Dear, Nicolle Wallace — “It’s snapshot, snapshot, snapshot, and then you get a movie”

Now you’ve heard about Homer’s “Tomacco” chapter in the longest-running primetime Odyssey… It’s kind of like D.A.T., reporting from Montgomery, Alabama, is Agent Angle. C’mon now, Cousin Joe, Ketch-up! It’s time for another edition of FOX FORCE FIVE.

Based on a true emission

Sous les jupes de Penelope .::. 04100220-2B39-4366-B241-07EF9C72C9F1 🧜🏻‍♀️ Based on a true émission.

Note to students: please be advised that for this (the most crucial 1%) section of the TEST, y’all are supposed to show all of your motherfucking work! Teacher’s pet… wait scratch D.A.T. Teacher Assistant Ruth Langmore in the role of Elise Jordan will be accepting Your drafts during regular office hours. 

Aussi, sources close to a rejected German foreign exchange “Klukie” dropout from the Chaffey Community College’s Jay Leno automotive repair faculté, in Rancho Cucamonga, told Agent Angle D.A.T…

Thanatos means death

In Hilo, Hawaii, Sir: it’s just another Midday .::. 656D40AF-CB20-411C-9882-9AA5DF267471 🌒 In Europa, it’s just half past midnight with a 3.2% Waxing Crescent 🌞 And in Washington D.C. the Sun was out today and the President Of The United States walked out of the Trump Show without answering any questions to The Nation.


Sources close to Willie Geist Assure The Nation that before the end of Friday, April 24 of 2020, 50,000 people in Donald Trump’s United States of America will have become yet another macabre milestone (statistic) of the 45th President of the United States thanks to his failure as a human being.

… öüï now return to Agent Angle’s Cucamonga source. TimeStamp is 13h45 in CET.

Now more than ever

Cleanliness is next to godliness .::. 39430AAA-40D4-4F4B-939D-C9BB7F025DEB 🏄🏽‍♂️ But before you “clean” your internal organs, don’t forget to Charge or send your Donald Trump stimulus check to your local Olympatec Meditation Institute.

It was a crazy link, and the fact that the THREAD in this hilo began to unravel at the Center for Disease Control in the the State of Georgia goes beyond, as Willie Geist lamented on the MorJo Show, beyond The Onion territory, but before we [the staff] continue with the programming, a word from The Johnson & Johnson Empire in collaboration with Laboratorios Camacho en la calle Stanton en El Paso, Tejas.

¡SEÑORA!!!!  ¿Esta usted teniendo problemas con el vocabulario de sus retoños? No sufra más, ¡Pare de Sufrir! Laboratorios Camacho se enorgullece en anunciar que la Administración de Alimentos y Fármacos (por sus siglas en Inglés) de los Estados Unidos de América acaba de autorizar El Jabón del Perro Agradecido con nuestra fórmula de Pinol®️ y Windex®️ para pulir la elocuencia de sus pequeñines. 

El Jabón del Perro Agradecido, fabricado con tecnología alemana y exportado desde nuestros laboratorios en La Colonia Dignidad en la hermana República de Chile, le ofrece a usted sus dos presentaciones de nuestro producto, Jabón del Perro Agradecido en barra de 250 gramos, y Jabón del Perro Agradecido en atomizador (botella spray) de 450 mililitros.

Jabón del Perro Agradecido, aplíquese directamente al hocico de sus hijos y en menos de lo que canta un Gallo, usted vera la diferencia.

 It’s Nine p.m. in Paname and in Gotham it’s the 15 hundred hours, and Brian Williams is next to Nicolle and we now return to The Thread en Este Hilo, and Shannon Pettypiece was not being silly when she hinted to Katty Kay and Mika Brzezinski that there is a theme in all of this and as a matter of fact if you do the Calculus you might be able to spot the “Little” in the original Soundtrack of “April in Paris”.


TimeSnatching available on Amazon .::. CE7BE38B-8D6C-4D1F-AAB9-E9C0946E7EB5 🕵🏽‍♂️ Victor Vacendak believes that INDEED, “You can’t always get what you want”, but if you call before the Chuck Todd’s Meet The Republic hour, you get an additional BARR of “Jabón del Perro Agradecido” special Aix-en-Provance lavender scent D.A.T.’s one additional BARR of “Jabón del Perro Agradecido” in French lavender scent.

Anyhow, it was ‘Clean Up Time’ at a Greek Seafood spot and why the Owner of that joint answer to any ailment  is  was to spray Windex®️ on it, is anybody’s guess, but the dishwasher from Chino, California (D.A.R.E.) directed u.s. to the California Pinto League stadium just outside of Corona, it was the mid 1980’s and everything NorthEast of I–15 at the Glenn Helen spring-training camp was nothing but tumbleweeds and White Power clicks. 

Agent Angle wanted to meet the German foreign exchange Cucamonga “Kluckie” at the Historic Route 66 original Ronald McDonald burger joint, but the “Kluckie” was not allowed near the place on account of all of the Mexicans who worked there, so instead they both agreed on the In–and—Out across I–10.

“So, whatcha–Whatcha watcha got?” Asked Agent Angle as he was pigging out on a Protein Version of the iconic Double–Double. Agent Angle didn’t want to waste any time in this quadrant, the Time Machine was ready to go at The Rialto outside of the Fontana meat packaging plant and time was of the essence, to miss the 11th Hour meant another RIECH, and as far as the FOREIGN EXCHANGE  CUCAMONGA “Kluckie” and Agent Angle were concerned, THREE REICHS were more than enough on the MEL BROOKS History Of The World sequels.

NOTE TO EDITORS: to keep the Foreign Exchange Cucamonga “Kluckie’s” identity safe from FREEJACKS  (WHO are lead by a Rolling Stone) the voice of the Chaffey Community College Cucamonga campus student will be rendered by Jay Leno.


(Ding) Clean up on Aisle 3 (Ding, Ding, Ding!).

— https ://simpsons .fandom .com /wiki/Tomacco

— Little “Bart”: https ://hero .fandom .com /wiki /Sheriff_Bart

— Victor Vacendak https :// /title /tt0104299 /plotsummary? ref_=m_tt_stry_pl

Hey, Jack!!! — ¿Cuál es el colmo de Rachel Maddow?

Which cartel?

You never, ever

You never, ever. Ever, ever, ever .:. 4485B2E2-5090-4B53-9182-BBFE0A584704 🧶 … mention the Ω, period

Here’s a MENU. (LOL/MDR/jaja)

— Your waiter’s name is “✖️ frame”, please go to our “Impala” section.

A Rice Apart film

A Rice Apart film .:. 9C0EF4DE-87B5-452D-8D56-879171382B2F 🛎 Garçon!


Musical Track:
Ever shot a man just to watch him D.I.E.?

Also on the menu

“Hey, Joe” .:. EB81BEAE-0B5D-4BC4-8404-FC47BED7286B Δ Knight’s Table .38 Special: I walk La Linea for Hamburgers in Paradise, and for dessert your choice of “the” Zodiaco biscuit or the M and more M’s.

Apreciada y siempre aquilatada Señora, Hidalgo;

Nous nous excusons pour le report continu concernant les «meilleurs germes*» qui persistent dans le monde, et aussi dans le Wide Free Wi-Fi Web sur le MDP*, et les BPI, cependant, dans notre défense, Féminas Fatalistas dans notre rétroviseur continuer à apparaître dans la production de ce plus non transcendantal blog, malgré d’autres revers, nous allons entrer dans votre orbite sur la prochaine Siren Loop avec vos coordonnées le lundi matin; BTW sra. alcaldesa, avons-nous mentionné combien nous [le personnel] sommes reconnaissants pour le filet de poisson [combo] de la nuit dernière ; Girl Eye Tell’s You, Eye passed on them D.A.R.E. Sablés “pur” beurre, mais l’équipage à La Baggagerie sûr mangé les portions supplémentaires comme les Sabuesos de Semolina Pilchard and them private dicks of the creator of Air France bag–o–shit for First Class passengers.

P.S.: Doña Anne, please nevermind the Translation, it’s from the Bing translators at CARRETERA DEPARTAMENTAL n° 7; Quai du Président Roosevelt (no page available, yet; 75015) casi esquina con D76 et BFM’er street on rue Jeanne d’Arc (no page available, yet; 92130).


Get Shorty Season 3; EP6 — Roman Polanski

10h50 in Central Siren knew News
The French, [them people] sure love those affairs“… they just call’em something Else, said Jay Gatsby.

"In the morning don't say you love mí

Faces: In The Morning don’t say you love Mí.:.DAFDE796-795B-4CC9-BA88-C920C14CAF1F •|• “Sit down, get up, get Out“. -_- “…[B]ut then (that bitch) looked mí in the EYE“, said Agent Pettypiece, on the msnbc’s audio mic’s.

Jesus built my car
It's a love affair
Mainly Jesus and my hot rod

Yeah, fuck it!

Ladies in Gemini:
Roman Polanski directs
The Great Gatsby – a new breed

courtesy of Ministrydon’t bee EVIL
🎶🎶Ding a ding a dang
a dong dong ding dong

Every where I go🎶🎶

Mean while, the Great impeachment hearings continue in Reel–Thyme at Capitol Records, [them federales de la oficina] move in like a General Pershing’s perra on the “bad hombres… y hembras”, that the DEA helped to criminally organize in the backyard that [them gringos] call The Merida Plan, o algo así.

Military Factory

Military Factory.:.2DC79A82-A52F-4172-996F-1D3EED3CC2F4 •|• Over at the Newest Border in the World (Turkish/Syrian) Agent Angle could not confirm the nationality of that D.A.R.E. bird with fire throwing capabilities; was it an Airbus « Super Puma »? Perhaps a Canadian “Freedom Fighter”? Or maybe a Lockheed Martin “Fighting Falcon”… or was it a Phantom too?

Now to be fair, one cannot serioulsy compare the General Pershing punitive incursion into la Sierra de Chihuahua in 1916, with the “consigliere” role of the F.B.I. in 2019.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, if a Doroteo Arango surged from the betrayed ranks of the U.S.- Kurdish Strategic Allience, would you really hold it against them? The Kurds, not us

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA.:.582EEB74-9FFD-41B5-B07A-D8379BEE096A •|• 6° of canine breeding; it pretty much happens when a Breeder takes “un perro mezcla” and “a pure breed” and lets them two fuck for giggles, the resulting “perritos”, or “crías” cannot be determined until the day that “los cachorros” arrive. SOURCE: “von~ferriz~haus . com”, Metodología para la Crianza Canina.

Entonces, pues, Cousin Joe, it’s not as if the Mormon family of Galeana, [Chihuahua] of 2019 has anything to do with the Mormon splinter cell of San Diego [California] of 1972. Two different matters, completamente. Now then, is the Fi.Bi.Is. presence in Mexico justified and  within the scope of a nations so-called sovereignty? The answer Willie Geist rests upon a single message heard in 2016, it goes like this and it must be read in an Alec Baldwin (Jack Ryan) voice:

Russia, if you’re listening…

because if “the” president extends the invitation then it’s not a blunder, o como dicen los franceses, un faux pas.

Over at the MoJo Show:

Vexed  by agent Haass yesterday, and left rickety baffled by the current soul of America [sin acento] TODAY, Mika’s decorative statue outside of 30 Rock shrugged, “it seems that Erdogan and the Kurds have a Love Affair in the Way That Jesus built my Hot Rod,” explained in a digression, Gibby Haynes outside of Capitol Records.

Hoy no hubo Jazz… Licha needs an intervention.

No insistan… porque en México (chicuela SePulveda) es hora de ver Uña y mugre con Rosario. (Wanna dance, little mousette?).

The good thing about this blog

The good thing about this blog.:.185ED11D-BB6C-4AF1-A909-E4D89B384E7F •|• that the Breakfast Club doesn’t read it.

Let’s replay that structured Camilo Cienfuegos double Play:

Bill Maher mixed the “who’s the byline on that reportage” comedy routine, and Agent Angle went: Not Him!

At the plate, Agent Angle popped an easy foul, which Manu Chao caught, then slapped Angle’s ass for the first out then he unloaded on Madge, who shrugged her shoulders and then said: What? As she tagged Derek Waters for the double play.

Now because this BlogCast is SIMULTANEOUSLY blogcasted on AFN TV, Local regulations require a literal translation of the play:

— Bridge (Agent Angle) = Puente (out n° 1)

— Bridge (Derek waters) = Pont (N/A… out Nº 2)

p is for bridge

p is for bridge. spit it out Mr. Noah. Spit that piece of pepPeronni OUT.

In Washington, Elise Jordan, is in disarray. Elise just found out that El Obispo emérito de Salma Hayek, monsegnor Onésimo (también) C’em#peda might have even baptized, confirmed and perform “La Primera Comunión” con por lo menos algunos de los potrillos de “don Chente”, allá en Tepatitlán de las Noas, which reminds us [the staff] about That “thing” with Mr. Noah, —over at the Comedy Centrals.

This frame is missing a Letter p

This frame is missing a Letter p.:. and Mr. Noah goes: nah man, Eye just told me to munch it out of the screengrab.

So, listen here Mr. Noah. FLOUR is, you damn Rhodie you, the base of the Afrofusion pizza, you ignoramus, water is, of course, the element for what Ol’Dirty Bastard might have reefer’d to, —as the “ThoughDoug. and the rest is just Salami to go with that €927 chorizo that you are already munching on.