Viva EL PASO — Shakespeare under rocks cancelled its Playboy subscription

I Don’t Live Today³… maybe tomorrow.

Prost, bitches!


https ://www .sciencephoto .fr /image /12916159spanish-conquistadors-torturing-american-indians15391542

Note to editors:
The following is an El Paso, Texas, thing; and, please be advised that you will need to know what BrUTEP is, and where CORONADO road (🦶) leads to… hoy por ser día de La Raza³.

(Mia from the HISTORY halls at UTEP)

Interpreted by Armando Manzanero

And starring as Roberto Carlos, Amy “la romantica” Goodman, on The War on Pacifica’s Peas Report.

³~. In a 1968 interview, Hendrix said it “was dedicated to the American-Indian and all minority depression groups

https ://www .proceso .com .mx /cultura /2023/10/11 /playboy-sets-mia-khalifa-on-FIRE–for-her-comments-on-hamas-attack-on-israel

S’cuse Mí, while I kiss that guy 🎸

Spanish Castle Magic
Nations Unies
jour de la langue espagnole (Castellano)

and in 1971, it was the 2500 year celebration (from 539 B.C.) of the FALL OF BABYLON by motherfucking Cyrus The Great from Persia (hoy Iran)… two years later in 1973 and without knowing it, U.S. President Richard Mullhouse Nixon would be COMMISSIONING the U.S.S. Gerald R. FORD, which is now parked next to CYPRUS (remember FAMAGUSTA?), in case anybody is wondering what a backward difference in real time looks like… (The Star Spangles Banner)


1804: on Napoleon’s orders, Paris Police Prefect Louis Dubois prescribes the official organization of brothels in France.

To piggy-back on los puteros de Francia, The United States in América promulgates Freethought Day, celebrating the end (in 1692) of the Salem Witch Trials.

Mel Brooks is god… never mind Scorsese, he’s a fag.

Live from RED LIGHT HOLLAND, it’s Mia Khalifa on magic shrooms… wait a minute now!

Ah yeah!There’s a red house over yonder,That’s where my baby staysLord, there’s a red house over yonderLord, there’s where my baby staysI ain’t been home to see my babyIn ninty nine and one half days

³~. https ://www .loc .gov /item /today-in-history /october-12/

🤓 Sarah Joe O’brien… our favorite Miner 👩‍🎓, in°deed!

Mia ⛏️ Khalifa is Coming to Dinner, but first Öüï goes to church, because first and fore(SKIN)most that’s where Cardinal Ximénez is standing by… Oh, the comfy cushioning and Clam Chowder that follows.

1976 , on a day like COLUMBUS DAY, but on the same year that The United States in América celebrated its 200 Year Anniversary, in Mexico the Vatican was consecrating la Basilique Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe de México (in Old Mexico)… 81 years earlier, in 1895 on that same CHURCH, the Pope in Rome, LEO XIII, was “crowning” the Image of Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe de México.

… and one more thing before the ECLIPSE:

Happy Birthday, Mr. CROWLEY
hoy por ser día de TU SANTO,
Jimi Hendrix will play a rendition of Sgt. Pepper Lonely Heart’s Club Band at the Royal Albert Hall, and just like Jimi told them Rosbifs, forget about getting “thrown together by c’mon everybody lets love, that’s nothing but a lot of hogwash because you have to have truth and understanding in the first
place and Playboy never had that, it was just an elitist whorehouse.

Deer, Emily Larson (AP) never mind The Moto KaKas

They go together with The Toledos. Ask Gustavo what WHY the “JIRIBILLA” en el discurso de Donald Trump, in which that motherfucker winks-winks at his brethren White Supremacists is part of his subconscious short-circuits, and What it  means.

incubation charts

Incubation charts follow. China regulates gestation.

Aussi, Australia is the Enemy and never mind the MISS–iLes from our best FRIEND, little North Korea.

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Quentin Tarantino laughs at Bruce Lee’s saltamontes.

Viva The McKelligon Canyon Amph's

Viva The McKelligon Canyon Amph’s… Now in its 41st Season. Only on KLAQ 95.5 fm

And Deeeeeeer Lorde!!!

The Steins are multiplying!!! Samuel is spreading it’s its CONTAGION through Stanton St. and Los Montes de i–10 and Geronimo.

Meanwhile, at the Bridge of the Americas, Andrés Manuel López Obrador issues out a MEMO, whereas, by the Power given to the El Paso City Manager, Mexico City will receive 100 percent of the Trolls under that bridge, as opposed to the 99% of the TOLLS that the Mexican Federal Government collects from all of the OTHER BRIDGES THAT “chihuahuitas“, who shop at Sunland Park’s Mall, have pay in order to cross to El Chuco.

Vehicles with FRONTCHI license plates report a 5 to 6 hour wait time at all the fucking bridges leading up to the El Paso CHECKPOINT, and a ZERO-second wait time on the Mexican side when BRIBING HI–Tariffed everyday Contraband  and Military Grade Arsenal for the NarcoBusiness from both Washington D.C. and “el Antiguo Distrito Federal” ; either way, the Mexican Federal SIXTY–Year Aduanero system makes a killing every day, and it makes it WILLIE GEIST, on the backs of ALL of the BCP/BCC* card holders who remain invisible as they clean, serve, construct, produce, and SPEND little’ol Mexican Pesos (en Ingles) at Walmart.

*Border crossing permits, it’s like a French Récépissé for EXTRAGNOS en Estados Unidos.