L.A. shot the Sheriff — 🚨 🚓

Police Academy 1440, starring Johannes Gutenberg as Carey Mahoney… but FO’ist, an update on Yesterday’s EVE report:

Navel gazing with Rigo Tovar… Mi Matamoros QueridoLos Bandidos de Buttes-Chaumont se hacen de agua en los muros de Revueltas y las bardas de Mazatlán. Emisión AMeRICAS follows.

Ladies in Gemini, Öüï, regrets to inform you that the CONNECT-i-CUT POLICE 🚨 at radio france musique arrested EVA as soon as she began to show her peaches 🍑.

https ://www .latimes .com /opinion /letters-to-the-editor /story /2022-04-27 /villanueva-threaten-to-investigate-times-reporter


Picture this 💅

Jump to Santa Ana, California where Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle set the thermostat to last Tuesday, and Robinson CROUS-eau is playing Communist Mexico on this overcast Friday morning de Viernes (en la Isla).

1 de mayo 2022 follows.

Mira, Miranda… Es Carmen San Diego

Oh, hey there Hallie Jackson, is it TRUE that Ukrainien women in POLAND, specifically those who experienced rape by Russian soldiers, cannot [Eye repeats] cannot have abortions performed on them by TRAINED MEDICAL PERSONNEL in that benevolent, Christ-loving country?

Gala magazine says that AURORA, the wife [correction] the daughter of MIKA BRZEZINSKI’S little brother, MARK, was heard mentioning at a mimosa brunch session in WARSAW, “that it is nothing personal, it’s the law.”

What else you got, Wüerka?

And Hallie Jackson, over on FRANCE Télévisions, Gala, a French rag insists on referring to Emmanuel Macron, who happens to be the current President of La France, as the “husband of Brigitte“. En revanche, as Los Franchutes de La Sierra say in Banderilla, Veracruz, Emmanuel Macron refused to call Charles Manson a pro-genocide “white supremacist” cultist on an interview conducted by a magazine that caters to “average” 35 year-old man-eaters.

https ://edition .cnn .com /europe /live-news /ukraine-russia-putin-news-04-13-22 /h_e5589f9c279f7e5568fb9aebe5dfdb8e

In a New York Minute.

| Asked whether he, like US President Joe Biden, would use the termgenocidefor the killing of Ukrainians by the Russian military, Macron said: “I would be careful with such terms today because these two peoples [Russians and Ukrainians] are brothers.” |

Vlad is Vlodo’s bro
How Eye learned to stop worrying about how President Emmanuel Macron rejects the use of the term “genocide” to describe Russian atrocities in Ukraine,
learned to love Chairman MAO.

https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Gala _(magazine \ destiné aux lecteurs âgés de plus de 35 ans, actifs et disposant d’un bon revenu)

And Hallie Jackson, Eye likes your timing, this is why Öüï is going to make this entry an INTERMISSION.