Sweet Child Believer of Daydreams of Mine 🌹 WHERE is YOUR PEGASUS† now?



~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Pegasus_ (logiciel_espion)

³~. por nada señor Alberto Nájar, POR NADA! Saludos al doctor Francisco Daniel Abundis (malgré del TEC de Monterrey) en su entrevista. 16h50 (CET) OCHO de la mañana en la CDMX.

En tres años, aumentó 12% el trabajo infantil en México

Page Two:

The settlements of ZION, I am going to have to re-evaluate Bob Marley’s lion, not because of the melody, I Dig Love, and first and foremost I like my foreskin, let’s get that out of the way from THE ADL*, secondly, nobody is saying that Israel does not have the right to its own land, or to defend it, I guess what the MORTARS are saying is that ISRAEL does not have the right to manage GAZA like a CONCENTRATION camp, so yeah, nice Gate you got there, BERLIN.

*~. Anti-Defamation League

Support your local NETºANYAºWHO genocide control units

Howard Johnson : They say that now, in Paris, France, EVEN AS WE SPEAK, Louis Pasteur is wondering about the following…

It’s a sad thing that not so long ago, weeks at most, protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu flooded the main streets in Tel Aviv and other assorted biblical metropoles, because if re-elected, which he was, Israel would begin to see how Bibi would step over Israeli’s citizens rights.

Think of it, gentlemen, did you see any footage (in real time) from those anti-Bibi protest where Israeli citizens would reflect on the old GERMAN ADAGIO,  « first they came for, yada, yada, yada, and I ONLY WORRIED ABOUT MY Abrahamic Laws and not of the neighbors’ plight » ?

Vulgar Display of Circumcision… Happiness is a warm schaWARma, ma’.


What a HECHT, Lieutenant Colonel… you started this, your “peoples army of Israeli bullies, BULLIES,” I repeat… of BARBARIANS who mutilate newborns did this. Not Palestine. Palestine Did Nothing Wrong.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre… Joe Scarborough is on Vacation, as usual in Nantucket eating kosher shrimp and gentile pigs.

But don’t worry, Katty Kay, Cousin Joe is eating the “good” kind of PIGS, check it Out, it was BURT LANCASTER’S favorite band before Mister Elizabeth Taylor went the way of The Field of Dreams, in Oh-Hi-Oh… not necessarily at Camp David, Ignatius.


*~. Now according to Jewish Scripture, lobster (especially the Athenian Rock Lobster delivered by the B-52’s) is not KOSHER, but leave it to some Abrahamic Mainers to develop a “pronounced fondness for one of this state’s [MAINE] signature dish,”  according to the MAine Jewish History Project… fair enough, but the makers of that Colby College project swear that those same Abrahamic Mainers will never eat pork, another forbiden food, but, and it’s an interesting but, those same Abrahamic Mainers will dress-up like a pig and beat the crap out of any-given-you.

… any how, Katty Kay, you were there just a few episodes ago from the Field of Dreams live stream — lawnmower and all— HECK, Lieutenant Col. Hecht, WILLIE GEIST had just noted on the spot back then that none other than Burt Lancaster had played his final role, before it was curtains for him, as the good medical doctor to Kevin Costner there.

The film (Field of Dreams) does not show, IT!, but Mister Cleopatra 🎬🎞️🎬🎞️🎥 was there as an undercover doctor of the Hoover boys, also known on the TeLeVisIon as the G-men. People laughed when I noted this back in 1973, but as usual White Anglo Saxon Protestants where all full of Ford and his OCTANE from the Middle East.

It’s the bottom of the second and Seth Meyer is at the plate

Over at the Ozarks, Elise Jordan is playing tea party and serving Johnny Cash and El Che Guevara like Colin Jost serves tea to his pretty little dolls.

Line drive to shortstop

Line drive to shortstop .:. CED04560-64C0-4C20-9FB8-A34A5FF5BE7D 🚣🏽‍♂️ … banjo playing Martin picks up the ball but fails to get Mr. Meyer out, runner on FOist.

Over in Washington, John Bolton is playing the Role of Kellyanne Conway’s wife. What a patriot. Looking out for number one is the title of his next mémoire, a political thriller that asks the fundamental question, is aged beef better, Jack?

Paul McCartney, of Death Cab for Cutie’s fame doesn’t thinks so, but The Walrus is willing to bet Lucy’s diamonds and swear on a Gideons bible that aged cabbage is.


In•deed, Michael Steele of republican fame is at the mound and he just rubbed the palms of his hands like a 6th grader trying to get the ink to flow down to the ball-pin tip of his pen .:. C87003FA-C4F5-465F-9981-6E838A0ECC54 🎟 Our station signal’s identification disclaimer is forcing us to relay to our non–reading audience that all images from third-party screen-grabs are a Fair–Use–of–Media in the study of current events for educational purposes.

An old rookie playing with a funny sounding nomenclature just got called–in from the farm, Josie Duffy Rice, a mac and cheese hater just mimicked “El Bambino” pointing the tip of her Louisville Slugger to Centerfield. Seth Meyer on first is giddy like a tea-party hostess, Duffy Rice taps the plate con el tolete, Steele sends a fastball, Duffy-Rice swings and that motherfucker is sent into orbit. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Neil Gorsuch coaching from third base sends a signal to the mound; it’s the tip of the hat for a pitch well sent, as the Washington Supremos just scored two runs against the Comcast Rockefellos.

The furlough

The furlough, after Duffy Rice’s homerun, Brians William was given a pink-slip by the republican Richard Steele for failing to complete el ceviche campechano de autores en el libreto de la Jordan de los Ozarks.

And just to close June 18th with a proper bang, stay tuned for, “It’s the bottom of the first” after today’s double header between Los Supremios contra Los Rockefellos. On tonight’s episode Mr. Schmitty answers the age-old question: what do you get when you mix the African diaspora with a tribe of chichimecas, apaches, y criollos?Is it possible?”

TimeStamp: 20h in HST with 138 days before the next power check, Meanwhile in Paris at 20h in CET it is now a mere 137 days before öüï learns if NATO is going to go the way of disco under a Motor City Madman ax and bow.

¡Oye, Che!… este es un intermedio disfrazado de Stand-up

Mayo 10, 2018

Issy, dicen los que saben d’eso, que el Quinto mes del año —en México— es el mes mariano.  El mes dedicado a La Virgen, y en México, Che (el de Argentina, no el Che de SNL*) coincide que hoy, Diez de mayo y día de la madre, se cruzó con el Día de La Ascensión (…no confundir con el Día de la Asunción, porque eso es otro rollo).

The codeno confundir con “el codo”, porque en Monterrey, Nuevo León —casi esquina con “Perros Bravos”— ese estereotipo, ¡es otro cotorreo, Raza! }-—-~~~\*>  … binary art from a tunnel somewhere in Paris is courtesy of an anonymous artist; foto on the other hand es por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018 – CopyLeft! 

* Saturday Night Live

Anygüey, Che, siendo que ahorita en nuestro viaje sideral tuvimos la oportunidad de chacotear’ con unos « boludos » (fans del River Plate) de Argentina, pues, el staff se enteró de que los gauchos celebran la concha de su madre durante el último tercio del décimo mes del calendario Gregoriano, es decir: durante el mes de la brujas… de ahí, camarada Blas que comenzamos a entender de dónde les nace a los argentinos esa peculiar manera de dirigirse al resto de los mortales que rodean sus fronteras, o cruzan con tez color de bronce por su ruta acolchonada del color de un Spumante de Italia… por lo menos los chilenos tienen el perdón de los dioses a razón de que la bestia sudamericana de Henry Kissinger (Pinochet) les borró la memoria a los que hoy se sienten dignos de una invitación a la próxima boda del hijo de una princesa divorciada cuya alma se quedó atrapada, PRECISAMENTE en el túnel d’Alma, casi esquina con La Flama de la Libertad y La Avenida de Babilonia… perdón la Avenida de New York—en París.

Anyhoot, let this lesson in stereotypes be a segue to the continuing account of the lineage of the Trump’s in power, which brings us back to the Isle of Aeaea, abode of Circe daughter of Helios and Perse; o Perseis en espagnol, una OCÉANIDE who happens to be the goddess of MAGIC—CROSSROADS—GHOSTS__and… necromancy.

But before we move on, the staff here is wondering if the none–readers of this most inconsequential blog ever heard of the wife of an Ol’ Titan, called Rea? She’s the one that spawned Hades, Poseidon, and of course Jupiter… aka: ZEUS, whom John McClane, in the “Die Hard” film series confuses Samuel L. Jackson with some guy named ‘heySuS’, aka: The SuperStar who, coincidentally died 40 days ago and on a day like today but in 33 C.E. rose to Central Park.

Anygüey, Gustavo, REA was the first mother celebrated by the mortals here on planet Earth… donc, para los que la tengan: Feliz día de las Madres.

Sur les traces de Diderot – Edition ExceptionnellƎ*

* Feliz Cumpleaños — ЯevolucióͶ

Dear, editors… please be advised that in order to Comply With The City of Angels new decree, we [the staff] conscientiously objected [in real time] in making any reference to the man for which the country of Colombia was named after. Instead, we chose to Implicitly celebrate a man who WE Now KNOW had both of his hands “Censured,” in order to satisfy the ego of a man on the payroll of the CIA, just before he was dumped in a shallow grave on a spot in the mountains of a country named after Simon Bolivar. Entonces, pues, yesterday, October the 12th, we [the staff] chose instead to celebrate Ernesto Guevara (the man) as opposed to the historical marker of October the 12th that is celebrated by the “LIDDLE” Havana thugs in Miami… anyhow, please be aware that this is a Time-Delayed entry. —_— Image capture is courtesy of the Angelino City Council. TimeStamp 10h32 on Friday, Oct. 13th 2017.

Jeudi, 12 octobre 2017
Francia: +33 55 55 SIN-cordón
TimeStamp: 00h32 CET

50 years early. +¡+. Los “Documentos” del Proceso llegan por cortesía de la Nación de doña Katrina vanden Huevel… Fair use of the Nation, however, the 1:32 Nation’s timestamp is from Tuesday time, and Tuesday’s Baby, well; TUESDAY Gone.

Our leader he was young
Gallant and divine
It was the age
Of blood and ЯomancƎ.
“Happy Birtday ЯevolutioͶ”

Verse Nº 3, after the Chorus.
By: The Levellers.

Dear, Katrina:

Corazón, with all due respect please, Baby,—i love you, but i’m begging you— edit the headline DECLASSIFICATION for what it was: an assasination, an execution, a cowardly murder by “LIDDLE” Havana Thugs from our Nation’s gift to América latina: The School of The Americas at Ft. Bragg, Georgia…  Viva La Raza (and context on that subject, you fucking tiki torches Race Supremacists… is sure to follow).

In the mean time Rachel,  would you like to learn how to square a circle by solving unknown radicals by using the Amy Goodman quadratic News equation? Send me a line (if NBC let’s you—and with a bottle of vodka i’ll chalk-it up for you on an old fashion pizarrón)… “You Know My Name, pick up the number”, and if you can’t find the reference, Liam the lad is a Beatles fanatic, he’ll square away that line for’ya to find my section, Govr’ness.

TimeStamp: 32 minutes after the hour.
————-  —¡=

Previously on In Search Of Diderot

It was late Friday morning on October the 6th, Comandante Guevara, when we [the staff] witnessed how the shipping containers installed at le Parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville—75004 were being dressed up with their respective ‘motifs’*.

Digression as We gently drop out, after trying to tune in:

*… as the propaganda themes of the CHTO DELAT ? installation were later explained to us [the staff] by Sophie, not her real name (and not part of the Russian CHTO’s) but definetly one of hundreds of Nuit Blanche 2017 installation guides, “who in addition to being serious and competent is a nice person to look at, as you gently phase out” [3]. If you feel that this was a sexist remark, please check the reference, and remember: that this is la France.

Anygüey, Corporal Che, the pile of rocks, which serendipitously complemented our [in-house] commentary on the Canadian silver mining industry [or, Excellon] in Northern México were still neatly bundled in their synthetic costal [one–each] or, if you prefer, a new technologies burlap sac.

Everyone on the other side of the security fence was working in double-time, i asked a security guard standing next to the a conveyor belt assembly (a rental, i gathered; because of the rental enterprise sticker) if he had any inside details or information of the installation in front of us, he replied that it was part of the Nuit Blanche and that a special preview for the Presse was set for that Friday night… Impeccable, was my response.

El Cascajo Al Lado de El Comandante Ernesto Guevara. —_— Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto Clandestinamente Capturada por  armando segovia / segoviaspixes El 6 De octubre del 2017 para la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Sources for Liam:

1. Kornbluh, P., “The death of Che Guevara Declassified”. Via: https://www.thenation.com/article/the-death-of-che-guevara-declassified/

* The Levellers… CAKE follows:

Issy–NICE–CAKE you’ve got there: Feliz Cumpleaños en PANAME, perdón-perdón quisimos felicitar a PANAMA, no a PANAME porque eso es orta cosa, pero no importa, because it is 20h32 in CET and this is a Time-delayed entry for our Exceptional Weekend Edition (update)… enjoy your CAKE (You’re Never There).

“I’m standing here, watching the world fall a part”. Via: https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v =LVGSJQ52sOc

3. Welty, R. H., “Life as an Art Form in Joie de Vivre: Secrets of Wining, Dining, and Romancing Like The French“. Chapter, Savoir–Vivre. (St. Martin’s Press)… via: Perspectives; on the LOOFE “a manual for life in l’hexagone (that’s France); edition 2017/2018. LOOFE is a FUSAC.fr advertorial publication.

The Map Legend on this Frame is courtesy of Codex Urbanus –¡— Photo capture is part of the collection: The Street is My Gallery… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017 —CopyLeft

Please STICK around because our Next Entry is dedicated to those who dwell on the banks of Le Fleuve Clandestine at  l’Isle de l’Art Libre... and if you are guessing that a very Exceptionnelle segment of The Street is My Gallery is next, you would’t be off the grid.

El Reflejo De Un Trofeo En Forma De Una Conyugue Reflejado En Un Farol De Fin De Semana En París —!— Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017. CopyLeft.

Tras las huellas de Diderot* 4ª entrada

9 de octubre de 1967
La Higuera en Valle Grande
Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Bolivia, (sin código postal).

Captura cortesía de Canal plus… en France. Context for Lorne Michaels at SNL  follows, in the mean time: let Pete do his Sketch! And oh-by-the way: nice touch with last Saturday’s opener, “I won’t back down“, which Cousin Joe could might perhaps maybe agree to argue that the song is nothing more than saying: “Hasta La Victoria Siemprepero en Inglés.

los higos bolivianos por eso son amargos

regresamos… TimeStamp: 1100h CET

I came to Paris to write

Dear, Cousin Joe, might you have sent that dang’on iphone to Bolivia? Please do remember that they are not into the whole “zip code” theme, so go ahead and resend that gadget to the 75001 country code. We [the staff] have a feeling that we are going to stay here at least until the start of “the” Guadalupe season. Cheers to Mika, good for cancelling with the “W” company. Besos!

ISSY, with-all-due-respect and with regards to a particular set of shipping containers with a “REVOLUTIONARY” theme for the Nuit Blanche —at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris… fue algo así como con las tortillas recién volteadas por una banda transportadora de procesos, o mismo, para que los Sciences Politas en Saint-Germain-des-Prés se puedan dar una idea: un carrousel de maletas cuya cinta o banda, “es arrastrada por la fricción de dos tambores y un motor” [2], así precisamente se distribuyeron los folletos con la lista de actividades artísticas para la 17ª entrega de la Noche Blanca… en París, IMAGINE, that.

Advertising segment

Echonex, now available in six different vaporizer aromas. Echonex is the leading CONFIRMATION BIAS disorder relief supplement approved by the FDA. If you find yourself in the middle of an intelligent fact-based (A ⇔ B) conversation and suddenly one of the facts from the other party veers away from your political comfort zone, don’t panic, just take a long drag from any of the 6 flavors of Echonex, available of course at Walmart® or at your local favorite mega pharmacy.  Although classified as a “supplement”, Echonex still requires a prescription. Talk to your doctor if the only two choices for President of The United States was either Hillary or Donald… Echonex is not for everyone; if you fit the profile of say a Donna Brazile, or a Debbie Wasserman Schultz, or even a “grown-ass” Chachi from Happy Days (Scott Baio) perhaps your best bet is to try an Orthodox style exorcism… Available at any Russian consulate.  —!-  Image capture is from the October 6th 2017 edition on Real Time with Bill (fucken) Maher… Bill is going to have to take next week off because he suffered two-each CONFIRMATION BIAS attacks; one was for being set straight by Mika Brzezinski’s momentary lapse of sexual misjudgment, comedian Russell Brand [3] while the second CONFIRMATION BIAS ATTACK was due because of the bombshell news relase about that Hollywood mogul guy (Harvey Weinstein) who for over a decade donated millions of dollars to politicians and Super PAC’s in the Washington Beltway.  —_—.  For additional information on CONFIRMATION BIAS attacks please do a BING search for New York Times op-ed columnist Peter Wehner’s rendition: Seeing Trump Through a GLASS ONION Glass Darkly… It must be read in a Mika Brzezinski voice.

ISSY… CHE, allí estaban ahora si en todo su esplendor como una serie de aparadores en cualquier centro comercial, “los motifs” de algunas —no todas— las Revoluciones políticas del Siglo 20… Allí te tenían tendido con los Ojos Abiertamente Sin Vida, en un contenedor… al fin hartistas (la “hache” es muda).

Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes a la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Y’asta-parece hecho de adrede, o con la mala intención de joder porque —¡mis huevos!— si resultase una coincidencia el hecho de que LA BANDA SONORA de los fragmentos de la proyección del Comandante Ernesto Guevara estuvieran con el más mínimo de volumen (o sea mis queridos CHTO’s rusos: en la calle Bolivia casi esquina con Insurgentes eso se traduciría a que “el discurso” MUY A GÜEVO SE PODÍA ESCUCHAR y la melodía de Silvio para el Che, se ahogó entre un mar de conversaciones.

Photo-Clip Teaser… Contenedor capturado, empaquetado, y transnacionalizado… foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes a la “ocasión” de la Noche Blanca en París — Hôtel de Ville. COPYLEFT.

Sin embargo queridos CHTO’s rusos, su “expo” fue todo un éxito, eso no se los puede nadie quitar de su Currículo Vitæ; y qué bueno que fue expo, porque sin ofender a el lado laico de la exposición: En Todo Estarán Menos En La Misa de Masas… yo les busqué por casí dos horas y a ninguno de ustedes marchantitos, pude encontrar… igual, “camaradas”, andaban con Los Zapatistas de París inaugurando el ciclo de cine mexicano con Films d’Altérité… o algo así.

… TimeStamp 2300h CET

Las fuentes procesadas:

Context follows, as soon as we find Denis Diderot… in the mean time, context was just flipped on Mika’s work-in-progress: Know Your Value. —!~ Uso justo de Cousin Joe, on “the” msnbc’s —y’all… Happy Birthday, John.

<<Être Mis À L’Index>>

El CHE“… Y su memoria se aparece por  cortesía de “las llaves del día” en uno de los medios de “difusión” de Canal Plus en Francia… AUSSI… A ne pas manquer sur CNEWS Matin.fr // SEGÚN UN REPORTE, un soldado de cada TRES no desearía re alistarse dentro del ejercito francés; la razón, “L’Esprit des Corps” está por los “rez-de-chaussées”, o como decía un viejo francófilo de Banderilla, Veracruz, El-Nivel-de-Vida para ese o esa militar Está-Por-Los-Pavimentos… por no decir: por los Suelos. Page 4: http ://kiosque .cnewsmatin .fr /Kiosque .aspx?edition =NEP&date =2017100


Fair use of all the Schmidttys, in Real Time, and on “the” msnbc’s… Few people know this, except of course Billy Crystal, but all jokes aside, Steve Schmidt, along with our favorite covert national affairs spy reporter Olivia Nuzzi and former Congressman Harold Ford, are part of a very exclusive Beltway club known only as the three horsemen of the Apocalypse. Source: Billy Crystal on Real Time.

3. Maher, W., “Real Time with Bill Maher; Season 15, episode #15.30, Oct/06/2017; via: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt7090430/?ref_=m_ttep_ep_ep30