20 de noviembre – Capítulo 4; chingada madre PIT* II…

*Paco Ignacio Taibo, Jr.

Contexto del mes de octubre de 2015, a seguir. Y sí don Paco, es un rollo paralelo a la visita de John Mill Ackerman en el 2014 a París… momentito por favor, porque tiene que ver con la pregunta que le hiciera una voz femenil al minuto 53 con 55 segundos en ese mismo foro, y con su respuesta a ella en el contexto de Marx Vol. 2; y sí don Paco, la cuestión giró en torno a, “¿quién escribe el presente, para mejor ubicar el pasado Sin Divisionismos ni Sectas Partidistas?  •—_¡_—• Captura de pantalla cortesía de La Brigada FIL hashtag — o alguna chingadera del tuítter que más o menos se escribe así.

ECONOMICS REPRODUCTION as explained by a Washington commentator: sarcasm, or exceptional cynisim… Andrea Mitchell decides.

… yeah, it’s like MONOPOLIES with restraints… right, Timmy—my boy? Alex can we [the staff] get a hell yeah? With a special Kasie Hunt thunderbolt?

Hey there Cousin Joe, we [the staff] are a bit confused with this fellow named Timothy Carney, a commentary editor at The Washington Examiner; maybe it was sarcasm or maybe it was the bratty ways of yet another one of America’s favorite exceptional kids who equates the US debt, as one of those “to big to fail Scams” that come with an $85 Billon Dollar Bailout tag and, as if that wasn’t enough, Carney gets his kicks by pouring some salt on a deep-cut wound, es decir, Mika, by aluding to your audience [the staff included] that there is no such thing as a Citizens United Supreme Court decision; has that law been repealed? Senator McCain (R – AZ) has not sent the memo about that aberration being scraped from the books.

Bad troll—no cookie.

BTW.—you guys! Good job! Kudos to the MorJo Hearing Impaired Team for CENSURING out that particular comment about Citizens United made by Mr. Free Enterprise above, for those with difficulties inside the ears, here it goes:

Corporations aren’t people, they don’t actually pay TAXES—they COLLECT IT [sic]…

Where is Barnicle when you need him, wonder what Mrs. Barnicle at B of A would comment about trolly mcTroll comments above.

Willie Geist most definitely approves of that digital white-out… tell you what, Cousin Joe, please have the one and only Andrea Mitchell talk to the ex FED Chairman and ask her to please instruct Ol’fountainhead Greenspan to place a complimentary phone call to Janet Yellen, and have the current FED Chairperson  print out a couple dozen wads of brand spanking new Steive Mnuchin $100 Dollar bills, wrapped up in $50 dollar sheets, please ensure that the Secretary’s signature is showing… Fuck it: We Are The United States! — Not Sean Penn’s Venezuela!

… TimeStamp: 03h00 CET

Katty, my Dear, you ask for context?—we don’t need no Stinkin’ Context!

… al regresar,
Marco teórico mis huevos;
marco los de los cuadros
o algo así —según PIT II.

Hey, Cousin Joe, the next time you have the urge to book presidente Fox on your morning show, please go ahead and book Paco Jr., no seas una burbuja; o como decía Young Karl Marx: un circuito cerrado de Información Reproducida en amplitud bien modulada… and Cousin Joe: no te sigas haciendo pendejo con ese iPhone X, ¡ya mándalo Güey!

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PIT II vía Pit Salmérón en una FIL:

It’s Spirits Day today… y mañana Día de los Muertos

1 de noviembre, 2017

El Espectro… foto de archivo. Originally published on Oct. 31st, 2015 under the headlîe: Tigerlilly y la ley anti-Armando. —_~ Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand

Did you know that it was the French… who invented “El Pan de Muerto” and the “Day of The Dead” [1]. And that it was the British who perfected that celebration by “shaking it” with Craig, —Daniel Craig.

Hold that thought, Colonel Matthews… because when we return: Let’s Play Hardball!… but first, “with all due respect” it’s time for Breaking The News. —_—.  John Heilemann, a long-time sticker fanatic of an urban colective who call themselves “The Wu-Tang Clan,” suffered a heart attack late Friday night (last week) after learning that his ‘wingman’ Mark Halperin, let Mika and Cousin Joe down… Hold That Thought, we’ll be right back with let’s play hardball with Colonel Chris Matthews…. GOOOOOO, DODGERS!

The good thing about this nonconsequential blog is that los Espíritus nunca vienen a visitar este espectro protocolario de los Interwebs.


Motivation vs. Hate… [3]
Let’s play hardball
with Col. Chris Matthews

Legacy politics and opposing viewpoints: an American Original Story.  •—_—•  Hey there, Cousin Joe, please relay to Colonel Matthews that the next segment is nothing personal, as a matter of fact, there was a time that we,[the staff] would leave the Internet Streaming Machine on during his show. Our favorite part of his schtick would of course be the opening line, the fast interrogation style that he uses when addressing his guests, and the final thought. I will never forget that time during the first presidential debate of 2016, when he said: it’s too late, they are already in—they have stormed the castle!… or something like that, if i had access to Mr. Peacock’s archives, that would be the first “talking meme” that i would upload on this unconsecuential blog… ANYGÜEY, Cousin Joe, the Carmen Aristegui segment regarding a Salvatore “Mooney” “Sam” “Capo de Tutti” Giancana files with RFK, —follows.

1968… to put the following analysis into context let me first tell you, Colonel Matthews, how i feel about the loss of Robert F. Kennedy by a guy with a redundant name like say, José José, Polo Polo,  Django Django, or Los Dug Dug (all of ’em artistic names) except for the one that made of the Bonaventure’s kitchen a landmark name: Sirhan Sirhan.

Anygüey, Colonel Matthews, i shead a tear; and i wasn’t even born yet! Just like that time that i shead another tear —a few weeks later on October the 2nd, three months later (give or take) after “Bobby” Kennedy’s hit… and again, Colonel Matthews, i wasn’t even born yet but still, i shead a tear.

MINUTO 3, con 54 SEGUNDOS: “El interés de matar a Fidel, contra el odio de Robert F. Kennedy hacía la mafia…” palabras más o palabras menos, Cousin Joe, RFK, might have been in your own words, “a though Son of a Bitch”, but in his dealings with the mob to get rid of Castro, he was a bit of hypocritical bitch too! Don’t you think? Think about it, Cousin Joe, a historical parallel to that Machiavellian recourse of the means in an equation is the same algorithm that gave US the Taliban and ISIS… intel on that last statement follows.


Coincidentemente, cuentán los que llorarón aquél día allí, de que uno de los primeros McDonald’s que abrieron sus puertas en Francia fue precisamente en frente del sitio de Cluny… La próxima vez que divisemos a doña Vilma confirmaremmos esa Fuente … Por mientras sólo hay que apuntar de que así, pues, son los sincretismos culturales, o mismo los “Clunilnarios“.

1. “En Cluny tenía que ser“. Dato sobre los orígenes del Dia de Los Muertos llega por cortesía del Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Historia; VÍA /r/mexico.  http://www.inah.gob.mx/es/boletines/1485-origenes-profundamente-catolicos-y-no-prehispanicos-la-fiesta-de-dia-de-muertos-2

Las tres etapas… foto de archivo originalmente publicada el 1 de noviembre del 2015, en “Efeméride Actualizada”. —_—. Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand. Foto capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2015 (CreativeCommons Intl. Lic. 4.0 /By/NC/SA).

2. …

3. Aristegui, C.Esto revelán los archivos de JFK sobre políticos mexicanos“. Entrevista con Raymundo Riva Palacio; 27/10/2017. Vía: youtube; https ://youtube .com /watch?v=jZ9t92jGdPk


Narco de narcos

http ://excelsior .com .mx /nacional /2017 /10/31/1198216

Just–In–Time coincidental tangent

…Context follows. TimeStamp: the Bottom of the First on the Cousin Joe morning show… In French that means that it is 11h00 CET.

The “Education” angle of Afghanistan

Hey there Katy Kay on the BBC of msnbc, so… are we talking Insane Clown Posse ‘freak show’ or just the regular Snake Oil salesmen sideshow? [1].

Ah, but of course! It makes sense that the V.P. would cut his trip to South America short, according to a Salon [dot] com  snoop, the guy who founded the mercenary group called Blackwater, Eric Prince*,  is trying to bring back the East India Co. … Or some scheme like that. This, in order to do a hostile ‘takeover’ on the U.S. Military traditional role of ‘war fighting’. Now, that is what Capitalism is all about “Free Enterprise.” And of course, Catherine Rampell of WaPo opinion page fame,  i Know It’s True— ‘cus i saw it on ‘the’ reddit posts, and not on the TV’s [2].

[2]… http ://www .salon .com /2017 /08 /08 /blackwater-founder-erik-prince-cites-east-india-company-as-a-model-to-privatize-afghanistan-war/

[1]. Big Kat is right, the U.S. is going the way Disco Music went in the 1980’s… and yes, it’s all Ted Nugent’s fault: FUCK YOU Ted Nugent.

Context continues to develop… Uso justo de doña Raquel and ‘the’ MSNBC’s.

Meanwhile, back at the U.S. “Backyard”, the NAFTA renegotiations are being rewritten in the background of an issue that already had been dealt with when Mussolini was turned on its head, and the Blitzkrieg stopped on its tracks. Which brings me to the following, as a tanker that served in the same Barracks (Mannheim) where General Patton had his fateful vehicular accident, i [armando Segovia –three each] believe that Donald Trump has no business comparing warfighters of yesteryears, especially when he cites Patton as a personal hero—and then—goes on Full-Suck-Ass mode with the Russian president’s butthole. There’s an acronym for that at Sachsenhousen’s Red Light District, and it’s called ATD’s, short for Anal Tounge Darts. Mr. Trump, in that battlefront you provide “the” dart.

Uso justo de Cousin Joe & msnbc… Rafa!!! Avísale a Brozo que Trump le quiere quitar su chamba.

The Trump Whisperer…

We are experiencing technical difficulties, but when we return, a Dear Cousin Joe segment, plus a recap on Morning Joe’s favorite Mexican media darling: El Presidente Vicente Fox; and we continue with this week’s special edition: Las Memorias de la Guayabera Blanca, with special guest: CIA’s favorite Grand Theft Auto operative, and Luis Echeverria’s version of The Man With The Iron Heart (HHhH): Miguel Nazar Haro.

Additionally, we add a new section, one we’d like to call:

Well… that took some balls.

Emmanuel Macron

(President, One–Each) guest stars.

Headline capture courtesy of The Guardian… Hello, today is yesterday’s tomorrow and that’s why we chose to post this Guardian headline regarding a leadership trait of Emmanuel Macron. Our entry from yesterday was actually about the display of character that it took Mr. Macron in order to  inform and–or remind French Nationalists that not a single German participated in the logistics that it took to coordinate the deportation of 76,000 people to Nazi concentration camps… yesterday’s Guardian mentioned that on a day like today, July 18th, 13000 were already in cattle cars being railroaded to what we now refer to as The Holocaust; 4000 of these were children, less than 100 lived to tell their story. AGAIN 76000 was the total number of souls shipped out of France in order to comply with Herr Heydrich’s Final Solution request.

The Army Song as background for a General Strike

Paris, France #87mars… on arrête tout.
26 de mayo, de 2016
No news for todayplease refer to Yesterday’s news bulletin about the most recent inductees to National Order de la  Légion d’Honnour [if you want].

… if only Prof. Melissa Harris-Perry would have started a Union [on MSNBC] she would have not been 'dropped' from Formation. | Uso Justo de la AFP y MSN [without the NBC part]… Context follows [if you want… all you've gotta'do is ASK].

if only Prof. Melissa Harris-Perry would have started a Union [on MSNBC] perhaps she would have not been ‘dropped’ from Formation. | Uso Justo de la AFP y MSN [without the NBC part]… Context follows [if you want… all you’ve gotta’do is ASK]. || TimeStamp:  0900h [time now]. ||| Via: http ://www .msn .com /fr-fr /actualite /france /aucun-quotidien-national-jeudi-les-%C3%A9diteurs-se-sentent-pris-en-otages /ar-BBtuc73?li=BBoJDO5

Here’s some sauce from your not too long-ago: Russell Brand makes fun of a little man wearing a green tie. It’s Thursday in Paris and that means it is also time to hit the streets. The staff from this rag—will be right back.

Y lo que son las cosas de la carretera

[TimeStamp: 11h CET, time now]… context follows about my encounter with this weekend’s 20 liter [roughly 5.5 gallons] fuel restrictions on the A-11. It kind of reminded me of the USAEUR’s ration card that as a regular joe, while stationed in Mannheim Germany I got accustomed to. That was back in the early 90’s. Nirvana had just announced that Heavy Metal Music, was going to be a thing of the past. “Here we are now, Entertain us.”

PSA* | National decree captured from a pump on a Total gas station on the A11 autoroute to Le Mans. ||Foto por Armando Segovia. CreativeCommons —CopyLeft.

PSA* | National decree captured from a pump while purchasing gas at a Total gas station on the A11 autoroute —to Le Mans; Sunday drive, May 22, 2016 . ||Foto por Armando Segovia. CreativeCommons —CopyLeft.

[TimeStamp on Mika’s stopwatch 12h CET]… tornados follow.

* PSA = Public Service Announcement.