La négritude de los chicanos, episode Tú

And, Nikole Hanna-Jones, it’s 19h in Hilo, Hawaii and 7 am at Orly, and pay no attention to the Allies tanto en la popa como en la proa del perimetro “PRATTICO” del Grand Palais.

Paisano oriundo de Roma, colonia, casi esquina con Sanborns

… Think i’m lying? I mentioned “prattico” no porque la forma arquitectónica of the Big Palace is shaped like a FIXED-WING{s} aircraft, after all the fuckn’ place first Expo was of airplanes. No big surprise there. Anyhow, we last left La Place de La République with the Vision of a Big ol’V behind Marianne. Chuck De Gaulle was about to give his big ol’Speech proclaiming the end of a series of Spaghetti Republics that had plagued France with Banana Republic hopes which only benefited the Opus Dei and the future uncomfortable friends of this guy called Zammour in 2021.

desfile3… 111 {years} and Eye quotes: One and One and One is Three; Come Together now, do the maths. —_!_— Needs banana for size.

Naturally, this being France “El Fondo también es Forma” y viceversa, como el horario entre Paris y Hawaii. Think of George C. Scott asking Kentuckians what it was that they were going to tell thier Chinese overlords in 2026 when they asked of them, where were you when LEADER McCONNEL secured for you a future in the shit shoveling trade industry? Or something like that.

CENTO giorni (1966)… after the break how UNA CALLE DE PARIS invented LAS TELENOVELAS in Churubusco… and all because of the fuckn’ Grand Palais and this Malraux guy and his “wing man” Reynold Arnould. PERRO EN “EL PÉRIPH” follows.

En fin, the resolution/denouement of the Mexican version of Blazing Saddles, titled “LAS FUERZAS VIVAS” (Ora Agora Mandas Tu… in Portugal) arrives to the same predicament/opportunity that André Malraux had when Chuckles asked of him to take care of EL FONDO for him at la muy mentada Plaza de La República.

Niezniszczalne sily in POLAND… Can you spot the “V” shape beween the prolétariat and das kapital? For the record, Susana Puveda, ARMANDO SILVESTRE is just a redundant outdoors complement. Screen Grab is courtesy of the interwebs and the creators of the cartelera en cuestión.

… https ://www .filmaffinity .com /es /film 765812 .html

Coming attractions:

Que pase el desgraciado — What Ewe see is what Ewe get

El Tigre de Santa Julia starring the President of Mexico as Mi-Nino Roto.


La négritude de los chicanos en El Grand Palais… starring Jean Paul Gaultier

La négritude de los chicanos en El Grand Palais, a film by Robert Rodriguez, directed by Emilio Maillé. Coming to théâtres this X-Más 2021.

Note to non-readers from the recently added Department of Corrections at

And starring as Louise Michel, Sixto Rdgz.

Deer, non-reader, whomever you might be… don’t think that Öüï did not notice the addition of a punk version stencil in sticker form of LOUISE MICHEL on the ECO-Jardin de La Nouvelle France horario sign. Please be adviced that Eye personally wants to thank you for linking the First 150 Anniversay Softball Tournament of La Commune de Paris à Vincennes, with the hour and a half story (in planks) at Le Grand Palais. You Rock.

With that out of the way, let the record show that on, or about 18 november of 2021, Öüï made the CONSCIENTIOUS Command Objection to “fly-over” or « fly-by » la AVE. FDR in the vicinity of the 9~11 front, which happens to be situated next to the Berlin Embassy, however, it must be noted that Öüï caught one of them Military Malraux Wings flights out of the Spanish Civil War… Malraux and Hemingway: The Myth of Tragic Humanism so don’t worry about, IT!, —period— Öüï is covered by the correnct correct side of the story, not on the one from THE PRODUCERS and that MEL BROOKS fellow in French.

https ://link .springer .com /chapter /10.1007/978-1-349-19787-3_12

Malraux had dashed back to Paris to write his novel in the hope that the war might be won.”

and AVI VELSHI, you baldhead promotional agent Ewe, this is where you get to put your seatbelt on. Eye insists, buckle up bucko /s/.

And here is why, Lola³… because, silly, the quickest way to get from la AVE. FDR —to— Winston Churchill’s Avenue in Paris, France {next to the Carmela Soprano Bridge} is through a ‘worm hole’ just like Bugs Bunny does when he takes the wrong turn in Albuquerque and ends up next to the Barber (chop~Shop) in Sevilla… or Le Havre in 1944.


Any how, who, where, when, and most importantly, Avi Velshi: WHAT*??? If you had the formula to cross that path, you magnificent motherfucker, then EWE would see the SAME PERNO that caused the fall of METRO LINE 12 in MEXICO CITY, but in French, which looks a little something like a FULL NELSON et une compagnie de PERNOS norvégienne or Something like that on the SEWING ORGANIZER of Jean Paul Gaultier [TROU believable fact] :

L12: los pernos Nelson, otra vez

³.~ Starring as Lola at The Copa in Little Havana, wait for it, wait… ah, yes, the former Rep. Rep. from FLA, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

{And Jonathan Capehart, please relay to Rev. Al, that Öüï is going to take an ALE break, only one ale, not many many Ale.} TimeStamp: 16:30 in Hawaii Standard Time, and at Orly aussi.

And, Lindsey Reiser… Dart this

Knot a fuckING, ing—Gerund, no. Impact is imminent. But FO’ist!!! Lindsey is such a spoiler. Planet Earth has a better chance mitigating impact with a giant My Pillow Guy asteroid defense system, HECK, we already got them CLOUDS up there, LET’s USE these as filling for them pillows /s/. And Avi Velshi… stop hoarding them pillows… do your part in the defense of Planet Earth. Ration your pillows, you bald headed sexy motherfucker… Let U.S. build back better almohadas, that’s 3 bees plus 1 Ey, ese… and call the motherfucking doctor in the morning.

Jesus died for Dick Cheney’s sins, but Knot Mine*.

* CArbon Footprint

https ://apnews .com /article /climate-joe-biden-science-business-environment-and-nature- cc0deca6a28aab21cd4e0aa35ea7b6af

Companies bid $192 million in 1st Gulf oil sale under Biden and in case Ewe is wondering why horses are loaded on the barrel, ask La Fiesta de La Humanidad del año de La COP 21, en La Courneuve.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2017/01/12 /there-you-go-again-cousin-joe/

11 de el Mañana en hora Central de la OtanMO

M2–Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Monumento a la estulticia


BATTLESTATIONS — BATTLESTATIONS 🚶🏽‍♂️4FE2B2CF-5D49-446E-BA37-899568718E75 —_•¡•_— Attention battle stations, the following must be read in a Professor CHAOS voice (South Park, episode 6, season 6).

Kasie Dc and Senator* Dan

“You gotta give it to Trump, when he is right,” dice Senator Dan, he is cleared of any person’s collateral damage/murder, trespass, abuse of power, and pussy-grabbin’ that he commits.

The thing, Senator Crenshaw is that what really really, really really reely gets my coconuts^* Down-under, pointing North, is the Venn diagram argument which you went ahead and spieled-bite©️ during the part of your Sunday night interview on the Em#es@EnBeeSee, because it {sets} your cavalièresque eye patch  of  {scratch D.A.T.} on the “The earth is flat and Eye believe  that even scientists are entitled to « their” opinion” camp.

https ://www .msnbc .com /kasie-dc/watch/rep-crenshaw-when-we-talk-about-all-the-intel-out-there-I-WAS-THE-GUY-COLLECTING-THAT-INTEL-76567621632

^* As described by:
Chick Hazard, Private Eye

Thyme delayed screen-grab

Thyme delayed screen-grab .:. 5DEFE247-9380-4759-995A-103B116EF926 🥥 Dear, Senator Dan “dingleberry” Crenshaw, the good thing about this most non-consequential “Cartucho” is that your CONGRESSIONAL powers don’t read u.s., because if you “collude” with San Antonio, —por decir— you could make of our lives [at staff] a living hell even with one eye closed.

Of course, Senator Crenshaw, our point of view comes from a perspective that goes beyond “Las HONDuras” of what an « Economic Hitman tag team » such as the one made up with the likes of a Madison Avenue “Jarhead” Kushner and the Evil SuperFresa (and “art” collector) Bernardo Gómez of “los soldados del Nuevo presidente” fame. Any güey, Senator Crenshaw, the Evil live Duo del Consejo Mundial del la Triple “TEE-Mecs” is in need of a “referee” para « el pancracio », qualifications for this BlackBooks mission is that you keep one eye closed when Madison Avenue Kushner and SuperFresa Gómez somersault their way to “El Museo de Los Museos” y no chingaderas, como el Louvre… in the ME part [suggested by Trump] for the North Atlantic Treaty Org.

Time stamp: 18h00  15/01/2020 in Central Europe Time; High noon at Fip Central Station.

Time now

Time now in Hilo, Hawaii is 0100 hours on January 16, 2020 .:.

… [A]nd we are off to them races, sort of, so let Mî direct your attention to the direction on this Güey we call the President of the United States, Senator Crenshaw and, establish the Venn circle, which {sets} yet the SAME “fondo” as them old Mexican politicians used to say, to go ahead and give “FORMA” to the thing that worries Western Style Democracy because of the politics of “El Libro Vaquero”… TIMEstamp right now is THE 11th Hour of DAY 1092 in a New York Minute of the official swearing–in of all the ACTUAL Senators in Washington, D.C., which makes it Day 1093 for Mí, in the Trump Era (of Vladimir Putin) —in Paris, France, as Eye, —motherfucker— relay: The Rest of The Story.

The school as a backdrop

The school as a backdrop .:. 6E2909F2-3E67-4DAD-B5F4-BA4AD0ED9773 🎒 Just like the time that the little “Texas” arbusto CEO got the news that his Administration was being attacked by SAUDI ARABIA, punto y coma

Also, in Australia, R.A.I.N. began to fall on an Australian Open (range) no word if any fauna is left to see the Beetles show. Just don’t mention it to Gov. Rick Perry because that dumb horses-ass sonovabitch might actually buy tickets (with W.I.C. funding) to have Bettsy DeVoss brother (the Prince) go see about that S.H.O.W.

Timestamp is Friday, and THANK GOD for Brazil, Senator Crenshaw; because MUCH LIKE TEXAS it’s a land larger than LIFE, and you know —motherfucker— what THEM “sonofabitches” SONSOFBITCHES (como usted comprendra) at the White House say about LIFE, “they” say that LIFE IS STRANGER THAN ANY French theater director INVENTING God’s (Mel Brooks) FICTION for them Frogs.

It's TEN p.m. in Hilo Hawaii

It’s TEN p.m. in Hilo, Hawaii .:. BD120F57-97AB-4346-A111-3CF96F89F975 🗺 … [A]nd in Paris, France, it’s 09 hundred hours in NatoME thymes.

And even as öüï, “run a little bit Hot tonight”, said a little angel on the cover of VH’s 1984 Paname album, we [the staff] can’t get over what seems to be a coordinated effort by Mr. Sorkin and Phil Griffin (that motherfucker) to kick Bernie Sanders to the “he is against Women, camp”. In any case Rolling Stone®️ wrote it best when they transliterated professor Melissa Harris–Perry’s “eye is not your Mammie”, just before she was silenced by Cousin Joe and « the » Studio 3–A crowd on the Morning Mika show… what–a–JOY, sista’. What a JOY, now; may Eye, please have another round of “unlimited PANcakes” from the Manifest Destiny/elDorado corral, S.V.P.‽

https ://www .rollingstone .com /politics/political-commentary / january-democratic-debate-2020-cnn-bernie-sanders-elizabeth-warren-938365/

Are you Phil's mammie?

Are you Phil’s mammie? .:. 32212A85-F660-4A17-9ADB-973B42D81929 ♟You know, Sista Reed, body language experts (under controlled conditions) are as reliable as a Lie detector in a Guantanamo Bay cell, with blood-thirsty Navy Seals doing the controlling; if, Sista Joy, the Reverend Al Sharpton knows what Eye means… 🧘🏽‍♂️ Nice “pull”, that you wearing in D.A.T. frame ⬆️ above, SAY there Sista’ are you wearing it as a TRIBUTE, or as a “subliminal” shout-out to the Senator who likes to wear–out Daphne’s Scooby–Doo trademark COLOR? Perhaps you are just happy to See u.s.? Which one is it Sista Reed?


The following is a Time–delayed entry, Time-now:

En Francia

… [Y] en Francia, hoy martes 14 de Enero del 2020 (this is a Thyme-delayed entry), también “salió El Sol”.

Coming attractions:

De los mismos productores que retiraron personal castrense (entrenado por la afamada gendarmería francesa, y diferentes escuelas de Las Américas) en la carretera Casas Grandes – Agua Prieta y, “El trenecito Maya”:

Llega una actualización paralela y en harmonía con, “Las fuentes de doña Vilma”.

So What!

So what! .:. B36FCD52-1488-41CC-A11A-C07F5A47AF30 —_•!•_— Si no son oficiales, son parte del Show; venga una “Estela” del pueblo bueno, pues.

… [Y] bien, para eso están, y en contexto, el monumento de la manzana de la captura de arriba responde a las demandas de Javier Sicilia y El Movimiento Ciudadano con Justicia y Dignidad de la semana que Kasie Hunt se perdió durante su gira artística por las maternales, –o algo así.

Lo cierto es

Por aquéllos días; 2010 para ser exactos, la Ruta Centenario y Bicentenario fue adornada con marcadores conmemorativos (fantasmas de la carretera) que señalaban el kilometro y la carretera por dónde se transitaba .:. 14E27079-3314-45E0-90C4-2250069B1C01

Timestamp: 09:20 in Central OtAnMí
15 de enero del 2020
— The following is an Ap Date in reel–thyme, right now and just to BEE perfectly clear (as Gabonese crude oil) the frame below es un patrón de lo prometido por El Presidente nuestro de todos los Díaz, —en tierra apache, yaqui, menona y, también mormona:

Carretera a Casas Grandes

Carretera a Casas Grandes .:. 8BE2338D-45B2-48B5-9655-C5AB55D20E97 🛣 Imagine D.A.T., {if, and also if} “them” people under Mitt Romney’s TEE–MEX for Canucks can get away and bamboozle “We The People” in El Ey! Imagine what an Official U.S./Canada Consular inspector might be able to get away with once inside Recursos Humanos en cualquier maquila and/or Inglés Sin Barreras call center in Senator Bonilla’s (Morenista de San Diego, California) Mexicali — Tijuana tittie joint.

… Estimada, doña Tati, por favor espere señal de humo, desde “El País”:

Hora actual: 22h23 Hora de Europa Central; 20/01/2020

En contexto, la nota que iba a entrar en este espacio, reservado para “El Racismo que Mexico,” según los tíos de El País “—no ve”, fue sacada de la pista por no tanto, —apunto— por ignorancia; ni tampoco ingenuidad de parte de la diputad federal por el partido de el actual presidente de Los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, —sugiero— que es más bien algo así como una inercia institucionalizada o pereza profesional para el puesto que algún politico suele ocupar, check it out doña Tati:

El joven, Edgardo —@edgarberit— le recordó a usted que durante la campaña del entonces candidato a presidente de México, “A•bo•gó” por una supuesta estrategia de seguridad nacional, y por eso, siendo que usted es traductora de textos, no haya entendido el contexto de la queja de un chavo que no debería de estar preocupado por la violencia alrededor de su entorno; al parecer, señora diputada, si Diego Luna no protagoniza una novela de narcos con doña Kate, o mismo con el sr. Sean Penn, entonces “las siglas” no son detonadores como para discernir de lo que se está tratando en equis tema, —por ejemplo— yo, armando segovia me pase parte de la mañana de el pasado sábado tratando de entender a CUÁLES PINCHES BOLETOS, usted se refería en el tweet que provocó la ira de @edgarberit, no fue hasta unas horas después, cuando armando serrano prieto vió de reojo LA INSOLITA y Reverenda estupidez de rifar el avión “de Peña”; lo primero que el staff de este tan intrascendente blog pensó ante un reflejo de usted en el retrovisor fue lo siguiente, PINCHE “TATIS”, ¿de a cuánto sale la tenencia por un avión de semejante envergadura en San Pedro Garza García?

Dear, Mike Barnicle: please stop fucking Anne Finucane.

Artificial Red meets The Spaghetti Incident
Central Siren Den.

September 1st, 2018
FAUX* Labor Day Weekend in the U.S. of A.
America’s fake workers day celebration

*The real Labor Day
is on May the 1st…
just ask Chicago.

Dear, Mike... may we [the staff] call you Mike? Of course we can!

Anygüey, Mike, here’s an urgent request:

Please STOP, —we repeat— PLEASE stop fucking your wife, the vice–Chairperson of BANK OF AMERICA, Anne Finucane.

Mrs. Finucane, dear Mike, can go fuck herself and in the company of all of the sitting members of Bank of America.

Here’s the thing, Barnicle, you sir cannot go on the Morjo Show and rant about the Treasonous Asshole–in–Chief, Donald J. Trump, for making life a living nightmare for foreigners (documented or not) in the land of Bruce Springsteen and Bobby McGee, and then share the Executive Outhouse with a decision maker like YOUR WIFE, who might we [the staff] add that out of a financial institution like Bank of America is conveniently confiscating —or freezing— money from non–U.S. citizens… NOW that, Barnicle, that’s a very NAZI gesture of her and the rest of the board.

We [the staff] wonder if those foreign frozen assets that Bank of America seized are also barred from generating COMPOUND INTEREST for the institution that your wife co–chairs, —because if the banking institution that pays the bills in your household is also BANKING on the confiscated money of their customers, then that is a pretty shitty thing to bank on… don’t ya Think?

On the rebound, and just for shits & giggles, please tell Mika Brezezinski that she cannot be outraged about Harvey Weinstein without calling out her employer NBC for being assholes with the guy who dropped the dime on Winestein in the first place.

🎵🎵🎵 Oh, Say — can EWE SEE?… }-—-\*> En show business, diría don Jesús Reyes Heroles: MK ULTRA and “the” L’Oréal files, —are background.

Sin más, mr. Barnicle,
Do say hello to Willie Gueist and the rest of the gang.

[the staff]

Bottom-feeding sources for the msnbc’s and all of the Daily Beasts in between.

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