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Fodongeando La Noticia, con Cousin Joe y Ondina “Mika” Brezezinski  •—_—• The new norm in the way that sports journalists are going to be predicting who the next World Series Champions are, is going to be by using the Brad Pitt’s algorithm movie method. It’s as boring as an old fashion waiting room with no Playboy issues available, and it also kills the wonder right out of the park just like e-cigarettes kill the toxic mystic right out of a cigarette, but since multi-flavor vapor seems to Curb “Cancer’s” Enthusiasm and, after seeing the Astros take the pennant, then boring has definetly got an edge over big tobacco and algorithms over  the old way in which, Willie Guist buys peanuts and Cracker Jacks® . •—_—•.

Virginia has become the first rough-Draft of  Trump’s impeachment, “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”, but there’s still some rolling hills to cross over; in the mean time,  let’s take a pause and head over to Brazile… La Xica mais linda.

Political pundits, however, are still fixed on using the esoteric AnAgRam in all of the wrong fucking ways to try and predict the next political leaders. Take for instance a recent Commentary made by the elements “digging” over at the control room of Studio A3, at the mines of “the” msnbc’s, during the Oct. 27th edition of the MoreJo show:
Hey, you guys! Jack just crunched the Lt. Governor’s name and it’s just two-letters away from being a perfect match to that Commentary Magazine guy.
>> Is that a fact, Alex? Or are you just trying to get out of extra duty for coming in to work without shaving?
Of course not, Ma’am. I swear by this autographed KC DC “laser-rock” t-shirt that the hex is legit.
(Cousin Joe, analyzes the internal-mic conversation between the Gnomes and the Gold hair Undine to his right, and he goes for the Swing).
Hey, Noah! Alex and the rest of the fella’s over at the control room just informed us that Ralph Northam is ‘only’ 2 letters away from being a perfect AnAgRam for Noah Rothman, but of Course they need to “Curb Their Enthusiasm” because “it’s all Fake News”, because the Sylph that’s double-timing thru the Jupiter quadrant, he just got wind that not only are those fucking Gnomes Full of Shit, they should know by the missing letters N + O, that if you subtract the Noah Rotham from Ralph Northam, the remaining three letters add up to Republicans Lose Priority… at least in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sources follow…in the mean time:


Blue colored cuff of a White Collar Capitol cop… 
 “Let’s Play Hardball“. Earlier during this Robert F. Kennedy: A Raging Spirit, book advertising review, we [the staff] relayed to all of the good people that don’t bother knocking on this portal, that the tale of Mr. Matthews begins to unfold as soon as the potential reader sets his or her eyes on the “Dust Jacket”, or —DJ— for short. •—_—• We [the staff] have also already commented on the elements of the Front Cover, and… “an interesting thing happened on the way to the Forum,” midway between La Rue d’Oculus and La rue de l’Arc de Ciel, we [the staff] stumbled upon the limitations of what Konstantine, the author of the template that asegovia3 chose to use way-back-when, as an aspiring reporter, fired up this rather non-consequential blog. It turns out that for a long-winded entry such as this advertisement book review, that we [the staff] found ourselves struggling with “PUBLISH,” which is what Konstantine chose as a name for this theme (or template), the issue boils down to a frozen screen every time that our graphics capture team tries to load an image at the very bottom of long pentry; that is why you, as a reader that never visits this blog, gets those annoying part i, part ii, part iii, etcétera… anygüey, Colonel Matthews, il dorso context of the “DJ” of your take on  the, once upon a time young and galant hero of The New Camelot clan, follows below, and then we “promaïs” to insert the sources, after that… even if we have to PUBLISH a part iv on this theme about your in-house advertisement book promotional tour, Mr. Matthews.

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