In Hilo, Hawaii, it’s PRIMETIME. In CET it’s ah—Matinée

El General Arroyo, agrees… you have got to be, rich {or}, French {or}, an ‘aristocrat’ to be able to {KNOT} d.a.t. FONDA en ese fondo.

STUDIO 666 and a Romance in Durango presents…
Hot chili peppers in the blistering Sun
a tu abuelita en bicicleta.

With Musical Guest: LOS BITCHOS de DENIS SOULA

At the corrida we’ll sit in the shade¹
And watch the young torero stand alone
We’ll drink tequila where our grandfathers stayed²
When they rode with Villa into Torreon

¹.~ Barrera de sombra, sort’ah like “Ringside to The Revolution”, [aristocrata, pues… q’es q’es de JarBar on the IVY LEAGUE].

².~ En San José de Las Panochas, off-Course.

Meanwhile in Little Havana. Helmut got a tank and Maduro got all Mushy (salivando de la forma más babosa por el suministro de “extra heavy crude“).

Sponsored by San Patricio, the aristocrat at AA… BadumTISH!

At the CFR chapter in an undisclosed basement at YALE University, Richard Haass puts a bounty on the HEAD of FRANCISCO VILLA (General one-each). Tasked with the mission Dave Grohl and his stupid little band ride into Palomas, Chihuahua. Hilarity ensues when Dave asks Manu Chao for directions to Parral.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /sin-fronteras /2022/03/16 /refugiados-de-ucrania-asilados-de-excepcion-que-entran-desde-mexico-a-eu- 899 .html

Eye folds.

Intermission with Denisa Kerschova, in the role of Fred.

Scooby_dubby_Doo, where are, Ewe?

Jump on “the bandwagon” but buyer-beware… You have to be FRENCH, « to get away with it »… Ewe say Calvados, Eye says clavados; pianOLAtócoLA, Hey! Zeus, or Chuy. It’s all Greek to Mi.

Eye tells Ewe one thing, Denis Soula
that Siren on the microphone needs to go back to Le Jardin des Plantes and review what the difference between los “BICHos” and los « “BITCHos » is… Por EJEMPLO, let’s ask WAR.

War, what is the difference between the Bich and the Bitch?

WAR responds:
Take a Little Trip, take a little trip with Mí…
it’s all in the “Operating System”, hence the « os ».

A Closer Look… Hallelujah. The fucking public toledo has butt-wipe paper, y’all… GLORIA a Dios it’s even the FANCY RED, ah bah ouaisdon Ramón ! This particular LOO is called, El Toledo del Beaubourg.

And now, “A Closer Look” with Seth, the long lost illegitimate bastard spawn of Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Myers.

Let’s take a Luc, then a crap.

Previously on Six-card poker, Senator McCain pulled a “flush”.

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