Dear, Eugene,
Get Well Soon.

Natalio Reyes Colas:2A8B87E5-04A7-4401-B8FC-6B5C1B655FCA •!• Cien Años.

Is the party over?

Coincidío que para el centenario del natalicio de Nat King Cole, el mundo estaba tan patas pa’rriba que hasta San Patricio se reveló se rebeló eh hizo su Fiesta de Saint Paricks Day, en Saint–Sulpice, chante de Delacroix y la iglesia antañamente conocida como “el seminario” que se mudó a Issy–Les–Moulineaux.

My nigga at le 6eme:FEFCA069-3D6B-4441-88DF-CC341E823973

It’s only Natural — The making of Boludo follows

Cualquier parecido con la realidad on The Rachel Maddow Show es mera coincidencia:

Previously, on Benicio del Toro in the role of Frankie Four fucking Fingers disguised as a
Robbin Rabbi Hood

Julieta Ruiz de AZTECA AMERICA es una PENDEJA:86F88143-E2EB-45B1-8437-30380BC5C1AE •|• And Julieta, here’s why:

LO BUENO d’este pinche blog es de que Julieta

For starters, pinche Julieta, how in the fuck do you go ahead an CLAIM on your headline that Tijuanenses are stealing U.S. property, when you, yourself on your scoop quote police authorities as noting that by the time that they “receive the information”, todo mundo anda en V•I•G•I•L•Í•A.

The fact that your source is the San Diegœæn “local” media, lead us [the staff] to believe that you are crowdsourcing FOX NEWS.

“Curiosamente”, doña Ruiz, mis aguacates son igual de verdes (con diferencia de tono y estuche) a cualquier otro par de avocados, pero eso no quiere decir que mis aguacates sean robados, ni mucho menos de San Diego; es más, Julieta, if that is your real name, San Diego era un Soprano y por ende, pues a los aguacates de San Diego NO les hacía bulto la semilla y/o el wüeso.

“Según reportan medios locales, en mes y medio se ha incrementado el número de casas en Tijuana, cerca de la frontera , que cuentan con alambre de púas, curiosamente muy similar al que colocó el gobierno estadounidense.”

Y luego, doña Ruiz, le ruego que por favor no sea HUEVONA. Mire, no confunda el pinche alambre de púas, el cúal por lo general se le da uso agropecuario, con la “concertina”, a la cúal casí siempre se le da USO EXCLUSIVO MILITAR.

Rubén Olivares send his motherfucking REGARDS:BBDB0739-F27B-464E-BBD3-5D587DF52FF0

Sin más,
gracias por no corregirnos.
El Staff.

P.D.: Las sardinas no ponen alambre “con navajas“, instead, doña Juli, los sardos instalan o sientan el alambre  afilerado con los putas manos.

Metric Motors presents — 18 and Life

In association with
Maximum Charge Capacity Cell

The Torquemeter Affair,
Starring (fucking) Matt Damon
Musical guest: Angry Impala

We’d like to take our measurement as close to the action as possible. If we could actually get into the tire footprint and measure traction directly, that would be ideal. Since we can’t do that, how about measuring the torque driving the rear wheel with a torquemeter on the gearbox output shaft?

“Reduce wow and flutter”

Eye don’t need Donald Trump’s Civil War:160E5573-C044-4338-8286-89F708E79F1A •|• Toad on a wet sprocket.

🎙 … and now, a link to the benchmarked specs:

Akira goes here
*Spoiler Alert:

All in all, be careful with this movie; it’s not for everyone. Just ignore the hype on BOTH sides and judge for yourself. I recommend the subtitled version; the dub’s voice actors suck and anyone who’ll understand this movie is obviously smart enough to read.

Ryuji-2 | 16 January 1999
on the IMdB

Inch by Inch

I can tell you I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump—I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough—until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.

Donald J. Trump, speaking to the Original “buzzfeed”;

via some fucking Esquire,

MOMA:8B1F7774-C422-4021-B678-A9587D0C211A •|• MIA… let Mí bee your Gavilán para esa cruz de tu Espada.

or some Old Gringo press outfit of the sort.

… and Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich goes:

Saturday in CET, Friday in Eastern Standard Time:0FE37D2F-36CD-428A-A3C7-51BE55C66433 •!• And it came to paSS, that White Nationalism was not a thing to worry about. Don’t believe what your eyes register. Be Happy, be happy instead.

—Is that you BoSS?

Note to Brian Williams:
The narrator voice for this docusegment is provided by Benicio del Toro in the role of Frankie Four fucking Fingers disguised as a Robbin Rabbi Hood.

Frankie Fo’fingers:
Now, the first registered evidence of the medical monitoring, beefo’r the Second Coming of “the” Jésus, and the subsequent extermination of all of the Jewish peoples on the face of Donald Trump’s World, came in the form of a constitutional tresspass that sought to impose human reproduction D.U.T.I.E.S. on concentration camp R.A.P.E. survivors (of the homogametic strand).

The Angel of a Living Hell Detention Camp:4DDEB26A-9B54-4F1E-836B-E397322D7F04 •!• Lloyd Scott.

Charlotte’s Web — La Bête blonde

Reports continue to arrive mentioning a spot of land called New Zealand, the timeshift, however, continues to plot the location on the Aüstralian plan.


With your permision, the staff is going to engage in Hand Signals, which is C.O.D.E. for political masturbation.

El After:8CFCAE0E-8773-452C-9E09-831418CF8DFB

Political Masturbation,
code for the
Stephen “T” Colbert
Sports Illustrated

Eye Become Ewe,
but what Lenny K wants to know,
is just
what da–fuck was that wager
or the B.E.T.


—for those who travel on the same F.R.E.Q.—

all about?

anygüey, Zeppelin goes here:


Les Haut et Les Bas de Henrietta et Nan

No niño Luc, c’est ne pas un Chubasco*
and please relay to the Siren next to you
that öüï don’t like crowds anygüey. So enjoy your already F.U.L.L. gig.


“Is it Ella, or is it LIVE”:5858F835-F4A9-4916-A645-E3B3C803E07C •|• And the blackbox from the Boing Max 8, the Max 9, and known “associates” made it to the Parisian lab, and the rest of this story must be read in a Brian Williams voice, as he (bri-wi) read the report through a Fireside Chat in 1938.

—In the never once spoken fake words of Mortemier Snerd, “who’d a thunk it,” Lorne Ü Rascal figured out what caused the big ol’thud on an Ethiopian runway.

Preliminary educated guesses from the big Kat over at the National Transportation Authority points to the very laid-back and at times even LAX conditions in which the Operational Training and re-certification test were handed out and/or conducted.

For starters, the “training”, if one can refer to the 🛬powerpoint🥜presentations as that, as training, considering that the cargo involved merited only a fucking iPad™️ and a powerslide presentation.

Heck, the Airline industry, according to Michael Che, is stratospherically stricter when it comes to the training and “husband-release” agreements for its air-hostesses fleet of First-Class bunnies. And that is probably because the so-called “Mile-High Club” has a reputation and a L.E.G.A.C.Y. to uphold. Pilots take that training very, very seriously ensuring every First-Class bunny is up to Jacques Cousteau standards.