BREAKING the nEwes:
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and their stupid fucking pundits, too.

Stupid fucking CONSERVATIVES pundits like my Cousin Joe Scarborough laid out the proposition that the French extremist (from the right) and neo–fascist MARINE Le PEN is a socialist

EXTRA—EXTRA, stupid REPUBLICANS, mistake corporate and industry welfare handouts with regular people’s outreach programs. Corporate WELFARE and COMODITY MARKETS SAFTEY NETS are not part of a socialist plan, NO SIR, CORPORATE WELFARE AND COMODITIES MARKETS HANDOUTS are more in the realm of a FASCIST AGENDA.

Enter, Generalissima Jordan… this is a TimeDelayed entry, right now it’s 19 hundred hours au Festival “Au grès du Jazz”, o algo así en Alsace. Context with the Koch’s  follows, staff needs “refreshments”, we’ll be back in a jiffy.

in the same motherfucking SEGMENT, the KOCH BROTHERS condemn, “divisiveness and LACK OF LEADERSHIP in america (sin acento)”, after they helped orchestrate Donald Trump’s electoral college 2016 victory for the New American Fascist Front, a.k.a. the “make america great again” / “tea bagger” movement.

[confused Wu Tang hipster screen grab follows]

TimeStamp: 16h20 in Siren Central Time

No, Charles—oh but fuck no, with a Capital “n” Nigga! Fuck No. •—_!_—•  Just because Ewe and your brother spew money out of both of your assholes and every other orifice in your cryotherapeautic salvaged bodies doesn’t give you fuckers the right to clear the way for Vladimir Putin’s electorate vote–grab once November 2018 rolls around.


It’s Spirits Day today… y mañana Día de los Muertos

1 de noviembre, 2017

El Espectro… foto de archivo. Originally published on Oct. 31st, 2015 under the headlîe: Tigerlilly y la ley anti-Armando. —_~ Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand

Did you know that it was the French… who invented “El Pan de Muerto” and the “Day of The Dead” [1]. And that it was the British who perfected that celebration by “shaking it” with Craig, —Daniel Craig.

Hold that thought, Colonel Matthews… because when we return: Let’s Play Hardball!… but first, “with all due respect” it’s time for Breaking The News. —_—.  John Heilemann, a long-time sticker fanatic of an urban colective who call themselves “The Wu-Tang Clan,” suffered a heart attack late Friday night (last week) after learning that his ‘wingman’ Mark Halperin, let Mika and Cousin Joe down… Hold That Thought, we’ll be right back with let’s play hardball with Colonel Chris Matthews…. GOOOOOO, DODGERS!

The good thing about this nonconsequential blog is that los Espíritus nunca vienen a visitar este espectro protocolario de los Interwebs.


Motivation vs. Hate… [3]
Let’s play hardball
with Col. Chris Matthews

Legacy politics and opposing viewpoints: an American Original Story.  •—_—•  Hey there, Cousin Joe, please relay to Colonel Matthews that the next segment is nothing personal, as a matter of fact, there was a time that we,[the staff] would leave the Internet Streaming Machine on during his show. Our favorite part of his schtick would of course be the opening line, the fast interrogation style that he uses when addressing his guests, and the final thought. I will never forget that time during the first presidential debate of 2016, when he said: it’s too late, they are already in—they have stormed the castle!… or something like that, if i had access to Mr. Peacock’s archives, that would be the first “talking meme” that i would upload on this unconsecuential blog… ANYGÜEY, Cousin Joe, the Carmen Aristegui segment regarding a Salvatore “Mooney” “Sam” “Capo de Tutti” Giancana files with RFK, —follows.

1968… to put the following analysis into context let me first tell you, Colonel Matthews, how i feel about the loss of Robert F. Kennedy by a guy with a redundant name like say, José José, Polo Polo,  Django Django, or Los Dug Dug (all of ’em artistic names) except for the one that made of the Bonaventure’s kitchen a landmark name: Sirhan Sirhan.

Anygüey, Colonel Matthews, i shead a tear; and i wasn’t even born yet! Just like that time that i shead another tear —a few weeks later on October the 2nd, three months later (give or take) after “Bobby” Kennedy’s hit… and again, Colonel Matthews, i wasn’t even born yet but still, i shead a tear.

MINUTO 3, con 54 SEGUNDOS: “El interés de matar a Fidel, contra el odio de Robert F. Kennedy hacía la mafia…” palabras más o palabras menos, Cousin Joe, RFK, might have been in your own words, “a though Son of a Bitch”, but in his dealings with the mob to get rid of Castro, he was a bit of hypocritical bitch too! Don’t you think? Think about it, Cousin Joe, a historical parallel to that Machiavellian recourse of the means in an equation is the same algorithm that gave US the Taliban and ISIS… intel on that last statement follows.


Coincidentemente, cuentán los que llorarón aquél día allí, de que uno de los primeros McDonald’s que abrieron sus puertas en Francia fue precisamente en frente del sitio de Cluny… La próxima vez que divisemos a doña Vilma confirmaremmos esa Fuente … Por mientras sólo hay que apuntar de que así, pues, son los sincretismos culturales, o mismo los “Clunilnarios“.

1. “En Cluny tenía que ser“. Dato sobre los orígenes del Dia de Los Muertos llega por cortesía del Instituto Nacional de Antropología y Historia; VÍA /r/mexico.

Las tres etapas… foto de archivo originalmente publicada el 1 de noviembre del 2015, en “Efeméride Actualizada”. —_—. Rue de Chevaleret, altura con la estación Bibliothèque F. Mitterand. Foto capturada por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2015 (CreativeCommons Intl. Lic. 4.0 /By/NC/SA).

2. …

3. Aristegui, C.Esto revelán los archivos de JFK sobre políticos mexicanos“. Entrevista con Raymundo Riva Palacio; 27/10/2017. Vía: youtube; https ://youtube .com /watch?v=jZ9t92jGdPk


Narco de narcos

http ://excelsior .com .mx /nacional /2017 /10/31/1198216

Just–In–Time coincidental tangent

…Context follows. TimeStamp: the Bottom of the First on the Cousin Joe morning show… In French that means that it is 11h00 CET.

The beam under the Milky Way

… Vicinity: 3rd Rock from The Sun.
Location: In “Denial.”
Proximity: Near The Luxor in a desert oasis called Las Vegas.

Good morning, today is the fifth day of October, the moon is full and thanks in part to the UNESCO, the free world is celebrating Teachers around the Globe.

Meanwhile, over yonder on the interwebs the hosts of a learning resource called YouTube, who perhaps under pressure from the National Rifle Association (and quite possibly that fuck-face Ted Nugent) had to go ahead and censor a synchronized 15 minute video of the recent Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino mass shootings in Las Vegas.

Captura de archivo, 22 de febrero del 2016. —_—.  Under the whip of a scorching heatwave, Donald Trump held a campaing rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trump would eventually go on to win both the nomination of the Republican Party and the keys to the White House, but instead of fixing a country that had some flaws, but was not broken, Donald John Trump has managed to erode any greatness that the U.S. could muster on each and every one of the policies that he’s put his grubby little hands on… Except for the “Mr. Pennybags” clause on the inheritance tax that benefits the 1 % of U.S. Citizens and Corporate Residents who hold the wealth… Hypocritical indeed, Mr. With All Due Respect, hypocritical indeed.

The video in question shows no gore, no blood of any kind, and without the knowledge in hindsight of the tragic events that unfolded on music revelers, there is no visible violence on the clip… only what appears to be the Terrifying Sounds of “Fire Crackers,” since “there are no flashes” anywhere to be seen, as it was noted by a surviving unidentifed concertgoer on a “mirror” version of the censored YouTube video in question.

The Luxor’s beam… “Mirror” follows. Fair use of a White-on-White Crime visual aid.

Over on the BBC, via ‘the’ msnbc’s we get the following:

Fair use of rusty politics, and fair use of a perfect power point slide in favor of Gun Regulation.

Now then, given the statement on the frame above, we [the staff] reserve the right to redeem our Free Speech vouchers, so long as Rusty reserves his Second Amendment points in defending the rights of deranged gun owners who inflict harm on innocent people having fun… even if that Fun, Mr. Dees, is by way of listening to Live music in the style of bad Rock and Roll. By the way: way to go performing artist, for showing your commitment level to your fans, you remind me of those pricks called “The Eagles of Death Metal” who stormed of the stage at The Bataclan, when Paris had its dark night. We [the staff] can’t wait to hear your “exclusive” interviews.

With All Due Respect,
a message to Cletus

Yes, Cletus, The Nile is not just a river in Africa, and Nevada is the opposite of a heatwave; and oh-by-the-way, Cletus, the Church in it’s its heyday, was a ‘New Wave’ band.

Anygüey, Cletus, now YOU KNOW WHAT BAMBI heard in that very instant when her mommy died… but don’t worry Cletus, Bambi is not real. Bambi is nothing more than literary freedom that Walt Disney took to educate consumers in of the Baby-Boomer crowd… you see Cletus, it’s one thing to be the “King of the shooting range gallery” or the squad leader of “The Walmart Outdoor’s Skinny Dicks commando gang”, and quite another to be the target of indiscriminate bullets heading down range… “now go get your commercially available CLP gun oil,” and lubricate Rusty’s Rod —ya’fucking bum!… [must be read in Marisa Tomei’s and Joe Pesci’s combined voices].

Context continues to follow… This time around, “What Happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas”.