Original Sin (1985) — NAGASAKI did Nothing Wrong

Sadly, Nagasaki didn’t have an Eiffel Tower, or a Louvre, or… a love for Pappi Jazz or Glenn ‘motherfucking’ Miller’s “mood’s” for sippin’ on Rhum and Coca Cola®️ for that ‘split matter’, —no. So, that motherfucking city, had to go, after All when all is Said and Done, the ‘motherfucking’ WAR pigs, had—and remain with the Power.

… “2 minutes to midnight” — “Thank God for The Bomb”.

So, on a day like today, years after Moe Berg’s gut feeling suggested to the U.S. intelligence agencies that the head physicist honcho at Third Reich was not developing a “Fat Man” and a “Little Boy” for Hitler, good ol’ Harry Truman was given the green light to vaporize and sizzle a whole bunch of Japanese people, apparently, to not let a ‘good’ bomb go to waste.

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Eye See French People

Place Igor Stravinsky, Beaubourg, 75003 for the occasion of the Eve of Nagasaki’s most notable moment in time. •_!_•  Green goo added by Staff.

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« Tell me something Eye don’t Know », Chris Mathews?

TimeStamp: 01:55 hours in CET

“A–bombs” for nothing
… if you are a U.S. or Allied Forces War Veteran of the Great War in which John Wayne didn’t participate, let it be known that General Chris Matthews is out on leave, and that the Veterans Administration “contracts”* are being DEALT BY THREE FUCKERS OUT OF THE little president of the United States low class golf club in La “puta” Florida.

The Ultimate Racket: Mar–a–Lago.

Freedom, ¡mis pelotas!

The A-Bomb was dropped to ensure that in the final days of the World as we knew it, the system would work in favor of speculators and the Military Industrial Complex; but guess what Steve Kornaki, we’ve been telling Cousin Joe that we [the staff] knew about that racket since the 9th grade; that’s why we, [the staff] got a « b » in His Story… the history teacher was a big fan of « The Duke »… the “White” Duke, not the Duke that got on board “The A Train”.

FUCK John Wayne…

… this is a time-delayed entry del miércoles, 8 de agosto del 2018.

Gee-whiz, Rachel Maddow, thanks for the cherry-on-top.

Oh, Happy Days! When a CROOK resigns.

Boom!… The Catcher Was A Spy

15 hundred HOURS…
Central NATO Time

Ladies in Gemeni:

The Following must be read in a MOE BERG’s voice, relayed of course by the current actor playing the motherfucking HULK.

NAGASAKI Did Nothing wrong, HIROSHIMA on the Other Hand, well we [the staff] reckon that time will tell, 73 years in the timescale of an Atomic Nuke es una “pestañeada” en lo que al efecto ‘luciernaga’ concierne.

Moe Berg: https://imdb.com/title/tt4602066/

Hola, Guapa… it’s nine o´Clock in SIREN CENTRAL Time

6 de julio, 2018
66 TOROS y por lo menos un papá.

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Well I took a chew just the other night
It made me feel just fine
I grabbed my honey baby and I pinched her ol’ behind
She said you better spit out that chewing terbaccer
If you wanna kiss me on the big ol’ smacker

That Copenhagen
It makes me feel so good

Saint Ledoux.(Chris)

ISSY, Corazón… c’est la Journée Internationale du baiser 2018. PUCKER Up, ´cus here it comes; straight from the archives of a 2011 affaire.

Wait for it, wait…

Circa 2011… an Aussies and his Canuck girlfriend participating in the quintessential French National Sport, in Canada—of course… oh, Canada!

TimeStamp: SIX HOURS TO GAME TIME… in Central NATO Time; right now it’s 10 hundred hours in CET and, Chris Haynes, here’s “thing one”:

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in the mean time, it’s Hi–Noon with Dr. John and J.J. Cale in SIREN Central Time… muah!

Thing One: Papá No Importa.

Mean while… there are several ways to separate families, this month’s issue of the Queen of Sex (Causette) focuses among other themes (inside 100 pages) on the séjour à la maternité, or paternity leave, that’s nice… across The Chunnel, The BBC FINALLY hits the nail on the head on an issue that feminists have lop-sided in favor of the so-called weaker sex. In TRUMPLANDIA… it’s “Happy Days—Again” because a 14–month old baby was reunited with his parents, YEAAA!!! Nevermind that the baby was FULL OF LICE, unbathed for God-knows how long, and according to the FATHER OF THAT CHILD, traumatized.

Two Hours to Game—Time.

…in The Mean Time, the following must be read in a Paul Harvey voice.

And Now, “The Rest of The Story”
« Destiny »

If I Were The Devil“… I would sit Donald Trump at the Center of the World. “If I Were The Devil,” I would make sure that he, Donald John Trump, was Vladimir Putin’s LITTLE BITCH. }—~~~\*>  Uso justo de todos los medios.



TimeStamp: May 25th and June 29 of 1974.

Those were the days, Henry — those were THE DAYS. The days when NIXON Threathen L’Europa.

it took TWO YEARS to bring NIXON Down.

According to talking heads on the Morjo Show: today is a moment in history that rhymes with what is going on — and that it’s taking place today… “a daily duplicity” that now is on an HOURLY BASIS, so says Mike BarnicleThe TimeLine, echos the wife* of the boss** of a former police beat reporter (Alfred Friendly 1911-1983) at El WaPo who happened to have had his Squelch On, and because of it he was able to pick up the “scoop” of the break-in at The Watergate Hotel.

En vivo… ¡y a todo color! 44 años después de los efectos colaterales del atraco fallido en el Hotel Watergate.

And now Ladies in Gemeni, it’s time for another Lighning Round of JEOPARDY, with your host Alejandro Trebek.

Gael García Bernal en el rol de Alejandro Trebeck:

Welcome, to another edition of JEOPARDY; I am your host, Alejandro Trebek. Let’s Meet our contestants:

She’s a former librarian and the 43rd former First Lady of The United States of America, please welcome First Lady Laura Bush.

Next to her we have a Southern Baptist who lies —on a daily basis— for a living, and she’s actually proud of this fact.  Please give a hand to White House Press Handler Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders.

Complementing this lightning Jeopardy “match” is what seems to be developing into a permanent fixture on our show, please say hello to Armando Álvarez playing the role of Will Farrell.

Family portrait et un Héros du feuilleton.

… TimeStamp: por debajo de las faldas de fip… it’s 20H00 in Siren Central Time

Alejandro Trebeck en el rol de Óscar Peluchonneau:

— Great, after a word from our sponsors here are your categories:

  • Internment camps
  • Work Program Camps
  • Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Hungry…
  • Give me your displaced contra-revolutionaries and I will give you
    and finally:
  • Se Baila Así—Se Goza Más


D–Day and The Ambassador Hotel

Battle Stations — Battle Stations: Surf’s Up!!!

The Back Story from the Front…

Wipe’em Up! And Fire–Fire—Heat!!!

… History from the 321 Armor Division follows; it’s a forgotten Fact… and to Celebrate, it’s Poetry à Saint Sulpice, starring Lightning “MCQEEN”… she just escaped from a Disney®️ comic strip ”work” camp, and she’s about to start taking names… don’t miss The Backstory, starring Kasie Hunt, as Lightning “MCQEEN”.

Bobby no es ningún Beto, Bill.


The good thing about this most inconsequential Blog, is that in FRANCE there is no NATIONAL Public Radio… puro radio Intrenacional, eh! And for that, You can Thank The Voice of America.

Issy… Right Now it’s 14:10 y la cabina que controla los navíos de Paris, and most definitely The Siren’s Den, no me pueden dejar mentir, Le Arizona (just in case Ewe’all forgot the Backstory) acaba de cruzar “La Cité” and the ex–Beatle turned “Black Horse” recien se acordó of “All those Years Ago”.

Fun Fact… el potrillo de este Zaino, por conducto de su “chingada” Madre, es mexicano… PENELOPE CONTEXT Follows… wait for it, wait.

The Longest Day… in Hell —follows. Le Québec est invité d’honneur.