Jueves, 8 de noviembre… t (minus) 22 days

22 days, 23 hours, 46 minutes
until el 1 de diciembre.
Please stand–by for coverage.

Right now it’s Mid Term re–Cap, part ii
TimeStamp: 00.15 at la Gare Paris–Orleans,
chocando con Orsay.

Still to come, Heidi Sykes plays hardball and takes control of the situation when that “Hewitt” guy is caught with his Squelch–off.]

[ Attention Business Development: please confirm subliminal Coding on this head and sholders shot of the talking heads for the Special Accounts shampoo commercial*. ]

— Col. Matthews: Let’s play hardball!
     Tell me what Eye say…
     Heidi, take over that “Hewitt” guy, his mike is off!
     Can Ewe hear me “Hewitt”?
     Heidi, Eye bet you think that Eye’am starting to infringe on that Ancient phone company commercial “can you hear me now.”
     Heidi, take over whatever it is that Eye’am thinking of.
     Heidi, have’EyE’evah told you that Eye’use to be a Capitol One Cop.
    “Hewitt” are Ewe there… anygüey, it’s 20 minutes after the hour: All Over The Globe… AND REMEMBER, Heidi, La Hache es muda en Vermonth.

11.20 in CET
On n’a plus le temps, nous sommes, o algo así.

Coming up on How To Make a Boat, Polybius visits “Big Red” en Solferino casí esquina con La Legión de Honor. Starring Tom Bro’kaw, with Special commentary by Jon Meacham.

Tell me something I don’t know—“Let’s play Hardball”

You are welcome Ari… “i’m Jealous again”.

Right now, the flute in  “Howling For Judy” sure gives Snatch a new spin… “sure shot” with a tounge for a tie think’s he’s got a deal going with Kim, but what Every KATUSA at Camp Casey wants to know from you, is where’s the Beef mr, president? Over on the Iran side you cleared the way for that regime to continue with a Big-Bang developing program when you scrapped an on-going deal that guaranteed nuke inspectors on Persian sands, and unlike Carroll O’Connor in the role of Chris Matthews up above i’m no expert, but wasn’t Jung–Il the main nuke material supplier to Iran? Anygüey, the good thing about all of this is that the World Cup starts shortly, just in time for the European Parlament to re-arrange our ability to graphically show what’s behind the current PUTUSwhat’s behind the current POTUS long ties, we [the staff] now realize that those stupid fucking ties are the design of Russian technology to better hide Donald John Trump’s  mother fucking lying tounge.

Zero One Hundred Hours in Central NATO time.

… The greatest show ln Earth, according to General “Colt” Matthews, follows—stick around and keep it Real.

Even that Jennifer Lovett at United States Forces (Command) Korea, what’s her rank, Lieutenant Colonel? What do they know? They’re just a glorified Major; tell ‘em Rudy, tell ‘em how i was the greatest American Football player at the toy soldier private military academy where my mom sent me for basically being a total asshole with everybody around me—tell ‘em Rudy! It’s an order.

Fuck, might as well swing over to Raquelitos pad, it’s Oh Three Hundred Hours in Central Nato Time—and it Feel’s Fine… really. It feels Fine.

Oh… the humanity. The Korean Peninsula, sold with no money down and no interest for the rest of Trump’s political Big Top,—sold like a condemned hurricane damaged Hyundai Sonata.

Por una cabeza…


The good thing about this blog is that Colonel Matthews does’t like to Tango… and that we [the staff] get to complement Nicole Wallace’s prog-Spectacles, and that Red dress she wore today, we are wondering Nicole if you like to Tango? With your significant other—of course.

TimeStamp: 30 minutes before the polls close in Cousin Joe’s RedNeck Riviera’s backyard (Scarborough Country words, not ours).

Stick Around…

Apparently at the top of the Eleventh Hour EST the people of Alabama have spoken, we’ll have to wait and see what POTUS 45 makes of it tomorrow morning at Trump Central when the actual numbers confirm Mr. Jones to the the U.S. Senate… more on that when we [the staff] return with Mrs. Robinson’s take.

and now, it’s back to our Special Series: La Concha de Tu Madre; live from the Mobile Racetrack in Sweet Home Alabama, with very special guest: Young Neil

Trump Watch for December 12th 2017

– – Col. Matthews:

Sophia Nelson, tell me something I don’t know.

— Sophia Nelson:

Well, for starters it’s THE WHITE WOMEN, STUPID! They are the ones that put Trump in the White House. And, Earlier in the day, three WaPo’s reporters were kicked out from a Sassy’s Headquarters, because George Soros hates horses, or something like that.

– – George Soros hates horses?

That’s right, Col. Matthews, and especially “Sassy”, which is the mare that Roy Moore rides when he’s not riding little freshman students during “Maths” sessions.

– – Really! But how do you factor in the Stupid White Women giving Trump the General Election in 2016?

Thank you for not making a Prediction on who the winner of the Race would be; but we [the staff], agree with Sir Charles for one reason Ms. P… and one reason only, there is only one way to talk some sense into the populous of BACKWARDS PLACES, be it MEXICO, or ALABAMA, and that is by giving them Though Love…

C’mon, Col. Matthews! Didn’t you watch Ari Melber’s “Billy On The Street” segment, I mean it was all laid out right there when them two broke down The American Horror Story documentary about
the lesbian wife who voted for a third candidate instead of Hillary, and then poisoned her wife until she was dead.

“For a Dollar”, wait for it, wait…

– – I’ve must have missed that episode, but unlike [the staff] at asegovia3.wordpress.com, I do work for Mr. Peacock so I do have access to all kinds of archives.

Wait for it, wait…

It’s Spirits Day today… y mañana Día de los Muertos

1 de noviembre, 2017

El Espectro… foto de archivo. Originally published on Oct. 31st, 2015 under the headlîe: Tigerlilly y la ley anti-Armando. —_~ Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand

Did you know that it was the French… who invented “El Pan de Muerto” and the “Day of The Dead” [1]. And that it was the British who perfected that celebration by “shaking it” with Craig, —Daniel Craig.

Hold that thought, Colonel Matthews… because when we return: Let’s Play Hardball!… but first, “with all due respect” it’s time for Breaking The News. —_—.  John Heilemann, a long-time sticker fanatic of an urban colective who call themselves “The Wu-Tang Clan,” suffered a heart attack late Friday night (last week) after learning that his ‘wingman’ Mark Halperin, let Mika and Cousin Joe down… Hold That Thought, we’ll be right back with let’s play hardball with Colonel Chris Matthews…. GOOOOOO, DODGERS!

The good thing about this nonconsequential blog is that los Espíritus nunca vienen a visitar este espectro protocolario de los Interwebs.


Motivation vs. Hate… [3]
Let’s play hardball
with Col. Chris Matthews

Legacy politics and opposing viewpoints: an American Original Story.  •—_—•  Hey there, Cousin Joe, please relay to Colonel Matthews that the next segment is nothing personal, as a matter of fact, there was a time that we,[the staff] would leave the Internet Streaming Machine on during his show. Our favorite part of his schtick would of course be the opening line, the fast interrogation style that he uses when addressing his guests, and the final thought. I will never forget that time during the first presidential debate of 2016, when he said: it’s too late, they are already in—they have stormed the castle!… or something like that, if i had access to Mr. Peacock’s archives, that would be the first “talking meme” that i would upload on this unconsecuential blog… ANYGÜEY, Cousin Joe, the Carmen Aristegui segment regarding a Salvatore “Mooney” “Sam” “Capo de Tutti” Giancana files with RFK, —follows.

1968… to put the following analysis into context let me first tell you, Colonel Matthews, how i feel about the loss of Robert F. Kennedy by a guy with a redundant name like say, José José, Polo Polo,  Django Django, or Los Dug Dug (all of ’em artistic names) except for the one that made of the Bonaventure’s kitchen a landmark name: Sirhan Sirhan.

Anygüey, Colonel Matthews, i shead a tear; and i wasn’t even born yet! Just like that time that i shead another tear —a few weeks later on October the 2nd, three months later (give or take) after “Bobby” Kennedy’s hit… and again, Colonel Matthews, i wasn’t even born yet but still, i shead a tear.

MINUTO 3, con 54 SEGUNDOS: “El interés de matar a Fidel, contra el odio de Robert F. Kennedy hacía la mafia…” palabras más o palabras menos, Cousin Joe, RFK, might have been in your own words, “a though Son of a Bitch”, but in his dealings with the mob to get rid of Castro, he was a bit of hypocritical bitch too! Don’t you think? Think about it, Cousin Joe, a historical parallel to that Machiavellian recourse of the means in an equation is the same algorithm that gave US the Taliban and ISIS… intel on that last statement follows.


Coincidentemente, cuentán los que llorarón aquél día allí, de que uno de los primeros McDonald’s que abrieron sus puertas en Francia fue precisamente en frente del sitio de Cluny… La próxima vez que divisemos a doña Vilma confirmaremmos esa Fuente … Por mientras sólo hay que apuntar de que así, pues, son los sincretismos culturales, o mismo los “Clunilnarios“.

1. “En Cluny tenía que ser“. Dato sobre los orígenes del Dia de Los Muertos llega por cortesía del Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Historia; VÍA /r/mexico.  http://www.inah.gob.mx/es/boletines/1485-origenes-profundamente-catolicos-y-no-prehispanicos-la-fiesta-de-dia-de-muertos-2

Las tres etapas… foto de archivo originalmente publicada el 1 de noviembre del 2015, en “Efeméride Actualizada”. —_—. Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand. Foto capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2015 (CreativeCommons Intl. Lic. 4.0 /By/NC/SA).

2. …

3. Aristegui, C.Esto revelán los archivos de JFK sobre políticos mexicanos“. Entrevista con Raymundo Riva Palacio; 27/10/2017. Vía: youtube; https ://youtube .com /watch?v=jZ9t92jGdPk


Narco de narcos

http ://excelsior .com .mx /nacional /2017 /10/31/1198216

Just–In–Time coincidental tangent

…Context follows. TimeStamp: the Bottom of the First on the Cousin Joe morning show… In French that means that it is 11h00 CET.

Ok, let’s play Hard Ball; Yo! Che:

Here’s a dagger for Col. Matthews, “security” speaking guest:

Stand-by for Bernie Sanders, campaign 2016— Context, and U.S. Historical medling in Latin American elections….

TimeStamp: 01h56m CET…
OK, we’re back and it’s 11h30 CET… Technical difficulties with outdated commo equipment [1] persist: Cousin Joe, stop fukcing around and send that dang’on iphone.

Cousin Joe, context from Oaxaca follows… but first: HAVE A COKE for you and your staff’s 10 Year Anniversary:  “Mommy’s all right
Daddy’s all right
They just seem a little weird
But don’t give yourself away
Hey, heeeeeey
“…  A Chorus line courtesy of: Cheap Trick.

So, Col. Matthews, according to the new facebook/micro-targeting subpoenas ramifications, which stem from Willie Geist’s one-on-one interview with senior reporter at Business Insider, Natasha Bertrand, plus the calibrated and obligatory political expert analysis from national security advisors, such as your guest, Clint Watts, the Muller investigation is looking to find if U.S. citizens helped the Russians rig the 2016 Election?

Willie does not approve,” and yet Gov. Chris Christy is still a player in the show. Shouldn’t HE be in jail for medling in a New Jersey  local election? WTF, Barnacle?—_— Willie’s mug is a Courtesy of Jon Stewart at the 2nd iteration of The Daily Show…

That’s a big chunk to chew on, especially if it extends beyond the KUSHNER family and the In-Laws at Trump Tower, eh!

Coming up after the break John Ridley (12 Years A Slave; Let if fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992) stops by Morning Joe to give us some highlights on his new project: Only one parachute on boardPaloma. Starting, Prof. Jon Meacham and Cornell West… and, oh yeah, Director Ridley give us his cinematic take on today’s POTUS 45  address at the “Green_Marble_Room” at the United Nations.

Furthermore, Mr. Watts ruminates with the notion that a beacon point to guide this breeching breaching vessel and get to the bottom of the Russian sponsored intrusion is to backwards step from the point in time when Bernie Sanders supporters [including the staff, Cousin Joe] justifiably voiced their outrage on social media after the Debbie and Donna DNC derailment during the democratic primary [2] in order to keep Sen. Sanders [“the junior senator from Vermont*] from taking the front seat on the Democrats ballot against the now President of The United States Alec Baldwin, our apologies, we meant to mention Donald Trump.

… Listening silence.

Dear, Mika, our condolences for the recent loss of your dad, but moving on and with all due respect, please do not, we [the staff] repeat, do not forget to include the time when Cousin Joe salivated at the opportunity to have the General Electric CEO on your show, and constantly mock the Senator by ironically debasing his ‘junior senator’ title… Thanks, a bunch, and yes, i do miss Marseille, too bad the rest of the bridge never made it trough through. Besos.

Uso justo del °33. Tiene usted toda la razón, Willie Geist, hace 33 años aún no había ningun tratado de libre comercio con los vecinos al otro lado del Rio Bravo. Hace 33 años, aún no había Vicente Fox en NBC porque ese señor handaba (la hache es muda, don Chente) muy ocupado repartiendo coca…cola por todo México. SIN EMBARGO, Willie Geist, lo que apenas sí estaba ‘gorgoreando’ en 1987 era un veradero descontento en los territorios del Itsmo** hacia el Sur; y es-que Willie Geist, Mexico acababa de ingresar al GATT—o el GATT acababa de ingresar a México?… (ahorita te meto esos datos Willie, deja los extiendo para buscarlos)… y el CITI BANK exijía que se apaciguaran los rijosos que se oponían a que “el banco” ocupara sus terrenos; y es-que en aquel entonces Willie Geist, la carta magna (la constitución) mexicana aún venía impresa [3] con El Articulo 27, mismo que garantizaba —entre otros estatutos— que las tierras, cuando pudiesen ser arrendadas a extranjeros, sería bajo la condición de no transgresar en contra de los derechos de nacionales mexicanos (y sí, esto incluye a los eternamente excluidos; las étnias) y de que los extranjeros con derecho a tierras No Fueran A Invocar La Ayuda de Sus Gobiernos para defender o reclamar dichos lotes prestados. Y no Willie Geist, en 1989 los mexicanos no esperaban que el candidato de la Izquierda, el Ingeniero Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas fuese el primer candidato  Haqueado, ni mucho menos que el responsable de dicho rapto del conteo de votos ‘en linea’ hoy, en el 2017 (a 5 días del fin del mundo) opere desde El Partido Más Puro de La NOMENCLATURA DE LA IZQUIERDA MEXICANA, [4].

… you know Mrs. Clinton, if Debbie and Donna would not have, we repeat, wouldn’t have rigged the Primary Election, that tall guy (from Texas?) Comey would not have been a LAST MINUTE DAGGER in your game.

1. “All radio-silent on the Eastern Front”, context follows, keep your SQUELCH ON.

2. Cómo se dice “Sinverguenza” en “Brazile”: http ://thehill .com /blogs /blog-briefing-room /news /341617-donna-brazile-to-publish-book-about-2016-election-breache

3. Art. 27, Constitución Mexicana de 1917: https ://definicionlegal .blogspot .fr /2014 /03 /articulo-27-de-la-constitucion-de-1917 .html?m=0

4. The original “Mexican Style***” computer hacking… Context and SOURCE follows; wait one for transmission: http ://www .jornada .unam .mx /2004 /04 /02 /022a1pol .php?fly=1

🎵🎶 Sapo Verde Tu-Yu / Sapo Verde Tu-Yu / Sapo Verde Dhi’r La Jornada— SAPO VERDE TU—-Yu 🔃

***Must be read [and sung] in a Gennady G. Golovkin, Eastern European voice intoned in Spanish —of course.

“Every day i [got] in the queue (Too much, Magic Bus)

Rudy got too much FOX NEWS of a
Donald Trump High…

Good Morning:

Today is Saturday, November the 5th, y en México, Doni*—no hay quinto [five cents] Malo… Oh say, can you spell: S-u-a-v-e-c-i-t-o? To the tune of Calaveras y Diablitos?
Faltan TRES días para salvar el legado del primer Presidente del mismo color del Señor Fela Kuti — later today the Staff here is calling three people in order to ask ’em to Vote for Barack Obama and The United States: CopyLeft—Vote for all the Democrats.

*  …en AGS_TV, a doni—Le dicen Beto.

Shout-Out to Chris Matthews and his Knowledge of Circles… 10 STATES, Sir?
“You Can’t Handle 10 states, let alone the Channel TEN.”

Comme'On Willie_get Yer Ya Ya's Out. — Uso justo de Clint Eastwood, Chris Matthews and the Get out the Vote [for Clinton campaign] | Fair use of all media in Election Year —2016.

Comme’On Willie_”Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out.” — Uso justo de Clint Eastwood, Chris Matthews and the Get out the Vote [for Clinton campaign] | Fair use of all media in Election Year —2016.

Later on the MotherShip: TONITE TONITE TOO-NITE: is that the Real Chappelle or is that ILLUMINATI Dave?

Staff note: TimeStamp is All-In with the Rev. Al and, that ‘other’ Guy from Chicago; You Guys!!! [0100 hours in Central Europe Time]… ps: Michael Moore took off his BBC trademark hat on yesterday’s show. You are Welcome Mike, now please tell the FBI to do ‘their’ Jobs and file charges against that Law and Order Rudy-guy… on the down-low, Mike, the staff didn’t know either that Mika was fond of the House of Anarchy** colors.

Coming Up: The Chris Krispy files… that was thing one.

** Dear Michael Moore:
In the Waltz for the Republic [shout-out to MTP daily]
Donald Trump, is not an Anarchist.
In this the most strange dance of —2016
donald trump is a Rudolph GuiliaNY Fascist.

Right now in Paris, Issac Hays is serenading 'the' SHAFT, and this is nothing more than a coincidence with what Méliès got from Edison. —"You'Damn Right_Can-you_Dig-it?

Right now in Paris, Isaac Hayes is serenading ‘the’ SHAFT theme, and this is nothing more than a coincidence [en asociaciones cognitivas] with what Méliès got from Edison. —”You’Damn Right_Can-you_Dig-it?” | TimeStamp: Cinco para las Ocho.

…Right now, Rachel is strolling through the RCA/501 blues ‘member-years.
TimeStamp is 2 in the morning and somewhere in the USA Jay-Z is On.

…The more you know | Scrambled Symphonies part II

Martes, 12 de julio de 2016
Edición post-copas futboleras —de Nación.
por: armando segovia… you guys!!!

Resurrecting 'law and order' advocates. | Fair use familiar fragments of fear —and unrest. || In the frame, screen captures of: Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven's Final Symphony; Segments of MSNBC's programming, and a virtual newspaper's clipping regarding a recent criminal injury case.

Resurrecting ‘law and order‘ advocates, “as part of the solution*.” | Fair use of familiar fragments of fear —and unrest. || In the ‘screen’ contrasts : Following the Ninth: In the Footsteps of Beethoven’s Final Symphony; additionally, segments of  MSNBC’s  programming,  and a  virtual newspaper’s  clipping  regarding  a  recent  criminal  injury  case, which  resurrected  an  “antiquated docket” of ignominy.

*   …as part of the solution:

Chief David Brown [ Dallas police department ] claims that he dropped out of college in part ]
because of the crack cocaine epidemic of the Ronald Reagan years.

Chief Brown goes on to claim that in order to be “a part of the
solution,” he, as a senior in the University of Texas should leave college. Mr. Brown claims that he took that course of action because he wanted to go back into the marginalized neighborhoods where he had grown up, but do so, only as a uniformed cop .

Of course, in the early 80’s, only the President of the United States of America —and his close allies— would have had the INTEL about the aggressive ways that rock cocaine was being pushed across [small portions of our **] the Nation’s ghetto’s.

I wonder what would have happened if the then “Cadet” Brown, would have been “Graduate Student” White?

My  fantasy  is  that, if Brown had been born White, he would have probably joined the Peace Corps —or something like that… so say’s a guy named Perkins… of economic hitman’s fame.

** According to The Washington Post crowd.

[Picture for “antiquated” context follows]… right now is time for a Tuesday beer.

TimeStamp: 1700 hrs. CET [TimeNow].