Aussie… Eye is your huckle-tourist

Cuestión de enfoque — Háblele


El gran timo 


https ://www .bloomberg .com /news /articles /2022-07-21 /the-rupert-murdoch-of-france-has-a-12-billion-plan-to-take-on-netflix-disney

El multimillonario ‘French Murdoch’ está construyendo su propio imperio mediático de derecha

Öüï knew this Way Back When “la Semana que Philippe Labró” was a thing on the French Taco channel of Direct Matin.

Reality is a fairy, on the Morning Mika Show.

10 Yards!

Drafting is for flags! fucking spell checker!!


First Down… on the penthouse floor!

Janice’s outlook

Coma frutas y verduras. Consulte a su médico.