beaubourg, Îlle-de-France. By this rag’s estimates*, THREE MONTHS, Évry swinging dick at the Bpi had to stand and wait in line outside of the Loo’s like a fucking pussy on account of a scheduled 25-year structural remodeling of the crappers.

*~. a French semester, at least. Not including vacation and smoke breaks.


And, mister or misses Library director, the 4 bathtubs that replaced the 8 standard porcelain dump buckets is not the reason for this “construction” criticism, i can only hope that your hi-and-mighty position takes it constructively and not like those Sorbonne annex professors at the IHEAL… where my professional guessTiMation says that that is where la Raza ‘latina’ de los banlieues de Paris (🚙75) go an get their ‘maistros’ certificate.

“Piensa, joven”.

“Hay quienes ven la Bpi
cómo un Vaso ½ Vacío…

_ pero hay quienes ven esta Depresión, como un Lavabo more less Plein.

Ver este pinche Sink así, de cette manière, es pensar like a young Alice Cooper when Vince Furnier was 8-teen.


France blue presents: the 19th forum International de la mÉtéo CliMat

After the break, it’s “I want to believe”

But first, ix… The Aristotle’s Challenge for The United States Congress Committe On The Emotions Of Aliens and “their” LIZZARD Brains.


A homeless man takes a book left in PLAIN SIGHT for him to find as a challenge and conducts an autoPSY  on the mutilated reference material in that tome.

Öüï begins with the facts, just the facts ma’am.

Joe Friday: Le Titre, s’il vous plaît?

Tiff Any Cross: L’intelligence émotionnelle de Daniel Goleman (2006)

∴ ⊗ ∴ ⊗ ∴ ⊗ ∴⊗

— Any Idea what could have happend to the Appendices and the Copyright Library of Congress page?

— Gee Whiz! I can’t begin to imagine, but you should check out the “Passion Slaves” on page 56:

Some  people were Machiavellian about manipulating moodsWITNESS the IDF goons who purposely worked themselves into a rage in order to be all the FIRMER with THOSE BIBLICAL invaders³.

³~. Actual words replaced by MGMT, on the GOLEMAN tome (for reference³) were “BILL COLLECTORS” and « DEADBEATS ».

A banquet crew at the Four Seasons in Paris, France, is servicing three conventions. Saloon 1 is hosting an “X Files” convention, Saloon 2 is catering to the local AIPAC, and Saloon 3 is taking care of an Abortion Rights seminar.



¡Cótejalo!… i, little Armando Serrano-Prieto was spawned from a Mel Brooks S(@)pin at “THEE” french CONsulate on Route 66, vicinity Santa Monica Boulevard.


PUB Lick a Noun Cement:
Fuck the nation of David.

It’s another Festevus tragedy.

Her name was Lolo… he was a showboat, and if you are in on the joke, then you know what Eye is talkin’ about, Miguel (Hidalgo) CARTOLINI said it best:


… and france musique, at TSF, if you play San Fran’Cheesy one mo’again, Eye is going to bring Vaughn onto the mound ⚾.

Used bridge for sale.

Up your collateral with Stephanie “Diamond hand” Ruhle

Congratulations Aymen Mohyeldin, Shireen Abu Akleh’s work-place accident just got about 90% of the coverage that EL PINO* de FOX NEWS [🔥] got back during the 2021 Mx~Más stretch.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2021/12/10 /accidental hobo/

Olive Oyl is of course… for fags who are in love with Mí Spinach.

*~. Sapin à Champs-Élysées 🌲
Conífero si en Chapultepec 🪵

Across The Hudson… Sagittarius 🏹 is the most navel gazer of the Zodiaco gang.

Over at The Atlantic, Santo “El Enmascarado de Plata®️” is dhukin’ it out with a pair of KENTaurides, or centauresses if youse into Greek Sorority Wrestling.

A closer look, it turns out that you are only seeing half of the bit coin 👛 report, that there arc is a DeAd Give-a-Güey… STEPHANIE’S other half is a HORSE’S ASS !!!
The Signs are all there and the Great Guilded Oh-Rang-Gutan is never wrong.

Hey, Steph, thanks for the neatly folded 20€ bill. Jesus! A whole Twenty Cerfs!!! I’m rich—Eye tell’ya—RICH… Garçon!!! How much for that fucking Tower 🗼 over yonder?

It’s the bottom of Thee Second umpire and in Sonora, bacanora—en El Congo un bong-eau

Mi negro, yo’Stoy más prieto que tú.

Por: Armando Serrano-Prieto

It’s really an L.A. Story about nothing, it’s a Story about America’s past Time and a fucking Opera.

Fin En Land Yo Puse a Fito Paez en tu DiscMan.

Any how… Los Lobos got a She-wolf tribute band called Las Lobas.

El Santo follows con una poca de Gracia pa’Mí, Patty, ay Arriba y Ari Bah.

Previously on, Those Fuckin’ Wetbacks on Deadline

E.T. Go Home…


Don’t know the time when our Milky Way’s Black Hole was spotted, but Eye saw music on the sky with Diamonds(backs).

https ://www .quantamagazine .org /black-hole-image-reveals-sagittarius-a– 20220512/

Over at rfi, Charlotte is developing a new panacea for MALE PATTERN BALDNESS!!! In the future, Captain PICARD®️ is as fresh as a motherfucking PASTIS in Fréjus.

Santo El Enmascarado de Plata contra Las Lobas de rfi (Internacional).

¡Licántropos, FRANKENSTEIN! It’s TRUE!!! La LUNA ROJA awoke the Congolese werewolves at Le Ministère de France Culture 🧫.


Secretary of the Rich and Oligarchs

Watch out, Cousin Joe… THEE sec’y of British Chaps is on a boat.

Sponsored by Ron Díaz-Balart

And, Willie Geist, British Chaps is a spin-off character of Better CALL Slash. Can you guess which actor is portrayed by Brit Chaps? NAMASTE, y ya MAMASTE.

At 4 pm in NATO OTAN Times, no word on MSNBC for Ayman’s friend and mentor on ‘Joe and Rhum”. Dead brown journalists from the Middle-East don’t matter to COMCAST unless these “dead brown journalists” are on the PEAcock payroll.

Check… and don’t get me started on those fucking WETBACKS from The Daily Planet.

Lyle: I meant a song. A real song. something like:

Tomorrow is another Groundhog They… Across The Seine, Valérie Pécresse exited politics and joined the ranks of The Crazy Horse broads. Valeria (her stage alias) Audition with The Poles while David Guetta [that pointy-narco boots fashionista motherfucker]  mashed “Looks That Kill” with the Mago de Oz classic, “Mujer Amante” en Belfast on a Sunday Bloody Sunday at a Tijuana Taxi back alley DENTIST CLINIC.

But First, earlier today, in Central Europe Time, right around Prime Time on Broadway, The Electric Light Orchestra beamed Avi Velshi from our look-out post at Saint-Eustache de MANDELA, the message:


morning dump {knot} “morning joe”.

Paloma Negra del cu-cu ruco en Garibaldi o MISMO en le Quartier Général de Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Previously on… Las Palomas de París.

And, Madame Kerschova, en Paris, tout—Eye_SAY—TOUT!!! Les Columbas Rupestris shit on Galatea and Pygmalion doesn’t care.

After the break, Master Will, stars as the producer at le Promenade de Dowton♠ Abby en Nice-sous-Alps, and Galatea del Río takes on the role of Lili Von Shtüpp and in THAT position, Galatea finally gets to deliver the Wilder line, cut from the Original “Promenade des Anglais”:

I’m RICK JAMES, Bitch!

And she says in her German accent, ‘Is it true what they say about you people?’ And Cleavon says, ‘I hate to disillusion you, ma’am, but you’re sucking on my arm.’

Note to The Producer’s, in this RENDITION of Blazing Saddles, Lili Von Shtüpp, [alias] Galatea, has been given the Charisma of speech, but that cunt is blind as a shithouse bat on SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY. 

https ://groovyhistory .com /blazing-saddles-quotes

Count Basie stars as Geoffrey “the butler”.

♠~. All apologies if Eye mispelled your “Crest ».

https ://seinfeld .fandom .com /wiki /Joe_Bookman