Bicorné and Baseball, y’all

Feelin’ alright, pero hoy no hubo Jazz…

No insistas Lya, hoy no hubo Jazz.

…puro Bicorné y Beísbol.

To hell with G.L.O.R.I.A. — hoy no hubo Jazz.

Jasmine’s Matt follows, and no Sarah, pull your chones back up, it’s not Matt from “The Land of Danger”, you Western Movies Ho, it’s Matt who rings bells in the Land of Dangerous Cagnottes.


Hoy no hubo jazz… in ameriKKKa, a turtle-face reptile in the shape of a spineless Republican just voted to keep The United States of America under A RUSSIAN’s PIMP Leash.

The NYT’s “Critc’s Cuaderno” — Peintre du dimanche

Notes for the Hearing Colberts–es–ese.
Eye #Em Music.

ALL   SIDES   OF   THE   STORY… including dissonant and Syncopated Voices…

… and still to come:
Toddler–Hunting and other assorted Japanese fiction saturated with Sex and Death; pg. 15.

Dear, John Heilemann… d’ya want itdarker”?Or will this turn your #YoSoyVe’gaAlta Hamilton… of SORTS?

This Issue (42,245) is made possible by VE’GA ALTA P.R. (En mi viejo San Juan).

Au Pairs, Babysitters, Niñeras y gatas needed

It’s the 10th day of 2019 and Donald Trump is telling the Coast Guard that PÔLE DANCERS EXECUTIVES AND START-UPs are always hiring NicetoLook–at MILF’s who wear a MOTHERFUCKING Yellow (Ribbed) Ribbon while their wanna-bee sailors Significant Husbands patrol the Salty Liquid Barrier that ALL DRUG TRAFICKERS (Not Just “El Mayo”) use to deliver all those high demand CANDIES that end up fucking-up your Goverment Piss Tests.

Achilles Last Stand


With your host:
Brian Williams.

Your GS–Pay Grade not bringing in The Bacon?
Don’t dispair,
KING LEMON is always hiring.
King Lemon offers your significant other,
or your ‘dependas
a chance to earn that pay that
is holding back,
so that he may hire
or build a fucking
monument for his
PÔLE DANCING patron’s Front.

The Lemon Song — ZEPPELIN GOES HERE… « Squeeze MI baby, ‘till the Juice runs down my legs ».

GREAT HO’s Again.

This Message is sponsored
by Vladimir Putin,
Western World.

Good Morning. Today is January the 10th of 2018 and Donald Trump is pimping your baby out… Go Ahead, “baby” —Shake Your Money Maker, shake it good —bitch.

In case Chuck Todd is wondering, this is not the first time in HIStory that the « PIMPING ” of the Wives, or your “lips that grip daughters” have been debased by a FOREIGN and most important to remember « DOMESTIC » collaborator. The worst thing that can happen is that your « prescious ” princesse–es–ese, will come home with a « BAD HAIRCUT and/or HAIRDAY »… where do you think that Central Europe Time gets its TIMESLICE from?

Eric Idle’s Requiem, as read by Peter Sellers in the Key of Brian Williams.

It’s 7 a.m. in Central NATO Times.

Enero 9, 2018 — I don’t need your Seal anymore

Dear Marianne.
Evah’ heard of Mike Patton?
He lost his faith.

Cardenal’s News: Bow to Leper Messiah, dijo Hetfeeld at a Grand Pub.

Anyhow Marianne, I, Armando Segovia, or, ARMANDO SERRANO PRIETO don’t need your Prefecture Seal anymore. I thank you for your patience. I thank you for your OBJECTIVITY, but most of all, Yo, Armando Segovia  te doy las Gracias por CAMBIAR LAS REGLAS DEL JUEGO EN CADA puta AUDICIÓN en tu « Bendita » préfectura de Cité.

Context Follows, pero para que hacer mayores embotellamientos en las Trompas de Eustaquio. You Know My [Two] Names, Pick up the Number.

This message was intervened by Gremlins, who, de pura causalidad siguieron tumbando la Red en pleno upload, hence the Earlier “ Eve’s” instead of las “ Evah’s”.

Where is a Tiger, when you need one, eh‽

At the moovies.

ISSY, mi querido Brontis, ay te hablan:

Dear, Whoopie Goldberg:

Bitch! ‘tas bien Loca, pinchi culera.

And furthermore, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of LALA_guna at Rancho Cucamonga, hereby informs you, that you may no longer continue to use the « artistic » mëtaphöré for “getting it on”, on account that an old crusty and, well established cunt like you, can’t go around restricting the flow of WORD–ACTION—and_proposed— SOLUTION for the fiscal problems of the United States of America, as that Kid from The Bronx/Queens side of the Metro line recently did.

[Which triggers Chris Tucker to say]:
Elaine‽… Maaaaan, that bitch ain’t been Black since Lionel Richie stopped being a Commodore and became a Love Boat frequency.

MEAT THE BEETel’s — Abbey’s Blind Crossing for the hearing impaired

And Jackie Chan says:
Go home Chris Tucker, you are acting like a True Drunken Monkee.