Deer, Emily Larson (AP) never mind The Moto KaKas

They go together with The Toledos. Ask Gustavo what WHY the “JIRIBILLA” en el discurso de Donald Trump, in which that motherfucker winks-winks at his brethren White Supremacists is part of his subconscious short-circuits, and What it  means.

incubation charts

Incubation charts follow. China regulates gestation.

Aussi, Australia is the Enemy and never mind the MISS–iLes from our best FRIEND, little North Korea.

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Quentin Tarantino laughs at Bruce Lee’s saltamontes.

Viva The McKelligon Canyon Amph's

Viva The McKelligon Canyon Amph’s… Now in its 41st Season. Only on KLAQ 95.5 fm

And Deeeeeeer Lorde!!!

The Steins are multiplying!!! Samuel is spreading it’s its CONTAGION through Stanton St. and Los Montes de i–10 and Geronimo.

Meanwhile, at the Bridge of the Americas, Andrés Manuel López Obrador issues out a MEMO, whereas, by the Power given to the El Paso City Manager, Mexico City will receive 100 percent of the Trolls under that bridge, as opposed to the 99% of the TOLLS that the Mexican Federal Government collects from all of the OTHER BRIDGES THAT “chihuahuitas“, who shop at Sunland Park’s Mall, have pay in order to cross to El Chuco.

Vehicles with FRONTCHI license plates report a 5 to 6 hour wait time at all the fucking bridges leading up to the El Paso CHECKPOINT, and a ZERO-second wait time on the Mexican side when BRIBING HI–Tariffed everyday Contraband  and Military Grade Arsenal for the NarcoBusiness from both Washington D.C. and “el Antiguo Distrito Federal” ; either way, the Mexican Federal SIXTY–Year Aduanero system makes a killing every day, and it makes it WILLIE GEIST, on the backs of ALL of the BCP/BCC* card holders who remain invisible as they clean, serve, construct, produce, and SPEND little’ol Mexican Pesos (en Ingles) at Walmart.

*Border crossing permits, it’s like a French Récépissé for EXTRAGNOS en Estados Unidos.