Hors–Série — Breaking el intermedio entre las news

TimeStamp: 21h00 in Central NATO Time

Paris, France _ AS3nEwes. Tens of millions of domestic species marched in different cities around The Globe to protest against unwanted groping and fondle.

Boston, Massachusetts__ Mean while over at The Boston Globe, the Mighty–Mighty Bostonnes learned an important lesson about wraslin’ with PIGS. John Cena, on the WWF is about to learn the same lesson when he oil wrestles for the Saudi Despot du Jour.

The global march was sparked following the revelation of an Instagram®️ account of what appears to be an MK—Ultra bleached blonde groping different pot–bellied pigs. On one of the posted videos, the female can be heard bragging that she is “about to make a gif” and immediately gropes and lifts a piglet by the belly with one hand. On the frame, a room that is set up to look like a “kitchen” can be seen in Plain Sight, even with Eyes Wide  Shut.

… naturally, Willie would not approve.

Gidget, the lesbian bitch who cemented her fame via the “Yo Quiero Taco Bell” commercials, and her long time squeeze, Tea Cup (Paris Hilton’s glamourous Chihuahua breed) joined in on the manifestation to show support for the #KEEPYOURHANDSOFMYBELLY and #LEAVEMYPOTALONE.


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