“Don’t Stop mí Now” — Bannon en Technicolor

… but:

Let mi bee the one who told you so

Let mi bee the one who told you so… now watch the Flowers Grow. : . Mean, while the sky keeps falling down, Marianne Faithful stages a protest on the FIP Rock freq’s. Today at Issy–Les–Moulineaux Marianne stopped being Faithful and got stuck on a feeling, or something like that.

“if this is it”, then it’s Live from Babylon II.

[Attention Battlestations: The Following Must BEE Read in a Paul Harvey’s, “Eye took the wrong LEFT at la rue Elianne Jeannine Garreau” voice].

Right about now, as “Season 44 is in the books*” and the re–run carpeting of Tina Fey’s 49 year–old Philly Cheese Steak X–Más concha is locked and ready for S.Y.N.D.I.C.A.T.ION, the grim reaper is busy hitting the waves of La Seine, spreading his Knights of the Strom Thurman troopers. Tomorrow, as a matter of fact, that son–of–bitch will be within spitting distance of France’s equivalent of Donald Trump’s Pentagon, except —of course— with the subtle difference that in the schematics of the French structure the goddamned Snoopers bee shaped like a fucking HEX.

[sic] Flying Circus "Vee »

[sic] Flying Circus “Vee »… it’s – against – the – Biden (law).

Musical Guest:
The Legend of Ewe Stay!
Featuring, L.O.V.E. Park

… [A]t More, AL•AHhhhhhj•BAH•ma!

Stay atmore hotels

Stay at-more hotels

From abc News:

"... and here's to you," Ms. Beear

“… and here’s to you,” Ms. Beear

Day–old baguettes

PAGE 35: Day 138. Le Parisien.
Sarah Palin’s vulva is Önë–shy of un TOSTÓN. Sarah’s pussy is right up there with them S.I.R.E.N.S., casi esquina con Tecnicolor.


Weekend Edition Round Up at the Ed Sullivan Report

I don’t care what Ewe think.

Readers Digest’s:f02525e9-2306-4638-8a19-6897577f0307

This is: The ColberthRAND Report with Kat MotherFUNwhack McKinnon. Sponsored by Canned Heat, Rockey Mountain Oysters and, of course, Bradley Cooper’s Canned Oyesters.

Bright Sombras—Nada más:7c91bd20-a372-4a2d-8abe-0e6446fcba71

On today’s course:


Sorry Omar, the Melting Pot is being held hostage, “and so there was only one thing left that Öüî, the staff,could do”. Find out, what it is that we could do, only on The ColberthRAND Report.

With the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday officially closed, we now enter into the 21st day of the year with Donald Trump officially in office, and Pete Williams Davidson (Sorry, Pete Williams) can now officially lend us his voice over to US [wabbits], as Öüî rewiew Yao and Intocable.

Kool Aid ®️ follows:2af7dac5-f583-4f37-9552-f9d3d6732b23 —•|~~€ ISSY, Omar, yo, Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto no sé si en Burquina Faso, o mismo en el Gran Congo las cosas marchen bien o el asunto este de la chingada como en Managua, en Guatemala, o en TELEVISA; por poner una señal de referencía, pero lo cierto es de que “el doctor netas” se comporta igualito como el clán Azcárraga lo hizo cuando el Clán Ázcarraga era “el mejor guardia civil” del supremo gobierno. De cualquier manera Omar, tú no eres africano, tú eres francés (y aparte Bradley Cooper te enseño a cocinar comida para los Michelines–es–eses; y luego aparte, Omar, pues Francia no sufre d’ese tipo de “jineteadas” por los poderes en turno). ¡Qué va!


DEJE DE TOQUETEAR AL CORSARIO AND STEP AWAY FROM THE RAIDER, Bill Majer! If you want liquid chocolate visit my nigga Michael Che over at Michael’s Bird Cages and Beyond, he’s got scoops for you in some kind of Shack. Now, Bill, you fucking Licantropo in #Howl, tonight there’s an eclipse. Here  goes an amulet for You, and EyE want EwE, motherfucker, to share the visuals with the “Shameless” William H. Macy, over at the ColberT ReporT. Needles to say, the pages are in no need of glue, so Aim High, motherfuckers.

MAI 1974 follows… BUNNY!!! Mis-en-Scene, Bunny. Hurry up doll. Frank is almost here.

And God created Women:3c54de8f-7b76-44a3-8170-82298eb8be9a — A friend would like to thank the SDF who left this for US [wabbits] so that Öüî could pick Hugh’s Hype like an Easter Egg — in January. Thank You, Chuy. It’s NICE to see a bush again.

Musical Guest:
Delgado del Fundillo
Los J’aime Le Carton.

En Vivo desde La Placita
Gilberto Bosques
CASI Esquina con Alfonso Reyes

Anyway, Bill Maher, YOU fuckers are doing it again. Y’all are HYPING the 2020 Doll House and it’s not even Christmas yet. HOW ABOUT worrying about IMPEACHMENT FIRST.

And another thing, Bill, the next time that you feel the urge to cover GENTRIFICATION, ask Robert O’Rourke, from El Chuco, please. And as you do, stroke him for your viewers and fondle him like you did with Tiny, the American Hand-Ball player this past Friday.

Now go get Stormy Daniels and apologize to her for being such a patronizing prick, always praising The Hefe’ at the Playboy Mansion, and telling your experience, much like Los Amigos de México en Francia tell theirs as they brag about their exchanges with Carlos Fuentes. My point, Werewolf, is that you praise the Playboy creator for his lifestyle, and then you feel sorry for a porn star who fucks because she likes it and because she gets legal tax-deductible tender for shacking at work, as opposed to those who fuck to climb up the hierarchy scheme at his or her place of Work.


Dear Omar Sy: Hoy no hubo Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Hollywood.

No offense, Kevin Heart, Öüî don’t mean to “Driss” Ewe like this, pero De arranque, la versión de intocable en Inglés del bueno (en Mulholland Dr.), hÚbiese estado mejor si Bradley Copper played the role of “Driss”. Context for Kevin Heart follows:3eb19fd4-b61f-4351-84e6-61a9fbe7b5dd

Coming up in:

BENALLA Y LOS PALMARES DE FRANCIA… just kidding. —Not really, Hold that PHONE CALL Brontis à La Préfecture, “ADN” follows.

La puerta está abierta.

please relay to the Reverend Al Sharpton,
that from the Transnational experience,
on this Side of the Atlantic,
Miss Berthrand,
we [the staff]
just witnessed a most regretAble opportunity Americans, who want to Make Trump Great Again, that there are other
Eddie Murphy’s who can pull
a “Dexter” accent, better than
the Beverly Cop could ever ring.

Why, Malcolm’s dad?

Get A RopE:0dd15440-8597-4c3a-8aba-dfed01a9cfff

Happening right now in Marsella, live:
una Artista que sí entiende
el “skit skat” en la música de Jazz…
what a difference a Coast makes.

22.30 CET

The Purple Pundit is going to show it to YOU!


VICE President, Mike Pence says that Donald Trump is Like Something Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would look like, or someting like that in Amerikkka today.

Dear, Nicole: say, were those Monday Teal Suade Military Issued pumps that you wore during tonight’s show? Nice! They look better than that other gal’s, god damned Ruby Tuesday, chanclas.



16 de septiembre, 2018.

The Fall is coming… only 7 days left. Get your popcorn.
Hoy no hubo noticias, just a bunch of Circle Jerks, — Mark Bolan knows his name and he’s seen Paul’s too.

Blame the jews… for comic relief.

But first, the anointment of Laughter
… the more Ewe nose.
Blame it on Sarah.

TimeStamp: 06h15 CET
all quiet on the Eastern locker room in Las Vegas.

How many jabs does it take to bring down a power puncher?
More than 547… apparently.
what a fight. Jesus!

… respect: Saúl Álvarez, the NEW unified middleweight champion [WBA (Super), WBC, IBO and The Ring Magazine belts] understood that the much hyped “Adolfo López Mateos*” WBC super middlewheight belt had a lot of hidden interests. For the uninitiated, the belt was comissioned by the Mexican Syndicate of professional prize fighting, a.k.a. the World Boxing Council, a bastion of a now dying PARTIDO REVOLUCIONARIO INSTITUCIONAL; “el cinturón”, was comissioned by Mauricio Sulaimán, president the WBC who in 2014 “officially,  and by way of a score card” inherited the post from José Sulaimán, his father who held the council for 39 years. The belt was decorated with Huichol art, a favorite “token” of a recently defeated ‘Old Political System” who in a much more subltle way from the methods of the old “Corona” española took the best from the Huichol Peoples for political gain. The fact that the noun MÉXICO is colored with the semi-public sector colors of PROxicoshould have been a DEAD GIVE-AWAY… do remember that our criticisim for the the NEW unified middleweight champion of the World has always been a political one, and in particular for the way that PROMéxico, under the Enrique Peña Nieto administration, reached out to the boxing world, mimicking the ways in which el PRI le ha dado atole con el dedo no sólo al Pueblo Huichol, si no a cada uno de los otros pueblos originales del mapa mexicano.

TimeStamp: 15h20 in CENTRAL NATO TIME…
Part ii follows porque hoy es el Día del Patrimonio.
Y el cinturón decorado con arte huichol [like it or not]
se regresa a Jalisco.

Speaking of “Things not to Behold”:

Sources for Alan Freed, follow… “you glitter-gaunt gangster,
John Lennon knows your name And I’ve [Cutie’s] seen his.”


¡Brozo! con una Chingada, cabrón.

¿Ya’stan listas sus mercedes, o n’citan otra puta semana de vacaciones en la azotea de Acapulco?

TimeStamp: “Pas assez de toi…” con Manu Chau en Longchamps.

Stray Cats are Up… looking for them boxing Fishbones.

Hey there New York Mag… you see, i lost count of the many times that i told Cousin Joe and Willie Guiest on the MSNBC’s that when it comes to CORRUPTION, —forget collusion— it all boils down to “The Properties of Propraganda,” stupid… so there are Two Things to remember, number One, “Remember To Breath” (a Waxidermist/Racecar dix it; and “Think Two”, dijo un Chicago Boy, if you give a monkey a brain, as FISHBONE script it, s/he “will think that [they] are the center” of the Oval Office… or something like that. •–_–•  … Huichol Propaganda (Adolfo López Mateos) en forma de un Cetro de Box—Follows.

Lo bueno d’este Blog es:

Lo bueno de los intermedios en este inconsecuente blog es de que don Derbez no los lee, sino ya hubiéramos encontrado la Segunda temporada de las borracheras de Derek Waters en Español (Episodio 6) para poder cruzarnos (je, je, je) con la descripción de Adolfo López Mateos según uno de los peluches de don Derbez.

In the mean time, Bill Maher is also getting back on track after the Passover, which reminds us [the staff] that during this past full moon, we caught a glimpse of Mr. Maher, —In Real Time— as he was going through the werewolf transformation process, and it CLEARED a lot of those Rumsfeldianknown Unknowns” when it comes to Bill’s nana–nagging signature style, especially when he complains that most Americans don’t read—or smoke enough pot… he cracks me up, and he reminds the staff, of Colin Jost “abuelita” on Saturday Night Live.

… turns out that when Bill chokes the chicken on a full moon, he goes into FULL NAGUAL MODE and the host shape shifts into a Cross Dressing Loba. Aunque áste, marchantita —on TRMS*— no lo crea.

Entre “Cálculos y Oráculos” en Central Siren Time: 17h46

Bill’s Nanas–Nagging signature “regaños”… Uso justo de todas las calles.

———-//————// 19h10———-\\———-\\————

Sirens left town and “EVERY Girl i see, looks good to me”, said Buddy Guy… thank god for “the” RedTube, eh —Bill!

———-\\————\\ 20h30 ———-//———-\\———-

Mientras tanto al orto lado del reloj…

No, Donald. No… uso justo de los msnbc’s… we now leave, once again, the World of Trump to Katy Tur and the rest of the news cycle in the U.S., we [the staff] will wait, not for context, but to see the end of It.

For the record, it’s the 17h in EST and Katy Kur just shape shifted into Chuck Todd for his MTP daily show…. the topic is of course “The Fascination of him, potentially having sex with a Porn Star.”.

Dear, Rep. (D–CA) John Garamendi. With all due respect please consider this a Friendly Reminder: No Human Being Is illegal, what you have are cases of UnDocumented persons. Thank you very much and i’ll be checking on you for the next election in your district. Regards, a.s.

Today i (also) Learned  that the Cherry Blossoms are going to get snowed in on the EST zone… if only someone would dare expose the failure of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to protect (as it is implied in the nomenclature) the environment and prevent Global Warming… which brings us back to that fucking Boxing belt baptized as “Adolfo López Mateos”… Wait for it Katy, wait… BTW, you look Fabulous in white and blue.

Bee like Ali… let’s play hardball…

*The Rachel Maddow Show

Tras las huellas de Diderot* 4ª entrada

9 de octubre de 1967
La Higuera en Valle Grande
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Bolivia, (sin código postal).

Captura cortesía de Canal plus… en France. Context for Lorne Michaels at SNL  follows, in the mean time: let Pete do his Sketch! And oh-by-the way: nice touch with last Saturday’s opener, “I won’t back down“, which Cousin Joe could might perhaps maybe agree to argue that the song is nothing more than saying: “Hasta La Victoria Siemprepero en Inglés.

los higos bolivianos por eso son amargos

regresamos… TimeStamp: 1100h CET

I came to Paris to write

Dear, Cousin Joe, might you have sent that dang’on iphone to Bolivia? Please do remember that they are not into the whole “zip code” theme, so go ahead and resend that gadget to the 75001 country code. We [the staff] have a feeling that we are going to stay here at least until the start of “the” Guadalupe season. Cheers to Mika, good for cancelling with the “W” company. Besos!

ISSY, with-all-due-respect and with regards to a particular set of shipping containers with a “REVOLUTIONARY” theme for the Nuit Blanche —at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris… fue algo así como con las tortillas recién volteadas por una banda transportadora de procesos, o mismo, para que los Sciences Politas en Saint-Germain-des-Prés se puedan dar una idea: un carrousel de maletas cuya cinta o banda, “es arrastrada por la fricción de dos tambores y un motor” [2], así precisamente se distribuyeron los folletos con la lista de actividades artísticas para la 17ª entrega de la Noche Blanca… en París, IMAGINE, that.

Advertising segment

Echonex, now available in six different vaporizer aromas. Echonex is the leading CONFIRMATION BIAS disorder relief supplement approved by the FDA. If you find yourself in the middle of an intelligent fact-based (A ⇔ B) conversation and suddenly one of the facts from the other party veers away from your political comfort zone, don’t panic, just take a long drag from any of the 6 flavors of Echonex, available of course at Walmart® or at your local favorite mega pharmacy.  Although classified as a “supplement”, Echonex still requires a prescription. Talk to your doctor if the only two choices for President of The United States was either Hillary or Donald… Echonex is not for everyone; if you fit the profile of say a Donna Brazile, or a Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or even a “grown-ass” Chachi from Happy Days (Scott Baio) perhaps your best bet is to try an Orthodox style exorcism… Available at any Russian consulate.  —!-  Image capture is from the October 6th 2017 edition on Real Time with Bill (fucken) Maher… Bill is going to have to take next week off because he suffered two-each CONFIRMATION BIAS attacks; one was for being set straight by Mika Brzezinski’s momentary lapse of sexual misjudgment, comedian Russell Brand [3] while the second CONFIRMATION BIAS ATTACK was due because of the bombshell news relase about that Hollywood mogul guy (Harvey Weinstein) who for over a decade donated millions of dollars to politicians and Super PAC’s in the Washington Beltway.  —_—.  For additional information on CONFIRMATION BIAS attacks please do a BING search for New York Times op-ed columnist Peter Wehner’s rendition: Seeing Trump Through a GLASS ONION Glass Darkly… It must be read in a Mika Brzezinski voice.

ISSY… CHE, allí estaban ahora si en todo su esplendor como una serie de aparadores en cualquier centro comercial, “los motifs” de algunas —no todas— las Revoluciones políticas del Siglo 20… Allí te tenían tendido con los Ojos Abiertamente Sin Vida, en un contenedor… al fin hartistas (la “hache” es muda).

Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes a la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Y’asta-parece hecho de adrede, o con la mala intención de joder porque —¡mis huevos!— si resultase una coincidencia el hecho de que LA BANDA SONORA de los fragmentos de la proyección del Comandante Ernesto Guevara estuvieran con el más mínimo de volumen (o sea mis queridos CHTO’s rusos: en la calle Bolivia casi esquina con Insurgentes eso se traduciría a que “el discurso” MUY A GÜEVO SE PODÍA ESCUCHAR y la melodía de Silvio para el Che, se ahogó entre un mar de conversaciones.

Photo-Clip Teaser… Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes a la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Sin embargo queridos CHTO’s rusos, su “expo” fue todo un éxito, eso no se los puede nadie quitar de su Currículo Vitæ; y qué bueno que fue expo, porque sin ofender a el lado laico de la exposición: En Todo Estarán Menos En La Misa de Masas… yo les busqué por casí dos horas y a ninguno de ustedes marchantitos, pude encontrar… igual, “camaradas”, andaban con Los Zapatistas de París inaugurando el ciclo de cine mexicano con Films d’Altérité… o algo así.

… TimeStamp 2300h CET

Las fuentes procesadas:

Context follows, as soon as we find Denis Diderot… in the mean time, context was just flipped on Mika’s work-in-progress: Know Your Value. —!~ Uso justo de Cousin Joe, on “the” msnbc’s —y’all… Happy Birthday, John.

<<Être Mis À L’Index>>

El CHE“… Y su memoria se aparece por  cortesía de “las llaves del día” en uno de los medios de “difusión” de Canal Plus en Francia… AUSSI… A ne pas manquer sur CNEWS Matin.fr // SEGÚN UN REPORTE, un soldado de cada TRES no desearía re alistarse dentro del ejercito francés; la razón, “L’Esprit des Corps” está por los “rez-de-chaussées”, o como decía un viejo francófilo de Banderilla, Veracruz, El-Nivel-de-Vida para ese o esa militar Está-Por-Los-Pavimentos… por no decir: por los Suelos. Page 4: http ://kiosque .cnewsmatin .fr /Kiosque .aspx?edition =NEP&date =2017100


Fair use of all the Schmidttys, in Real Time, and on “the” msnbc’s… Few people know this, except of course Billy Crystal, but all jokes aside, Steve Schmidt, along with our favorite covert national affairs spy reporter Olivia Nuzzi and former Congressman Harold Ford, are part of a very exclusive Beltway club known only as the three horsemen of the Apocalypse. Source: Billy Crystal on Real Time.

3. Maher, W., “Real Time with Bill Maher; Season 15, episode #15.30, Oct/06/2017; via: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt7090430/?ref_=m_ttep_ep_ep30