Las cadenas de don Canard… say it ain’t so Perrine

Más claro que el edificio en Technicolor®️… The Edges of “Y tu Mamá Tambien”. [É] videmment “Aux 3 Présidents”, qui est situé au rez-de-chaussée du groupe Altice, just around THE CORNER of an already mentioned rue called JEANNIN–Elaine–GARREAU.

Note to ALL non-readers of Page 17 of 20minutes (dot) fr/ In Hilo, Hawaii (punto y coma) the NEWS broke at the end of Thursday's edition of The MorJo Show. Long story short, MIKA BRZEZINSKI ACCEPTED AN invitation to grace the CHAMP de MARS in none other month THAN that of “EL GENERAL PORFIRIO DÍAZ” [September] in order to host la llamada “Global Citoyennes” awards... or something like that. César on page one WAN was not ammused.

… PAGE 4, The Hospital Cadre and the Sultans of Media at the so-called “corridor of Information”, courtesy of N° 5234 and 5235 of « Le Canard Enchaîné », printed on March 10, 2021, for none to read! WITT that in mind: DePeche Vous! Because previous to one of the most hypocritical after-hour feasts in the annals of “do as I say, KNOT WHAT Eye Do”, an angry French Duck (bet you thought the Hexagone was frog Exclusive, eh!) triangulated the HYPOTENUSE between the BFM’er TV Studio and Teeny Tiny CAT’s litter box.

But FO’ist, a message from Melle. Pitch(er): the following is a plug for our continuing smoking section, ADVENTURES IN TRANSLITERATION featuring a meal among FALSE FRIENDS y unos cuantos CALCOS.

En descontexto contextualizado:

🎵🎵🎵 Doctor, doctor—Gimme the News! .:. [number and coded tag goes here] .:. Now you might recall that our brief early morning visits to the BFR’ers crew came to a screeching halt for reasons that cannot be explained right now (punto y coma) but eventually i will, for now just remember that previous to our hasty exit from the TV Room at El Patron’s House, the BFM’ers (god bless their Mercedes) featured an investigative report on “Speakeasy” joints for the elitist class, and Mika, if by the time September arrives the pandemic is only applicable to those without the Covid-19 vaccine just hook-up with the good doctor at the Georges Pompidou European Hospital for a list of “Michelin rated underground dives” for the “Beautiful Ones”.

Una “restauration” francesa is Knot, i repeat, is not a FIX for una “bamboche – à la MODE” (punto y coma) ISSY, Willie Geist, i know that that dumb blind Alabama country host is going to pander-in with his Flori-Bama Spanglish and arrive to the SODEXO ran Resto “A View To A Kill”, on the way up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, dressed in his creased Amish overals thinking that the Global Citizens show is about the “restauración” de Paris, (following the Commune commemoration)…

Note to Willie Geist: ‘member now Mr. Geist, “garçon means boy”, pass that on to Hunie Bunny… The Queen B.rzezinsk.i

Note to Evry body: in Paris it's Friday but in Hilo, Hawaii Thursday is just welcoming in the Prime Time awards.

Right now… It’s a lovely They!!!!!!!’ ‘member Siren, Mars is also Sait Joseph’s Day, indeed, can’t do nothing about it (punto y coma) it is written in pierre, Mrs. Stone.

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