Intermedio before the Seth Meyers Show — hoy no habrá Jazz

So, Mr. Meyer… Eye bet you did not expect to find your drum boy Moonlighting as a The New York Times front page editor (punto y coma) now did ya’? You Sexy cotton picker picker ad mannequin.

Anyhow, how’but them Vikings! We only mention, IT!, because we happen to be stranded in a place where actual vikings plundered a Kingdom until they got the Normandy that they (those Valhalla-seeking motherfuckers) deserved, which of course as the entire G7 Nations know, was recuperated from HITLER by them damned Canucks at G.O.L.D. Beach while Them O.M.A.H.A. boys were jerking–off, BEcauSe, Mr. Sethy Boy, if all that those fighting men… and Eye guess some “women from Michigan too”, died for was to see their names falsely and HYPOTHETICALLY dragged through Donald John’s Trump voting–by–mail propaganda, then they might as well have stayed back in Kentucky “Shoveling Shit”, as General George C. Scott suggested at the opening of the PATTON Oswalt interview, last week on your Late Night Show.

—. https ://old .reddit .com /r /worldnews /comments /guo8u2/canada_does_not_support_russias_return_to_g7/

—. https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-8376453 /UK-VETO-Donald-Trumps-bid-let-Russia-G7 .html

But speaking of fights:

It’s the UFC 244 Title Bout
—By The See
Caged Follies

For the Follies Islands Championship of the Docks .::. D5AD78ED-B363-4FFA-8AE1-1E2C782BA2B3 🏝
Baby Booty Rash Cheeks
Mugsy One-finger Subtle Salute Brit Boy

Sponsored by:
The Phantom of The Panther*

Deer, Eddie Gloude Jr., the following snapshot is a reminder to The Alexis Axios on HoBO TV’s of what an ONCA cat looks like (in captivity) this particular specimen ⬇️ was “shot” by yours truly, armando segovia / armando serrano prieto*, on October the 18th of 2012, Eye titled, IT!, “sadomasoquismo sincrético” under the heading, « I’m your Huckleberry”.

Segoviaspixes copyleft

https ://asegovia3 .com /2014/10/12/12-de-octubre/ .::. 689AE084-1970-416F-89A7-BA9C23479C6E 🐆Eye was a Jaguar before the “leopards” were even a political thing. CopyLeft.


* WHO you gonna believe, Eddie Gloude Jr., your lying jeepers or your hearing creepers? Previously Eye had told you that Eye, armando segovia, am an ONCA cat, now if you happen to be a Black Panther be advised that there is no separate gene between You, Mí, and those filthy Def Leppards (punto y coma) You just happen to have a thing that cats around the block call: a melanistic specimen of the genus. We are all the same under the skin. ISSY, melanistic specimens lives matter.

Let Them Eat TWINkies®️— June 1st, 2020

Psst: We never thought that we’d make it this Far.

Make your lay a way

Make your Lay–A–Way… no payments until the Nation breaks, Martial Law instills or, Civil War begins. —_•!•_— THE SPORTS AUTHORITY et. al.  for CONTEXT: don’t expect a marginalized population to understand CIVICS and Politics when the Secondary and Higher Education budget is directed at building a more perfect sports ALL AMERICAN “Champions of The World” team, while teacher salaries are lower than a bag of Premium Dog and/or Cat food (punto y coma) not to mention the budget for the lobby–guided curricula for thekidsclassrooms. A.P. Courses logic is just another form  of racism  of segregationHAPPY FESTEVUS, Jerry Stiller 🃏.

Dear, Cousin Joe… you know them AIR Exhausts in big metropolitan cities with an Underground rail system? You know —motherfucker— the kind that gave us this image:

“You don't spit into the wind“

Imagine spiting into the wind… now imagine trickle-pissing into an underground exhaust vent. Yup! youse gonna feel that Trickle where the sun don’t usually shines. —_•!•_— Uso justo de todos los medios con fines educativos/Fair use of all “Mornings in Amerika”, please don’t shoot the mirror.

trickle–up economics

… of course Early Jaz, under the current political climate, when the fan lifts the skirt, the ones to blame are the ones on the left, and the neo-White Supremacist movement who know nothing about the Boogaloo or Guaguancó, mind you, are the ‘patriots’ and ‘the good people’ of the Rumba on the strip.

And, Oh Julianna, when the batuta is on the Democratic side, the Blue Team no canta tan mal las rancheras, because when the looting is from the inside out, es decir, Tatelbaum, from Wall Street to the cul-de-sac’s, it is the Big portfolios deserve a bail–out.

Amerika y sus manchados

Amérika y sus manchados .:. B7A95675-71A5-4001-A1C4-59F12BAC0A29 🛰 Manchado, verbo ind. (slang, MX not Latinx) as in:¡te manchaste con la rapiña güey!… fair use of msnbc.


—. T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S:  Tests With Inorganic Noxious Kakes In Extreme Situations, via: Rice University.
___http ://www .thebluegrassspecial .com/archive /2010 /april10 /twinkies-project .php


The Television Will Not Be Revolutionized

Section “J”, Page One:

Water con Creedence Revive

Water con Creedence Revive .::. 7B3002A9-87C7-4B44-A6DE-3BEF1D1BC45F 🚬

Deer, Captain Sparrow… i, armando segovia, am your Huckleberry*, Chato!

* “Allí está el detalle… yo soy el acusado”.

_+ Off course, Alicia Menendez… what Cousin Joe and Christopher Dickey, and Los (tres) Amigos de México en Francia* could probably relay to Joshua Johnson is that when you protest at Embassies without an Entourage, the first thing that happens is that you get BlackFaced. And being “blackfaced” is of course, another way to BlackList a person from reporting what–a–fuck has been going on (punto y coma) in the past two General Elections in the lower part of the former NAFTA sector, and what Eye MEANS TO motherfucking SAY, Reverend Al, is D.A.T. if you, —Sir, being an honorary LatinXer— have been keeping up with the parallels of the Mexican president (down under The Rio Grande) with his boss, the POTUS 45 of them united states (above el Rio Bravo)?

https ://monoaureo .com /2020/05/31/ vanitas-vanitatum/

Membership is Paramount

“El que se mueve no sale en la foto” .::. BD831176-80BA-429A-8865-291F698DB436 🎞 Indeed, Joshua Johnson, “Membership” is Paramount to even watch the motherfucking picture.


—. https ://vanguardia .com .mx /articulo /johnny-depp-es-admirador-de-cantinflas-si-hacen-una-pelicula-en-ingles-sobre-el-ya-tiene

3…2…1… pepper spray in Ken•Tu•Kee

And as the Space X Force tries to reach a Higher Ground (in an empty space full of satellites) The Land of the free and the Home of the brave se descose como Tamal Mal Amarrado… and it only took An Electorate College.

Happy Cake Day

Happy GREY Day —_•!•_— C373C122-DC2D-42B2-A104-0A14C8920549 🛰 Live from Space

🎼🎹🥁🎸🎟 🎶 It’s been a long time since The Klu Klux Klan 🎶🎶🎶🎶


Lift–off .::. 7F8612D3-F96B-4C2F-8A69-0661B4B85525 🚀 Indeed, the difference between the rockets of the Civil Rights Movement Era and the Reel Time lynching of a Black Man in America is the THRUST of a Dragon in Charge.

Good Times — Bad Times

History imitates ART follows.

“C’mon VOguE”, move your body to the Music… o algo así.


This is not an spaceman

This is not an spaceman… uso justo de TODOS los Misfits and Heros under copyWrite.

The Mexicans sent Two Space Suits into Space Orbit, and you are not foolin’ anyone Jose Fernandez, Eye know that you also play the Piano for that guy on the Colbert Report at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

https ://www .vogue .mx /estilo-de-vida /articulo /jose-fernandez-disenador-mexicano-que-hizo-trajes-de-astronautas-para-spacex

Zodiaco Report

The Zodiac Report… Our News from Down Under forward observation post reports that Jon Batiste was kidnapped by an X-Con. Batiste, who moonlights as a Mexican fashion designer and Gremlins collaborator became a “Mark” for the kidnapping gang after the French leader of D.A.T.  outfit learned that Batiste was shape-shifting into a lighter shade of chocolate in order to design costumes for the stars without The Very French ‘seal of approval’. In the screengrab ⬆️ above, The X-Comic Con in charge is forcing a smile from Jon Batiste in order to show the world that Jon Batiste is without harm. —_•!•_— ISSY, Australia is the enemy.

Jump To Page One; Section “J”.

… [A]nd oh by the way — The Freaks come out at Night

Minority blog… don’t break the mirror!

It's not appropriation when they do it to you

“It’s not appropriation when they do it to you.” .::. A61E890A-7114-4405-8F38-B63DC35490E5 🎧 “Lay down and let it happen.”

Dear, Maggie Naird… please relay to Lisa Kudrow that we don’t choose the Scripts, öüï just Echo’em.

“Can’t We All just get along?

A quick reminder that this time around, Police Chiefs and City Councils don’t have a survivor of the most recently known (3) victims of systemic racism, as opposed to the the time when Ice-T went all Suicidal Tendencies on the Hip-Hop scene.

Gonna take a nap now. See you at Launch Time… Tlāloc, please take Maggi’s friend’s advice.

Social Distancing Be Damned

R.I.P. Mark Zuckerberg… it was algorithmically propagated by Facebook, that the social media titan died from Coronavirus.

It was reported

It was reported… D.A.T. in San Francisco, California, a warehouse full of Mark Zuckerberg clones were being guarded by Mercenaries from the Erick Prince Blackwater Korporation.

https ://old .reddit .com /r /brasil /comments /gsw4p6/mark_zuckerberg_morto_aos_36_anos_diz_que_redes/

In París, France, it’s 14h30 (punto y coma) and in New York, New York, social distancing be damned. We [the staff] are not glorifying and or promoting after hours social reckonings, öüï only partake in social commentary and like Eye told the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. crew: we didn’t chose the Fires we just looked at’em.

La Mosca Tse-Tse got ahold of the entire staff and the last thing that we [the Staff] heard was that A.M. Joy had to change her Script on account of The Melvins next door, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Happening now, Alicia Menendez is deconstructing Aliens from other states mixing between Anarchists and Provocateurs. As öüï wrote this paragraph, Donald Trump’s personal Attorney General made a statement about charging these out-of-states actors with what Maya Wiley (a busy legal bee) calls the Klu-Klux-Klan Act; no word from William Barr if the federal government will charge Racists C.O.P.S. in real time.

You are not fooling anyone, Chris Jansing


It's Weekend Edition

Previously on, PANAVISION®️ ON A TEE–shirt for Ice-Cube on the Seth Meyers Show: It’s Weekend Edition… —_•!•_— What he said, but in Plural.

Today I Learned, that the cement traffic dividers are called “Jersey barriers”, and according to John Heilemann, the barriers get their name after former governor of the Great State of Frank Sinatra (New Jersey) blocked a BRIDGE to strong-arm a mayor that would not eat doughnuts with (then) Gov. Chrispy.

It’s Round One, and Nicolle Wallace is away from her desk on Deadline because the Purple Pundit is circling El Pancracio in the Title Fight between:




Wraslin’ with WaPos follows after Communicating  a Breakdown of a Third Degree murder charge in The Purplest of all the states in The Union: Minnesota.

https ://www .masslive .com /news /2020/05 /minnesota-gov-tim-walz-issues-very-public-apology-for-cnn-crews-arrest-i-failed-you .html

— The bell rings and former Senator Claire McCass and former Republican wrangler Michael Steele narrate the action

—. Sen. McCass:
Russell Moore still has Stephen King’s “The Stand” fresh on his Southern Baptist bookcase and summons the force of “the gentle giant” in that horror story to grab The Information Wars editor in Time after the initial handshake and cinches Rick Stengel by the waist.

—. Michael Steele:
Indeed, Claire. That’s a classic move on the RUDOS playbook. Russell Moore, of course hails from a previous career as stunt double for Frenchspangle actor José García.

Digressión for Chuck Todd:

Word Eye coined today

Word Eye Coined ToThey: FrenchSpangle

Deer, Chuck Todd, Hans Nichols is gone to fight with the Australian Axis, now mo[o]re than Ever YOU NEED MÍ, ON THAT WALL! … call my Agent. But anyhow, Creig Melvin has a towel next to him… don’t throw in the towel Craig! Don’t throw in the Towel, uncle Joe has to take this bout even with all of the WWF tricks.

Indeed, Avi Velshi… “It’s symbolic, —of course”

HAPPY Friday In Reel Time, Donald John Trump now threatens to TAKE OVER his first American City (by military force), waving the use of his personal Attorney GENERAL to charge the real (bad cops) culprits of the Minneapolis blaze and instead, taking over the powers of the governor (Minnesota) and commandeering “weekend warriors”…

Eye is telling you, Donald John Trump is going to sabotage the November General Election.

Nevermind this most non-consequential blog.

Eye can see for Miles and Miles

Eye can see for Miles and Miles .::. 78D28321-B47A-4B71-83FE-025B1E833C55 ⌛️ St. Paul weeps for his Minne.

… [Y]ou, Willie Geist network, keep telling Buzzfeed (fr) to keep on breaking the mirror: HAPPY Friday! Our Gang, follows… but FOist:

It’s Wraslin’ With WaPos

Title fight:

Rabbi and Russell


Nick and Rick

Nicolle Wallace is tonight’s Round Girl

Based on a Fake Tweet

Based on a Fake Tweet, starring Milka Darling, Pepito Nalgadas, and of course, Pastojo.

Musical Guest:

It's a Re-Run

It’s a Re-Run .::. C5E394E5-3281-47A1-B0F7-AEF9354C5C52 🔊Higher Ground. GLOBAL WATCH PARTY.

The dictator’s playbook … when History rhymes

If Donald John Trump could burn certain sites, he’d  be a Klu Klux Klansman burning “Love Me Do” after a “Hard’s Day Night” of making Jack Dorsey even richer with every Tweet.

The Only Ones who benefited from all of the Fab Four records thrown into the bonfire — were — the French Wine industry after NIXing the Current U.S. Secretary of Education (Betsy DeVos) brother, from committing lots, and lots, and lots of CASUALTIES of War in the Third (U.S.) Installment of the Wars in Irak.

And as the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis burns tonight, in California it’s the last ticks of the Eleventh Hour… go to sleep Avi Velshi, go to sleep, and Marq Claxton of The Black Police Allegiance, please don’t mix anarchists and ‘provocateurs’ in the same batch, technically, sir, that’s like bundling REPUBLICANS and totalitarians in the same F.B.I. Press Conference.

Adventures in Transliteration : vi ola, viola, y —Voila!

Deer, Ari Melber, this one is dedicated to Cassandra.

Pretérito perfecto

Pretérito perfecto .::. D7E7837A-D437-4907-BEBD-6866E90C5C53 ⛓ or… SIMPLE PAST: YO VI, Tú vistes, Él vio, Ella vio, Ellos vieron, Ellas vieron, Ustedes vieron, Nosotros vimos… ISSY hasta VOSOTROS/VOSOTRAS visteis

Previously on, “If I was a Nigga”

If Eye was a nigga

If Eye was a nigga .::. DCE2C113-6D80-4488-B599-014DE56C021C 🥇 Eye would go to Mexico City in 1968 y VIOLARÍA los protocolos de la comisión… Viola! Which is a sort of violin, a fiddle of sorts to go with the tragedy. ViOlA on the other hand could be an acronym for Voice Of America (il)  with a little “i” and little “l” a REFERENCE TO: him.


VIOLÀ pour vous:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /cultura /2020/05/23 /inolvidable-chaneca-2875.html

Los Ojos de doña Vilma…. una pena que los oídos de esta otra doña no frecuentara al ahora extinto, “Bobar”, igual, a lo mejor habría que contar con una puta boleta del CONACyT o de los fabulosos Amigos de México en Francia; and for those who do not read this most non–consequential blog, you’ll remember that Eye told you (last week) that öüï are going to Cook on Three burners. 

Distinguished professor at Willie Geist’s private institute, Jon Meacham, has the morning off

… because HISTORY rhymes;
ISSY, Cousin Joe,
even in French:

Don't shoot the mirror

Just in time news-padding (en contexto) we were running low on multi–purpose paper for hasty mattress padding. Merci, monsieur Labro, and remember, that öüï don’t choose the news, we just match the “Today in history” part of the page.

https: //rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP /20200528

Page 4, Well, Eye just looked in the mirror, and things aren’t looking so good Eye is looking at California, Issy mis negros… Eye is Feeling Minnesota.

Seattle via Soundgarden

Dear, White House Press Secretary, Keyleigh McEnany, good news —you hot spinster piece of Ass— check it out, THE SWISS just approved two positions so that you and Mí can f.u.c.k. in PEACE! Indeed, Keyleigh, we could either RAWDOG paddle-style or, you could do the REVERSE Cowgirl while i spray paint an American Graffiti on your ridiculous Century 21©️ real estate blazers that you sport while you tap dance the U.S. president’s lies. Anyhow, Keyleigh, in the meantime, DO send nudes!

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-8358109 /Swiss-brothels-draw-list-coronavirus-safe-sex-positions.html

… Coming up in Adventures in Translation:

Vanilla Sky with a Cherry on Top

Tweet This

From The Front Page of The Internet .::. TWEET THIS .::.
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters that Trump is expected to sign an executive order aimed at social media companies on Thursday. No details were given about what form it may take.”

https ://old .reddit .com /r /Keep_Track /comments /grxxaj /trump_to_sign_executive_order_limiting_social/